9 Credit Repair Apps (Android & iOS)

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Download the Credit Repair Apps (Android & iOS) on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonCredit Repair Apps for both Android and iOS platforms have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering users a convenient and accessible way to manage and improve their credit scores. These apps are designed to provide users with personalized credit reports, credit monitoring services, and tools to dispute errors on their credit reports. With a wide range of features and functionalities, credit repair apps have the potential to significantly improve users’ financial position and increase their access to credit. However, it is important to note that not all credit repair apps are created equal, and users should carefully evaluate the features and credibility of any app before using it to manage their credit profile.

We have compiled a list of 9 Credit Repair Apps (Android & iOS) for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

9 Credit Repair Apps (Android & iOS)

1. Credit.com

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The Credit.com app offers free credit score and report monitoring, along with personalized resources to help users make smarter financial decisions. The app is designed to be secure, with data protected throughout the signup process and while using the account.

The app offers several key free features, including the ability to check credit scores every 14 days, monitor score changes over time, and receive personalized tips and resources for improving credit. Users can also access personalized action plans for building credit and see how different actions could affect their target score.

The app also provides personalized offers for credit cards and loans, based on the user’s credit score and standing.

ExtraCredit members can access premium features, including the ability to build credit history by reporting bills, track all three bureau reports, receive advanced monitoring and $1M ID theft insurance, earn cashback rewards, and access discounted credit repair services.

2. Debit & Credit

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Debit & Credit is a personal finance app that offers convenience, ease of use, and a range of features to users. The app allows users to access all their financial records in one place with just one touch, making it easy to switch between accounts. Creating new transactions is quick and straightforward, thanks to the app’s intuitive interface and gestures. Additionally, the app features geotagging, which allows users to save the location of recurring purchases, making it easier to record expenses.

The app also features budgets and scheduled transactions that help users track their expenses and plan future transactions. Users can create financial plans for the next year, compare their performance against them, and see their future net wealth. The app provides clean, crisp reports that are easy to read and understand, allowing users to see where and what they spend their money on.

Debit & Credit is available on the Apple App Store, and all data is stored in iCloud, ensuring that it remains private and secure. Users can share selected accounts with others via iCloud while keeping other accounts private, making it ideal for managing family finances. The app also offers a bank reconciliation mode, which allows users to reconcile their accounts with bank statements to eliminate any disparities.

Debit & Credit allows users to import transactions from their financial institutions using CSV, QIF, QMTF, OFX, or QFX files. Users can also choose which particular transactions to import from a file, something that not all financial apps can do. The app features eight color themes, allowing users to customize their experience. Additionally, users can create new transactions on the go using the app’s Apple Watch app.

Debit & Credit offers several additional features, including split categories, pending transactions, URL schemes, file attachments, transaction tags, Siri, Touch ID, and Face ID support, and the ability to print reports and save them as PDF files.

3. Credit360

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Nowadays, having a good credit score is crucial as it affects financial institutions’ likelihood of lending money to individuals. A low credit score may lead to loan applications being rejected or approved for smaller amounts. Credit360 offers credit repair solutions to help rebuild credit and fix bad credit. Their app provides credit solutions, credit checks, reports, and credit score management tools. Whether personal or business credit needs a boost, Credit360 aims to provide first-class results.

Credit repair is legal under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which gives individuals the right to dispute any inaccuracies on their credit report. Credit360 offers a Cancel Anytime Policy and a Money Back Guarantee, and systematically disputes negative items with credit bureaus. The online portal allows individuals to track their credit repair progress 24/7.

A better credit score leads to more opportunities for growth. Credit360 aims to provide individuals and businesses with a fresh perspective for financial institutions to make better judgments on creditworthiness. By investing in professional credit score repair services, individuals and businesses can access more opportunities for growth and avoid limitations due to credit inaccuracies.

Credit360 encourages individuals to download their app and experience a new life with better credit. They also appreciate 5-star ratings and offer customer support at customerservice@credit360.biz.

4. Credit Karma – Free Credit Scores & Reports

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Credit Karma offers a variety of financial services to help users improve their financial standing. These services include free credit score checks and credit reports, as well as personalized loan and credit card recommendations. Credit Karma Money™ Spend and Credit Karma Money™ Save offer a new checking experience with no hidden fees, daily chances to win Instant Karma™ cash reimbursements, and high-yield savings rates. The Relief Roadmap connects users with government stimulus programs, unemployment benefits, debt relief opportunities, and loan options. Credit Karma also provides free ID monitoring and credit monitoring services, personalized approval odds, credit card choices, and auto and home loan services. Credit Karma Tax® offers free state and federal tax filing services with the Maximum Refund Guarantee, Audit Defense, and dedicated support. Additionally, users can search for unclaimed money. All services are available for free to the over 100 million Credit Karma members. Banking services are provided by MVB Bank, Inc., Member FDIC, and third-party fees may apply. Early access to funds is dependent on the timing of the payor’s submission. Rules for the Instant Karma™ cash reimbursement sweepstakes can be found at https://www.creditkarma.com/lp/sweepstakesrules-checking#instant, and rules for the $20,000 Instant Karma™ cash boost sweepstakes can be found at https://www.creditkarma.com/lp/sweepstakesrules-checking#savings-instant. Users may be eligible to receive a gift card from Credit Karma Tax® if they receive a larger federal tax refund or owe less in federal taxes when filing an amended return through another online tax preparation service, up to $100 (minimum $25). Exclusions apply to Audit Defense, and details and eligibility can be found at https://www.creditkarma.com/lp/audit-defense-terms/. Mortgage products and services are offered through Credit Karma Mortgage, Inc. NMLS ID# 1588622, and loan services are offered through Credit Karma Offers, Inc.

