8 Best Apps Like Ibotta To Save Money (Android & iOS)

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Download the Best Apps Like Ibotta To Save Money (Android & iOS) on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonIn today’s fast-paced world, mobile apps have become integral tools for consumers to save money on their purchases. One such app that has gained immense popularity in recent years is Ibotta. However, not everyone may find it suitable for their needs, preferences, or device compatibility. In such cases, exploring other comparable apps can help users discover more options to maximize their savings. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of some of the best money-saving apps available on Android and iOS platforms that are similar to Ibotta in terms of features, functionality, and user experience.

We have compiled a list of 8 Best Apps Like Ibotta To Save Money (Android & iOS) for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

8 Best Apps Like Ibotta To Save Money (Android & iOS)

1. Checkout 51: Grocery coupons

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Checkout 51 is a Cash Back app that offers users savings on their preferred brands, groceries, and necessities. In addition, the app provides fuel rewards for smart drivers who can earn cash back on gas. The app offers new deals every week on everyday items that can be used at all favorite stores.

Members can earn up to 25¢/gallon on gas purchases at gas stations such as Shell, Chevron, BP, Exxon, Mobile, etc. Getting cash back is easy as all grocery promo savings, cash back offers, and more can be easily redeemed by snapping a photo of the receipt.

The app’s saving process involves buying needed items from any store, adding the offer to the C51 list, uploading a photo of the receipt to redeem the offer, and earning cash rewards.

Checkout 51 eliminates the need for couponing books that waste paper, searching everywhere for preferred brands, and coupon clipping before shopping. The app provides savings on groceries, gas, prescriptions, surveys, and online offers. There is also a monthly drawing that rewards a lucky winner with $500.

Users can earn cash back instantly by tapping their offers, saving their receipt, uploading a picture of it, and earning cash back. The cash can be cashed out once one reaches $20 in savings, and the savings balance can be viewed at any time.

The app also provides gas rewards where users can earn cash back rewards, fuel rewards, gas rebates, and gas prices comparison to help find the best deal on gasoline. Users have 4 hours from the time they add the offer to fill up their tank, and all gas offers must be purchased with a debit or credit card.

Cash Back at favorite stores is available, and rewards and money back from Walmart, Target, CVS, Kroger, Safeway, Walgreens, HEB, Publix, Costco, Whole Foods, Sam’s Club, Babies R Us, and more.

2. Drop: Shop Cash Back & Offers

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Drop is a rewards program that allows users to earn cash back and rewards on all purchases, including morning coffee and late-night food deliveries. The user links their credit and/or debit card(s) to the secure Drop app, shops and earns points, takes reward surveys, and plays real money games to earn even more points. These points can then be redeemed for gift cards at top brands such as Adidas, Nike, Sephora, and Walmart.

The app offers guilt-free shopping, allowing users to splurge without feeling bad and to stack savings by earning points with both Drop and their credit card. With Stacked Deals, users can also find sales and limited-time offers at their favorite brands while earning rewards points. There is no need for coupon clipping or receipt scanning.

Drop’s features include the ability to earn points every time you shop through the app without the need for receipt scanning or coupon clipping. The user’s credit card acts as a rewards card when shopping through the app, and points can be earned by shopping, receiving cash back for each purchase, and using points for gift cards. Rewards surveys and games are also available to earn more points.

Drop offers a variety of gift cards for brands such as American Airlines, Lululemon, and Starbucks, among others. The app has over four million members and is free to sign up for. Users can follow Drop on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates on deals, contests, and giveaways. The app offers a Twitter support channel for assistance.

In summary, Drop is a rewards program that offers cash back and rewards on all purchases made through the app, including surveys and real money games. Users can link their credit and/or debit card(s) to the app and redeem points for gift cards at top brands. The app offers guilt-free shopping, stacking savings, and rewards without the need for coupon clipping or receipt scanning.

3. InboxDollars

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InboxDollars is an online platform that offers cash rewards to members for completing everyday activities. Interested individuals can join the platform for free and start earning cash, which can be redeemed for a check or gift card once their account balance reaches $30.

The platform has established partnerships with reputable brands in the retail, technology, and market research industries to provide members with a wide range of earning opportunities. Since its inception in 2000, InboxDollars has rewarded its members with over $57 million in cash rewards.

Members can earn cash by completing tasks such as taking surveys, reading emails, completing offers, playing games, and shopping online. As members engage in more activities, they increase their chances of earning rewards quickly.

To start earning cash rewards on the InboxDollars platform, individuals can download the app for free and register for an account. With its user-friendly interface and variety of earning opportunities, InboxDollars is an attractive option for individuals looking to earn extra cash online.

4. The Krazy Coupon Lady: Shop Smart. Save Money.

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The Krazy Coupon Lady app is a useful tool for those looking to save money on their shopping. The app provides information on deals and discounts for popular stores such as Target, Walmart, and Kohl’s, with a team of money-saving experts sourcing and posting the best deals. Users can receive notifications for deals on over 50 top brands and can access coupons and rebates for a variety of retailers. The app also provides tutorials and videos to help users learn how to find savings on everything they buy.

In addition to deals on groceries and household products, the app also provides information on Black Friday sales and other money-saving apps such as Paribus, Retail Me Not, and Groupon. Users can select their favorite retailers and filter deals by store favorites, and there is a “Brags” section where users can share their money-saving successes with the community. The app also offers a constant stream of money-saving tips and tricks.

