10 Best Acreage Calculator Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Best Acreage Calculator Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonAcreage calculation is a fundamental task for professionals working in the real estate industry, landscaping, agriculture, and many other fields. The advent of mobile technology has made this task even more accessible, with numerous apps available for both Android and iOS devices. In this article, we will review some of the best acreage calculator apps currently available on the market. These apps vary in functionality, user interface, and pricing, and we will provide a comprehensive overview to help you make an informed decision on which one to choose.

We have compiled a list of 10 Best Acreage Calculator Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

10 Best Acreage Calculator Apps For Android & iOS

1. Planimeter GPS Area Measure by VisTech.Projects LLC

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Planimeter is a measurement tool that enables users to measure distance, area, and perimeter on a map. The tool can be utilized through manual measurements or GPS tracking, and users can also check their bearings and geo-coordinates, which can be shared. Points measured with the tool can be labeled, saved, and shared in KML format.

This app is useful for outdoor activities and can be used as a land surveyor by amateurs and professionals across various industries. These industries include sport, farming, landscaping, paving and construction, road building and repair, real estate business, hiking and travel, fencing, lot building and planning, solar panel installation, object mapping, lawn design, and many others where land area and distance/length calculations, land surveying, or maps are involved.

Features of Planimeter include accurate distance and area calculations, metrics and Imperial units, angle between lines, bearings to and from the point, GPS coordinates of a point, and GPS accuracy settings if GPS is available. Additionally, users can manage previously saved projects, open, save, and share KML files, import KML files created by Planimeter to GEarth and GMaps to view on a desktop, and send data via email. Users can also save KML or TXT files in local storage, utilize Map/Satellite View, zoom and edit points, and search current locations via text or address.

Other features include deleting selected/last/all points, zooming to fit-in and center points on a screen, adding points by touch or geo-coordinates, showing location with latitude and longitude coordinates, and preferences such as location accuracy, tracking time interval, delete points confirmation, and sound option for tracking. Additionally, users can utilize target mode for accurate pin placement, show current coordinates in target mode, and utilize stylus draw mode, full-screen option, and GPS tracking.

2. Planimeter 55. Measure on map

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Planimeter is a mobile application that enables users to measure distance, perimeter, and area on a map, as well as add stand-alone points to gain a better understanding of locations. The app also allows users to capture photos stamped with location, direction, altitude, and time, and share and export their projects. Planimeter is particularly useful for measuring construction sites, roofs, lawns, fences, paving, pools, parking lots, fields, and paths.

One of the standout features of the Planimeter app is its precise control of planned/measured areas. As users move the map, the app displays the area/distance that will be measured and the size of adjacent lines. This feature is available even before a new point is added. The app also supports native Google maps, which allows for extra zoom-in ability for satellite and hybrid maps.

Furthermore, users can customize each point by providing it with its own color, text, audio, and image. Additionally, users can move points directly on the main map screen or in the dedicated point editor screen, knowing the resulting area/perimeter/distance beforehand. Users can also hide/show shapes and point collections, allowing them to focus only on what is important for their current project.

Planimeter offers flexible units of measurement, allowing users to change the display of feet or meters to miles and kilometers. The app also supports custom URLs, offline and imported maps, and offers kmz export and import options, which enables users to transfer shapes and point collections in their entirety, including images and audio notes.

The basic version offers users unlimited points and temporary measurement shapes, but the Pro Pack upgrade includes Google and custom URL, offline, imported maps support, the ability to save multiple point collections/shapes, import and export for a single point and whole shapes/collections, and saving and sharing a map snapshot. The Pro Pack is a one-off upgrade, with no subscription or recurring charges involved.

3. Area Calculator by Testskill

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The App comes with several features, including the ability to find an area using Google Maps, calculate the area for 2D and 3D shapes, and convert units. Additionally, it includes a compass and leveler. Users can tap on the map to define an area, add and remove points, calculate area and perimeter, and save areas for later use. They can also view saved lists of areas and customize the map type and unit of area. The App displays the area on-screen and allows users to share feedback and suggestions for improvement. Finally, it includes a search feature for finding places.

4. Gps Area Calculator by KBK INFOSOFT

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Fields Area Measure is a tool designed to accurately measure areas and distances on a map. By selecting points on the map, the area between them can be calculated, as well as the total area of any route. This tool is particularly useful for calculating GPS area or distance.

There are two ways to measure GPS area or distance using Fields Area Measurement. Additionally, the app allows for the saving and sharing of specific point locations, known as Points of Interest (POI).

