8 Best Apps To Blur Photo Background (Android & iOS)

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Download the Best Apps To Blur Photo Background (Android & iOS) on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonIn today’s world of photography, capturing a perfect shot has become easier than ever thanks to the abundance of photo editing apps available for both Android and iOS devices. One of the most popular editing techniques is blurring the background of a photo to create a more professional and polished look. This can be achieved using a variety of different apps, each with their own unique features and capabilities. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the best apps available for blurring photo backgrounds on both Android and iOS platforms.

We have compiled a list of 8 Best Apps To Blur Photo Background (Android & iOS) for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

8 Best Apps To Blur Photo Background (Android & iOS)

1. Square Pic – Blur Image Background Sparkle Camera

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Square Pic – Photo Editor, Blur Image Background, is a comprehensive photo editing application that offers a wide range of professional tools and features to help users edit and enhance their photos. The app includes powerful editing tools, a pic collage feature, neon stickers, filters, effects, a background changer, and a beauty camera. It allows users to create fantastic cartoon pictures, video editors, pic collages, and square art photos.

One of the key highlights of Square Pic – Blur Image Background photo editor is its range of powerful editing tools that come with various amazing effects and filters. The app offers Square scene and effects, curve and filters, crop and snap, sticker and text, mosaic slim body features, all contained in a single powerful photo editor.

Square Pic also offers several power features that make it stand out from other photo editing applications. These features include a Cartoon Effect that allows users to turn their photos into art pictures with various styles, a Beauty Camera that comes with a timer, flash, mirror mode, level, and grid, and Makeup Stickers that enable users to make their selfies more beautiful.

Other notable features of Square Pic include Stunning Live Filters and Effects, which allow users to record beautiful moments in their lives with awesome and fancy filters and effects, and Reshape your Beauty Body, which allows users to stretch, slim, and enlarge their body parts, including their eyes.

Square Pic makes it easy for users to share their fixed-up photos instantly on various social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks. The app is also equipped with over a dozen powerful picture editor tools such as RGB curve filter, snap resize, and blur, among others.

Additionally, Square Pic comes with various photo filters that are ready for different photo effects to enhance users’ pictures by adding photo filters and photo effects for different moods to take selfies. Overall, Square Pic – Photo Editor, Blur Image Background, is a powerful and lite photo editing application that is worth trying out.

2. Snapseed

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Snapseed is a photo editor developed by Google that provides a range of features for editing photos. It offers 29 tools and filters, including Healing, Brush, Structure, HDR, and Perspective. Users can open both JPG and RAW files and save their personal modifications to apply them to new photos at a later time. All styles can be adjusted with fine, precise control, and the software also includes a selective filter brush.

The Snapseed editor includes a diverse range of tools, filters, and face enhancements. It enables users to open and tweak RAW DNG files, adjust exposure and color automatically or manually, and bring out surface structures in images. It also offers cropping, rotating, and perspective correction features, which allow users to fix skewed lines and adjust the geometry of horizons or buildings. Moreover, users can use the “Control Point” technology to assign enhancements to up to eight points in the image and the algorithm does the rest. Snapseed also includes a healing tool to remove unwanted elements from images and various filters such as vignette, text, curves, and lens blur.

In addition to the above, Snapseed offers filters such as Glamour Glow, Tonal Contrast, HDR Scape, Drama, Grunge, Grainy Film, Vintage, Retrolux, Noir, and Black & White to help users give different styles to their images. Users may also add frames with adjustable sizes and blend two photos, choosing from blend modes that are inspired by shooting on film and digital image processing. Moreover, Snapseed offers face-specific features such as Face Enhance, which adds focus to the eyes, lightens the skin, and smoothes the skin. It also includes a Face Pose feature to correct the pose of portraits based on three-dimensional models.

3. DSLR Blur Photo

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The App allows for blurring parts of a photo, which in turn creates a DSLR-like effect. Users are given the ability to adjust the amount of blur and the size of the brush to refine their image.

