5 Free Apps To Lock Phone For Period Of Time For Android & iOS

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Download the Free Apps To Lock Phone For Period Of Time For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonLocking your phone for a certain period of time can be a useful tool for managing screen time and preventing distractions. Fortunately, there are a variety of free apps available for both Android and iOS devices that offer this feature. In this article, we will explore some of the most popular options and their key features to help you find the best solution for your needs.

We have compiled a list of 5 Free Apps To Lock Phone For Period Of Time For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

5 Free Apps To Lock Phone For Period Of Time For Android & iOS

1. OFFTIME – Digital disconnection

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OFFTIME is an app that seeks to help users disconnect from their electronic devices and focus on what matters to them. The app aims to prevent electronic devices from taking control of users’ lives and instead make them a tool for their benefits. OFFTIME encourages users to take control of their time and schedules by blocking notifications, calls and emails that might be distracting. The app also provides a history of the blocks made by users daily, weekly, monthly and annually.

OFFTIME offers several functions to help users disconnect from their devices. Users can schedule when they want to block their phone or applications, automate their digital detoxification time, and define specific dates for off time. The app also allows users to invite friends and family to join them in an off-time event and disconnect together. The app provides statistics on the off-time events, and users can access backup copies of their off-time activity on any device. Additionally, the app allows users to decide how to end their off-time, and it provides other customization options such as sound management, do not disturb mode, and repeated calls from the same number.

OFFTIME also offers a PRO version with more features, such as scheduling multiple off-time moments, creating different blocking profiles, and setting daily usage limits on specific app groups. The OFFTIME team is continually working to improve the app to help users disconnect more effectively and focus on the important things in their lives.

In conclusion, OFFTIME is an app that can help users disconnect from their electronic devices and focus on their priorities. With its various features, the app provides users with more control over their time and schedules. It is an excellent solution for anyone struggling to balance their screen time with other aspects of their lives.

2. Screen Time – Restrain yourself & parent control

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Mobile addiction is a growing concern among individuals of all ages. People tend to lose track of time while using their mobile phones, both during meals and social events. Installing Screen Time can assist users in understanding their usage patterns, and promote time management awareness. By doing so, individuals can manage their time more effectively and efficiently.

Screen Time can help users identify the amount of time spent on mobile phone applications. It provides a detailed view of daily usage, including the duration of each hour, which apps were opened, and how long they were used. This feature allows users to make necessary adjustments to their habits, such as reducing time spent on social networks, or watching fewer videos.

The weekly usage function in Screen Time tracks mobile phone usage for up to a week. It enables users to gain insight into their daily usage trends and identify areas where they can make positive changes.

Screen Time’s App & Category Limit feature allows users to set a daily duration limit for each app or type of app. Different limits can be set for weekdays and weekends, with more game usage times. Users are notified when they exceed their usage time, and a page similar to App Lock is displayed to remind them that the usage of the app or category is overtime.

Screen Time’s App Always Allowed List allows users to whitelist important applications, such as text messages and telephone calls. This feature ensures that the use of these applications is not restricted, while also promoting responsible mobile phone usage.

All data collected by Screen Time is stored locally on the user’s phone, and not uploaded to any external servers. Screen Time’s Privacy Policy is available for users to read at the following URL: https://sites.google.

3. SPACE: Break phone addiction, stay focused

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SPACE is a productivity app that helps users reduce their screen time, break phone addiction, and focus on their priorities. The app blocks unwanted notifications and enables users to change habits with friends and family across IOS and Android. Users can also take an 8-day course to find their phone/life balance. SPACE has been featured by Google as an “Essential App” on Play Store and is trusted by millions of users globally.

Smartphone addiction is a growing concern amongst people of all age groups. SPACE tracks screen time/phone usage and helps users recognize their addiction with their phone. The app is designed to help users find their phone/life balance and develop a healthy attitude towards their screens.

With SPACE, users can understand their current habits, set goals to track phone usage/screen time and unlocks, track progress against these goals over time, and use tools such as excluding apps, notification blocking, and screen dimming to curb phone usage. The app also provides interruptions to keep users on track and allows them to share their progress with friends, families, and colleagues. Users can unlock additional features by upgrading to SPACE Pro with a one-time payment.

SPACE users spend on usage average 2 hours and 46 mins on their phones per day, whilst the average US citizen is reported to spend 4 hours and 16 mins. After using SPACE for 4 weeks, users reported better understanding of their smartphone usage, improved sense of well-being, and improved productivity.

SPACE is free to users and does not contain adverts. The app does not encourage scrolling or social networks. Users can contact info@space-app.com for any issues or suggestions. By installing the app, users agree to the privacy policy outlined at https://findyourphonelifebalance.com/privacy-policy/.

4. StayFree – Screen Time Tracker & Limit App Usage

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StayFree is a screen time tracker and app usage limiting app that helps users monitor their smartphone usage habits and improve their focus. The app allows users to set usage limits for their apps and receive alerts when they exceed those limits. Users can also view usage details and statistics.

StayFree claims to be the highest rated screen time and self control app, featuring an extremely fast and user-friendly interface, accurate usage statistics, and quick customer support. The app is also ad-free and battery friendly.

StayFree’s features include app usage history, over-use reminders, block mode, focus mode, sleep mode, pause apps, export mode, inspiring quotations, interface customization, lock mode, and a widget displaying most used apps and total usage on a pie chart.

The app uses Android’s Accessibility Services to detect websites and block requested websites while maintaining user privacy in accordance with the app’s Privacy Policy.

StayFree encourages users to rate the app 5 stars and welcomes feedback and suggestions for improvement. The app is maintained by Sensor Tower.

5. YourHour – Phone Addiction Tracker & Controller

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YourHour is a smartphone addiction management app that has been trusted globally by over 2 million users. It provides the best tailored and curated solution to awaken self-realization against excessive usage. The app is available in 21 global languages including English, German, Spanish, French, etc. It offers personalized challenge recommendations to help break the habit loop.

Do you feel increasingly addicted to your smartphone and unable to stay focused? YourHour offers a smart digital solution to achieve digital wellness. The app provides a variety of fun, user-friendly, and personalized features that can help track and control usage.

The app’s dashboard provides all essential information at one place, keeping track of “Usage Time” and “Unlock Count” and giving a comparative info-graphic view of today’s and past 7 days’ activity. By analyzing data of the past 7 days, the app defines the category of phone addict the user currently belongs to from the listed six categories vis-a-vis Addicted, Obsessed, Dependent, Habitual, Achiever, and Champion.

One unique feature of the app is the “Floating Timer,” which shows real-time statistics on all apps. It appears on all apps so that users can see for themselves their time slipping by. The app does not block notifications or calls because it wants users to be the best judge of their time. The Tap That App section shows comprehensive insights in a progress bar about how much individual apps have been used out of the set limit.

The Timeline is a sequential diary of *What’s Been Cooking* around the whole day, recording every minute detail. The app provides insightful daily, weekly, and monthly reports with great analytics. Daily consolidated reports get delivered to users every day through a notification. For premium members, there is also an option to export PDF format of weekly and monthly reports.

The app does not store any personal data, and everything is stored in local storage.