10 Best Visual Novel Games For Android & iOS

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Download the Best Visual Novel Games For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonVisual novel games have gained immense popularity over the years, thanks to their unique combination of storytelling and interactive gameplay. With the rise of mobile gaming, many developers have created visual novel games available for Android and iOS users. However, not all games are created equal, and it can be challenging to determine which ones are worth your time and money. In this article, we will explore some of the best visual novel games available for Android and iOS, highlighting their features and gameplay mechanics, to help you make an informed decision.

We have compiled a list of 10 Best Visual Novel Games For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

10 Best Visual Novel Games For Android & iOS

1. C14 Fating Visual Novel

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C-14 Dating is a dating simulation game that incorporates elements of archaeology, companionship, and romance. The player assumes the role of Melissa Flores, a third-year anthropology student who partakes in an archaeological internship over the summer in Belgium. Flores is over 5000 miles removed from her native California, and the internship provides a unique experience that she cannot resist.

Flores’ aspirations are not without their challenges. Staying in an unfamiliar country for two months may cause discomfort for some, but Flores is determined to take advantage of the opportunity. Flores’ internship involves excavation at an authentic prehistoric site known for having previously unearthed Neanderthal remains. The hope is that tools crafted by early humans or even more bones might be uncovered during the course of the dig.

As with any adventure, there is always potential for companionship and romance. Flores may find both as she takes part in the internship. With so much to see and do, C-14 Dating is a thrilling experience that players will undoubtedly enjoy.

2. Moe! Ninja Girls: Visual Novel

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Moe! Ninja Girls, a popular game with over 4.3 million downloads, has been relaunched as an RPG. The game revolves around the life of a legendary ninja, disguised as a student at Mizaki School. The RPG features a brand new storyline with RPG elements, allowing the players to enjoy sexy happenings at the shinobi school.

The new game, Moe! Ninja Girls RPG, shares the same world as the original game. The players can experience a new type of RPG while reading the story and fighting various enemies alongside 15 beautiful girls.

Moe! Ninja Girls RPG lets players raise beautiful ninjas to go into battle together. The game story comes with multiple choices, and each decision has the ability to change the story. Players can obtain various outfits by playing missions in the game to make their ninjas sexier. The ultimate goal is to raise the girls into strong allies to uphold the name of the Legendary Ninja.

As the Legendary Ninja, the player enrolls into Mizaki School to undertake a secret mission, surrounded by beautiful girls. The game offers training, adventures, and mysteries to solve, all while finding out who the girls truly are. The game features cute girlfriends like Oka Kazamatsuri, Akari Hanao, Enju Saion-ji, and Beatrix Yozuki Noctiflora, among others.

Moe! Ninja Girls RPG offers something for everyone, from naughtiness to waifus, anime, games, manga, and visual novels. Players who prefer anime dating sims, hentai games, anime story games, anime RPGs, anime battles, ccg, and gachas over puzzles will find this game enjoyable. The game offers a story with a bit of ero with sexy girlfriends, as well as romancing pretty girls and princesses and fighting intense battles.

To enjoy the game, one should have Android 4.4+ and a 1.

3. Roommates – Visual Novel

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Latin House is a dormitory located in a college that claims to be the best in the country, although this might be an exaggeration. Players are invited to join Max or Anne in their first year of college experience. The game offers the opportunity to play as either Max or Anne and romance characters such as Dominic, Rakesh, Sally, Isabella, and Anne as Max, Rakesh, Isabella, and Sally as Anne. The game contains a hilarious light comedy writing that guarantees laughter. Additionally, the gameplay is a life simulation with a full scheduler and stat-raising mechanics. The game’s soundtrack includes Leetstreet Boys’ original track, “Name In Lights.

4. Everlasting summer

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The game “Everlasting Summer” features a main character named Semyon, who appears to be an ordinary young man. However, something unusual happens when he falls asleep on a winter bus ride and wakes up in the middle of a hot summer at a pioneer camp called “Sovionok.” To uncover the mystery of his sudden teleportation, Semyon must interact with the local inhabitants, navigate human relationships, and solve the camp’s puzzles. The game’s controls involve swiping the screen in various directions to access different features, such as opening the game menu, enabling skipping, and hiding the interface.

