9 Best Apps To Hide Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Best Apps To Hide Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonIn today’s digital age, the need for privacy and security has become increasingly important. With the vast number of apps available for Android and iOS devices, it’s not uncommon for individuals to want to keep certain apps hidden from prying eyes. This is where apps designed to hide other apps come into play. These apps offer users the ability to conceal certain apps on their devices, providing an added layer of privacy and security. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best apps available for hiding other apps on both Android and iOS platforms.

We have compiled a list of 9 Best Apps To Hide Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

9 Best Apps To Hide Apps For Android & iOS

1. Pic Safe

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Private Photo Vault® is a photo and video app for iPhone and iPad that is trusted by millions to keep their photos hidden. It has been ranked among the top 100 Photography Apps in various countries, including the USA, Japan, and Germany. Reviews for the Photo Vault® are positive and highlight its efficacy in organizing and hiding photos. The app offers various features for protecting private photos and videos, such as password protection, a break-in report, and a decoy password.

Apart from protecting private photos and videos, Private Photo Vault® also offers photo management and viewing features. Users can create albums within the app, import/export photos from the Photo App, and transfer photos wirelessly or via text or email. The app also supports video import/export and viewing. Additionally, the app has a private web browser that allows users to browse the internet privately and directly download photos to the app.

The app offers a Cloud Vault feature that enables encrypted cloud backup, which saves space and ensures privacy. Users are required to create a Cloud Vault Password that is never backed up to the company’s servers and is used to encrypt/decrypt files. This means that Private Photo Vault employees cannot view users’ cloud backup, and users must remember their password to access their data.

Private Photo Vault® also offers a premium subscription that automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Users can manage their subscription and turn off auto-renewal after purchase. The app’s terms and privacy policy are available on their website.

It’s important to note that the free version of the app does not backup user files to Cloud Vault. Therefore, it’s essential to perform backups of photos and videos to ensure that data is not lost if the device is lost or damaged.

2. Secret Photo Vault – Keepsafe

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Keepsafe is a popular photo locker and album vault app that allows users to store personal photos and videos securely. The app offers PIN protection, fingerprint touch ID, and military-grade encryption to ensure privacy and protection. Keepsafe is used for preserving special memories, storing family photos, protecting copies of driver’s licenses, ID cards, and credit cards, and organizing important documents. The app has over 70 million users and offers a beautiful design and UX along with smooth scrolling for photo viewing on all devices.

Keepsafe offers basic features such as phone and tablet support, simple interface, easy-to-use PIN pad access, photo backup, custom albums, full-screen and slideshow viewing for photos and videos, integrated camera for taking photos directly in Keepsafe, Safe Send for sharing pictures for a limited time from Keepsafe, and syncing images and videos in Keepsafe to all of the user’s installations on any platform. In addition to these basic features, Keepsafe Premium offers exclusive features such as album lock, private cloud storage for up to 10,000 items, space saver, and trash recovery. The app also offers customization options such as ad-free viewing and custom album covers.

For help and support, users can visit Keepsafe’s support site or send a ticket from inside the app. Contact can also be made through email at support@getkeepsafe.com. Keepsafe Premium requires a subscription for one month or one year and is automatically renewed unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the period. The account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and the price of subscriptions is one month – $99 dollars & one year – $23.99 dollars. Subscriptions may be managed by the user, and any unused portion of a free period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription.

3. Vault

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Vault is a mobile app that offers privacy protection for photos and videos on smartphones. With over 100 million users worldwide, it provides App Lock, Private Bookmark, Incognito Browser, Cloud Backup, and other features for free. Users can protect personal media by importing it into the app, where it can only be accessed after entering the correct password. Additionally, users can back up their data to Cloud Space for better protection.

