8 Best Baby Name Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Best Baby Name Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonFinding the perfect name for a new baby can be a daunting task, requiring extensive research and consideration. Fortunately, there are various baby name apps available for both Android and iOS devices that can simplify this process. These apps offer a variety of features, including name suggestions, meanings, origin, popularity rankings and more. In this article, we will explore some of the best baby name apps available for Android and iOS platforms, highlighting their unique features and benefits.

We have compiled a list of 8 Best Baby Name Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

8 Best Baby Name Apps For Android & iOS

1. Baby Names by BabyCenter

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Baby Names by BabyCenter is a free baby name generator that can help parents in choosing the perfect name for their baby. The app offers a fun and interactive way for parents to share their top baby name ideas with their partner. It combines powerful data analysis with names gathered from millions of BabyCenter members to provide customized name suggestions.

The app offers a personalized baby naming experience to its users. As they rate names, the app learns their preferences and suggests names accordingly. Users can select their preferred style, whether they prefer popular or unique names or are more interested in name meanings. The app also offers customized suggestions based on the user’s preferences.

With an easy swipe right or left, users can quickly rate each name and provide the app with data needed to offer more suggestions. When a user finds a name that they like, they can swipe up to save it to their shortlist. Users can also manually add a name to their list if they do not see their favorite name.

The app allows users to connect with their partner and share their baby name ideas. When both partners like the same name, it’s a match. The app provides a personal code that users can share with their partner to connect and find baby names together.

In conclusion, Baby Names by BabyCenter is a quick, easy, and fun way for parents to discover the perfect name for their baby. The app offers an intuitive interface, customized suggestions, and a partner feature that makes it a must-have for parents.

2. Baby Names by Nametrix

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Baby Names by Nametrix is an app that allows users to browse and search for baby names, providing information on their origins, meanings, pronunciations, popularity, and more. This app offers thousands of boy and girl names, lists them by theme, and provides audio pronunciations. Users can save their favorite names and receive recommendations based on them. Additionally, the app provides information on the countries where each name is most common, popularity graphs, suggestions for brothers and sisters, and name variations. Tags such as “Unisex,” “Vintage,” and “Biblical” are available, as well as political party and profession leanings, and male vs. female percentages. Users can share their favorite names via Facebook or Twitter.

Baby Names by Nametrix offers data-driven analysis that is unrivaled by any other app, website, or book. It is particularly useful for expecting parents, writers, and anyone interested in learning more about the meaning behind a name. Emma is a particularly popular name in the app, with information provided on its popularity in various countries, its vintage origins, and variants such as Ema and Emmah. The app also provides suggestions for brothers, such as Samuel, Aiden, Noah, and Marcus, and notes that Emmas have historically gravitated towards creative professions such as singer-songwriters. It also notes that Emmas have historically tended to be Democrats in the US.

3. LILLYDOO – Baby names: Swipe, like, match!

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LILLYDOO, a baby care brand founded in 2015, offers a personalized feed intended to accompany and support pregnant women, mothers, and fathers in their everyday lives. The content and functions provided are regularly updated for users to customize according to their needs. The LILLYDOO Feed features articles, videos, and activities related to pregnancy, childbirth, baby health, nutrition, and more. The app’s Swipe, Like, Match feature helps expectant parents find the perfect baby name by swiping through a database of more than 13,000 possible names and filtering their preferences.

Parents can also find support and connect with other families in their area through the Baby Buddies feature. By creating a custom profile and indicating their preferred search radius, users can browse through other parents’ profiles and initiate communication via the Baby Buddies Messenger.

Additionally, LILLYDOO offers a 100% flexible and cancel-anytime diaper subscription service. Customers can choose from different sizes and designs, add additional skin care products, and select the delivery date and interval that suits them best. The app sends push notifications to remind users to adjust their subscription as needed.

Other features of the LILLYDOO Baby App include personalized information on pregnancy and baby development in the #momlife newsletter, customizable name tags to celebrate the arrival of a newborn, and customer support via phone, email, or chat. The app is free to use.

Users can access the LILLYDOO Baby App in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Spain, and Italy. The brand’s products prioritize performance, skin safety, and environmental friendliness, and are tailored to fit the unique needs and lifestyles of every family.

4. Babyname

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Babyname is a mobile application designed to help couples find the perfect name for their newborn baby. It offers a fun and easy solution for busy couples to connect with each other no matter where they are.

The app works by allowing partners to swipe through baby name cards together. If they both like the same name, it is considered a match and gets added to their favorites list for future reference. This feature ensures that the couple never forgets the name they both agreed on.

With over 30,000 unique names available on the app, Babyname provides detailed information about each name’s origin and meaning. For example, Lucy means light, and Yunus means Dove. The app aims to help parents choose a name that resonates with their beliefs and values.

