9 Best Apps That Block Social Media For Android & iOS

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Download the Best Apps That Block Social Media For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonIn today’s world, social media has become an integral part of our daily lives, with millions of people accessing various social networking platforms on their smartphones. However, excessive use of social media can be a major distraction and productivity killer, which is why many users are turning to social media blocking applications to help them stay focused and productive. These apps come equipped with various features that block access to social media platforms, limit usage time, and set usage goals. In this article, we will explore some of the best social media blocking apps available for Android and iOS devices, and discuss their features and benefits.

We have compiled a list of 9 Best Apps That Block Social Media For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

9 Best Apps That Block Social Media For Android & iOS

1. Offtime

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OFFTIME is a mobile application that aims to help users disconnect from their electronic devices and focus on what is important to them. With the increasing difficulty of finding time to disconnect in a hyperconnected world, OFFTIME encourages users to take control of their phone and use it as a tool rather than letting it control their lives.

The app allows users to schedule time for blocking applications and calls in advance, automate their digital detoxification time, and create a history of the blocks made in a day, week, month, and year. Additionally, OFFTIME offers extended programming and specific date defining for users to customize their blocking schedule.

OFFTIME also offers events where friends and family can join in on the digital detoxification and enjoy activities without electronic devices. A PRO version of the app offers further customization options, such as scheduling multiple OFFTIME moments and creating different blocking profiles to block calls from specific contacts.

The app also provides statistics on daily, weekly, monthly, and annual events, and allows users to access backup copies of all devices. Users can decide how to end their OFFTIME and have customization options for managing sound during a blockage, the do not disturb mode, and repeated calls from the same number.

The OFFTIME team continues to improve the app, striving to help users disconnect and focus on their priorities. OFFTIME invites users to join an OFFTIME life and disconnect to connect.

2. Stay Focused

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Stay Focused – App Blocker & Website Blocker is a productivity app that restricts the use of apps, websites, and keywords to help you stay focused. The app enables blocking of apps and websites based on user-defined conditions, and allows setting limits on overall phone usage. Stay focused offers various features such as the ability to block social media websites and apps, and to track time spent on social media. The app also helps to reduce screen time and block disturbing websites and applications.

Stay Focused includes several features such as the ability to block apps and websites at specific intervals, set daily usage limits for apps and websites, and temporarily block apps or websites. Users can control time spent on apps, websites, and phone, track daily time spent using the app, and receive notifications to keep them away from distracting apps. Stay Focused also offers a usage tracker, activity history, and phone history to keep track of app usage and browsing history.

Stay Focused – App Blocker & Website Blocker is easy to use and functions as an app and website blocker. The app enables blocking of apps and websites, reducing phone addiction, and increasing self-control. Users can also block email and set limits on social media apps. The app offers strict mode for weak self-control, and lock mode for parental control. Stay Focused also helps users to increase study time, spend quality time with family, and reduce mobile phone usage.

Stay Focused requires device administrator permission to prevent users from uninstalling or force closing it, and optionally uses accessibility API to view websites for building statistics and reminding users of usage. Users can email the developers for any issues, bugs, suggestions, or to help translate the app.

In summary, Stay Focused – App Blocker & Website Blocker is a distraction blocker, app and website blocker, keywords blocker, app tracker, usage tracker, social media limiter and tracker, smart productivity app, and self-control booster.

3. Social Fever

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Social Fever is a phone and app usage tracker designed to help individuals balance their digital and real life. It offers features to control distractions, reduce smartphone usage, and promote health. The app notifies users when the set time limit for app usage exceeds and encourages them to engage in productive activities. The key highlights of Social Fever include app usage tracking, quality time management, water reminder, eye and ear health tracking, tracking summary, daily reports, backstage power saving, floating real-time tracker, and clear history feature.

One of the primary objectives of Social Fever is to help individuals find a balance between their digital and real life. This app usage tracker is designed to record time spent on social media and other applications and notify users when they exceed the set time limit. The app encourages users to engage in productive activities and reconnect with forgotten interests and hobbies. Daily reports provide insight into app usage statistics and promote wise usage.