To utilize the App, the user must first select a photo from their gallery that they wish to blur. Next, using the brush, the user must touch the photo to blur the background. Finally, the user can save the image to their SD card, or share it on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.

4. Facetune2 – Selfie Photo Editor

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Facetune2 is a photo editor that allows users to retouch their selfies and enhance their features. The app offers a range of retouching effects, tools, and filters, including makeup brushes, vibrant filters, and tools for blurring backgrounds and fine-tuning photos. With Facetune2, users can edit their selfies in real-time, compare before and after photos, and get professional-looking results. The app also offers tools for removing skin imperfections like acne and blemishes, airbrushing skin to get a softer look, and adjusting the color of hair.

Facetune2 is a part of Lightricks’ Creative Suite, which includes a range of video and image editing solutions. The app’s terms of use and privacy policy are available for users to review.

To enhance their selfies, users can use Facetune2’s powerful tools for selfie and photo editing. These tools include retouching and airbrushing selfies, choosing from a range of free filters, and touching up features using photo editing tools. Users can also use Glam filters to upgrade every photo for a fashionable look and get an instant perfect depth effect by blurring the image background.

Facetune2 also offers professional makeover tools and image correction features. Users can use makeup brushes to retouch their features, reshape their jawlines or enlarge their eyes, and quickly remove zits, acne, pimples, and blemishes. The app also allows users to crop, blur, and fine-tune their photos for a beautiful look using a range of tools like colorful light effects.

With Facetune2, users can smooth out their skin, get a tan effect, change hair color, and enhance face features. The app’s Smooth tool can be used to airbrush skin for a softer look, while the Details tool can be used to accentuate features like eyes and teeth.

5. PicsArt Photo Editor: Pic, Video & Collage Maker

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Picsart is a photo and video editor that offers an all-in-one solution for creating and editing content. With over 150 million creators worldwide, users can explore and try out popular photo and video effects, including Golden Hour, Mirror Selfies, and retro VHS or Y2K filters. The app offers a range of features, including a photo editor, video editor, collage maker, sticker maker, and drawing tool, as well as a Replay function that allows users to recreate trending edits with customizable steps. Picsart Gold is also available, offering exclusive content and an ad-free editing experience.

The photo editor feature offers trending filters, a Background Eraser tool, Remove Object tool, millions of free images, over 200 designer fonts, and makeup stickers. Users can also blur backgrounds with an AI-powered selection tool, flip and crop photos, and create custom stickers. The video editor feature allows users to create and edit videos, add music from an extensive library, try Glitch video effects, and design using the slideshow maker with music. Users can also create photo collages, try different collage styles, and explore the meme generator feature. The Story Maker feature offers templates to level up Instagram game. The sticker maker feature enables users to discover over 60 million Picsart stickers, add stickers to pictures, download any sticker for free and use it instantly, and create unique custom stickers.

The photo effects and filters feature includes popular Sketch effects, Canvas effects, Drip Art effects, and Magic effects. Picsart Draw offers customizable brushes, layers, and pro drawing tools, allowing users to doodle on pictures and create a transparent clothes effect. Users can also create art and illustrations from scratch, and play with Doodle Art for hours. The Replay function allows for quick and easy recreation of trending edits with customizable steps, while the personal preset feature enables users to create consistent, on-trend content for their Instagram feeds.

6. Insta bokeh: blend camera

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The Insta Bokeh and Blend Camera Photo Editor is a free editing tool that allows users to add various effects to their photos. The app features a square blend camera and a bokeh neon spiral effect, along with a square pic effect, all of which can be used for enhancing photos.

The app also has an AI cut-out feature that allows users to add flower, drip, fire, and neon effects to their photos, along with a background eraser. Additionally, the app provides an all-in-one photo effect tool that includes a great background changer with popular neon, blend, and spiral photo effects.

