10 Free Ballet Apps For Beginners For Android & iOS

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Download the Free Ballet Apps For Beginners For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonThis article highlights the availability of free ballet apps for beginners on both Android and iOS platforms. These apps are designed to offer users an interactive and engaging experience, with features such as tutorials, demonstrations, and personalized training plans. Whether you are looking to develop your skills or simply explore the fundamentals of ballet, these apps offer a convenient and accessible option for beginners.

We have compiled a list of 10 Free Ballet Apps For Beginners For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

10 Free Ballet Apps For Beginners For Android & iOS

1. 1on1 Ballet Studio

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A professional multilevel ballet training program is now available, which offers the convenience of learning at home. The program includes one-on-one ballet masterclasses with Svetlana Lunkina, a ballet superstar who has performed with The Bolshoi Theater and National Ballet of Canada. The exercises were created by high-level ballet specialists and are based on century-old traditions while also considering modern trends in ballet. Four different camera angles simultaneously record all movements to view the exercises from many directions.

The interactive system provides the ability to record and compare your work with master movements side by side. Users can create their own learning patterns by dividing each exercise into multiple fragments and setting up repetitive playbacks. Performance statistics can be reviewed to track progress over time. The program offers two purchase options: Exercise and Exercise Package. Additionally, users can choose from 60 different exercises, 3 different levels, Ballet Fitness, and 60 original music tracks.

Free bonus and demo packages are available, along with exercise instructions and information on health benefits.

2. Ballet Lite by RedBlueThing

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Ballet Lite is a free and fully functional app that offers a fast, cross-referenced glossary of Ballet Terms. As of this writing, the app offers 270 definitions of ballet terms, with more being added over time. It features a random flash card feature that tests your dance knowledge, making it an effective tool for learning and review.

While Ballet Lite is a powerful educational tool, it does come with one limitation: a loading delay for each term. This delay can be frustrating for some users who prefer instant access to definitions. If you find Ballet Lite useful and want to eliminate this delay, you can consider purchasing the full version of the app, Ballet Index.

Ballet Index offers instant access to all definitions without any loading delays. For those looking for images, the latest version of the app includes images for some of the definitions, with more images being added over time. Overall, Ballet Lite and Ballet Index are both effective tools for learning and reviewing ballet terminology, with Ballet Index offering additional features for those who require instant access to definitions.

3. Guia Ballet

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Ballet is a form of dance that originated in Italy during the Renaissance period. It is known for its graceful and fluid movements that require years of training and practice to master. Ballet is typically performed to classical music and involves a combination of leaps, turns, and poses.

In ballet, there are several positions that dancers must learn and master. These positions include first position, second position, third position, fourth position, and fifth position. Each position requires the dancer to stand with their feet and arms in a specific placement, which helps to create the signature graceful movements of ballet.

Nomenclature is also an important aspect of ballet. Dancers use specific terms to describe their movements, such as plié (bending the knees while keeping the back straight), relevé (rising onto the toes), and jeté (a leap from one foot to the other). By using these terms, dancers can communicate with each other and their instructors more efficiently.

Studying ballet requires a significant amount of time and dedication. Dancers typically begin training at a young age and may pursue professional careers in ballet. To become a successful ballet dancer, one must have strong technique, flexibility, and endurance. Ballet also requires mental discipline and an ability to convey emotion through movement.

4. Ballet Training by Fitivity

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The Fitivity app offers an opportunity for those interested in Ballet to learn and practice techniques and forms, and improve their balance and coordination. The program is designed to start at a basic level, covering key fundamentals and advancing into more complex combinations and movements. This allows individuals with varying levels of experience to benefit from the app, as beginners can learn ballet terminology and build their skills, while more experienced users can fine-tune their abilities. The app also provides a variety of exercises and drills in categories such as Adagio Center and Turns. In addition to the workout routine, users can try Fitivity BEATS, which offers audio guidance and customized workouts with instructional videos.