The app boasts various features, including fast area/distance mapping, smart marker mode for precise pin placement, measurement saving and editing, measurement unit changing options, and a variety of map modes, including map, satellite, terrain, and hybrid modes. The app also offers an area search facility.

Fields Area Measure is helpful to a wide range of professionals and industries, including land-based surveys, farmers for farm management, land record management, construction surveys, agronomists, town planners, construction surveyors, health and education facilities mapping, farm fencing, sports track measurement, and landscape design.

In addition to its measuring functions, Fields Area Measure offers several GPS tools, including a GPS compass, GPS speedometer, and location saving and sharing capabilities.

5. GPS Fields Area Measure by Farmis

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GPS Field Area Measure is an app designed for area, distance, and perimeter management. It is user-friendly and useful for millions of people who need to measure their fields, mark necessary points, and share their maps with colleagues. The app aims to simplify the measuring process, so users do not waste time searching for the best free app to measure area, distance, and perimeter.

The app boasts unique features such as fast area/distance marking, Smart Marker Mode for accurate pin placement, the ability to name, save, group, and edit measurements, an “Undo” button for all actions, and GPS tracking/Auto measure for walking/driving around specific boundaries. Additionally, users can send auto-generated links to friends or partners of pinned/selected areas, directions, or routes they want to share. The app also allows users to add points of interest or POI on the field to avoid stones, mark fences, or boundaries of paddocks, graze territories for dairy cows, cattle, beef, and other livestock.

For more advanced versions, users can try the PRO version, the ad-free version, Field Navigator, AgroBASE, Soil Sampler, Commodity Spy, and Calcagro. However, subscription is not included in the ad-free or PRO versions; it is an additional feature obtained by an in-app purchase. The app works with GARMIN GLO and GARMIN GLO 2 external GPS antennas.

GPS Field Area Measure is also useful as a map measurement tool for outdoor activities, range finder applications, and sports such as biking or marathon. It comes in handy when exploring golf areas or as a golf distance meter, convenient for land surveys, practical for field pasture area measure, helpful in garden and farm work or planning, great to keep area records, and ideal for constructions and agricultural fencing. The app has the highest accuracy in the market, making it the leading measuring app among construction sites, building and farm contractors, and farmers.

6. Land Area Measurement – GPS Area Calculator App by AppsMi Studio

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The Land Area Measurement – GPS Area Calculator App is designed for measuring field area and distance through GPS and Map. This free app is ideal for those working in fields, farm areas and land areas to convert land, plot area and farm area into different units such as feet, square feet, meters, square meters and kilo meters.

The app allows you to measure distance of the area and path length. To do this, keep the app turned on when you walk or drive around a region and mark at least two points or multiple points to measure the distance of the area between all points. After selecting points, the distance will be automatically calculated and displayed on the screen. To measure area, mark at least three points or multiple points. After selecting the points, the area will be automatically calculated and displayed on the screen. You can also convert the calculated distance and area into any different units.

The app allows you to calculate the total area measurement of a route and calculate the area of different angles of land on a distance map. To do this, insert the length of every side and find the area measurement. It also helps you to find nearby places around you, such as airports, ATMs and restaurants, using the distance finder.

The Land Area Measurement – GPS Area Calculator App is highly accurate on GPS mode and provides features such as area measurement and land surveying, distance meter, field measurement, GPS fields area measurement, land navigation, route finder, land area calculator, distance map, farm maps, live earth map normal hybrid satellite, direction through compass, property boundaries, plotting points, tracker field, nearest places, and unit converter, including feet, square feet, meter, square meter, kilo meter, mile, square mile, square yard, and more.

The app is available for android users and is free to download. Feedback, recommendations and suggestions are highly appreciated and users can contact the app developers for feedback and issues.

7. Area Calculator For Land – GPS Area Measurement

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The Area Calculator for Land is a tool designed for measuring land area and distance. The application utilizes GPS technology and pivot tools, allowing you to survey your land with great accuracy. When using the walking or pivot tools, you can edit points on maps to ensure greater precision.

The Land and Distance Calculator area measure feature can be used manually or by walking. If you opt to measure distance and area by walking, you will need to turn on GPS. The application will automatically calculate the area and distance as you move from point A to point B. Manual land measurement requires placing points on the map, with three points required for area calculation and two for distance.

