4 Best Audience Sound Effects Apps For Android & iOS

Download the Best Audience Sound Effects Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonThis article provides an overview of the best audience sound effects applications currently available for Android and iOS users. These apps are designed to enhance the audio experience of any performance, presentation, or event by providing a wide range of realistic crowd sounds. With features such as customizable sound settings, intuitive user interfaces, and high-quality audio recordings, these apps are ideal for anyone looking to improve the atmosphere and engagement of their audience.

We have compiled a list of 4 Best Audience Sound Effects Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

4 Best Audience Sound Effects Apps For Android & iOS

1. Audiencer

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The sound effects generator allows for the playback of various audience sounds, including laughter, surprise, relief, disappointment, boos, applause, and quiz sounds, among others. These comical sounds offer a range of options to enhance media productions or other projects.

This tool can replicate audience sounds commonly found in sitcoms, providing users with the ability to create a more immersive and authentic experience.

The generator is designed for fast and lightweight usage, making it an ideal addition to parties, pranks, and other similar events.

With its versatility, the sound effects generator can be utilized in a variety of situations, including for practice and training purposes. Thus, users are encouraged to utilize this tool in various settings to take advantage of its capabilities.

2. 100 Sound Buttons

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The 100 Sound Buttons app offers its users a wide range of sound options, including memes, funny noises, vehicle sounds, and animal noises. With a constantly expanding database, users can expect new sounds to be added regularly.

The app has recently undergone updates, including a Christmas update and the addition of new interactive buttons. The update includes 16 new sounds, and the app has addressed issues related to duplicated and broken sounds. Additionally, the app has reduced its size, allowing for smoother functionality.

Overall, users can enjoy a diverse selection of sounds with the 100 Sound Buttons app, and can expect regular updates and improvements.

3. Sound Effects by TMSOFT

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The Sound Effects application offers over 50 stock sounds and the ability to add new sounds. It allows users to playback and mix multiple sounds at the same time, create custom sound layouts, and access a sound catalog for quick and easy sound selection. The app has sound timers for playback of sounds after specified time limits, and multiple layout sizes and color themes to choose from. It supports multiple sound formats, including mp3, wav, 3gp, flac, ogg, mp4/m4a, and aac, and multitouch support enables users to move and play multiple sounds at the same time.

The Sound Effects application comes with a soundboard featuring a wide array of sound effects, including an Air Horn, Whistle, Laugh Track, Boo, and more. Users can tap a sound tile to play, tap again to pause, and drag the tiles into new positions when the board is unlocked. The board can be locked in place from the settings page, and users can swipe left or right or tap the next and previous buttons to change pages. They can even drag multiple tiles at the same time while navigating to other pages. If a sound is paused, users can pick up the tile and shake it to rewind.

The Sound Catalog allows users to scroll through a list of all their sounds, toggle favorites, and enable sound timers. They can switch between All Sounds and Favorites by tapping the view button located at the top right of the screen. The app also includes features for podcasters, enabling them to customize their sound effects board with fresh content and free sound files.

The Sound Effects application is available for free and optimized for Android phones and tablets. It offers an optimized user interface and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Users can contact TMSOFT for help with downloading or follow them on social media for updates and news.

4. Pocket Sitcom

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The article discusses how TV sitcom fantasies will never come true, except for one. Pocket Sitcom, an app that provides sound effects for the sitcom of your life, is introduced. It allows users to choose from over 30 original, high-quality sound effects including laughter, applause, theme music, and more. The app also offers a simple in-app purchase to remove all banners from the app, similar to a DVR. Users can subscribe to push notifications to keep up-to-date with new sounds and new apps in the Pocket Sitcom series. The article concludes by encouraging readers to give their life the soundtrack it deserves with Pocket Sitcom.