8 Best Always On Display Apps For Android

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Download the Best Always On Display Apps For Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonIn recent years, Always On Display (AOD) has become a popular feature among Android users due to its convenience and battery-saving functionality. AOD displays information such as time, date, and notifications on the screen even when the device is in sleep mode, allowing users to check essential information at a glance without having to unlock their phone. While some Android devices come with built-in AOD functionality, not all devices offer this feature. As a result, several third-party AOD apps have emerged in the market to cater to users’ needs. This article will explore some of the best AOD apps available for Android devices, highlighting their features, pros, and cons.

We have compiled a list of 8 Best Always On Display Apps For Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

8 Best Always On Display Apps For Android

1. Custom AOD

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The “Add Sticker/Wallpapers/Images” app provides users the ability to customize their Always On Display and Ambient Display screens with over 1000 images. This app only adds images and text to Samsung’s Always On Display, Google Pixel’s Ambient Display, and One Plus 7 Ambient Display. The supported devices include Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S7edge, Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+, Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+, Samsung Galaxy S10E/S10/S10+, Samsung Galaxy A30/A40/A50, Samsung Galaxy Note 8/9/10/10+, Google Pixel 3, and One Plus 7.

The app uses half-pixel images to prevent screen burn and battery draining issues. The images move after some time, so the movement is not noticeable, but they do move. Text shifts position to the top or bottom to prevent screen burn. The app’s features include adding custom images and text to Samsung’s Always On Display, the ability to add mood emojis to the AOD screen, and new images added regularly. Users can also select the text color.

This app uses Accessibility services to perform swipe gestures and display images on the Always On Display screen. However, it will not collect any user data.

2. Always ON AMOLED

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Always On AMOLED is an app that provides users with an always-on display for their phones or tablets. The idea behind the app is to allow users to view information such as time, date, and notifications without having to touch their device. This is made possible thanks to AMOLED displays, as most of the screen stays black except for a few pixels.

Notable features of the app include the ability to view notifications without touching the device, raise to wake, backgrounds and wallpapers, and edge glow for new notifications. Users can also quickly scribble or write notes from the always-on display, control their music, and set automatic rules to preserve battery life.

The app also includes features such as auto movement to avoid AMOLED burn-in, auto night mode to dim the screen in dark environments, the ability to view weather at a glance, and pocket mode to lock the device when in a pocket. Users can also choose from several custom watch faces and use the app as a night clock.

Always On AMOLED includes Tasker integration, allowing users to start and stop the always-on display, and Greenify integration to start Greenify automatically when locking the screen to save battery. The app also includes force doze to activate doze when the screen is in the always-on state.

Permissions required for the app include camera permission to toggle the flashlight, phone permission to recognize incoming calls and dismiss the always-on screen, and modify system settings permission to change the brightness of the lock screen. For Xiaomi devices, users will need to access the Security App to grant the app display pop-up window permission and show on the lock screen.

3. Always on Edge

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AOE is a mobile customization application that offers a variety of features to help users personalize their phone. It includes options that allow users to tailor their device to their liking, such as customizing the notification LED light. The notification LED light can be set to work within the system always on display or independently. Users can also adjust the lighting color and style for each app and each contact, and differentiate lighting placement and style between screen states. A block list can be created to prevent lighting for notifications received from a particular person. Conversely, the app can be set to ignore notifications from an app except those from a specific person. Additional optional features include Reminder, which repeats lighting every few seconds, and a mixer option that iterates all current notification colors. The app also includes options for restricting its operation, such as preventing lighting if the device is charging or if the battery is low.

AOE Edge Lighting offers lighting effects for device charging, ongoing or outgoing calls, playing music, screen wallpaper, and other events. Notifications lighting can be displayed around the entire screen or around the front camera with various lighting place options and LED styles. The app also includes an Always On Display pro with extra features for the system AOD, such as showing it only on notifications, while charging, or for a few minutes after lock. Ambient display clock and widgets like notifications icons, preview panel, and battery status can be displayed along with edge lighting or independently while the device is locked.

AOE also provides smooth live wallpapers animated by code in various categories with customizable colors and images. Notifications Ticker displays notifications briefly around the camera hole or on the status bar. This feature allows users to read notifications directly without having to pull down the notifications panel while using the phone. Notifications preview provides a list of current notifications displayed as a widget on the home screen for easy access after unlocking. AOE also includes Corners Mask, which adds rounded corners around the screen to make it shaped like modern phones.

4. Always on Display by Amir R Adib

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CryptoWake is an Android app that displays useful information on the screen through an interactive Always-On Display (AOD) even when the phone is not in use. The AOD features two interactive pages, a 3D background, live feeds, and a voice assistant. Additionally, the app provides widgets for various features such as clock, date, calendar events, world-time, alarm, notes, notifications, media control, weather and forecast, step counter, battery, apps shortcuts, and crypto chart.