Vault also includes a Call Reminder feature that allows users to search for incoming phone numbers through the inquiry box. The App Lock feature adds an extra layer of privacy protection by securing social, photo, call logs, and telephone apps. The Private Browser feature ensures internet surfing remains confidential and does not leave any traces behind. Meanwhile, the Cloud Backup feature lets users store their photos and videos on the cloud, preventing them from getting lost. The Data Transfer feature enables cross-device synchronization for easy data transfer.

Should users forget their password, they may retrieve it through the security email set up in Vault. For advanced privacy protection, the app includes Multiple Vault & Fake Vault features, letting users create multiple vaults with different passwords for storing photos and videos, with one of them being a fake vault. The Stealth Mode feature makes the Vault icon disappear from the home screen, and it can only be found again with the correct password. In the event of a break-in, Vault snaps a picture of the intruder, along with the time stamp and PIN code entered.

Vault offers support via a Q&A section, which covers topics such as forgotten passwords, entering vault in stealth mode, and lost photos and videos. Users may recover their data from the cloud by reinstalling Vault app if they had backed up their data to cloud space. To avoid losing data, it is recommended that users not delete Vault’s data folder and subfolders when using cleaning or free storage apps. Finally, Vault’s Facebook Page & Messenger can be accessed at @nqvaultapp.

4. Hide App, App Hider Premium

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The latest version of this app boasts a feature that allows users to hide their applications on the device using fake calculator protection. Once an application is hidden, it becomes inaccessible and cannot run in the background unless the user specifically enables it again. This feature helps to conserve battery life and memory on the device.

In addition to the hide app feature, this app also includes the ability to restore hidden applications to the user’s device. The app also employs a pin code security system that uses a fake calculator icon to mask its presence on the device.

It is important to note that this app is only compatible with rooted devices. Furthermore, if the user forgets their pin code, they will be unable to access the app. In such cases, users are advised to contact the developer via email at phongphan.dev@gmail.com for assistance.

Overall, this app offers a convenient and secure way for users to hide their applications on their rooted devices.

5. Hide Pictures & Videos – Vaulty

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Vaulty, an app that allows users to protect their privacy by hiding pictures and videos, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. The app has been praised for its ability to provide maximum protection with minimal requirements. Naked Security has referred to it as “asking for the least in return for the most,” while BlueStacks has stated that it could be a “life saver” for those with private media on their phone.

The app is designed to be easy to use. To hide pictures and videos within Vaulty, users simply need to open the app, tap the lock icon at the top, select an album, and choose the files to hide. Alternatively, users can “share” pictures and videos from other apps by tapping the share icon while viewing the media, selecting Vaulty from the list of apps, and allowing Vaulty to securely hide the media within the app.

Vaulty also offers a range of security features, including image and video hiding, password protection, free automatic online backup, multiple vaults, and a mugshot feature that takes a picture of anyone who enters the wrong password. These features ensure that users’ private media is kept safe and secure.

In addition to its security features, Vaulty also offers a range of media features, such as organization, slideshow functionality, full zoom capabilities, and support for various video formats. This allows users to keep their media well-organized and easily accessible while also enjoying the full resolution of their pictures and videos. Vaulty is also able to play any video that the user’s device can handle and can securely display videos in third-party apps if the device cannot handle a specific format natively.

6. Hide App – Hide Application Icon, No Root Required

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AppHider is a mobile application designed to help users hide any app they don’t wish others to know about. The app requires the DcLauncher Add-On for non-rooted devices. Once installed, the app icon will disappear from the Launcher after it has been hidden.

AppHider offers the following features:
– It is a free app
– It allows users to hide apps (Hide Icon)
– It supports PIN lock
– It enables users to back up and restore their hidden apps.
– It offers advanced phone optimization features such as Cache Clean, Phone Boost, and App Notification Clean, among others.

In case of loss, users can navigate to Settings and Find Lost Apps to retrieve hidden apps. For devices that are not rooted, users are required to install the add-on “DcLauncher” to make AppHider work. The add-on can be found on the Google Play Store.

