9 Best Bodybuilding Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Best Bodybuilding Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonIn recent years, the popularity of bodybuilding has increased significantly, and many individuals are turning towards mobile applications to help them achieve their fitness goals. With the plethora of bodybuilding apps available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the best one. This article provides a comprehensive review of the top bodybuilding apps for Android and iOS platforms, highlighting their features, benefits, and drawbacks. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced bodybuilder, this article can help you find the perfect app to suit your needs.

We have compiled a list of 9 Best Bodybuilding Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

9 Best Bodybuilding Apps For Android & iOS

1. Fitocracy Workout Fitness Log

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Fitocracy is an app designed to help individuals achieve their fitness goals. The app offers the support of expert trainers who can guide users towards their desired outcomes. Additionally, users can easily track their workouts by choosing from a variety of free workouts or creating their own. Fitocracy also provides a community aspect, as users can connect with others who have similar fitness goals and aspirations.

The app’s gamified approach to fitness makes exercise fun by allowing users to earn points, unlock achievements, beat quests, and “slay the laziness dragon.” Fitocracy has won several awards for its innovative approach to health and fitness, including Men’s Journal’s “App of the Year” and Mashable’s “Top Innovation in Health & Fitness.” The app has received praise from celebrities and fitness enthusiasts alike for its ability to motivate and inspire individuals to improve their health and fitness.

Fitocracy offers several features that make it a standout fitness app. The app is user-friendly, allowing users to track their workouts with minimal effort. It is also highly flexible, allowing users to rearrange workouts, add supersets and circuits, save routines, and more. The app provides free workout routines from expert coaches, and users can join fitness teams for personalized workout and nutrition programs.

Fitocracy also offers a gamified approach to fitness, allowing users to embark on an epic adventure by unlocking achievements and beating quests. Users can follow other Fitocrats for daily inspiration and join in on conversations with the supportive community. The app syncs with RunKeeper and allows users to export their workout history to images and files.

Fitocracy encourages users to visit their website for additional support and motivation. Users can browse other user profiles to find out what works for people with similar fitness goals. Fitocracy has received positive press coverage and has been praised for its ability to apply gaming principles to fitness.

For users who need help getting started with the app, Fitocracy offers a short and sweet walkthrough video on their website.

2. iGym

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iGym is a gym assistant app that offers a range of features to help users achieve their fitness goals. It includes workout routines that users can either choose from the built-in ones or create their own. The app also has a rest timer with sound and visual notifications, previous workouts weights tracking, and tons of built-in exercises with the possibility of creating your own. There are also statistics to keep track of workout progress and much more, and users can review all of their past workouts with the workout history feature. Additionally, the app supports dropset and superset and has a body measures feature to keep track of body progress. Users can share their results on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Logging workouts is essential to progress in fitness, and iGym was developed to help users achieve their goals. The app is simple and handy, allowing users to add all necessary information in 1-2 taps, so they won’t be distracted from the training process.

One of the prominent features of the app is the routines feature, which allows users to select any built-in routine or create their own. They can add workout days and select any of the 100+ built-in exercises or create their own. Users can also edit their routines at any moment.

The app has a working out feature that allows users to add sets in 1 tap with the availability to start the rest timer. They can also select any day within their routine and begin working out. The iGym feature automatically looks for last week’s results to help users progress easily and concentrate on their workout.

The workout history feature keeps all of the past workouts sorted by date or routine name. Users can review all of their workouts at any time and compare their results. The statistics feature allows users to estimate their progress using graphs. They can choose up to 10 different exercises for a simultaneous display and review the dynamics of their weight stats.

The body measurements feature allows users to measure themselves and evaluate their muscle progress.

3. AtletIQ: Personal Trainer & Gym Workout Routines

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The “Fitness Coach: Personal Trainer & Workout Routines” app is available to download for those interested in achieving a perfect body shape and joining a community of like-minded individuals. With almost 50,000 users, the app aims to provide personalized fitness training for those seeking to lose weight, gain weight, or engage in bodybuilding workouts.

“AtletIQ: personal trainer & gym workout routines” is another fitness app that caters to those looking to build strong muscles and achieve overall fitness. The app offers over 600 weight loss or weight gain exercises, and more than 100 training programs for gym exercises, street workouts, or home workouts.

The “Fitness Coach: Personal Trainer & Workout Routines” app is designed to adapt exercise routines to match the user’s physical capabilities. The app offers guided workout videos and images that are challenging yet easy to follow. The key features of the app include universal compatibility with all Android devices, over 600 weight loss and weight gain exercises, 100 verified training programs, personal adaptation of the load, programs for home or gym workouts, and guided workout videos and photos.