A Premium subscription to Fitivity unlocks access to their entire collection of over 500+ apps, including thousands of HD videos, 55,000 workouts, and over 10,000 weeks of sports and fitness training. Payment for the subscription is charged to the user’s credit card through their Google Play account, and subscriptions renew automatically unless cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the end of the subscription period. Subscriptions can be managed and auto-renewal turned off in Account Settings in Google Play after purchase. Refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term. The app is also suitable for families, as a single email can be used for a Premium subscription on up to five Android devices, giving kids access to sports, dance, and martial arts apps while parents can focus on getting in shape. Coaches can also give their team an advantage by subscribing to Fitivity.

5. Ballet Class by Andrea Piermattei

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Ballet Class is a mobile application designed for dance lessons that offers a wide range of piano music. The app presents a list of tunes composed and played by professional pianists that are suitable for all exercises in a classical ballet class. These tunes are arranged in the traditional order of exercises, which serve as the structure for a ballet class. Additionally, users can select their preferred piano piece, set the speed and number of bars, and customize their dance class according to their preference.

The app provides music for every dance step, making it an ideal accompaniment for daily practice in dance schools. Users can create their own playlist with their favorite songs to personalize their dance lesson with piano tunes. The app is designed to give users a unique and enjoyable dance experience.

Ballet Class is developed by Balletto.net Snc, with contributions from Andrea Piermattei, Gianna Bolotova, Fabio Ghidotti, Albi Goodman, Marcelo Pablo Spaccarotella, and Paul Square. The music is composed and produced by these professionals, while the development is handled by Adriano Baratè and Luca A. Ludovico.

In conclusion, Ballet Class is a user-friendly app that enables dance enthusiasts to enhance their dance lessons with customized piano music. With its vast selection of classical piano pieces and customizable features, Ballet Class is a must-have for anyone who wishes to create a unique and enjoyable dance experience.

6. Music ballet

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The Music App for Ballet Dance is a highly regarded application that provides Best Composed Ballet Music for both novice and professional dancers. The app includes a range of rhythmic and energetic sounds, which can be used to achieve perfection in Ballet Dance.

One of the key features of the app is the Ballet basic rhythm, which can be used for daily practice. Additionally, the app provides Ballet Dance music for any time dance, as well as basic positions.

The app also includes Loops of sound pieces and high-quality sounds, making it an ideal tool for dancers of all levels. Furthermore, the app provides easy-to-follow explanations and is user-friendly.

Music Ballet is considered to be the best Ballet Music app in Google play. Interested users can download the app, comment on it, and share it with others.

7. Lazy Dancer Tips

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Lazy Dancer Tips is a subscription-based app that offers users access to professional ballet-inspired fitness programs designed to improve flexibility, posture, body shape, overall fitness, and ballet technique. Users can enjoy ballet-inspired workouts and HIIT ballet programs with a professional ballet dancer as their teacher. The app is suitable for both complete beginners and experienced dancers, and features videos with detailed explanations of ballet steps and vocabulary. Users can connect with a community of ballet lovers on a private forum.

The app is complementary to the online Lazy Dancer Studio membership, which provides access to the content on the website. By becoming a member, users gain access to the library of more than 150 videos that grows every month. Subscription options include paying $47.99 a month or $499.99 a year, both of which are auto-renewing. With a subscription, users receive full access to the Lazy Dancer Tips app and Lazy Dancer Studio library, all workouts, downloadable guides and calendars to track progress, and new workouts each month.

Lazy Dancer Tips’ mission is to bring professional ballet-inspired training to the world, allowing users to do it anytime, anywhere. The refined workouts can be done anywhere, even in your kitchen, and are inclusive of complete ballet beginners. The app features a range of workouts to suit any time and schedule, as well as beautiful, SD, and HD streaming videos. Users can watch videos from their phone on Chromecast enabled devices or download videos to watch offline.

The app is powered by Vidapp and includes user support FAQs. The terms of service and privacy policy can be accessed on the Vidapp website.