Social Fever offers features to promote health and well-being. The water reminder and eye health tracking tools are designed to prevent dehydration and eye strain caused by excessive screen time. The app sends personal drink notifications throughout the day and frequent reminders to take breaks from screen time. The ear health tracking tool reminds users to give their eardrums a break by not listening to music for more than 30 minutes.

Social Fever offers additional features such as quality time management, tracking summary, backstage power saving, floating real-time tracker, and clear history feature. The app allows users to set daily limits for app usage and manage quality time to engage in other activities. The tracking summary provides in-depth analysis of app and device usage. The backstage power saving feature ensures that the app continues to run in the background, and the floating real-time tracker allows users to monitor individual app usage while it is in use.

Overall, Social Fever is a practical app usage tracker designed to help individuals balance their smartphone usage with real-life activities. Its features promote productivity, health, and well-being while providing insight into app usage statistics.

4. QualityTime

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Qualitytime is an app that helps users reduce the time they spend on their phones and combat phone addiction. The app boasts over 1,000,000 users and aims to help individuals take more time for themselves and their loved ones. With Qualitytime, users can change their inefficient phone time to more efficient time.

The app’s key features include a usage timeline that provides real-time reports on phone and app usage. Users can scroll and swipe to view their timeline activities. Additionally, the app provides daily and weekly usage summaries to help users better understand their digital habits.

Qualitytime is easy to use and comes with a variety of features. It is a trusted tool that helps individuals protect their time from phone addiction and spend more time on meaningful activities.

5. AppDetox

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AppDetox is a mobile app that aims to reduce app usage and allow for more social time. It enables users to block apps and notifications, helping to prevent procrastination and phubbing. Custom rules may be established for individual apps and notifications, allowing for the creation of a personalized digital detox.

AppDetox is equipped with an app locker, which enables users to lock their apps. Whenever users violate their own rules, AppDetox sends reminders to take a break and decrease app usage. Violations are tracked and recorded in a log. Some parents use AppDetox to regulate their children’s screen time.

Users may obtain AppDetox to help them manage their app usage and increase social time. Feedback is welcome.

6. Flipd

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Flipd is a productivity timer and tracker that allows users to log all their studying, focus, reading, learning, work time, and more. The app has a user base of millions of students and productivity enthusiasts. Using Flipd, users can analyze their progress and join communities for free.

One of the main benefits of Flipd is its ability to turn a smartphone into a sophisticated productivity timer and tracker. The app offers five ways to track productivity including time and track, motivation, background music, challenge and compete, and live groups. Users can track and tag every activity and keep them organized in their productivity stats. They can also measure progress like average productive time, time on break, day streaks, milestones, and more.

Flipd also offers features that can help users stay motivated and focused. For instance, users can prepare for each session with a motivating or inspiring quote and take a few deep breaths before getting to work. They can also listen to curated lofi radio streams and relaxing background music while they focus. Additionally, users can push themselves to reach their goals and compete with others with daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboard challenges.

Flipd allows users to track, categorize and compare their history of productive activities and performance over time, and see where they rank against other community members around the world. They can track their progress and analyze their performance in their stats. The app also offers a full lock mode that allows users to stay motivated and focused toward their goals by locking away distracting apps and games.

Users can connect and share their productivity progress with their friends and followers on Flipd. They can also join groups created by their favorite studygram influencers, schools, clubs, and friends to find motivation and a strong sense of community. Flipd is free to download, but users can get access to a fully customizable experience with a premium subscription that enables unlimited session lengths, whitelist accessible apps, take multiple breaks, set daily goals and reminders, listen to curated music tracks, and much more.

7. Freedom

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Freedom is an app and website blocker that is used by over two million people globally. Its main purpose is to assist users in temporarily blocking time-wasting apps and websites, allowing them to focus, be productive, and engage more with the world around them. Freedom is a tool that can be used by anyone who wants to work from home, study better, break a phone habit, or focus on their writing.