5. CreditRepair

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The CreditRepair.com Android app allows users to monitor their credit repair progress. The app has several features including the ability to view the total items removed, current creditor interventions, credit bureau challenges, and credit alerts.

Users can sign in to the app using their secure credentials, ensuring that their personal information is protected. The app offers the same level of security as the online member account.

6. Credit Sesame

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Credit Sesame is a financial empowerment company that offers a variety of services to help users achieve their financial goals. One of their main services is a credit monitoring app that provides users with a free credit score check and personalized tips for improving their score. The app has helped millions of people get on a path to better credit. Credit Sesame has recently launched a mobile banking app called Sesame Cash that allows users to manage their cash and credit in one place. The app is free, with no credit card required, and checking your score will not impact it.

In addition to the free monthly credit score check, Credit Sesame offers several other services. These include a Free Credit Report Card that breaks down your credit score and shows you what’s impacting it, Cash Back Offers that allow you to earn up to 15% cash back on eligible purchases at over 5,000 retailers, and a Free Credit Strategy that provides users with a custom action plan to take control of their credit. Credit Sesame also offers Free Credit Alerts and Monitoring with 24/7 credit monitoring and early identity theft warnings and fraud detection. My Borrowing Power provides users with personalized recommendations for the best credit cards, mortgage rates, and refinance options. Users are also provided with Free ID Theft Protection with credit and ID theft protection insurance up to $1 million. Credit Sesame’s Robo Credit technology provides customized, tech-driven recommendations to help users make the most of their finances.

Credit Sesame is frequently mentioned in the news, with over 1,000 news mentions, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, NBC’s TODAY Show, CNN Money, and CNBC. The company has also received positive reviews from users, with testimonials highlighting the detailed look at finances, assistance with credit and debt management, and reduced stress.

Credit Sesame offers subscription options for users who want to access more services.

7. Experian – Free Credit Report

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Experian offers free credit reports and FICO Scores to empower consumers to manage their financial status and protect against fraud and identity theft. Checking your own report does not affect your credit score, and no credit card is required. Experian Boost is a new feature that allows you to instantly raise your FICO Score by connecting your accounts and getting credit for utility, cell phone, and streaming service payments.

The platform includes credit monitoring and alerts that notify you when key changes occur in your Experian Credit Report and FICO Score, along with tools like Experian CreditMatch to find better credit card options based on your FICO Score. The key features of the platform include a free FICO Score and Experian Credit Report that tracks your financial behaviors and keeps you informed about credit accounts, inquiries, and public records.

Experian Boost is another feature that increases your FICO Score instantly by connecting your accounts and making you eligible for better rates and offers. Experian CreditMatch provides credit card matches based on your FICO Score so you can easily compare your options and make a choice. CreditLock allows you to lock your Experian Credit File with one touch and protect yourself against identity theft, while real-time alerts notify you of any unauthorized credit activity.

Finally, Bill Negotiator is a tool that negotiates bills for you and only charges you if they are successful. Experian is the first credit bureau to offer online credit reporting services in the US, and their privacy policy and terms and conditions are available on their website. It is important to note that credit scores may vary depending on the model used by your lender or insurer, and offers may not be available in all states. Experian and its affiliates own the trademarks and trademarks of other products and company names mentioned in this platform are the property of their respective owners.

8. Mint: Personal Finance & Money

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Mint is a free money manager and financial tracker app that helps users manage their finances in one place. Users can track their transactions and account balances, monitor their monthly expenses, control spending with the money spending tracker, receive bill reminders, and connect all their cash, credit cards, loans, and investments with just one tap. Mint also helps users track expenses, transactions, monthly budgets, account balances, subscriptions, expenses, taxes, and calculate their net worth and spending trends.

Mint offers personalized insights and custom budgets to help users reach their financial goals, spend smarter, and save money. Users can set custom financial goals in the budgeting app, get actionable tips tailored to them, and celebrate their progress. Mint also supports cryptocurrency from platforms such as Binance, Blockfi, Coinbase, Coinbase Pro, GEMINI, Kraken, Paypal, and Robinhood.

Users can apply for home loans with Mint’s partner, Rocket Mortgage, and get money-saving offers from their partners. Mint is part of a suite of financial tools that include TurboTax®, QuickBooks®, QuickBooks Self-Employed™, and ProConnect™. Mint currently connects to US and Canadian financial institutions only.

Mint takes security seriously and constantly improves its security measures to keep its users’ accounts safe. Users can learn more about how Intuit works to protect their privacy by visiting https://security.intuit.com/index.php/privacy. By installing or using Mint, users agree to its terms and conditions: https://mint.intuit.com/terms.

9. myFICO

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The myFICO app provides users with access to their FICO Score, as well as credit reports from all three major bureaus – Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. The app allows for side-by-side comparisons of different credit scores and reports, and provides alerts to users when changes are detected.

myFICO also includes several features to help users learn about their credit history and understand how actions may affect their credit score. These features include the FICO Score Simulator, which allows users to explore the potential effects of different actions on their score, as well as educational content on credit and FICO Scores.

Fast and secure login is available through fingerprint, face, or other biometric options on supported devices, along with the option for 2-Step Verification. However, certain features are only accessible with eligible myFICO subscriptions.

It is worth noting that FICO Scores are used by 90% of top lenders, and other credit scores may vary significantly from a user’s FICO Score. Checking one’s own credit score through myFICO will not have a negative impact on their score.