9 Best Train Game Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Best Train Game Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonThis article aims to provide an overview of some of the most popular and highly-rated train game apps available for Android and iOS devices. The review takes into account key features such as graphics quality, gameplay mechanics, and user interface design. The information presented here can assist users in selecting a train game app that best meets their preferences and requirements.

We have compiled a list of 9 Best Train Game Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

9 Best Train Game Apps For Android & iOS

1. Trainyard Express

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Trainyard Express, a puzzle-solving game, is available on the App Store. It features an innovative and challenging puzzle mechanic with a smooth difficulty curve, over 60 puzzles and hundreds of ways to solve each puzzle. The full version of the game comes with additional features including splitter pieces, and the ability to create custom puzzles. The game is ad-free, energy efficient featuring color-blind mode, Game Center, and is engineered for low battery usage.

Players must guide different colored trains to their corresponding stations by drawing tracks for the trains to follow. The game is easy to learn, but progressively becomes more challenging as the game progresses, requiring players to use color theory and timing to advance. Trainyard Express has over 1.2 million player-submitted solutions, a year in the making, and is developed by Matt Rix. The game is proudly made in Canada.

There are some known minor issues with the game, including provinces that cannot be unlocked even after solving all the available puzzles, and sound occasionally stopping. However, users can easily fix these issues by following the instructions provided in the game’s options.

Trainyard Express makes use of several excellent libraries, including Cocos2D-iPhone, XAuthTwitterEngine, Twitter+OAuth code, MGTwitterEngine, ASIHTTPRequest, SFHFKeychainUtils, TouchXML, and FMDB by Flying Meat Inc. Players interested in Trainyard Express can find more information by visiting http://www.trainyard.ca.

2. Train Simulator

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Train Simulator is a free game that offers an immersive experience where players can take on the role of a train driver. The game offers scenic landscapes and the ability to control the train, making it an engaging and exciting experience. Players can earn XP and level up to become the most skilled train driver.

Train Simulator offers players the ability to control the train and pick up passengers while avoiding oncoming trains and keeping the train within the speed limit. The game offers several camera views and animations to provide a comfortable experience. The game offers a vast collection of locomotives, from steam locomotives to high-speed rails, providing countless exciting adventures.

The game features challenging transport levels, and players can unlock and explore seven regions with 35 levels. The game uses simple gestures like swiping and tapping to control the train, making it easy to play for players of all ages. Players can accelerate and decelerate the train, stop it altogether, and take turns by swiping left or right.

Should players encounter any problems while installing Train Simulator, they can report it to the developers for a prompt resolution. Overall, Train Simulator is a free game offering an immersive and engaging experience for train enthusiasts and gamers alike.

3. Kids Trains

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Kids Train Sim is a train driving simulator intended for children and is the brainchild of the developers of Train Sim. The game offers a total of 17 different train types, which can be driven in various kid-friendly scenarios.

The game is designed to keep the younger audience in mind and features cartoonish graphics that are visually appealing. Despite this, it offers similar functionalities as the Train Simulator, albeit being somewhat easier to use. Players can activate the horn or bell, control speed, stop at stations, and switch between passenger, steam, and freight trains. Additionally, they can pan and zoom around the train and drop off passengers at train stations.

A new feature allows players to design and create their custom environments for their trains, allowing them to build towns, stations, and roads. This feature encourages players to foster creativity and design their train world.

The game boasts 17 kid train types, 5 pre-made levels, and the ability to create custom environments, making it a fun and engaging experience for children.

4. Train Conductor World

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In this video game, players are tasked with managing international railway traffic as a railroad tycoon. The objective is to build a rail network while solving a puzzle with branching and forking roads. The goal is to become the richest rail manager. The game involves driving the trains, taking passengers to their destinations, dropping them at stations, and hauling goods to ports and factories. The player must control and conduct the trains, marshalling them through tunnels, obstacles, and over mountains at breakneck speed. Strategy is crucial to manage the chaos and avoid explosive crashes, near-misses, and split-second situations.

The game features various types of trains, including bullet trains, diesel trains, modern electric trains, and trams. Players can customize their trains and choose their favorite train carriage style. The game is set in all types of weather conditions, and players can ring the bell and toot the horn while playing. The objective is to grow the world’s biggest railway.

In conclusion, this video game is designed for players to master the chaos of international railway traffic. The game involves building a rail network and solving a puzzle with branching and forking roads. The player must control and manage the trains, avoid explosive crashes, and conduct the trains through various obstacles. The game features various types of trains, customizable options, and different weather conditions. The player’s goal is to become the richest rail manager and grow the world’s biggest railway.

5. Rail Maze: Train puzzler

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Rail Maze is a unique puzzle game that offers players the challenge of solving over 100 puzzles while building railroads and navigating obstacles like bombs and pirate trains. The game features four different modes: Labyrinth, Build Railroad, Snake, and Longest Railroad, which offer players a variety of puzzle and action-based challenges.

