6 Best Apps For Finding Happy Hours (Android & iOS)

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Download the Best Apps For Finding Happy Hours (Android & iOS) on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonThis article provides an overview of the best Android and iOS apps for finding happy hours. Happy hours are the designated times during which bars and restaurants offer discounted drinks and food items. In recent years, the popularity of happy hours has increased, and numerous apps have been developed to help users locate the best deals in their area. These apps use various features such as GPS technology, user reviews, and real-time updates to provide accurate information on happy hour specials. This article will review some of the top apps available for users looking to find happy hour deals in their city.

We have compiled a list of 6 Best Apps For Finding Happy Hours (Android & iOS) for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

6 Best Apps For Finding Happy Hours (Android & iOS)

1. Loople

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Loople is a mobile application that provides an easy way to locate drink specials, happy hours, live music events, and food specials in one’s local area. The app displays an icon for each bar or restaurant and users can click on the icons to see a quick summary of the current specials or access the full profile of the establishment to view photos and reviews from other Loople users.

The app also provides users with the ability to filter their city search results for specific categories such as “Drink Specials,” “Food Specials,” “Live Music,” and “Outdoor Seating” among others. This feature allows users to quickly and easily find the best available options close to their current location.

Loople offers a convenient solution for individuals looking to explore their local nightlife. By using the app, users can quickly find exactly what they are looking for without having to waste time and energy on extensive research. The app’s slogan, “#GetintheLoop,” encourages individuals to download it and start exploring their local area today.

2. Appy Hour

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The Reykjavík Grapevine has launched a new mobile application called Appy Hour. This app serves as a comprehensive guide to happy hours in Reykjavík, Iceland. With the help of the app, users can easily locate all the happy hours in the city and keep track of their favorite ones.

The Appy Hour app features a user-friendly interface that allows users to search for happy hours by location, day, time, and type of drink. The app also provides information on the discounts offered during happy hours, along with the names and locations of the bars and restaurants that offer them.

In addition, the app allows users to share their happy hour experiences with others by posting reviews and ratings of the bars and restaurants they visit. Users can also create lists of their favorite happy hours and share them with friends and family via social media.

Overall, the Appy Hour app is a valuable resource for anyone looking to take advantage of happy hour specials in Reykjavík. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive database of happy hours make it a must-have app for locals and tourists alike.

3. Hooked Deals

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Hooked is a free mobile application that offers exclusive food and drink deals from top restaurants and bars in college towns across the United States. The app provides users with a live feed of short-term deals that change throughout the day, showing nearby deals, savings, and expiration times. Hooked aims to revolutionize the food and drink scene by helping users decide what and where to eat while saving money at the same time.

Whether you are a student or a local resident, Hooked can help you save time and money on daily meal decisions. The app offers hundreds of exclusive deals every day and is available for free download. For those who wish to contact Hooked, the company provides email support through support@hookedapp.com and its website at www.hookedapp.com.

4. Manly Happy Hour

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This guide offers information on Happy Hours in Manly, featuring listings, personal reviews, and a map. It aims to provide an overview of the various Happy Hour options available in the area.

The listings section of the guide includes information on the different bars and restaurants in Manly that offer Happy Hour specials. This section provides details on the time and day of the week that each establishment offers a Happy Hour, along with the specific deals that are available.

Personal reviews are also included in the guide, providing insights into the quality of each establishment’s Happy Hour offerings. The reviews offer an objective assessment of the food, drinks, and overall experience, helping readers make informed decisions about where to go for Happy Hour.

To aid in navigation, the guide also includes a map of the area, highlighting the locations of the bars and restaurants featured in the guide. This feature enables readers to easily plan their Happy Hour itinerary and explore the various options available in Manly.

Overall, the guide offers a comprehensive overview of Happy Hour in Manly, providing readers with valuable information to make the most of their experience.

5. Schlouk Map – La Carte des Bars & des Happy Hours

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Schlouk Map is a free mobile app that enables users to find the best bars and happy hour deals around them in real-time. The app offers a map that shows bars in the vicinity through geolocation, and a search engine to locate a known bar. Users collaboratively add their favorite bars and provide information such as opening hours, happy hour schedules, prices and details of happy hour drinks, practical information, and telephone numbers to call or book a table.

Schlouk Map is available in several cities across France, Belgium, England, and the Netherlands, and more cities will be added soon. The app provides users with real-time information on bars and happy hours in their city, allowing them to benefit from extended happy hour and discounts at partner bars through the club. To join the club, users need to subscribe on the app for €4.99/month without obligation, and show their membership card to the waiter/waitress when ordering at partner bars.

It is important to note that alcohol abuse is dangerous for health and the app is reserved for +18 years old.

6. HungryHour – The Happy Hour App

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HungryHour is a community-based app that provides users with recommendations for happy hours in their area. Through the app, users can explore a variety of happy hour options recommended by locals, ensuring that they always have a great night out.

The app allows users to do the following:
– Find hundreds of happy hours around
– View happy hours in real-time or search by day of the week
– Upvote the best happy hours
– Save happy hours to their favorites list
– Share new happy hours to help build the community.

HungryHour is currently active in California, including the San Francisco Bay Area (Silicon Valley), Berkeley, and Davis, as well as Bangalore, India. However, the app is planning to expand to more cities in the near future.

For those who are interested in finding the best happy hour options in their area, downloading the HungryHour app is a great way to join the happy hour community and discover new and exciting places to enjoy a night out.