7 Best Free Bowling Game Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Best Free Bowling Game Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonFor those who love bowling, there are numerous mobile applications available for Android and iOS platforms that offer an immersive gaming experience. These applications provide the users with a chance to bowl in a virtual environment without having to visit a bowling alley. With various free-to-play options available, users can try out multiple games to determine which one best suits their preferences. This article aims to provide an overview of the best free bowling game applications available for Android and iOS devices.

We have compiled a list of 7 Best Free Bowling Game Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Best Free Bowling Game Apps For Android & iOS

1. PBA® Bowling Challenge

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PBA Bowling Challenge is a mobile game that allows players to compete against 24 of the Professional Bowlers Association’s top bowlers for regional and national championship trophies. The game starts players off in a local alley with a 12 lb ball, allowing them to hone their skills against notable bowling legends on their way to the Tournament of Champions.

The game offers two modes of play: Career and Quick Game. Career mode is the core of the game, providing players with a wide variety of opponents and locations to compete in while unlocking even more content. Quick Game mode, on the other hand, allows players to jump right into the action without the need for character progression.

In addition to these modes, PBA Bowling Challenge also features online multiplayer action. This allows players to bowl against friends in real-time one-on-one matches, either by invitation or random matchmaking through Game Center services.

The game seeks to accurately recreate the skill and style of top bowlers in the sport today by basing their in-game statistics on real-world performance. PBA Bowling Challenge features over 100 different bowling balls with unique stats, split balls, bomb balls, and other bonus challenges in every tournament. The game also has leaderboards and achievements to keep players engaged and motivated.

Overall, PBA Bowling Challenge provides a comprehensive and entertaining mobile bowling experience. Its realistic approach to the sport and variety of game modes make it an appealing choice for both casual and hardcore fans of bowling.

2. Rally Bowling Free

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The game boasts high entertainment value, suitable for short or long play sessions.

It features a collection of 42 3D prizes, each with a zoom and rotate viewer, along with 24 unique balls and 12 ramps.

Realistic physics dictate the behavior of balls, cups, and lanes, providing an immersive experience. Additionally, players can utilize power-ups for better accuracy or simply for fun. These include Tiny Balls, Gravity Well, Sharp Shooter, and Redo last roll.

Daily bonuses incentivize consistent play, awarding players with increased tickets and coins.

Finally, the game offers 60 different goals, spread across various levels, to keep players engaged and challenged.

3. 3D Bowling

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This Android game offers a 3D bowling experience that is considered by some to be the most realistic available. The game’s 3D physics engine and effects are fully utilized, making it stand out from other bowling games.

Players are able to challenge themselves to see how many consecutive strikes they can score in order to become the world’s best player. The game comes with several features to enhance the experience, such as stunning 3D graphics, state-of-the-art 3D physics engine for realistic pin action, five outrageous bowling scenes, multiple bowling balls in each scene, and stats tracking.

Playing this game is simple. To position the ball for throwing, players need to drag it to the left or right. Then, they need to flick the ball with their finger to throw it. Finally, if they want to throw a hook ball, they can gesture a curve on the screen.

It is worth noting that the permissions required for the game are used exclusively for the online leaderboard.

4. Ball-Hop Bowling Classic

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The original top-rated skew ball-style game is now available for free. It features high-definition 3D graphics, fun ultra-realistic physics, tons of prizes to redeem, and premium content available. Additionally, Google Play Services are included for achievements and leaderboards.

This is the full version of the game, but if you wish to remove ads, simply enter the shop and upgrade. The game is a classic arcade and carnival game known as skee ball, roller ball, ramp ball, etc. Players roll the ball up the alley with easy swipe control and aim for the score hoops. The game includes special icons for big bonuses, and players can redeem new balls, themes, prizes, and experience nostalgia. It has over 5 million downloads with the best graphics, physics, and gameplay in the skee ball-style game category.