8. Sleek Ballet Fitness

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Sleek Ballet Fitness by Sleek Technique is an at-home fitness method designed to help women achieve a refined, strong, dancer-like physique. Created by professional dancers Victoria Marr and Flik Swan, with over 35 years of combined experience in dance and fitness, this program is suitable for women of all levels and experiences.

The program includes 100+ workouts, on-demand classes, and targeted programs to guide users through their fitness journey, with little to no equipment required. Workouts are led by Marr and Swan themselves, and include the ultimate full-body signature workout, Sleek Ballet Bootcamp TM, as well as workouts tailored to specific body areas and fitness levels.

In addition, Sleek Ballet Fitness offers a beautifully designed, easy-to-follow nutrition program created alongside nutritionist Sarah Grant, to help users nourish their bodies and achieve their fitness goals.

Users can access all features and content by subscribing to Sleek Ballet Fitness on a monthly or yearly basis through the app, with pricing varying by region. Auto-renewing subscriptions can be managed under account settings and will automatically renew at the end of their cycle. Cancellations are incurred by disabling auto-renewal.

Sleek Ballet Fitness offers a supportive, friendly, and inspiring worldwide community to help users achieve their fitness goals, and includes access to a private Facebook group. The program is categorized by time/duration, fitness level, and body part, and includes new catch-up content each week to keep users motivated and healthy.

To ensure transparency, Sleek Ballet Fitness provides a terms of service and privacy policy for users to review. Overall, Sleek Ballet Fitness aims to help women achieve a long, lean, dancer-like physique through a fun and highly effective ballet-inspired program.

9. Ballet Workout – Ballet and Stretching

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The Ballet Workout App is a dance app designed for adults who want to learn ballet, improve their fitness, posture, and flexibility. It offers over 100 guided exercises with a piano accompaniment to ensure correct tempo and form. The app caters to all levels of dancers, from beginners to advanced, aged 16-70, and no prior experience or equipment is required.

The app is unique in that it can help users achieve the split in 14 days through its notifications system, with just 5 minutes of daily training. Users can choose from full-body exercises, specific body-part training, and customize the length of their sessions. Free exercises are available for users to try, and the full subscription is free for 7 days, allowing access to over 100 exercises.

The app aims to help users achieve their fitness goals, improve flexibility, and enhance mood, providing a sense of satisfaction when reaching these goals. Users can set goals like improving posture, flexibility, or exercise daily.

The app features a variety of special exercises for users to enjoy, such as bedtime stretches, morning routines, beginners’ ballet classes, and full-body workouts. Users have the privacy of exercising in their homes or while on vacation, and the app supports Dutch, English, and Russian languages.

The Ballet Workout App was developed by professional ballerina Tatevik Mkrtoumian, who has a school with over 3000 members in Antwerp, Belgium. Her method has been proven to work on many of her students, and the app allows her teachings to be accessible worldwide.

Subscription prices for the app are low, with users choosing between various formulas, including 1 month for €9.99, 3 months for €22.99, and 1 year for €59.99. Users can try the app free for one week.

The app is available for download, and full access to all exercises is available for one week, free of charge.

10. Ballet Dancing Lessons Guide

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This input is a promotional message offering to teach basic ballet dance moves to beginners. The message suggests that this could be for people who want to become professional ballet dancers or for those who are simply curious about trying out some moves. The message highlights the fact that the world of ballet is beautiful and graceful, and watching a live ballet performance can transport the audience to another world.

The message emphasizes that ballet dancers need to undergo rigorous training and discipline, but their hard work and dedication translate into their ability to glide effortlessly across the stage. The message offers to provide detailed information about the dance genre of ballet and to teach viewers about the fascinating world of ballet.

The message concludes by promising that the professional ballerinas in the application dance videos will help viewers learn basic ballet dance moves and have them pirouetting to The Nutcracker in no time. The tone of the message is promotional and encouraging, aimed at attracting people interested in learning about and experiencing the world of ballet.