5 Best Alcoholics Anonymous Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Best Alcoholics Anonymous Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonAlcoholics Anonymous is a globally recognized support group for individuals struggling with alcohol addiction. In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards the use of smartphone apps to provide additional support and resources for those in recovery. With a multitude of options available on both Android and iOS platforms, individuals can access a range of features such as meeting finders, daily meditations, and progress trackers. This article will explore some of the best alcoholics anonymous apps currently available for Android and iOS, highlighting their unique features and potential benefits for those in recovery.

We have compiled a list of 5 Best Alcoholics Anonymous Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

5 Best Alcoholics Anonymous Apps For Android & iOS

1. AA Audio Companion for Alcoholics Anonymous

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The Audiojoy app offers an extensive collection of audio content designed to be a companion for Alcoholics Anonymous. The app contains over 350 hours of audio content, including speaker tapes, recovery literature, 12 step workshops, and more. Users can listen to the entire Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous or choose from a variety of speaker workshops to learn about the 12 steps of AA. The app is a convenient way to connect with the program of Alcoholics Anonymous when users can’t get to a meeting or need a quick listen to powerful recovery content.

The app can be downloaded for free and comes with over 30 hours of free audio programs. Users must subscribe or unlock to access all content, with in-app purchase fees applicable. Audiojoy features over 500 AA, NA, and Al-Anon speaker tapes, Big Book and Basic Text stories of recovery, daily reflections, living clean and sober, and other solution-focused content from popular 12 step programs. Users can unlock and download hundreds of hours of additional content to stop drinking, get relief from drugs and addiction, find love, and enjoy living a drug and alcohol-free life one day at a time.

Audiojoy is a portable resource that users can access anywhere and anytime. It’s like an AA meeting in your pocket, and users can listen to the content on the go, whether they are online or offline. Users can build a playlist of their favorite AA speakers from around the world, workshops, audiobooks, and more from Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and Al-Anon. The app is packed with features to help users stay clean, sober, and addiction-free, including daily featured audio content, search and explore all content, add to favorites, listen while offline, build a playlist, read along with the text version, and more.

The app includes hundreds of hours of amazing content for becoming sober, staying clean, and living the life users have always wanted.

2. Daily AA Speakers

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The Just 5 Minutes Daily app provides a collection of 5-minute AA speaker tracks that can be listened to at any time. Users can read a motivational message and then take a brief pause in their day to hear a personal experience, strength, and hope story from another member of Alcoholics Anonymous. This app is designed for individuals who are short on time but still want to hear inspiring stories from AA speakers.

By adding this app to a daily practice, users can see a change in their life, including more gratitude, compassion, patience, and serenity. The app provides a curated list of the best speaker tapes from AA meetings and workshops, all sliced into little 5-minute nuggets of sober genius.

The app also offers a daily challenge and quotes for inspiration, which can help users focus on their recovery. The app is designed to be used every morning and can supplement other recovery tools, such as meetings, meditation, prayer, and literature.

The app offers stories and experiences from real members of Alcoholics Anonymous who have gone through similar challenges. It covers several topics, including self-acceptance, overcoming fear and resentments, emotional sobriety, working the AA program, and more. Users can trust the app to provide them with guidance from individuals who have been through what they are experiencing.

The app works by sending users a daily motivational notification and providing a beautiful inspiration image. Users can then listen to an AA speaker share an inspiring message, read their daily challenge, and pass on the positivity to others. The app is designed to be opened every day for just 5 minutes.

The app offers auto-renewing subscriptions, including a 1-month subscription for $3.99 and a 3-month subscription for $6.99. Payment will be charged to the user’s iTunes account upon purchase, and subscriptions automatically renew unless turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.

3. Pink Cloud: AA Meeting Finder

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Pink Cloud is a sobriety companion application that provides access to over 181,000 Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), 46,000 Narcotics Anonymous (NA), 600 Crystal Meth Anonymous (CMA), and 13,000 Al-Anon meetings worldwide. Users can bookmark their favorite meetings, track attendance and time, follow the program, and keep personal notes in a sobriety journal. Pink Cloud users can search for AA, NA, CMA, and Al-Anon meetings using filters such as location, time of day, and specific focus. The application is anonymous with all data stored only on the user’s phone and not sent or stored anywhere else.

Pink Cloud provides driving directions for AA meetings in 11 countries and 28 additional cities, NA meetings everywhere except Iran, CMA meetings worldwide, and Al-Anon meetings everywhere in the USA. In addition to meeting attendance, Pink Cloud offers several other features such as sobriety tracking, daily to-do lists, inventory tracking, resentment recording, note-taking, access to common prayers, and a phone list to contact sobriety-related friends and acquaintances.

The application is free to download and use, with a 30-day free trial for the Rooms feature. After the trial period, Pink Cloud offers three subscription packages: $0.99/month (1 Month Subscription), $4.99/6 months (6 Month Subscription), and $9.99/year (1 Year Subscription). All other features remain free to use indefinitely. Users can manage their subscription and switch off auto-renewal by accessing their Account Settings after purchase. Personal data is handled under the terms and conditions of Pink Cloud’s privacy policy, which can be found on the company’s website.

4. 12 Steps Alcoholics Anonymous

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The “12 Step Guide for Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)” app provides a step by step explanation of the AA 12 steps for those struggling with alcoholism. The content is shared by an alcoholic who has been sober for a few years and is now a thriving member of the AA fellowship. The app includes authentic experiences, strength, and hope to help users understand and apply the 12 steps in their own lives.

In addition to the step-by-step guide, the app offers a sobriety calculator and a good selection of AA literature. Users can access the complete text of the Big Book, which spans 164 pages. The app aims to provide a comprehensive resource for those looking to overcome alcoholism.

It’s important to note that the app is not sponsored by or affiliated with the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous or AAWS Inc. This is simply a tool meant to help individuals on their journey towards sobriety.

5. AA App – 12 Steps Alcoholics

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MySpiritualToolkit (MST) is an app designed to aid members of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in working steps 10 and 11 on a daily basis. The app is ad-free and offers 100% hardship discounts for premium features like the Gratitude List. Users can email nathan@myspiritualtoolkit.com for details on how to qualify for these discounts. The app provides tools to help users maintain their spiritual condition and prevent relapse.

One of the tools offered by MST is the Spot Check Inventory, which helps users get rid of resentment quickly. Users can also answer 10 simple questions from the Big Book to complete their Nightly Inventory, as suggested in Step 11. The app allows users to read the AA Daily Reflections and share their inventories, journal, and gratitude lists with their sponsor or trusted advisor through text or email. The app has a sobriety calculator, an online journal, and a gratitude list tool.

The Spot Check Inventory tool is similar to a mini Step 4 inventory and allows users to create different inventories based on the Big Book style, such as resentment, fear, sex, and harms done. The app includes prayers like the Serenity Prayer, the Big Book Third Step Prayer, and the Seventh Step Prayer. Users can use the accompanying My Spiritual Toolkit Web app from any browser for free.

The app icon does not show AA references to protect anonymity. MST is not endorsed by or affiliated with A.A. / Alcoholics Anonymous World Services.