The Insta Bokeh and Blend Camera Photo Editor also offers bokeh and light effects that can be used to add a beautiful touch to photos. With over 300 effect layouts, users can create unique and popular fire and photo cut-out effects.

The app includes four functions: romantic sky, tender night, dream world, and favorite text. These provide users with various bokeh and blend effects for their photos. The app is great for sharing photos with different bokeh and light effects on Instagram, as it can help users get more “likes.”

The Insta Bokeh and Blend Camera Photo Editor includes several features, such as popular neon filters and fire effects, love and flower photo effects, and an AI cut-out background eraser. Additionally, the app offers over 100 amazing bokeh and light effects for Instagram and a blend camera with bokeh effect.

Users can adjust the transparency of different blend bokeh and light effects and drag and drop rotate to different bokeh and light effects. They can also share square photos on Instagram or other social networks. If users have any suggestions or problems, they can contact the developer via mail.

7. BlurArt – Blur Photo Editor

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Blur Art is a photo editing app that allows users to quickly blur unwanted parts of their pictures. The app offers various blur effects that can be applied to images selected from the gallery or taken using the camera. The primary function of Blur Art is to create a blurred background for images.

The app includes several features that enable users to customize their pictures. Some of the available effects include shape crop blur, DSLR camera effect, finger blur, cascading of the pic, freehand crop, selection portion blur, quick blur, quick pixelated, as well as text and sticker options.

New features in the app include different types of blur effects, such as simple blur, radial blur, motion blur, and fragment blur. Users can also blur selected rectangular portions of images and apply center crop cascading effects. Additional features include an inbuilt image viewer, glowing effects, and instant social media sharing.

Key features of the app include finger blur, in which users can easily change the blur radius with an undo-redo option and erase blur portions with an eraser. Users can also create a blurred background using effects such as simple blur, motion blur, radial blur, and fragment blur. Cascading enables users to create a center crop effect, select the blur radius, frame, and space. Selection blur allows users to select the rectangular portion of an image and apply a blur effect. Shape crop blur enables users to select different shapes with blur effects and adjust the blur radius. DSLR effect applies radial or linear effects to selected images. Free crop creates a freehand sketch with an undo-redo option and an eraser for removing blur effects. Quick blur and mosaic effects provide fast application and easy saving and sharing options.

Blur Art is a free photo editing app that offers users the ability to easily create blurred backgrounds and apply various blur effects to their images.

8. Enlight Pixaloop – Photo Animator

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Motionleap is a 3D picture editor that allows users to animate and edit their photos with filters for adding motion and a variety of other unique features. Developed by Lightricks, it was chosen as one of Google Play’s Best Apps of 2019 and is part of the Creative Kit, which offers amazing photo editing tools. It is a PRO 3D photo app for Android that provides an array of stylish effects, filters, and tools to create stunning images using amazing 3D live image filters and effects. Users can directly post their photo artwork to social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Motionleap provides an animation creator with intuitive arrows that sets photo motion direction. It also includes a background changer with stunning filters, animation effects for pictures with overlays, sparkles, and more, and a picture effect editor for making all necessary 3D photo adjustments. In addition, it offers a wide variety of automated sky backgrounds resembling timelapse. Users can easily create 3D photos by editing pictures into animated 3D photos, using arrows to add movement, choosing the speed, and replacing the background.

Motionleap makes it easy to add unique overlays and effects to still images that will engage followers and wow friends. Users can create a professionally finished animation or simply add fun effects to their pictures. It brings flowing life and motion to images, creating animation pictures and cinematographic effects that will impress everyone. Best of all, it is a free picture animation app and editor. Users can animate pictures and add 3D picture effects to watch their still image come to life as incredible 24 fps videos that boomerang back and forth or flow like a GIF.

The app has a photo effect creator that highlights images with amazing picture effects. Users can enjoy the ease of one-touch smooth transformation and 3D photo animation that brings their creations to life. It also has a creative photo editor that offers a wide range of filters and effects at users’ fingertips.