The muscle and fitness app aims to provide effective training programs for gaining mass and developing a lean body while taking into account the principles of modern bodybuilding workouts. Users have the option to train with machines, barbells, dumbbells, or body weight, making home workouts more diverse and interesting.

Overall, the “Fitness Coach: Personal Trainer & Workout Routines” app is a virtual trainer app that offers personalized fitness training for those seeking home or bodybuilding workouts. Users can expect to see results within days of installing the app. The developers welcome feedback and encourage users to leave ratings and reviews, which play a crucial role in their continued efforts to provide useful virtual personal trainer apps.

4. Fitness Buddy

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Fitness Buddy is a mobile application designed to provide users with an all-in-one resource for exercise, workouts, and nutrition. The app aims to help users achieve their fitness goals by providing expertly curated gym and home workouts, customizable meal plans, and comprehensive exercise libraries.

The workouts offered by Fitness Buddy cover a range of fitness goals, including building muscle and achieving a shredded physique. Users can choose from over 100 gym workouts, all of which have been rated highly by fitness experts. The app also offers 8-week workout plans to provide users with a guided fitness experience, as well as a custom workout feature for creating personalized workout routines.

Fitness Buddy’s exercise library includes over 400 exercises, each of which includes detailed instructions, step-by-step photos, and animations. Users can filter exercises by equipment type and muscle group, making it easy to find the most effective exercises for their individual fitness goals. A custom exercise feature is also available, allowing users to create their own personalized exercises within the app.

The app’s meal plans cater to a range of dietary needs and preferences, including Muscle Building, Clean Eating, and Keto. Users can choose from 8 meal plans and access over 100 delicious and easy-to-make recipes. For those unsure of which meal plan to choose, the app offers a meal plan test to provide personalized recommendations.

Additional features of Fitness Buddy include workout insights, calorie tracking, bodyweight and body metrics tracking, search and favorite exercises, comprehensive workout history, and heart rate tracking. The app has been featured on several major media outlets, including ESPN, Chicago Tribune, and Gizmodo.

5. Fitness Point Pro

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The Fitness Point app is a user-friendly tool that helps track progress during workouts and more. It boasts the best usability and design on the Play Store compared to its competitors. The app enables users to create personalized workout plans or select pre-defined ones to begin immediately. The free version is available for trial, and users can purchase the PRO version for additional features.

The PRO version includes hundreds of additional exercises with descriptions, animations, and trained muscle graphs. It also has a timer to help control exercise breaks and a graph for visualizing log data for each exercise. Furthermore, the app has no ads. The Expert Membership plan allows users to use the app for free, share workouts with friends, access the web-version, save data securely in the cloud, and synchronize all devices automatically. Users can also receive priority email support and get an answer within 24 hours.

The app’s basic features, available in both the free and PRO versions, include a wide array of preinstalled exercises with descriptions, animations, and trained muscle groups. Users can create new exercises with custom images, muscle groups, primary/secondary muscles, and add logs to exercises with weight, repetitions, date, and notes. They can also create personalized workout plans with target sets and reps for each exercise, and navigate quickly while entering logs with swipe gestures. Additionally, the app provides a shopping feature with workout plans created by professional trainers.

Users can add logs to every exercise, edit them, and view all logs in a calendar view. The app is also compatible with Wear OS and Google Fit. For more information, visit https://www.fitnesspointapp.com. The app is also available on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/FitnessPointApp and Twitter as @FitnessPointApp.

6. Fitness Coach FitProSport

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FitProSport is a professional fitness trainer that offers a variety of features to help individuals train themselves and track the progress of their friends. The app includes over 250 simple and effective exercises for both men and women, along with descriptions and animations for each exercise. Some exercises also have accompanying videos, with the list of exercises continuously expanding. Users also have the opportunity to add their own exercises and workout plans, with workout plans available for both home and gym settings.

In addition to tracking exercise progress, FitProSport allows users to add the results of body measurements and workout sessions to their profiles. The app features a workout calendar, player for workout sessions, and the ability to work with supersets and circuit workout sessions. Users are also able to set training goals and add motivational phrases, as well as attach photos or images for motivation.

FitProSport includes a variety of fitness trackers for different settings, including exercises with body weight, dumbbells and barbells, exercise machines, TRX, and swimming. The app features both a light and dark theme, regular updates, and user support. The interface is simple and user-friendly, making it easy for users to navigate and utilize all the app’s features.