Users who have made saves prior to an update may experience some issues, so it is advised to take caution. If a bug is encountered, the developers can be contacted via email at mail@everlastingsummer.su. The user should include the contents of the files located at /sdcard/Android/data/su.sovietgames.everlasting_summer/files/traceback.txt and log.txt, as well as a description of the error.

5. Gacha Memories

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Gacha Memories is a visual novel that follows the story of the heroic summoner who saved the Gacha World from the evil of corruption. The protagonist is now living as a normal student on Earth with their friends from the Luniverse. However, mysterious disappearances and strange anomalies start to occur in the real world, putting everything in danger.

The game features a first-person novel experience with friendship, drama, and romance. Players can enjoy hours of gameplay with background music, sound effects, and voice acting. The direction of the story is influenced by the player’s choices, leading to multiple endings to discover. The game also includes unlockable anime artwork from the story and a chat and roleplay function with players worldwide using custom avatars. Gacha Memories can be played offline without Wi-Fi.

The game has six different character routes, each with their unique stories: Ellie, Luni, Mitsuko, Naomi, Kuku, and Kugari. Ellie is a loyal and cheerful friend who helped the protagonist through their journey in Gacha Word, but appears to carry a deep sadness. Luni, the creator of the Luniverse, was once an enemy but is now a close friend who is willing to do anything to protect those she cares about. Mitsuko, the goddess of light who once opposed the protagonist, is now their furry companion, happy to no longer be alone. Naomi, the president of the student council, is hardworking and prefers to do all the work by herself. Kuku is a yandere girl that the protagonist saved, but her obsession with her senpai is still evident in real life. Lastly, Kugari is the star basketball player of the school and dreams of being a professional player.

In conclusion, Gacha Memories is a visual novel game that offers an engaging experience with various character routes, allowing players to choose their adventure and influence the direction of the story. The game features hours of gameplay with background music, sound effects, and voice acting.

6. Mysterious Forum and 7 Rumors

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The Google Indie Game Festival Top10 winning Visual Novel is a horror-filled adventure with school and chat stories. The full version is a complimentary Visual Novel that takes approximately two hours to complete. It is a unique experience designed specifically for smartphone users. The game is volume three of a popular series, and it is an interactive story game with full-length chat stories style.

The game is recommended for players who love Visual Novels but are tired of regular ones, enjoy horror, are looking to be moved, love light novels, manga, anime, interactive story games, or chat fiction. The game includes multiple choices that lead to different endings, and it takes more than two hours to complete. There are fewer ads than other games, and it allows players to skip to each section and show a list of all endings.

The game is a school horror mystery with a Chat Stories format that is currently trending. It is designed to provide a real story for the player’s five senses with various tricks that are only available on smartphones. The story revolves around a secret forum managed by the newspaper club, where the “rumors” posted become “reality” and even “mysterious.” The game includes grotesque, bloody, and cruel descriptions in some endings.

The game features three main characters: Akane, a cheerful and energetic 11th-grade high school student, Yuuki, a timid 10th-grade high school student, and Shino, a calm, cool, and collected 12th-grade high school student and the newspaper club leader. The game works on WebView, and Android 5.1/6.0 users need to update their WebView.

Follow the game’s Twitter account for new release information.

7. Solve it – A visual novel

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Solve It! Death of a CEO is a murder mystery visual novel that presents the player with a cast of suspects to investigate. The victim, Matthew Park, was a wealthy and successful CEO who was renowned for his brilliance. However, his good fortune came to an end when he was murdered. The investigation centers around identifying the perpetrator from among three possible suspects – his son, wife, and an investor who had expressed disappointment in his performance.

The game presents the player with the opportunity to make choices that can impact the outcome of the story. Players can choose to aggressively interrogate suspects or give them room to breathe. The game also allows players to decide whether to cooperate with the police investigation or withhold information. The decisions made by the player shape the outcome of the story.