To begin using Freedom, users must start a session and select which apps and websites they want to block. During the session, if the user tries to open a blocked app or website, Freedom will prevent it from opening. Freedom is not limited to a specific number of devices – it can be used on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Chrome. This feature allows users to block apps and websites wherever they are or whatever they’re doing. Freedom users report gaining an average of 2.5 hours of productive time every day.

Freedom has received positive reviews from reputable sources such as Lifehacker, Time Magazine, Huffington Post, and Mashable. Freedom has a variety of benefits, including assisting users in working from home without distractions, staying productive throughout the day, studying better, building better work habits, controlling time on social media, committing to a digital detox, focusing while writing, being more present with friends and family, and controlling phone habits and addiction.

Freedom’s features include custom blocklists, syncing across all devices, scheduling, locked mode, and Freedom Premium. Custom blocklists enable users to select the distracting and time-consuming apps and websites they want to block, while syncing allows for block sessions to be synchronized across multiple devices. Scheduling allows users to select specific days and times to run Freedom, and locked mode helps users break their most compulsive habits and addictions. Freedom Premium offers unlimited sessions and devices, scheduling, locked mode, multi-device support, session history and annotation, block all except, and Freedom Perks.


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SPACE is a smartphone app that helps users manage their phone usage in order to reduce screen time and increase productivity. It has been featured by Google as an “Essential App” on Play Store and is trusted by millions of users globally. SPACE is designed to help users break their phone addiction and prioritize their daily tasks. It does so by tracking screen time and providing tools to curb phone usage, such as excluding apps, notification blocking, and screen dimming. The app also allows users to set goals, track progress, and benchmark their performance against other SPACE users.

Smartphone addiction is a growing concern among people of all age groups. SPACE helps users recognize their addiction with their phone and develop a healthy attitude towards their screens. It helps users understand their current habits and what type of phone user they are. By setting goals and tracking progress, users can reduce phone usage and spend more time with family and friends. After using SPACE for four weeks, users reported better understanding of their smartphone usage, improved productivity, and a better sense of well-being.

SPACE is free to users and does not contain adverts. Users can upgrade to SPACE Pro with a one-time payment to unlock additional features. The app aims to help users find their phone/life balance and overcome their addiction, without having to avoid using phones altogether. The app is available on both IOS and Android, allowing users to change habits with friends and family. If users encounter any issues or have suggestions to improve the app, they can write to info@space-app.com. By installing this app, users agree to the privacy policy found at https://findyourphonelifebalance.com/privacy-policy/.

9. StayFree

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StayFree is an app designed to promote self-control, productivity, and limit smartphone usage. It allows users to track the amount of time they spend on their devices and set usage limits for their apps. The app also provides alerts when users exceed their usage limits and offers detailed statistics on usage history.

StayFree claims to be the highest-rated screen time and self-control app, with an extremely fast and user-friendly interface. The app is also said to provide the most accurate usage statistics while being completely ad-free. Additionally, it offers quick customer support and is designed to be battery-friendly.

The app’s primary features include app usage history, overuse reminders, block mode to temporarily disable an app, focus mode to create schedules for distracting apps, sleep mode to disable apps during sleep, pause apps to stop usage for the rest of the day, export mode to export usage history, inspiring quotations, interface customization, lock mode that requires a password to change settings, widget to show most used apps and total usage, and pie chart graph to view daily and monthly application usage percentages.

StayFree uses Android’s Accessibility Services to detect which website users are on and block the websites they have requested to block. All information is maintained in accordance with the app’s Privacy Policy, and Sensor Tower is using the respective permissions with active consent by the end-user.

The creators of StayFree encourage users to rate the app five stars on Google Play and welcome feedback and suggestions for improvement. Users can contact the app’s support team via email at hello.stayfree@gmail.com. The app is maintained by Sensor Tower.