9 Best Color Identification Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Best Color Identification Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonColor identification apps for Android and iOS have become increasingly popular among users who are visually impaired, colorblind, or simply interested in color analysis. These apps utilize advanced algorithms to accurately identify and name colors in real-time, and provide users with a range of features such as color palettes, custom color matching, and more. In this article, we will explore some of the best color identification apps available for Android and iOS devices.

We have compiled a list of 9 Best Color Identification Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

9 Best Color Identification Apps For Android & iOS

1. Color Viewfinder – The real-time palette generator

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A new mobile application has been developed that promises to transform plain photos into visually-appealing color palettes. The app invites users to choose any photo from their smartphone’s gallery or camera roll, and then offers a variety of creative layouts to customize the results. The final output can be shared and enjoyed with others. This app is available for download at no cost.

This app has received a perfect 5-star rating from interior design and decoration magazines and blogs. According to an interior design specialist, this application is an essential tool for the industry. Additionally, a pixel-expert has cited the app as the best way to capture and share colors.

The app’s key features allow users to generate impressive color palettes from their photos. Users can select a photo from their personal collection, and the app’s algorithms detect the different shades and hues present in the image. The app then generates a color palette that harmonizes with the photo’s colors. Multiple creative layouts are also available to customize the final result.

The app’s user interface is intuitive and straightforward. Users need to select a photo and allow the app to process the image. The app takes a few moments to generate color palettes, which are then displayed on the device’s screen. The user can then choose their preferred layout and share the results with friends and family.

In conclusion, this app is a useful tool for anyone interested in color palettes and design. It is easy to use, free to download, and has received excellent reviews from industry experts. The app’s unique features and creative layouts make it an essential addition to any designer’s toolkit.

2. Palette Cam

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Palette is a software tool that is designed for artists and designers. This tool enables users to create unique color palettes by drawing inspiration from their surroundings.

The tool offers several features, including the ability to use the camera or saved photos to create beautiful color palettes. Additionally, the tool comes with a built-in zoom view that allows users to pick colors with pixel-level precision.

For users who need assistance in getting started, the tool has an inspiration page that provides an endless supply of great photos that can be turned into colorful palettes. Moreover, users can grab individual HEX and RGB values from their palettes to use in web and graphic design projects.

Finally, users can share their favorite color palettes on their social media accounts, send them via text or email, or simply save them to their camera rolls- all from within the app.

3. Palettes

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Palettes is a tool designed to help users create and manage color palettes, with the ability to create color schemes from various sources such as photographs, websites, and 5 different color models. The application supports a variety of color schemes and allows users to create and store an unlimited number of palettes.

Palettes offers three levels: Free, Basic, and Pro. The initial free version runs at the Pro level for a limited time for users to fully test the application, after which it reverts back to the Free level. Users can upgrade to either the Basic or Pro level at any time through in-application purchasing.

Key features include the ability to create color palettes from various sources, unlimited number of palettes (Free only supports 3), Undo/Redo support, and the ability to import/export palettes from/to various applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and GIMP, among others. The Pro level also allows for team development, backup and restore of Palettes data, and email color palettes to friends and co-workers.

Palettes can pick colors from various sources such as RGB, HSV, HSL, CMYK, and Gray scale sliders, and users can create colors via color blending or color schemes. The application also includes features such as the ability to rename, reorder, or delete palettes, sort palette colors by various color models, and a built-in context sensitive help system.

Palettes is an ideal tool for creating color palettes for various purposes such as web site design, marketing campaigns, home decorating, wardrobe, artists, and color coordinating, among others. Users can visit the website for additional information, including screen shots and contact information for feedback, questions, or reporting any issues.

Note that the current version is unable to import binary OS X palette files (.clr) from ~/Library/Colors. Screen shots are available after upgrading to the Pro level.

4. PANTONE Studio

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Pantone Studio is a mobile app that allows users to capture their surroundings in Pantone Color, build and create palettes, and share them with their Creative Cloud account, clients, and social networks. Subscribers can access more than 10,000 standardized hues across all libraries and disciplines and receive a one-week or one-month free trial with a monthly or annual subscription. Users who previously purchased the myPANTONE app can get full access without a subscription.

The app offers various tools and features that are free with a selection of available Pantone colors. Users can access color values/references, including sRGB, Hex, CMYK, and harmonies such as complementary, monochromatic, analogous, split complementary, and triadic. They can also cross-reference visually across all Pantone color guides and systems.

