5 Best Clipboard Manager Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Best Clipboard Manager Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonClipboard managers have become increasingly popular among smartphone users as they offer an efficient way to manage your copy-pasting activities. With a clipboard manager, you can easily access and organize your copied texts, links, and images, allowing you to save time and enhance productivity. In this article, we will review some of the best clipboard manager apps available for Android and iOS devices, highlighting their features and functionality to help you make an informed decision on the one that suits your needs.

We have compiled a list of 5 Best Clipboard Manager Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

5 Best Clipboard Manager Apps For Android & iOS

1. CLIP+

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CLIP+ is a clipboard manager that is optimized for iOS 12. It has been featured in Top 50 Paid Utilities in the US App Store and ProductHunt’s “Automate your Life” collection. With CLIP+, users can copy text from any app and store it in the clipboard manager. They can then access the copied text quickly from Notification Center and paste it back into any app. This feature ensures that users never lose any copied text.

CLIP+ has several useful features. Users can see their clipped items in their iOS search results. They can also use the new Watch app to dictate notes directly to their clipboard. Furthermore, the app automatically recognizes different types of content. If users copy a phone number, they can call it directly from the app. If they copy a URL, they can tap the icon to go to the site. If they copy an email address, they can tap the icon to compose a new email.

One of the latest features is the preview image, which supports GIFs. CLIP+ recognizes URLs for images and previews the image in the app. Users can share animated GIFs directly via Messages, Twitter etc without having to save the actual image in their Photos.

CLIP+ is simple to use, but powerful and customizable. It has several features that make it a useful tool for users. Some of these features include iCloud Sync, Share Extension, Edit items, Support for Siri Shortcuts, Reorder items, Spotlight Search integration, Safari Shared Links extension, Today Widget, Universal app, and Watch app. The app is optimized for iOS 12 and users can customize actions e.g. use Gmail instead of Mail. Additionally, the app automatically adds the user’s Apple Affiliate code to any iTunes URLs.

2. My Clipboard Manager

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My Clipboard Manager – Clipboard History is an app designed to manage the clipboard stack, keep history and provide fast access to notes. It enables the user to import and export backup data to a file and restore any data from a saved backup. Notes can be added to favorites for easy filtering from all that has been saved to history. The app operates offline and does not require network permission, allowing the user to access their notes at any time.

The app features unlimited clipboards and automatically saves any notes or articles copied to the clipboard. It also provides keyword search in all saved notes, allowing the user to find and filter notes by any occurrence of a symbol. Users can add their own notes or articles to save in clipboard manager and clear the clipboard, removing all copied data. The app also offers backup and restore functions for data saved to local storage devices.

My Clipboard Manager – Clipboard History permits copy and paste functionality, allowing users to copy to the clipboard from anywhere. It also provides clipboard settings, allowing the user to choose how many days to keep clipboard history.

The app requires permission to receive boot completed notifications in order to start a background service that listens to the system clipboard. This can be closed in settings if the user does not require it. The app also requires permission to write and read external storage for the import and export of clipboard history. However, it will not write any other files to the user’s SD card.

3. Best Clipboard manager

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Clipboard app is a clipboard manager that automatically saves all copied items and their timestamps while managing the clipboard history. The app uses a floating button to enable users to easily choose from previously copied items without reopening the app. Additionally, repetitive pieces of text can be filtered in the Clipboard manager. Backing up and syncing data to the server is possible, ensuring that data loss is avoided.

The app has several features, such as the ability to extract text from screenshot images and live camera, adding tags to data to simplify searching, and automatic service run to save all copied text. The app also allows for easier copying, editing, adding new content, searching, and extracting URLs from copied text. It can be quickly accessed through the status bar, and the number of texts displayed on the floating button can be set through the settings. The app only requires 3MB of storage and 20MB of RAM, and battery life is conserved if the notification option is disabled.

To ensure data is not lost, it is recommended that users enable backup and sync. The start button of the clipboard must be clicked when the app is opened for the first time. Troubleshooting assistance is available through email or Facebook. When using the backup and sync function, users must log in with their Google account, and only the name of the email address is obtained to store data on the server.

4. Clipper

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Clipper is a clipboard management app that automatically saves everything that is copied. It allows users to access their clipboard history, organize clippings in lists, and perform actions like copy, paste, view, edit and share their contents. Users can also store repetitive pieces of text in Clipper and copy them whenever needed.

Clipper offers various features like Automatic & seamless clipboard history and extension, Easy clipping organization and editing, Quick and easy access to the collection, and many more. Users can customize the clipboard collection, notification functionality, and the user interface through the settings.

Users can upgrade to Clipper Plus to get unlimited clippings, search, dynamic values, and new options. After installing Clipper, users will need to start it once to activate monitoring. They will see a quick start tutorial. It is important to note that task killers may interfere with Clipper.

Clipper uses permissions like Photos/media/files to import & export backup functionality to internal storage or SD card. Users can contact the Clipper team at clipper@rojekti.fi for help, suggestions or complaints, as their feedback is valuable.

5. Clip Stack – Clipboard Manager (Free, No-Ads)

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Clip Stack is a free Android app that provides an extended multi-clipboard functionality. The app is designed using Material Design and is ad-free. However, with the implementation of Android 10, background clipboard access has been limited, and users must grant ADB permissions on their computer to Clip Stack to continue using the app. This has no impact on versions below Android 10 and can be used directly.

Clip Stack has been positively reviewed by XDA-Developers and Droid Views. The app is equipped with unlimited clipboards that can remember all clipboard history and recover text after reboot. It also acts as a user-friendly notebook and a tiny GTD manager, allowing users to easily copy, share, star, delete, and merge every text.

Clip Stack works on all Android devices, including phones and tablets. The app’s notification feature is simple and powerful, allowing users to switch between the recent 5 texts just in the notification area. Notification will only be displayed when new text is copied, and users can dismiss it by swipe or disable it by long press.

Clip Stack uses four permissions: RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED for starting a background service to listen to the system clipboard, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE for exporting clipboard history, VENDING.BILLING for donation purposes, and SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW and READ_LOGS for Android 10’s background clipboard limitation, which will not be used on other systems.