Players are presented with a host of suspicious characters to interact with, including the sauve but shady bartender, Nico, and the non-stop PR executive, Penelope. The player can choose to maintain a professional relationship with the suspects or develop romantic relationships with them. The game emphasizes the importance of treating the suspects appropriately since they will remember the player’s actions.

To solve the murder, players must find clues by talking to suspects and investigating their alibis. Each character has secrets, and players must determine which are relevant to solving the case. Evidence must be presented to suspects to uncover their motives and compel them to confess.

Solve It! Death of a CEO is developed by Haiku Games, an indie game studio that prioritizes designing games with a satisfying challenge. The game can be found on the Haiku Games website and Facebook page. Haiku Games is also the company behind the Adventure Escape series, a popular game series that has been played by millions of people.

8. Mystic Messenger

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Mystic Messenger is a mobile application that allows users to engage with an interactive story featuring attractive male characters. Upon opening the app, users are connected to a mystic group chat where they are invited to join a secret party planning association.

The application presents a variety of storylines and conversations that revolve around the association, allowing users to engage with the characters and influence the outcome of the story. Mystic Messenger relies heavily on chat-based interactions, requiring users to respond to messages and make choices that impact the narrative.

As users progress through the storylines, they unlock new dialogue options and potential romantic relationships with the male characters. Mystic Messenger also features various mini-games and puzzles, which users must complete to advance the story.

Overall, Mystic Messenger offers a unique and engaging mobile gaming experience that combines narrative storytelling with interactive chat-based interactions. Its popularity has spawned a dedicated fan base and numerous spin-off products, such as merchandise and fan fiction.

9. The Arcana: A Mystic Romance

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The Arcana is an interactive visual novel that provides a captivating experience filled with mystery, love, and romance. The game is currently available only in English and is developed by Nix Hydra, a female-founded studio with games enjoyed by over 23 million people.

The story of The Arcana revolves around a young prodigy tarot card reader who wakes up in a magic shop with no memory. A mysterious figure appears and offers an invitation to the Palace in exchange for uncovering the mystery of their murdered partner. The game features multiple character paths that allow the player to interact with enthralling and stunning characters, each with their own hidden secrets that are revealed through the choices made by the player.

The game allows the player to choose their preferred pronouns and provides endless options for role-playing in up to 21 unique otome-inspired stories taken from the 21 Major Arcana tarot cards. Unlike other dating sims, The Arcana lets players be who they want and love who they desire. However, quick decision-making is crucial, as the consequences of every choice made by the player impact not just themselves but also the characters in the game.

The Arcana is an inclusive game that welcomes players of all sexual orientations and genders. It is the ultimate inclusive love story game and provides a new twist for fans of traditional yuri, yaoi, bl, and otome games. The game can be accessed on various platforms and social media channels including TikTok, Reddit, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Privacy Policy and Terms of Service can be found on the Nix Hydra website.

The minimum specification requirements for playing The Arcana are Android 5.1.1 or above, 2 GB RAM, and an online connection. It is important to note that the game will not work on Chromebooks.

10. The Letter Horror Visual Novel

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The game, “The Letter,” is a horror/drama visual novel, taking inspiration from classic Asian horror films. It is presented through an interactive and immersive branching narrative, where players are put in the shoes of seven characters who fall prey to a long-lasting curse plaguing the Ermengarde Mansion.

The storyline of the game is shaped by the player’s choices. Players can either mend struggling relationships or let them fall apart, take risks to save characters, or leave them to face gruesome deaths. All of the characters’ futures are in the player’s hands.

The game includes non-chronological storytelling with seven chapters, spanning over 700,000 words. Players should expect a considerable amount of reading. The game emphasizes relationships and character development, with romance, friendship, and drama incorporated alongside the horror element.

There are seven playable characters, each with varying personalities and approaches to difficult situations. The game also includes countless butterfly effects. The choices made by the player heavily affect the story.

Other features of the game include full English voice acting, animated backgrounds, CGs, and sprites. The art style is beautifully painted, and an original soundtrack is included, featuring opening, ending, and true ending theme songs.

Finally, the game includes quick-time events, and the first chapter is entirely free with no ads. Although the game only features English language at the time of release, translations are set to follow.