5 Best Doctor Games For Android & iOS

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Download the Best Doctor Games For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonThis article aims to provide an overview of the best doctor games available for Android and iOS devices. These games are designed to simulate the experience of being a doctor, allowing players to diagnose, treat, and care for virtual patients. We will explore the features and gameplay of each game, as well as their compatibility with different mobile operating systems. Whether you are a medical professional looking for a fun way to unwind or simply interested in the medical field, this guide will help you find the best doctor game to suit your interests and preferences.

We have compiled a list of 5 Best Doctor Games For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

5 Best Doctor Games For Android & iOS

1. Operate now: Hospital

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Operate Now is a realistic surgery simulation game that allows players to operate on patients and build their own hospital from the ground up. The game is popular among fans of surgery simulators and life simulations. Players must manage their medical team, improve facilities, and perform surgeries that could determine a patient’s fate.

Operate Now: Hospital has been downloaded over 20 million times worldwide and is known for its intense surgeries and exciting melodramas. There are several features offered, such as building, upgrading, and improving multiple hospitals and their facilities. Players can monitor staff, hospitals, and more on the world map. They can also perform realistic surgeries and exchange duplicate staff members with the new CV feature. The Facebook save feature allows players to keep their progress up-to-date. The builder is a useful tool that can speed up construction projects.

To build their dream hospital, players must be a tycoon and oversee vital departments like emergency rooms and intensive care units. They need to hire talented staff like skilled surgeons to help their patients and create an impressive medical center. Operate Now: Hospital features a realistic surgery engine that allows players to fix broken bones, help people injured during disasters, and more. Players must manipulate surgical tools to cure patients and make flawless incisions.

The game features dramatic storylines similar to those in popular medical shows on TV. Players will work with staff members like Dr. Amy Clarke and experience lots of drama firsthand in Seasons 1 and 2. Operate Now: Hospital promises riveting medical adventures that players will never forget.

Players can follow Operate Now: Hospital on Facebook, the game’s official website, and Instagram.

2. Heart’s Medicine

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GameHouse and Blue Giraffe have launched a new doctor game, Heart’s Medicine – Doctor’s Oath – Doctor Game, featuring Doctor Allison Heart, a character well-known amongst its followers. The game is an intense medical drama and a casual doctor game that has a unique storyline, original music, and detailed artwork and animation. It includes 240 levels at launch and offers free-to-play options.

The game is set in a hospital with six hospital wards, from Doctor’s Clinic to the Morgue. Players will play the role of Doctor Allison, who is doing her last rotations as a medical intern at Queensburrow Bridge Hospital. However, things do not go smoothly for her as Doctor Ermey, the lead doctor during her clinic rotation, threatens to fail her, putting her chances of graduating as a fully-fledged doctor at risk.

Suddenly, a patient with a mysterious disease is admitted to the hospital, and several doctors, including Doctor Ermey, become infected themselves. The CDC quarantines Queensburrow hospital, creating a race against time for Doctor Allison and other doctors to find a cure before more deaths occur. Players will assist Doctor Allison in finding a cure in time, experiencing love, intense action, realistic drama, and funny moments along the way.

The game has many extras, including unlocking new doctor story scenes, earning helpful bonuses, and buying hospital upgrades. It also features a hidden object game where players can party with guinea pig Oliver and mini-games in medical style. The game is available on Facebook, and players can follow Doctor Allison and GameHouse. Fans can download the GameHouse Original Stories app and enjoy other amazing games like Delicious Emily’s cooking games, Doctor Cares pet veterinarian games, Fabulous Angela’s fashion games, and Amber’s Airline flight attendant games.

3. Doctor Kids 2

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A multi-tasking doctor simulation game is available for play, allowing players to check respiratory and digestive systems, fix sore throats, get rid of head lice, use a head MRI scan, or fly an emergency helicopter. Aimed at children, this game offers six minigames with themes such as Lungs, Throat, Head Lice, Stomach, Neurology, and Ambulance. Each minigame requires the player to use medical skills to help sick patients.

The Lungs minigame allows players to use a breathing machine, eliminate bacteria in the Archer minigame, and choose inhalers to open up airways. In the Throat game, a swab with a medical stick is used to eliminate viruses in the Bubble shooter minigame, and ice cream is used to soothe a sore throat. The Head Lice game requires players to find lice with the help of a magnifying glass, eliminate them, and choose shampoo for an anti-lice treatment. The Stomach minigame employs a CT scan to examine organs, identify the one that needs healing, and prescribe the correct pill. In the Neurology game, players scan a head, solve a brain puzzle, and choose a bandage. Finally, in the Ambulance game, players must fly an emergency helicopter and save kids from burning skyscrapers.

The basic gameplay is free, but in-game items and features such as buying virtual currency, disabling ads, or playing the Neurology minigame may require payment via in-app purchases using real money. Players can earn virtual currency by playing the game or buy it in the in-game store. Detailed options regarding in-app purchases can be found in device settings.

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4. My Hospital: Doctor Game

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The Hospital Doctor Time Management Game is a free game that allows players to manage their own hospital. The game features numerous medical tools and mini games that help players develop their multitasking and management skills.

In the game, players must assign patients correctly depending on what the speech bubble shows and then begin treating them within the time limit. Some medical tools and equipment require specific moves or a mini game to complete. Mini games include popping the bubbles in an injection, setting up an infusion, treating a burn, dressing a bandage, getting rid of earwax, making pills, measuring blood pressure and pulse.

Players can upgrade their hospital by earning coins and diamonds. Upgrades help players to improve their treatments and advance their medical career from medical student to senior doctor. The game is suitable for people of all ages and challenges players to make fast decisions and manage their time efficiently.

The Hospital Doctor Time Management Game is free to play, but some in-game items and features require payment via in-app purchases that cost real money. The game contains advertising for Bubadu’s products, as well as third-party ads that redirect users to the site or app.

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5. Real Surgery Doctor

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Spartans Global presents a collection of cartoony hospital games, including Open Heart Surgery Doctor Simulation Games. The game offers realistic levels and medical simulators for heart surgery, allowing players to perform angiography, clean blockages, and carry out laser therapy. The game also includes the Ear Clinic, where players can treat teenagers with ear cleaning and piercing needs. The Dental Care Clinic Fun Games is another department where players can treat dental patients, place braces, and perform teeth cleaning operations. The ASMR Little Doctor Games Eye Care offers levels for care clinic adventure games lovers, including puzzles and color selection of fruits. Finally, the Orthopaedic Multi Surgery lets players treat broken bones and operate patients in ortho clinic hospital games. The Real Surgery Hospital Games features multiple ER surgeries, amazing graphics, real doctor games treatments, and smooth and easy gameplay controls.