Overall, FitProSport is a comprehensive fitness tracker that is suitable for both gym and home settings. It offers a wide range of exercises and features, with the added ability to customize workouts and track progress.

7. Freeletics Bodyweight

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Freeletics is a fitness app that allows users to work out anytime and anywhere with personalized HIIT workouts and audio coaching. With over 42 million users, Freeletics claims to be Europe’s #1 fitness app. The app’s digital personal trainer tailors each workout plan to the user’s fitness level, goals, and preferences.

Freeletics emphasizes the freedom to work on oneself and fitness without excuses like time, equipment, space, money, or knowledge. The app’s holistic approach includes HIIT fitness, mindfulness, knowledge, and motivation to help users achieve their goals and build healthy habits. The free version of the app includes 20 HIIT bodyweight workouts, 25 exercises, 20 audio sessions, workout spots, and a community of millions.

Upgrading to the Freeletics Coach gives users access to an AI-powered personal trainer that adapts to their needs and preferences, creating a fully personalized fitness experience. The Coach offers over 20 different Training Journeys focusing on different fitness goals and workout styles, including running, bodyweight HIIT, and weights in the gym. The app also includes audio coaching sessions to help build a strong, balanced mindset and find lasting motivation to improve health and fitness.

Freeletics offers six auto-renewing subscription options for Training and Nutrition & Training, each available for 3, 6, or 12 months. Nutrition coaching is part of the Freeletics Nutrition app. By purchasing a subscription, users agree to the app’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Freeletics encourages users to contact them for help or follow their social media for daily workout inspiration.

8. Strong Workout Tracker Gym Log

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Strong, an exercise and workout tracker app, has received acclaim from CNBC and The Verge. It boasts a simple and clean interface, making it easy for both beginners and experienced lifters to record their workouts without the need for pen and paper. With over 3,000,000 downloads, Strong is optimized for progressive barbell routines like Starting Strength or StrongLifts 5×5 but can be adapted to any fitness regimen.

The app offers a comprehensive range of cardio and strength exercises, with the ability for users to add their own routines and exercises. It also provides detailed exercise instructions with a growing library of animated videos, advanced statistics like one rep max and total weight lifted, and a built-in auto countdown timer to help record rest breaks. Additionally, it supports multiple exercise types including assisted bodyweight and duration exercises, and allows users to tag sets as warm up, failure, or drop sets.

Strong also has features like supersets/grouped exercises, progress tracking with graphs for volume and one rep max progression, cloud sync for data backup, a built-in body measurements tracker with support for Google Fit, and warm up and plate calculators. Users can add notes to their workouts and share routines and workouts with friends easily via the share sheet. Finally, users can export all of their data to email in CSV format.

Strong’s terms of service and privacy policy can be found on their website.


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JEFIT gym log is a workout tracking planner app that provides a free fitness program database to help individuals stay fit and progress towards their fitness goals. The app offers a range of workout programs, from beginner to advanced levels, including bodybuilding, weightlifting, and kettlebell routines. With over 8 million users, JEFIT is designed to motivate individuals by rewarding consistency, pushing personal records, and participating in challenges with the community.

JEFIT offers several features, including the ability to track workouts, set exercises, track weights and reps, and access over 1300+ exercise demonstrations with HD videos from experts. Additionally, the app includes intuitive tools, such as a rest timer, superset, interval timer, body measurements system, and workout routine planner. Users can also join monthly fitness challenges with cash prizes, add gym buddies to compare routines and lifts, and set fitness goals to build a customized journal.

The app offers programs for any fitness level, including beginner programs like stronglifts, 5×5, starting strength, and advanced programs such as powerlifting, bodybuilding, and 531. JEFIT also provides programs that target specific areas of the body, personal training, sports training, equipment-focused workouts, bodyweight or minimal equipment routines, and custom workout routines or schedules.

JEFIT offers several special tools and features, including access from desktop and web, rest timer, supersets and circuit training routines, interval timer, set notes, and 1 rep max calculator, body measurements, and weekly planner for scheduling, social feed, and community contests. Users can store workouts in the cloud and share with their personal trainer.

The app also includes a database of 1300+ exercises supported by full HD videos, including barbell, dumbbell, machines, cable, band, cardio, elliptical, rowing, bike, swimming, static movements, planks, stretching, abs, bodyweight, kettlebell, and core exercises.