CryptoWake has been listed among the 10 best cryptocurrency apps for Android by Android Authority. The app offers no annoying ads, even without in-app purchases. It also features a Two-Step method that saves battery energy and provides quick access to many features with just one tap. CryptoWake is reported to be the most compatible AOD and supports the fingerprint unlock method.

Users can tap and hold widgets to customize them directly through the Live Editor feature. The app offers tens of stylish built-in themes designed for many tastes, and users can customize any font style, color, size, and animation. Users can also create personal themes and backup or share them with friends. The voice assistant performs many tasks with voice commands and can launch apps, browse the web, translate phrases, perform simple arithmetic operations, and call phone numbers.

CryptoWake has an anti burn-in filter to prevent screen damage without moving widgets. It also features notifications with a built-in blacklist and new look, and multiple power-saving modes. Users can control their music player even when the screen is turned off. The app provides an interactive chart that demonstrates cryptocurrency coins’ prices and widgets to track crypto mining stats, crypto wallets, stock market, and foreign exchange rates.

To operate the app, at least one security lock method or swipe must be set to wake up the device. Users can blacklist a notification by dragging it to the leftmost screen and holding it for four seconds.

5. Always on Screen

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This application provides users with the ability to keep their phone screen always on or activate it by waving their hand over the proximity sensor. This feature allows users to check the time, date, and notifications on their phone whenever they want.

The application offers a range of customizable features. These include the ability to double-tap to unlock the phone, display notifications, choose which apps display notifications, different clock and calendar options, and the ability to resize almost all elements of the “Always On Screen.” Users can also choose which information they want to see, enable auto-move to avoid AMOLED display burn-in, and use pocket mode to disable the app depending on the battery percentage. The application also includes gesture controls, the ability to stop the app and unlock the phone with a fingerprint, and a timeout function to turn off the Always On Screen.

The app uses the Device Administrator permission to lock the phone when the screen goes off by itself.

6. AcDisplay

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AcDisplay is an Android application that offers a unique notification handling system. It presents new notifications by displaying a minimal yet aesthetically pleasing screen, allowing users to open them directly from the lock screen. To view all the current notifications, users can simply take their phone out of their pocket in a similar manner.

The application boasts a number of impressive features, including great design and performance, an active mode that uses device sensors to activate the phone when necessary, and the ability to use it as a lockscreen. It is also highly stable, and includes features to save battery life, such as the ability to set inactive hours and enable only while charging. Additionally, the app offers a number of other features, such as a blacklist, dynamic background, and low-priority notifications.

AcDisplay requires the Device Administrator permission to function properly. Users should be aware that this app collects and uses personal information, as outlined in its privacy policy, which can be found at the following URL: https://gist.github.com/AChep/8c14f73817ebc57b8572ab40dee351ab.

7. Wallpapers for AOD

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The AOD-Walls app enables users to modify the appearance of their Always On Display/Ambient Display, with the option to set wallpapers available exclusively for Samsung phones. The app is compatible with a range of Samsung devices including the Galaxy s10+/s10/s10e, Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S9+/s9, Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy s8+/S8, and all Samsung devices with Always On Display. Additionally, the app may function with Google Pixel phones, though it has not been tested.

To utilize the AOD-Walls app’s wallpaper-setting feature on Always On Display, accessibility permission must be granted. It is important to note that this permission will not result in the collection of any user data. Additionally, the app boasts a “No Pixel burn” guarantee.

8. Always on Display

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The Always On AMOLED Screen provides constant information such as time, date, notifications and other updates without the need for physical interaction with the phone. This feature is made possible through the Always on Display mechanism, where most of the screen remains black except for a few pixels. The SUPER AMOLED Live Wallpapers (Display on Screen) is a complementary feature designed to display basic information on a black screen. Users can view their latest notifications by simply taking out their phone from their pocket. These features work seamlessly with Samsung™ Galaxy S8, Galaxy S7, S8 edge and LG G5 devices and also work with screen lock.

The latest version of the app includes various new features such as Time Rules, which allows users to set customized start and end times, and Automatic Rules, which preserves battery life by using predefined settings. Other newly added shortcuts include flashlight, home button, and calculator. The Pocket mode incorporates the proximity sensor feature to turn off the screen when placed in a pocket. Users can adjust screen brightness and auto-brightness as per their preferences.

To use the Always on Edge – AMOLED & Smart Watch app, users need to open the Always on Display-AMOLED and start the service. To wake up the phone, users can double-tap on the screen, and to turn off the screen, they can simply press the power button. Users can turn the service on or off as per their requirements.

The Option Always on Display-AMOLED & Watch Black Wallpapers allows users to view the media on their screen while charging or discharging, only while charging, or only while discharging. The Edge Lighting feature adds attractive lighting color effects to the screen, which run around the screen when incoming calls or notifications arrive. Users can customize the color effect, duration animation, speed animation, and thickness line by using the Edge Lighting Amoled Customize option.

Round Corners provide a catchy visual effect on all android phones.