With Pantone Studio, users can build color palettes consisting of up to five colors by selecting from color guides, taking a photo, or using a color picker to build a custom palette. They can also extract colors from images on their phone or social media accounts like Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram. All palettes can be sent to Adobe Creative Cloud.

The Color Studio feature allows users to apply colors against different designs, including graphics, interiors, and typography. They can also visualize Pantone colors on pliable 3D papers and fabrics. Additional external sources of content are available for inspiration, where users can browse artists’ designs and images organized by Pantone Color and select their palettes for use.

Pantone Studio offers two subscription options: monthly at $4.99/month with a one-week free trial or annual at $29.99/year with a one-month free trial. Customers who previously purchased the myPANTONE app can get full access without a subscription to colors and values previously available in myPANTONE. For any questions, users can contact Support@Pantone.com.

5. Color Converter

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The color conversion tool is designed to assist designers and developers in converting colors from one format to another. With this tool, users can easily convert colors between popular formats, such as RGB, Hex, and HSL.

The tool is simple to use, with an intuitive interface that allows users to input the color they wish to convert and select the desired output format. Once the color is entered, the tool will automatically convert it into the selected format.

Users can also customize their color conversion preferences by adjusting the tool’s settings. This includes options for color space, saturation, brightness, and more.

This color conversion tool is highly useful for web designers, graphic designers, and other professionals who frequently work with colors in their projects. It allows them to quickly and accurately convert colors to suit their specific needs and requirements.

6. Color Harmony

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The Ultimate color matcher is a software tool designed to help users find the perfect color match for their projects. It uses an advanced algorithm to analyze color samples and provide accurate matches for various applications.

The software allows users to input a specific color code or upload an image to analyze the colors present. The output provides a list of matching color codes and options for different color schemes, including complementary, monochromatic, analogous, and more.

The Ultimate color matcher also offers customization options, allowing users to adjust the hue, saturation, and brightness levels of the selected colors. This feature enables users to fine-tune their color choices to meet their specific needs.

Overall, the Ultimate color matcher is a valuable tool for graphic designers, web developers, and anyone who needs accurate color matching for their projects. Its user-friendly interface and advanced features make it an essential addition to any color palette toolkit.

7. ColorSmart by BEHR® Mobile

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ColorSmart by BEHR® Mobile is a mobile application designed to assist users in finding, coordinating, or previewing paint colors. It is aimed at individuals who are looking to paint their homes or businesses and need a tool to help them select the right colors.

The app provides users with a variety of features to help them choose the perfect paint color. One such feature is the ability to explore different color families and schemes, including monochromatic, complementary, and triadic. This can be done by either browsing through pre-selected color palettes or by using the color wheel to create a custom palette.

In addition to choosing colors, ColorSmart by BEHR® Mobile also allows users to preview the colors in different rooms and lighting conditions. By taking a photo of a room and uploading it into the app, users can see how different colors will look on the walls in real time.

Overall, ColorSmart by BEHR® Mobile is a useful tool for anyone looking to paint their home or business. Its easy-to-use features and ability to preview colors in real life make it a valuable resource for anyone looking to create a beautiful and cohesive space.

8. Adobe Capture

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The software tools commonly used by graphic designers include Illustrator, Photoshop, and Fresco. These applications offer a range of features, such as color picker and vector graphics, that allow designers to create and edit digital artwork.

When working with digital graphics, it is important to have a strong understanding of file formats, such as SVG, which is commonly used for web graphics. Additionally, knowledge of color systems, such as Pantone, is crucial to ensuring color consistency across various platforms and mediums.

Vector graphics play a vital role in modern graphic design. These images are created using mathematical equations, allowing them to be scaled up or down without losing quality. To aid in the creation of vector graphics, designers may use font finder tools to identify and select the optimal typefaces.

In summary, knowledge of software tools and file formats, color systems, vector graphics, and font finders are all key components to successful graphic design.

9. ColorSnap® Visualizer

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Sherwin-Williams, a leader in the paint industry, has introduced a new feature that allows users to “try on” any of their paint colors through augmented reality or a photo.

With the use of advanced technology, customers can now visualize how a particular color would look like in their living space without the need to physically paint the walls.

By downloading the Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap® Visualizer app, users can simply take a photo of the room they want to paint or use the app’s augmented reality feature to see how different colors would look in real time.

This innovative feature not only saves customers time and money but also helps them make more informed decisions when it comes to choosing the perfect color for their home.