9 Best Apps To Change Message Background (Android & iOS)

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Download the Best Apps To Change Message Background (Android & iOS) on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonThis article will explore various options available for Android and iOS devices to change the message background. This includes third-party apps that offer customization options beyond the default ones provided by the operating system. The article will evaluate the features and functionalities of these apps to help users make an informed decision based on their needs and preferences.

We have compiled a list of 9 Best Apps To Change Message Background (Android & iOS) for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

9 Best Apps To Change Message Background (Android & iOS)

1. Chomp SMS

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Chomp SMS is a messaging application designed to offer users an alternative to the stock Android SMS/MMS app. With over 10 million users, the application offers a range of features that allow for greater customization and personalization of one’s messaging experience. Some of the features included in Chomp SMS are a passcode lock, privacy options, scheduled SMS sender, blocking and backup capabilities, as well as a range of customization options for notifications, fonts, and wallpapers.

In addition to these features, Chomp SMS also offers a variety of emojis, including Android, Twitter, Emoji One, and iOS style options, with the ability to customize skin tone. The application is compatible with Yappy, Pushbullet, MightyText, and Android Wear for desktop notifications and replying.

All of Chomp’s features are free to use, with occasional ads displayed to users. Alternatively, users may choose to make a one-time in-app purchase to remove ads permanently. For support, knowledge base, and feedback, users may visit https://chomp.uservoice.com.

2. Textra

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Textra is an Android messaging app that offers customization options and features to enhance the user’s messaging experience. It provides over 180 material design themes, bubble and app icon colors, scheduled SMS and MMS, slide to call, slide to delete, quick snap camera, multi-select picture gallery, and quick reply SMS popup. Additionally, it offers features such as message blocking, automatic video, and picture compression, plus more.

Textra offers customization options such as preferred theme and bubble colors, signatures, and notifications per conversation. It also offers over 3000 Android, Twitter, JoyPixels, and iOS style emojis, including diversity skin tones. A new feature added lets the user copy any part of the text in a bubble.

The app is fully compatible with Pushbullet, MightyText, Android Wear, and Android Auto (car) for enhanced notifications and quick reply. Textra’s features are free and ad-supported, with an option to remove ads through a one-time in-app purchase.

Users can find support, knowledge base, and give feedback through Textra’s website. The app offers a simple, beautiful, and fast messaging experience.

3. Messaging Classic

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Message Classic, also known as Messaging Classic, is a messaging application that has been ported from the Android native system. It is a stock messaging app that supports SMS and MMS. The app brings a native taste with Google design to ensure a consistent user experience.

Many phone manufacturers, such as Samsung, LG, Sony, and HTC, build their own messaging apps with different user experiences. However, Message Classic provides an alternative by offering the traditional messaging app with a Google design.

In Nexus 5, Google Hangouts is the default messaging app, and the original messaging app is no longer available. Message Classic provides users with the opportunity to bring back the traditional messaging app.

To avoid receiving duplicated notifications for each message, users should disable notifications from other third-party SMS apps. Additionally, Message Classic is fully compatible with Android 4.4 and supports MMS for all Android versions. It also offers quick reply pop-ups and quick action button support in message notifications.

It is important to note that in Android 4.4, an SMS app cannot update SMS/MMS data if it is not the default SMS app. Therefore, users should set Message Classic as their default SMS app to ensure that the app can properly update SMS/MMS data.

4. Plus Messenger

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Plus Messenger is an unofficial messaging application that utilizes Telegram’s API. The app is highly rated on the Play Store, with over 20 million downloads and support in more than 20 languages. Additionally, the app offers many support groups in different languages for users seeking assistance.

Plus Messenger comes with added features to the official Telegram app such as separated tabs for chats, options to customize tabs, and multi-account support of up to 10. The app also allows users to create custom groups of chats, sort chats using different methods, and pin up to 100 chats. Users can forward messages without quoting, save documents with original names, and copy a selection of a text message. It also allows users to set photo quality before sending, show the user’s bio in chat, and add time to floating date in chat. Other features include night mode, quick switch between chats through the quick bar, more than 10 different bubbles and checks designs, and chat counter.

Plus Messenger offers many more options, including the ability to start a round video using the main camera, show download progress, and show/hide mute/unmute button from channels. Users can also easily switch to night mode from the navigation menu, show or hide options from the navigation menu, and use phone emojis and font. Plus Messenger allows users to save and restore app settings, and hide their mobile number from the navigation menu drawer and settings menu. Instead, the username is shown in the navigation menu.

Users can access Plus Messenger through their website, where they can also find links to their channel, support group, and Twitter account. The app also offers Plus themes and Telegram themes applications on the Play Store.

5. GO SMS Theme DIY

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Theme DIY app is designed to customize and personalize GO SMS interface with individual wallpapers, fonts, and bubbles. It offers an exclusive theme for GO SMS that is powerful and exciting. With a few easy steps, users can create their own beautiful interface, which is simple, beautiful, and fast.

The app features allow users to change the list, conversation, pop up interface in their theme, use their photo for the conversation background, change the color of their preference, choose several Q styles for avatar and bubble, and change the font color to match their SMS interface.