5. Baby Name Together

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The “Baby Name Together” app aims to facilitate the process of selecting baby names for parents who struggle to agree on a name. With over 30,000 baby names for boys and girls from different origins, the app allows parents to create a list of their favorite names and compare it to their spouse’s list. The app provides a shortlist of matching names, eliminating the need for prolonged discussions.

To use the app, both parents need to install it on their phone or tablet and link their accounts via email. They can then select names they like or dislike and view boy or girl names they both love in the matching list. Furthermore, the app provides various features such as name meanings, statistics per country, popularity, and average age, as well as the ability to listen to the pronunciation of each name in different languages.

The app also offers a parent community where users can submit or consult names proposed by the community, join a forum to discuss topics related to names, pregnancy, and parenthood, create a poll, and organize a vote to ask friends and family whether they like the selected name. Additionally, the app provides inspiration for names by country and the latest news about baby names.

“Baby Name Together” includes advanced filters to find names based on criteria such as gender, first/last letter, length of the name, or compound names. The app also provides a name list with original, cool, unusual, and unique boy or girl names, and users can easily manage their name list and send their favorite names to their email address. The app is available in two interfaces: classic with a list or modern by swiping.

The app offers additional features that users can purchase, including new exclusive names each week, 3300 names from different themes, adding the last name or middle name in the name list, unlimited name pronunciation, name details, polls and community names, multi-device usage, cloud storage for the name list, and the ability to send the list of favorite names by email.

6. Kinder – Find Baby Names

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Kinder is a mobile app that provides users with a simple and intuitive way of choosing a name for their child. It allows users to quickly browse through a library of over 18,000 names and swipe right on the ones they like or left on the ones they do not.

The app offers one free name set based on location, and users can purchase additional name sets for a small fee. The purchased name sets are also available to their partner, and the app allows users to connect with their partners to find matches.

Users may encounter some difficulties with the app, such as the inability to connect with their partner or not seeing their matches. In such cases, the app provides solutions, such as inviting their partner again or restarting the app.

If a user purchases a name set, their partner will also have access to it once they are connected. However, if a user changes their phone, they may lose their likes, dismisses, and matches as the app does not have a feature to save them yet.

Kinder is the brainchild of Krijn Haasnoot, a Dutch entrepreneur who wanted to make the process of choosing a name more fun and interactive. He hopes that Kinder will inspire positive discussions and make the process of having a baby a little less stressful.

As a small one-man company, Krijn is open to working with others and can be reached through Facebook Messenger or email. While Kinder may not be the end solution for choosing a name, it can certainly make the process more enjoyable for parents.

7. Baby Names and Meanings: FREE

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My Baby Names and Meanings is a free offline app that provides a collection of names and their meanings. It is designed to assist parents in selecting unique and cute names for their newborns. The app offers names from over 70 different countries, including the USA, Australia, France, Mexico, and India. The names are categorized by nationality, such as Arabic, African, and English language names.

The app features a variety of tools to help parents choose the perfect name for their baby. Names are displayed with gender pictures – blue for baby boys, pink for baby girls, and unisex names for any newborn. Users can add potential choices as favorites, use the fast scroll button for quick navigation, and search by starting alphabet characters. The app also includes a powerful search option for searching lists of names from various origins like Godly Islamic, Christian Tamil, Muslim, and Indian.

The app is perfect for those who do not want to spend time searching for names on the internet or other websites. My Baby Names and Meanings offers a dictionary collection of around 20,000 unique, unusual, cool, and popular baby names. Users can also search for names that start with specific letters or ask family and friends to choose the best name from the list.

In conclusion, My Baby Names and Meanings is an app aimed at helping parents choose the perfect name for their newborn. It offers a vast collection of names and meanings from different countries and categories. Users can easily navigate through the app and choose from a variety of tools to assist in selecting a unique and meaningful name for their baby.

8. Baby Girl Names

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The Baby Girl Names app provides a platform for individuals to browse through the most popular baby names based on the U.S. Census from the last six years. Users can save their favorite names, and each name features an explanation of its meaning and origin. The app’s interface is user-friendly and allows for easy browsing of girl baby names, top names (ranging from 10 to 500), and baby name origins. The search feature can be used to find the perfect name for one’s baby, while the randomize feature generates a list of five random girl baby names.

The free version of the app is fully functional and offers a variety of features. Users can browse baby names by year, origin, and top rankings, and view the origin and meaning of each name. Additionally, they can create, edit, and reorder their favorites list, and even add their own names to the list. The “Randomize” feature generates a random list of five girl names, while the app also allows users to share their favorites via Twitter and Facebook. Users can also export and import their list of favorites.

The app developers value user feedback and encourage suggestions and comments to improve the app.