8 Best Bartender Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Best Bartender Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonIn recent years, the demand for bartender apps has surged as they provide a wide range of features that can greatly assist bartenders in managing their workflow and improving their overall performance. These apps are designed to optimize the bartending process by offering a comprehensive set of tools for drink recipe management, inventory tracking, and customer service. With the increasing popularity of mobile devices, bartender apps are now available on both Android and iOS platforms, and there are many options to choose from. In this article, we will explore some of the best bartender apps available for Android and iOS.

We have compiled a list of 8 Best Bartender Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

8 Best Bartender Apps For Android & iOS

1. Cocktail Flow – Drink Recipes

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Cocktail Flow is a mobile app that provides cocktail recipes with step-by-step guides, targeting both novice bartenders and professional mixologists. The app has a feature that allows users to mark the ingredients they have at home and see the drinks they can make with them. The app also offers an advanced search function for users to browse cocktail recipes by categories such as base drink, type, strength, and color. Users can mark their favorite recipes for future reference. The app is constantly updated with new packages and suggestions from users can be sent to team@cocktailflow.com.

Users are advised to drink responsibly while enjoying the cocktails. For inquiries or suggestions, users can contact the team at team@cocktailflow.com. Users can choose to purchase the Cocktail Flow Premium for a monthly fee starting at $4.99 USD, which offers additional features. The subscription can be canceled at any time, with the option of continuing to use the free version. The app’s privacy policy can be accessed at https://data.cocktailflow.com/privacy-policy.pdf.

2. 8,500+ Drink Recipes

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The Kappboom Drink & Cocktail Recipes app offers access to over 8,500 recipes for no charge. This allows users to see exactly what goes into their drinks and cocktails, which typically requires an expensive database subscription. The app features the ability to add favorite recipes to a list, browse an indexed list, search for specific recipes, find related drinks, and even discover a random drink.

For those seeking even more content, Kappboom now offers an Inspiration Portal Subscription Service. Becoming a Diamond Member provides access to all unlocked content, Diamond level support, and an ad-free experience.

Subscription terms include a monthly fee of $4.99 after a free trial period, which automatically renews unless turned off in Account Settings at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. Payment is charged to the user’s iTunes account, and the unused portion of the free trial is forfeited after purchase. Annual Membership is $299 without a free trial, but offers a 50% discount off the original monthly price.

For more information, users can review the terms and privacy policy at the links provided.

3. Highball by Studio Neat

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Highball is a mobile application intended for individuals who are interested in collecting and sharing cocktail recipes. It presents users with the opportunity to choose ingredients, descriptions, and custom drink images for each recipe they create.

The app allows users to share their creations as attractive “drink recipe cards” on their preferred social network. By doing so, they can showcase their creativity and inspire others to try new cocktail recipes.

Furthermore, users can easily edit their saved and imported drink recipe card images, which gives them full control over their content. Highball is a user-friendly and versatile tool that can be utilized to create and share cocktail recipes among friends and family, as well as other enthusiasts in the cocktail community.

4. Lush Cocktails

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Lush Cocktails is a user-friendly app that allows users to explore a diverse range of drink recipes at a reduced cost. The app boasts an extensive list of handcrafted drinks, which is regularly updated with new selections. In the event that a favorite drink is missing, users can request it to be added to the list.

The app’s sleek design features visually-represented ingredients and realistic glass movements that add aesthetic value to the user experience. As a bonus, Lush Cocktails caters to a global audience by defaulting to the primary measurement system of each user’s country. Users can also easily switch between metric and imperial units by tapping on the ingredients listed in each recipe.

Navigating through the app is made easier with the option to search for drinks based on the ingredients used. Users can easily find all the drinks that contain specific ingredients, making the search process both simple and enjoyable. Additionally, Lush Cocktails supplements this feature with curated shortlists, which are categorized based on themes such as brunch, girls night out, and more.

For users who are looking for a specific flavor, the app offers flavor profiles that can help them find the perfect drink to match their preference. The app also allows users to save their favorite drinks for future reference by tapping the heart icon next to each recipe.

Other features include the ability to sort drinks by name or glass type, search for ingredients and drinks by name, and automatic updates when new recipes are added. The app’s recipes are stored locally, making it accessible even when offline.

5. Shaken and Stirred

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The Shaken and Stirred app is designed to provide users with a collection of nearly 200 craft cocktail recipes that are easy to make at home. Each recipe is accompanied by a tutorial video from Small Screen, making it ideal for beginners. However, experienced drink-mixers can also benefit from the app’s cross-section of popular, simple, and proven recipes that are readily available for quick reference.

It is important to note that all the recipes included in the app are available for free on the web. What sets this product apart is its native, interactive recipe database that features search and filtration functions, built-in ingredient information, and an inventory feature that helps users identify which drinks they can make with the ingredients they have on hand.

The app includes 180 expert-curated drink recipes that are mostly classic cocktails, with some newer ones as well. Nearly all the recipes are easy to make, with just a handful requiring extra steps. The recipes have been curated with quality in mind, ensuring that all of them are good.