Users have praised the app for its ability to save time and money, with many stating that the app has helped them become more savvy shoppers. The Krazy Coupon Lady team encourages users to reach out to them with any inquiries or feedback via email. The app is also available on various social media outlets including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

5. Cashback Deals & Rewards on Shopping with Shopkick

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Shopkick is a mobile application that provides users with various ways to earn rewards, cash back, and gift cards by simply shopping. The app’s receipt scanner feature allows users to earn rewards for the shopping they already do by scanning receipts. Additionally, users can save money by using coupons and earning cash back and discounts.

There are several ways to earn reward points, or “kicks,” and cash back on Shopkick. Users can earn kicks by walking into select stores, scanning receipts of certain products, fetching groceries and scanning receipts through the app, making purchases at select partner stores with a linked credit card, watching videos, and inviting friends to join.

Shopkick aims to make earning rewards and coupons as easy and fun as possible for its users. The app has millions of daily users who use it to discover new products and earn rewards and coupons. Using coupons in combination with kicks and sales can help users save even more money while shopping.

Shopkick partners with major retailers and brands, including Amazon, Pampers, Starbucks, Walmart, and Nike, among others, to provide its users with a wide range of rewards and gift cards. The app has received positive feedback, with some users describing it as addictive.

6. ShopSavvy – Barcode Scanner

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ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner and QR Code Reader is an app that enables users to compare prices, scan barcodes, and search for products. The app is equipped with a comprehensive database of retailers, products, and prices, including major retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart. Users can search for any product using UPC code, barcode, or keyword. Moreover, the app allows users to scan QR codes, compare prices, and save money through price comparison and product search for any product or retailer.

The app is known for its fast and efficient barcode scanner and product search capabilities. It helps users find stores near them that have the product in stock and at the best price. The app covers all top retailers, enabling users to find the lowest price fast, easy, and free. Additionally, the app helps users drop the price at the register using the store’s own price match policy.

ShopSavvy has received positive reviews from various sources, including the New York Times, The Washington Post, Time, The Wall Street Journal, and TechCrunch. According to the reviews, ShopSavvy is a must-have app for bargain hunters, and it has become a secret weapon of sorts for those who are looking to save money. Moreover, the app makes it easy to purchase items from select websites.

In conclusion, ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner and QR Code Reader is an app that provides users with an easy and efficient way to compare prices, scan barcodes, and search for products. It is equipped with a comprehensive database of retailers, products, and prices, and it has received positive reviews from reputable sources.

7. Dosh Get money & earn real cashback when you shop

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Dosh is a mobile application that offers automatic cashback when users shop or dine. Moreover, it provides extra cashback for dining, shopping, and booking hotels. With Dosh, users receive payment when they shop or dine at the places they often visit. This includes popular brands like Walmart, Costco, Sephora, Dunkin, Office Depot, Forever 21, PetSmart, Ebay, DoorDash, Uber, Home Depot, and many more. Users can also get real cashback on their next hotel booking by using the Dosh app.

To start using Dosh, users can download the app and securely link their credit and debit cards. Dosh automatically searches for available offers every time users use their cards. If an offer is found, Dosh redeems it and converts it into cash, which is then deposited directly into the user’s Dosh Wallet. Users don’t need to do anything other than live their lives as usual.

Dosh offers five reasons why users will love it for getting cashback. First, Dosh is automatic. Second, it offers cashback on thousands of local restaurants. Third, users can get up to 40% cashback on travel bookings. Fourth, Dosh allows online shopping from its app with cashback. And fifth, users can transfer their cash to their bank account, Venmo, PayPal, or donate to charity from the app.

Dosh has several features that users can benefit from. For instance, it offers cashback automatically without the need to cut coupons or scan receipts. All users have to do is link their credit and debit cards. Dosh is available at thousands of stores, restaurants, and hotels, with new offers added frequently. Users can also refer friends and family to Dosh and get paid for each referral.

Finally, Dosh encourages users to share their feedback about the app. Users can download Dosh now and get paid for the things they already do, with the added benefit of earning cashback.

8. Fetch Rewards: Scan receipts, earn gift cards

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Fetch Rewards is a shopping app that provides cash back and gift cards for purchases made at various stores and restaurants. The app allows users to scan and upload pictures of their receipts or e-receipts using a receipt scanner. This eliminates the need to cut coupons or wait for rewards. The reward points earned from scanning receipts can be redeemed for gift cards from popular stores such as Amazon, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, and more. The app also offers weekly special offers and deals to earn extra points. Users can submit receipts from any grocery store, restaurant, liquor store, convenience store, gas station, drugstore, big box and club membership stores, pet stores, hardware stores, and retail, clothes & fashion stores.

Fetch Rewards offers Huggies Rewards+ for users who purchase Huggies diapers and wipes. Users have up to 14 days after the purchase date to scan their receipts and can upload multiple images for long receipts. The app is designed to help users save money without the need for coupons.

Fetch Rewards provides users with an easy and quick way to earn rewards and win gift cards. Users can turn their receipts into gift cards for big retailers like Amazon. The app simplifies the shopping experience by eliminating the need for coupons and long waits for rewards. The app is available for download and users can start earning rewards and winning gift cards immediately.