To play, players swipe up on the screen to launch a ball and aim for bonus icons to enhance their game. Advanced players can swipe down to grab balls that don’t launch, and tilt and sensitivity settings are available in the pause menu. Tips for playing the game include tilting and performing bank shots for extreme control, and three bonus icons activate “On Fire,” while six bonus icons activate “Burning Up.”

For support, players can email the support address in the contact information. If they don’t receive a reply within five business days, they should check their spam/junk folders. The developers care about their customers and do their best to help them out.

Regarding backing up data, the game’s data is saved on the device, and currently, there isn’t support to move save data between devices. If players uninstall the game without backing up, they will lose their data. They can use backup tools like Titanium Backup or any other backup program on Google Play, but the developers do not encourage/support this and will not provide support if anything goes wrong.

5. Cave Bowling

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Cave Bowling is a physics-based game that transports players back in time to join their ancestors in an exciting bowling game. The objective is to aim the ball using a finger to send it flying through rocky landscapes filled with obstacles and prehistoric animals. Players must strike the pins and collect all bones without knocking down the cheerful audience with a single ball.

The game is suitable for fans of physics-based games such as Cat Physics. Reviewers have praised Donut Games, the creators of Cave Bowling, for their ability to deliver another masterpiece. Fans of the game have described it as challenging and fun, with many solutions to each level.

Cave Bowling features extremely fine-adjustable controls, 80 prehistoric stages, an auto-saving feature that records players’ best solutions to each level, crazy spectators with different personalities, Donut Games’ famous 3-star ranking system, and increased replay value. Players also receive Donut Games’ Collectors Icon #25.

Overall, Cave Bowling is another entertaining release from Donut Games.

6. Let’s Bowl 2: Bowling Free

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Let’s Bowl 2 is a free mobile game that features 3D physics and effects, making it a standout among other bowling games. The objective of the game is to obtain the highest score possible within ten frames. Let’s Bowl 2 offers intuitive controls that are easy to learn and challenging to master, with different levels of alleys that players can progress through.

In Let’s Bowl 2, players earn bowling bucks for every point they score, as well as for every strike or spare they make. These bowling bucks can be used to purchase different alleys and balls that have their own unique attributes for scoring. The ProShop in the game has dozens of balls and alleys to choose from, and new content is regularly added.

Some of the key features of Let’s Bowl 2 include pass and play mode, 3D graphics, state of the art 3D physics, global leaderboards, and tons of achievements to redeem. The game is suitable for players of all ages and skill levels, from PBA professionals to casual players. Let’s Bowl 2 offers a portable bowling alley experience that can be played wherever and whenever.

If players have any questions or issues with the game, there is an in-game support feature available. Additionally, players can contact the game’s support team through the provided contact form on the developer’s website. Overall, Let’s Bowl 2 is a free, entertaining, and engaging mobile game that offers an immersive bowling experience.

7. Trick Shot Bowling

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Golden Hammer has developed a new bowling app called Golden Hammer Bowling 2, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The app offers both classic 10-pin games and the option to create personalized trick shot pin configurations for a unique bowling experience.

Players can choose from a selection of 24 unlockable balls, each with different weight, speed, and hook, to find the perfect ball for the challenge. With a swipe of a finger, users have the ability to control the direction and spin of the ball and aim for a perfect strike.

The app’s features include real 3D bowling, control over the spin of the ball, trick shot puzzle pin configurations, classic pin layouts, 24 different bowling balls to unlock, great ball and pin physics, full tablet support, and up to four-person local multiplayer games.

The free trial version of Golden Hammer Bowling 2 includes ads and restricts the game to five frames. However, players can purchase the full version with one in-app purchase. The full version includes an extra alley with ramps and stoppers.

In order to function properly, Golden Hammer Bowling 2 requires permission to save files, access the internet for ads and full version unlock, access the network state for ads and full version unlock, and use the com.android.vending.BILLING component for full version unlock.