Users can check off the ingredients they have on hand, and the app will show them which drinks they can make. The recipes can be filtered based on multiple criteria, and users can flag recipes and tag favorites, as well as create custom lists of recipes. Users can also annotate recipes with comments and cumulative likes and dislikes, building up a chronological history of their explorations.

The app includes ingredient definitions and can sync users’ ingredient inventory, favorites and flagged items, custom lists, and journal entries across their entire suite of apps and multiple iOS devices using a free sync service. The app is a universal one, working nearly identically on both platforms.

Finally, it is important to enjoy the cocktails responsibly and in moderation.

6. Cocktail Recipes

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The Cocktail Recipe app provides a collection of over 500 easy-to-follow recipes for cocktail and drink enthusiasts. The app features classic cocktails like martinis, margaritas, and Bloody Marys, as well as a wide variety of other popular and lesser-known cocktail recipes. It also includes Halloween-themed cocktail recipes, old fashioned cocktails, champagne cocktails, vodka cocktails, and more.

Cocktails are alcoholic mixed drinks made with more than one ingredient and can be either sweet or bitter in taste. The app offers a range of recipes to make cocktails at home, using fruit juices, sodas, and other ingredients. While many of the cocktail recipes are alcoholic, there are also options for low-alcohol or alcohol-free cocktails.

To make tasty cocktails, the app suggests using a cocktail maker or mixer. Popular cocktails like the martini and mojito are highlighted, while Spanish and Mexican dishes are noted for their great cocktail flow drinks. However, Indian dishes have fewer cocktail options. Chinese food and cocktails, on the other hand, are known to be a great combination.

The app includes a variety of ingredients used in cocktail recipes, such as vodka, champagne, gin, rum, tequila, brandy, whiskey, and more. It also provides video recipes for easy-to-make cocktails. With this app, cocktail enthusiasts can save time and effort by having all the necessary recipes in one place. The recipes are tested and reliable, making it easier to create the perfect cocktail at home.

7. Bartender’s Choice Vol. 2

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Bartender’s Choice is a classic cocktail app that has been developed by the master bartenders of New York City’s Attaboy, Diamond Reef, and Milk & Honey. The app provides access to a comprehensive library of cocktail recipes, which can be searched based on the type of spirit, drink style, or sensation desired. This feature makes it an ideal tool for home use or for any establishment that wants to serve better cocktails. Users can also access useful tips on garnish, ice, syrups, shaking, and stirring to enhance their cocktail-making skills.

The app’s recipe library is extensive, with hundreds of classic cocktail recipes to choose from. This allows users to explore and discover new cocktails to try out. The search function of the app is designed to make it easy for users to find cocktail recipes based on their preferences. For instance, users can search for cocktails based on the type of spirit they prefer, or the type of sensation they want to experience. The app also features a useful favorites section, where users can save their favorite recipes for quick access.

In addition to its recipe library, the app provides users with useful tips and tricks for making better cocktails. These tips cover various aspects of cocktail making, such as ice, garnish, syrups, shaking, and stirring. The tips are designed to help users achieve the perfect balance of flavor and texture in their cocktails. They are also useful for beginners who are just starting to explore the world of cocktail making.

Overall, Bartender’s Choice is a comprehensive cocktail app that is suitable for both home use and commercial establishments. Its extensive recipe library, search function, and useful tips make it an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to improve their cocktail-making skills. With this app, users can easily access classic cocktail recipes and create delicious cocktails that are sure to impress.

8. My Cocktail Bar

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My Bar is a mobile application that helps users create cocktails based on the ingredients they already have. The app presents a list of cocktails the user can make using their selected ingredients. My Bar boasts several features to enhance the user experience.

One of the main features is the Browse All Cocktails option. This feature provides the user with a list of all available cocktails. My Bar only includes carefully selected and popular cocktails that the user is most likely to enjoy. Cocktails that can be made with the user’s available ingredients are highlighted. Any missing ingredients for other cocktails are listed.

The My Bar feature allows users to keep track of all their ingredients in one place. For each ingredient, the app displays a list of cocktails that can be made using that particular ingredient.

The My Cocktails feature generates a list of all cocktails that can be made by the user using only the ingredients they have. The app also provides a list of cocktails that the user almost has all the ingredients for, missing only one or two items. Users can easily see what ingredients they need to add to expand their cocktail list.

The app allows users to create their own unique cocktails and add new ingredients with the Custom Cocktails and Ingredients feature. Additionally, users can manage their favorite cocktails and have them easily accessible in a separate tab with the Favorite Cocktails feature.

My Bar also includes a Manage Bar feature that allows users to choose which ingredients are on their bar shelf and see how many cocktails are available with each particular ingredient. The app provides a Browse by Category option where users can select a category to view only IBA official cocktails or shooters, among others. Users can also search for cocktails and ingredients quickly with the Search feature.

The app provides detailed information about each cocktail, including its description, recipe with variations, and the necessary ingredients, including garnish, with the Cocktail Details feature. Similarly, users can browse all cocktails using a particular ingredient with the Ingredient Details feature.