5 Best Apps To Try Different Nail Colors (Android & iOS)

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Download the Best Apps To Try Different Nail Colors (Android & iOS) on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonNail coloring and designing has become a popular trend in recent times. With the rise of various nail art techniques and colors, there is a demand for apps that enable users to experiment with different shades and designs. This article presents an analysis of some of the best apps available for Android and iOS platforms enabling users to try different nail colors in a virtual environment. The apps’ features, compatibility, and user interface are analyzed to provide a comprehensive overview of the options available to users.

We have compiled a list of 5 Best Apps To Try Different Nail Colors (Android & iOS) for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

5 Best Apps To Try Different Nail Colors (Android & iOS)


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The WANNA NAILS app offers users the ability to try on any nail polish color instantly, at any time and from anywhere. The app simplifies the nail polish shopping experience and allows users to easily find all types of nail polish for their manicure needs. Users can explore top color categories and best nail polish color collections from Amazon and AliExpress.

With the WANNA NAILS app, users can pick the best color for themselves. They can try on nail polish with their phone camera, match the nail polish with their skin tone, look and mood, and discover amazing collections for any event. Users can find the manicure look that suits their mood and share their virtual manicure with friends. The app also offers daily inspiration for new nail polish colors.

The app’s features include the ability to try on nail polish with a phone camera and match the color with skin tone, look and mood. Users can buy any nail polish they like and explore color collections. Additionally, they can create polls in Instagram Stories to find the best color match and also create and share their virtual nail polish.

2. NailMatch: Nail Polish Matching for any Color

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3. Nail Salon: Manicure Girl Game

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The Nail Salon™: Manicure Game is a dress-up and makeup app that allows users to polish, decorate, clip, and buff their nails virtually. The app features realistic nail clippers, sounds, and buffer for a high shine finish. Users can choose from seven different skin tones, four free nail polish color collections, and four free gems/decals collections. They can also add sparkling rhinestones, crystals, diamonds, gemstones, stickers, decals, hearts, flowers, fruit, and much more to decorate their nails.

The app allows users to clean up with nail polish remover and start all over. They can save their designs to their album or share them via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or email. The current free polish collections include classic reds, pinks, purples, blues, pastel polishes, grunge/dark colors, and brights/neon glow. The current free gems and nail art collections feature a variety of designs such as precious gems, sweet tooth, hearts and flowers, animal prints, diamonds, love and hearts, bling, glitter, Halloween, luxury bling, glow, party, and love and kisses.

The Nail Salon™: Manicure Game offers a super realistic mani designer that includes beautiful nail polish that can actually be painted on fingernails as well as hundreds of totally unlocked free gems, decals, 3d nail art, and glitter stickers. Users can choose from a variety of skin colors and then trim their fingernails to the exact length they want. The app offers a wide range of nail polish color palettes in today’s trends, including classic french manicure or a pattern of ombre, stripes, rainbows, polka dots, or abstract art.


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The OPI Nail Studio App has been updated and improved. Users can try on various shades by taking a photo of their hand to see which colors compliment their skin tone. The app also offers MyStylist, which recommends hand-picked shades for over 600 different situations, such as work events, parties, or weddings. Additionally, users can locate nearby salons or stores and create Wish Lists for upcoming events. The app even has the latest collections and trending shades, and it updates automatically whenever new colors become available. Finally, users can organize their entire OPI collection by indicating which shades they need or have.

5. YouCam Nails

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The YouCam Nails app is a nail art game that offers a wide range of colors, patterns, and decals to create stunning nail designs. The app is designed for girls who love fashion and nail games. Users can either create their own unique nail styles or choose from one-touch looks. The app allows for easy experimentation with different nail designs without the need for nail polish remover. Users can create their own cute nails and try out all the features offered by the app.

YouCam Nails features a nail art palette with over 65 colors to choose from, 25+ patterns including the classic French manicure, polka dots, kitty, floral, hearts, leopard print, and cartoon characters. The app also offers 50+ cute polish stickers to choose from, 5 nail shapes to get flawless tips, and a beauty cam to customize a photo of the user’s nails after creating the nail designs. Users can also try on 20 complete stylish nail looks designed for instantly glamorous princess hands. The app offers nail polish tutorials and how-to videos for more great nail ideas in Beauty Circle.

To use the app, users need to take a photo and design their own nails. They can use an existing model’s hand or take a new photo of their own hand. They can adjust the skin tone for more personalization. The app offers salon makeover tools that allow users to choose any color nails and finish that they desire. Nails can be designed individually or users can apply one design to all nails. Users can also beautify their nails and create a unique manicure by adding stickers or patterns and changing the shape of their tips. The app offers a beauty camera to decorate photos with seasonal, girl style, pretty princess or high fashion background styles. Users can save and share their nail designs with friends.

The YouCam Nails app is a fun way to create nail art designs without the mess of nail polish remover. Users can become their own nail artists and experiment with different colors and patterns.