To apply the theme, users need to DIY their theme and save it, download GO SMS Pro for free, and apply the theme in “GO SMS Theme DIY” or “GO SMS Pro.” The app also encourages users to share their themes with their friends by pressing the SHARE button.

6. GO SMS Pro

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GO SMS Pro is a messaging app that has gained popularity due to its simple, personalized, and fun approach. It offers many features, including beautiful themes, lovely stickers, private box, pop up windows, and GO chat, among others. The app is committed to making messaging more efficient and enjoyable.

GO SMS Pro offers many free features, including personalized themes and stickers, private box, sticky conversations, pop up windows, dual SIM matching, SMS blocker, GO chat, delay to send, folded stranger messages, avatar popup, and call identification. These features aim to enhance the user experience and make messaging easier.

In addition to the free features, GO SMS Pro offers pro features for a fee. These include disabling sponsored messages, advanced private box, unlimited cloud storage space for message backup, and access to all paid themes. The subscription price for GO SMS VIP starts at $99/month, $599/year, and offers an ad-free experience.

GO SMS Pro is available for free, and users can continue to use it without purchasing the pro features. The app displays ad content in certain scenes, and users can find more details on Facebook’s ad choices page. The app’s terms of service and privacy policy govern its use. Users can contact the developers at gosmsprofeedback@gmail.com.

7. Mood Messenger

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Mood Messenger is a customizable alternative to the default Android SMS & MMS App. The app is simple, smooth, and effective. Users are able to customize almost everything, and have access to features such as the typing indicator and real time caller ID.

The app is fully customizable, allowing users to adjust bubble shapes and colors, backgrounds, over 100 themes, fonts, text size, notifications (LED, sounds, vibration, format), animated emojis (iOS, Android, or Emoji One style emojis), and dark mode. These features can be customized per contact, if desired.

Additional features include a typing indicator to see when the contact is writing, chat encryption between Mood Premium users, group conversations, real time caller ID, easy and fast messaging from the After Call Screen, private conversation to hide messages and protect them with a password, spam blocking to blacklist annoying messages, and an animated GIF library. The app also includes dual SIM support, easy location sharing, message scheduling, delay sending to avoid mistakes, and the ability to pin important conversations at the top of the list.

Mood Messenger is compatible with most brands of phones, including Samsung, Huawei, Wiko, Sony, and HTC. Users who want a crash-free and user-friendly SMS & MMS texting app with a variety of features may want to give Mood Messenger a try.

Those interested in contacting the developers can do so through the website, by email, or through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

8. GO Keyboard Pro – Emoji, GIF, Cute, Swipe Faster

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GO Keyboard Pro is a versatile keyboard app that supports emoji search and prediction. With over 200 million users worldwide on Google Play, it offers several features to enhance your texting experience. The app supports smart keyboard typing, gesture typing, and voice input, making it easy to boost your texting speed. It also provides over 1000 stylish themes to personalize your keyboard.

One of the primary reasons why GO Keyboard Pro is considered the most productive emoji keyboard is due to its numerous features that simplify typing. Autocorrections eliminate typos, while next-word suggestions make typing quicker. Additionally, the app suggests expressive emojis based on your input, allowing you to enjoy funnier texting immediately.

GO Keyboard Pro is also ideal for personalization, with over 10,000 cute themes and 100+ funny key fonts. It comes with 1600+ free newest emojis, emoticons, text fonts, GIFs, stickers, and smileys that can be easily shared with friends. The app is compatible with 40+ languages and even enables you to create your own GIFs to share on social media.

Privacy and security are a top priority for GO Keyboard Pro, and the app will never collect your personal data, including credit card information. Additionally, the app adapts to your typing style quickly and protects your personal data carefully.

GO Keyboard Pro offers new funny emojis, emoticons, static/animated stickers, and GIFs. All these are sharable on any social platform, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, Twitter, WeChat, Instagram, Snapchat, and more. The app comes with various layouts and supports tablet devices.


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QKSMS is a messaging app that aims to provide a beautiful and intuitive messaging experience. It is designed to replace the stock messaging app and make texting feel magical again. QKSMS is completely ad-free and open source, ensuring a more transparent and secure messaging environment. Moreover, it now fully supports Dual-SIM and Multi-SIM phones.

One of the standout features of QKSMS is its clean design. The app is clutter-free, allowing users to focus on what matters. Customizability is also a key aspect of QKSMS, as users can choose from millions of colors to theme the entire app or individual conversations. The ability to set per-contact notifications and activate manual or automatic night mode adds to the app’s appeal.

QKSMS is also a powerful messaging app that enables users to share photos, stickers, and join group chats using MMS. Conversation search makes it easier to find specific messages, while the app’s backup and restore feature keeps messages safe. QKSMS also features a blacklisting function that allows users to easily block conversations or filter out spam.

The app is designed with convenience in mind, featuring a QK Reply popup and Wear OS (Android Wear) watch integration. Users can even reply to messages directly from their notification shade (Android 7.0+). Accessibility is also a priority, with a high contrast black theme and full support for TalkBack and Samsung Voice Assistant.

Feedback and suggestions are always welcome, and users can view the QKSMS source code on Github. Overall, QKSMS offers a customizable, powerful, safe, private, and convenient messaging experience.