Features of the application include the Land Area Calculator and Converter with default m2 unit and m unit measurement. However, you can convert these to other units such as ha, km2, ft2, mi2, km, yd, ft, or mi. The Distance and Area Measurement Land by Walking feature utilizes GPS technology and adds a point on the map when the radius reaches 2m. The GPS Area Measurement – GPS Area Calculator feature does not require internet connectivity and automatically adds a point on the map to calculate land area.

The application also allows for location sharing via social networks, email, SMS, or any address and location in the world. The Compass feature includes true and magnetic heading, magnetic strength, slope level meter, and sensor status. The direction feature uses N for north, E for east, S for south, and W for west.

If you have any feedback or ideas on how to improve the application, you can contact the developers via email at devngaongao@gmail.com. Your support will help improve the application. Thank you for using the Area Calculator for Land – GPS Area Calculator application.

8. Land Area Calculator with Area Unit Converter

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The Land Area Calculator app is a useful tool for calculating the area of plots, irrespective of their shape and size, including triangles, rectangles, circles, and simple polygons. The app also provides the convenience of quickly converting between different area units such as hectares, acres, square meters, square feet, square yards, square kilometers, and square miles.

The Land Area Calculator app comes packed with various features, including accurate area calculation, the ability to calculate acreage by perimeter, and an area unit converter.

To calculate the area of irregular plots of land, the app uses different methods, such as the triangle method, magnetic compass for smaller lots, and latitude/longitude data for more extensive areas.

The Area Converter feature supports local units of measurement used across India, such as bigha, biswa, biswansi, guntha, ground, kanal, kani, katha, kuncham, lecha, marla, nalli, and more. It also provides support for the customary land area conversions used in Nepal, such as ropani, aana, paisa, daam, and Pakistani land units, such as bega, kanal, marla, karam.

9. Land Calculator: Survey Area, Perimeter, Distance

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Land Computer is a comprehensive field measurement and survey app that boasts a user-friendly interface and is well-suited for use by field workers, farmers, engineers, GIS students, and professionals. The app is particularly appreciated for its unique capability to measure area and perimeter for any land shape, regardless of its shape. Unlike other measurement tools, Land Computer allows users to create complex shapes that are not limited to straight lines or line segments. This feature leads to more accurate calculations.

The app’s most common tasks are creating a field survey by drawing any shape on a map to derive its enclosed area and perimeter, measuring land area and perimeter by walking or driving its perimeter, measuring point-to-point distances with various map and survey tools, and converting area and perimeter units. A shortest distance to a line tool with accurate connecting geodesics is also included.

Land Computer offers a selection of coordinate systems, including WGS 84, British Ordnance Survey (OSG36 Datum), ANS, NAD 27, ED 50, NAD 83, among others, to accommodate users’ needs. Additionally, the app features a kml backup and import function for secure and easy data transfer across devices. Users may share their surveys with colleagues via Google Earth, ArcGIS, or DXF (Drawing Exchange Format). A GPS-controlled compass and GPS reporting are also included to assist with field surveys.

The app is widely used by farmers, real estate agents, insurance agents, property inspectors, and land improvement businesses for various purposes, such as calculating equipment needs, seed requirements, water usage, harvest quantity, crop value, measuring property size, adjusting insurance claims, and obtaining property measurements for mortgage calculations.

Land Computer welcomes suggestions for new tools that may be required for specialized calculations. Users may contact support@discipleskies.com to request the development and addition of such tools.

10. AndMeasure (Area & Distance)

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The AndMeasure tool is a useful application that allows users to measure distances and calculate the area between points on a map. It can be used professionally in landscaping, lawn care, water line measuring, paving, and fencing, as well as in farming, agriculture, and forestry to measure fields and forests. Additionally, it can be used recreationally for off-road routes, running courses, water trips, and range estimation at shooting/driving ranges, and in golf for real-time distance to the green. The app has been featured on AgWeb.com powered by Farm Journal in March 2012 as an easy way for farmers to measure new fields.

The app features a variety of tools to enhance the user experience, such as using it as a ruler on a map to calculate the distance between multiple points, calculating areas in different units, and switching between satellite, hybrid, terrain, and normal map modes. Additionally, users can find their current location via GPS or network, share measurements and screenshots via email and Google Drive, and add markers to the map for greater accuracy. The app is available in English, and users can contact the developer to help with translations.

Those interested in obtaining the AndMeasure tool can find it on the Google Play Store, and the app also has a Facebook page for users to connect with the developer. Furthermore, the app has a privacy policy and does not store any personal information.