5 Best Brother Printer Apps For Android

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Download the Best Brother Printer Apps For Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonThis article provides an overview of the best printer applications available on the Android platform that are compatible with Brother printers. These apps offer a variety of features and functionalities that can enhance the printing experience for Android users. By installing and utilizing these apps, users can easily print documents, images, and files directly from their Android devices to their Brother printers. This article aims to assist users in selecting the most suitable printer app for their requirements.

We have compiled a list of 5 Best Brother Printer Apps For Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

5 Best Brother Printer Apps For Android

1. Brother Image Viewer

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Brother Image Viewer for Android is a free app that enables Android device users to view, edit, and manage scanned data. Scanning can be done by connecting the Android device and Brother device through USB or utilizing Brother iPrint&Scan. The Brother website of the user’s locality provides information on supported models.

The app’s primary function is to allow users to view and edit scanned data on their Android devices. They can manage their files by renaming, deleting or sorting them. With this app, users can save scanned data as PDF, JPEG, or PNG files.

To scan using Brother Image Viewer, users should first connect their Android device and Brother device through USB. They can also use Brother iPrint&Scan, which is a separate app that allows mobile printing and scanning. The app is compatible with Brother devices that support USB host mode.

Brother Image Viewer for Android is a useful tool for managing scanned data on Android devices. It is a free app available for download from the Google Play Store. The app requires Android 5.0 or later and Brother devices that support USB host mode.

2. Brother iPrint&Scan

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The Brother iPrint&Scan app allows users to print from and scan to their Android devices via a local wireless network connection to their Brother printer or all-in-one. The app supports a variety of file types, including PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Text. Additionally, users can print directly from cloud services such as Dropbox, OneDrive, and Evernote. Scanned images can be saved to an Android device or emailed as PDF or JPEG files. The app also supports NFC functionality, allowing users to print or scan by holding their mobile device over an NFC mark on their machine and tapping the screen. However, users should note that the NFC function requires both their mobile device and machine to support NFC, and not all mobile devices are compatible.

Newer models of Brother printers and all-in-ones offer advanced functions through the iPrint&Scan app. These include the ability to edit previewed images, send faxes directly from the mobile device, view received faxes stored on the machine, preview and edit images before copying, and view the machine’s status such as ink/toner volume and error messages. The availability of these features will depend on the selected device.

The app is easy to use, with a simple menu and straightforward steps for printing photos, web pages, emails (Gmail only), and documents. Compatible print settings include paper sizes ranging from 4″ x 6″ to A3, as well as various media types and up to 100 copies. Compatible scan settings include document sizes ranging from 4″ x 6″ to Ledger, as well as various scan types such as color, black and white, and fast color. However, users should note that compatible settings will depend on the selected device and function.

Brother iPrint&Scan is a free app available for Android devices. Brother provides a list of supported models on their local websites.

3. Brother Print Service Plugin

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The Brother Print Service Plugin is an application that allows users to print directly from their Android devices to their Brother printer through a Wi-Fi network. This plugin can be used with the “Print” option in supported Android apps, such as Chrome Browser, Gmail, Photos, and various Google applications. As of March 2015, the plugin supports a limited number of Android apps.

The plugin provides users with multiple print options, including the number of copies, paper size, color or mono printing, orientation, media type, quality, layout, 2-sided printing and borderless printing. The availability of these options may depend on the specific device selected by the user.

Once the plugin has been installed, users need to activate it either by tapping the icon shown in the notification area after installation and enabling it in the displayed screen, or by accessing the “Settings” section on their Android device and selecting “Printing”, then enabling the Brother Print Service Plugin in the displayed screen. Users can obtain a list of supported models by visiting their local Brother website.

It is important to note that the email address Feedback-mobile-apps-ps@brother.com is for feedback only and that inquiries sent to this address will not receive a response.

4. Brother iPrint&Label

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The Brother iPrint&Label app is a free application that allows Android smartphone and tablet users to print labels to a Brother label printer via a local wireless network. Supported models can be found on the local Brother website. The app features easy-to-use menus, the ability to quickly print pre-designed labels, and the option to create custom labels with graphics or photos. Users can also print name badges with photos from their albums and address labels from contact lists. Automatic label formatting is available based on label size used, and the app can automatically search for supported devices on a local wireless network. It does not require a computer or printer driver. A voice-to-text feature allows users to speak and instantly see text in the label. The app is compatible with Android devices with a HVGA (320×480 pixels) or larger screen and OS 5.0 or above. Additionally, users can transfer label designs from P-touch Editor for Windows to iPrint&Label. Users are advised to update Design&Print before performing any Android system updates to avoid losing label data. Feedback can be sent to Feedback-mobile-apps-lm@brother.com, but please note that a response may not be possible.

5. Mobile Transfer Express

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Mobile Transfer Express is a software application that enables the transfer of labels, databases, and images from a mobile device onto a compatible label printer through the P-touch Transfer Manager (Windows version). Prior to using the application, users are required to create a Transfer File. Instructions on how to create a Transfer File can be found in the FAQ section. The application can be used to share Transfer Files saved to the cloud, save Transfer Files attached to email messages onto the mobile device, and save Transfer Files onto the mobile device from a computer connected with a USB cable.

Key features of Mobile Transfer Express include the ability to load *.BLF & *.PDZ files from any app, use mobile devices or cloud services as unlimited external storage of the printer, and connect to the printer using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The application is compatible with a range of label printers including MW-145MFi, MW-260MFi, PJ-722, PJ-723, PJ-762, PJ-763, PJ-763MFi, PJ-773, PT-D800W, PT-E550W, PT-E800W, PT-E850TKW, PT-P900W, PT-P950NW, QL-1100, QL-1110NWB, QL-1115NWB, QL-800, QL-810W, QL-820NWB, RJ-2030, RJ-2050, RJ-2140, RJ-2150, RJ-3050, RJ-3050Ai, RJ-3150, RJ-3150Ai, RJ-3230B, RJ-3250WB, RJ-4030, RJ-4030Ai, RJ-4040, RJ-4230B, RJ-4250WB, TD-2120N, TD-2130N, TD-4550DNWB.

The application is compatible with Android 6.0 or above.