In addition to its gameplay, Rail Maze has received positive reviews from industry experts. PocketGamer.com highlighted the game’s honed cowboy-like art style as a major improvement over previous versions of the game. Meanwhile, Gamezebo.com praised the game’s popularity, with thousands of downloads and a reputation as one of the hottest casual games available.

Overall, Rail Maze offers a fun and challenging experience for puzzle game fans, with varied gameplay modes, unique obstacles, and positive critical reception. Interested players can download the game now to try it for themselves.

6. Train Sim

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Train Sim is a train game that has been downloaded over 25 million times and is suitable for both adults and children who enjoy trains. The game offers control over more than 50 historical and modern trains that are perfectly recreated in 3D for mobile devices.

Train Sim features awesomely realistic 3D graphics, 50+ realistic 3D train types, 40+ train car types, 11 realistic 3D environments, and 1 underground subway scene. The game allows users to build custom environments, offers 3D cab interiors for all trains, and includes train derailments. Train Sim is kid-friendly, offers realistic train sounds, and easy controls. The game is regularly updated and optimized for Intel x86 mobile devices.

Train Sim allows users to drive trains, pick up passengers from stations, carry freight, sit in passenger cars, and observe the train from the ground. The game includes geographically realistic 3D terrains that provide a different experience every time the game is played. Users can choose from various terrains, including Southern England, Mountain Pass, American Midwest, India, Subway, Port of Call, Metropolis, Airport, Desert, Kids Scene, Japan, California Coast, and Custom. The game also offers an option to build custom 3D terrains.

Each terrain in Train Sim suggests an appropriate train type, but users can choose the train they like the most. Users can also change the train and its carriage cars while playing the game, decouple trains, and drop freight cars while moving. Train Sim allows users to control the weather, including driving trains while it’s raining or snowing, and offers a night option with automatic lights that can be manually switched on and off.

Train Sim offers achievement points, including declining a single train, crashing more than 10 passengers, and trying out all the weather variations on a single scene. Users can keep track of their progress and make the most of the game.

7. TrainStation – Game On Rails

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TrainStation is an online railroad simulation game that allows players to collect and manage various train engines while learning real-life railroad stories. The game offers a variety of activities including managing transport of passengers, gold, and cargo to earn resources, building up train station lines, and completing achievements. Players can also cooperate or compete with friends to become a railway magnate, explore an epic collection line of steam, diesel, electric, maglev, and hyperloop railroad engines from manufacturers all over the world, and personalize tracks on their train yard stations with colorful railroad themes like Western, San Francisco, Orient, London, New York, and many more.

The game provides regular weekly updates full of wonderful rail station content, seasonal events with new achievements, rail contract partners, and trains to discover. Players can find new friends among train enthusiasts from all over the world, build their rail stations to gain bonuses for their freight trains, send passengers to various destinations, and collect real-life locomotives while learning about them in the museum. Additionally, players can challenge themselves in strategic planning, explore the world of railway trade line, and show off their unique stations to the world.

TrainStation offers many events throughout the year, including spring, Halloween, and Christmas events, each containing unique railroad achievements, seasonal contract partners, and themed locomotives, buildings, and decorations. Players can build hundreds of different buildings and railroad decorations with gold to create their dream station, let their friends admire it, and visit other stations and tracks for inspiration.

The game requires a network connection to play, and some in-game items can be purchased for real money. Players who do not want to use this feature can disable in-app purchases in their device’s settings. If players have any suggestions or problems in their train station, they can contact the caring community managers through the provided link.

TrainStation’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy can be found on the provided links.

8. Rail Rush

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Rail Rush is an adventure game that tasks players with collecting precious stones while avoiding obstacles. The game features 18 different characters and 10 different worlds with many hidden levels. Players can equip their cart with power-ups to extend their chances inside the mine. The game has stunning graphics and action-packed gameplay. There are many in-game achievements, game statistics, and Game Center leaderboards. Rail Rush is available for download and as a free web version on the Miniclip website. Players can connect with Rail Rush on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

9. Train Racing Games 3D 2 Player

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The Train Racing Games 3D offers an interactive gaming experience where players control the express train. The game allows players to let go of the brakes and speed up the train. Players will rely entirely on signaling and track changing switches, which creates an exponential set of possibilities that the train can take. The game also allows players to change the camera view to improve their driving and race against friends.

The Train Racing Games 3D boasts of a self-sufficient railroad environment that operates just like the real world. Players must stop the train before entering the danger zone and safely park it in the railway station. The game is designed to provide a realistic simulator experience with multiplayer support. The sound effects are stunning and the graphics are perfectly rendered, creating a well-detailed environment.

The game features challenging railway tracks that require players to use simple controls to improve their driving skills. Players can challenge and share their scores with friends. In summary, the Train Racing Games 3D offers a thrilling gaming experience that simulates the real-life operations of a train.