7. Clock – The Vault: Secret Photo Video Locker

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Clock Vault is a privacy protection app that allows users to easily hide photos and videos in a private gallery behind a secret time password. It offers features such as photo and video hiding, album management, and app locking. Users can also change the launcher icon and set a decoy vault with a fake password. Additionally, the app includes a private browser and an inbuilt video player to watch videos inside the video vault. Themes for applock are also available to customize the lock screen.

To set up the password, users need to launch the app and move the clock hands to set a desired time password. They repeat the same password and press the center button of the clock to confirm. To unlock the app, users press the center button of the clock, move the clock hands to their password position, and press the center button again to validate.

It is important to note that users should not uninstall the app before restoring their personal files back to the public gallery, as the files will be lost forever. The app uses Device Administrator Permission and Accessibility services.

If users forget their password, they can launch Clock Vault and set 10:10 time by moving the hour and minute clock hands. They then press the middle button again to open the password recovery option. Hidden files are stored only on the device locally, and files recovery is not possible after uninstalling the app. Users can contact the developer for any help they need.

8. Hide Photos Video – Hide it Pro

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Hide It Pro is a mobile application that allows users to hide photos, videos, apps, messages, and calls in their phone. The app is completely free and unlimited. Users can hide photos and videos from their photo gallery and easily access them using a secret PIN code. The app also enables users to share their phone without worrying about privacy.

Hide It Pro is cleverly disguised as “Audio Manager” in the App Drawer. It functions as an Audio Manager app that can adjust volume levels, but by long pressing on the Audio Manager title, the actual Hide It Pro app can be launched. This serves as a secret vault for hidden photos, videos, messages, apps, and more. Users are able to categorize their media into hidden folders of their choice.

The app has numerous features, such as disguising itself behind a fully functional Audio Manager or other disguises like Calculator, categorizing media into hidden folders, free cloud backup of files, disappearing from recent apps list, having a gallery with integrated slideshow and sharing capabilities, an integrated video player with support for VLC player and MPlayerX, multiple lock screen options (Pin, Password, Pattern), fingerprint unlock, escape pin/password for times when users get caught, built-in encryption tool to secure important files, and other features like secret chatting, private messaging and calls, private browsing, locking apps, and hiding the app icon from the app drawer of the phone.

Hide It Pro also has additional features such as custom slideshows, batch delete, share, unhide, move data between albums, and sort files and folders according to user preference. In case of any issues, users can contact the support team via email or social media.

Overall, Hide It Pro is a useful app for individuals who value their privacy and want to keep their personal files and information protected.

9. App Hider – Hide Apps Hide Photos Multiple Accounts

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App Hider is an app available on Google Play that allows users to hide other apps, specifically social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger. It also functions as an app cloner, allowing users to access multiple accounts on one device. Additionally, App Hider has the capability to hide photos and videos and can even hide its own presence by appearing as a Calculator.

One of the main features of App Hider is its ability to hide apps. Users can import an app they want to hide into App Hider and then uninstall it from their Home system. App Hider is optimized for social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram.

Another feature of App Hider is its capability to clone apps, enabling users to access multiple accounts on one device. Unlike other app cloners, App Hider’s clones can function without the original app installed on the device.

App Hider can also be used to hide photos and videos, allowing users to import them into a hidden gallery within the app. These photos and videos can be viewed and played directly from App Hider.

For increased privacy, App Hider can turn itself into a Calculator Vault. By inputting the correct password into the calculator, the App Hider home screen will appear.

App Hider is supported on 64-bit systems and Android 8 Oreo. If users encounter apps that do not work properly with App Hider, they can contact the developers at swiftwifistudio@gmail.com.

To hide an app using App Hider, users need to import the desired app into the app and launch the cloned app within App Hider. The original app can then be uninstalled from the device.

While not all apps can be cloned within App Hider, users are encouraged to try cloning popular social media apps like WhatsApp and Facebook. Hidden app notifications can be turned off within App Hider’s settings.