9 Best Drink Water Reminder Apps For Android & iOS

Download the Best Drink Water Reminder Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonIn today’s fast-paced lifestyle, it’s easy to forget the most basic necessities like drinking water. Dehydration can lead to several health issues, which is why it’s important to stay hydrated. In recent years, several water reminder apps have emerged in the market to help users track their daily water intake. These apps are designed to remind users to drink water at regular intervals and provide them with insights into their daily water consumption. This article will discuss some of the best drink water reminder apps currently available for Android and iOS platforms.

We have compiled a list of 9 Best Drink Water Reminder Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

9 Best Drink Water Reminder Apps For Android & iOS

1. Aloe Bud

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Aloe Bud is a self-care app that provides an all-in-one pocket companion to help users with their physical, mental, and emotional needs. The app sends push notifications to encourage self-care activities, without inducing guilt or shame. Users can check in and reflect on themselves in real-time or as needed. The app covers various areas of self-care, including hydration, movement, breathing, health, breaks, rest, fuel, refreshment, socialization, stimulation, and motivation.

Users can add activity cards to their personal dashboard, based on what requires extra attention on any given day. Activity cards range from mundane tasks such as filling up water bottles to larger picture items such as journaling about personal relationships or expressing gratitude. Scheduled reminders can be set at specific times, from daily to weekdays, weekends, or any other time arrangement that users desire. Aloe Bud sends reminders only when asked, and the reminders bring awareness to critical activities that might otherwise get lost among other priorities.

Users can create and develop self-care routines that work for them. Aloe Bud’s unobtrusive push notifications help users stay aware of their physical, mental, and emotional needs throughout the day. The app’s recent activity log allows users to celebrate tiny victories and observe their progress day by day.

Aloe Bud is a valuable and free tool that helps bridge gaps in making self-care as accessible and personal as possible. It does not replace mental health care or the support of loved ones. Optional in-app purchases are available to enhance users’ experiences and support the app’s growth. Premium features include gentle reminders, custom reminders, and an all-in-one reminders bundle. These features are optional and not required to have a full experience.

All data remains on users’ devices until the app has been deleted from their devices. The app collects non-personal, or identify-able analytical data to improve users’ experiences.

2. Drink Water Reminder N Tracker

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The Drink Water App is designed to help individuals maintain proper hydration by providing a simple and easy-to-use interface for people of all ages. This app includes several features such as a daily water intake calculator based on sex, weight, and country, notifications and reminders to encourage individuals to drink more water, an automatic bed time mode to avoid interruptions during the night, and a graphic display of daily consumption and hydration levels. Users can also customize alert sounds and messages, track their water intake history, and integrate with health apps for better health and fitness planning. The app also provides information on the benefits of maintaining good water balance, such as weight management, increased energy, reduced stress, muscle tone, skin nourishment, better digestion, and prevention of kidney stones.

The app’s daily water intake calculator helps users to determine how much water they should drink each day based on their personal information, such as weight, gender, and country’s climate. By drinking enough water, users can stay slimmer, boost their energy, lower stress levels, build muscle tone, nourish their skin, stay regular, and reduce the risk of kidney stones. Users can also track their progress and adjust their past water consumption accordingly.

While users should consult a doctor for personalized water intake recommendations, the Drink Water App is a helpful tool for maintaining proper hydration and improving overall health and fitness. Users are encouraged to leave reviews and provide feedback through the app’s feedback section. Thank you for using the Drink Water App.

3. My Water & Drink Reminder 4+

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“My Water” is an app designed to help users maintain a regular water intake. Water is a necessary component of life, with the human body consisting of approximately 70 percent water. Adequate consumption of water is vital for various bodily functions, such as digestion and toxin removal. However, the amount of water required by individuals can vary depending on several factors, such as activity level, climate, and health status. This app can help track and calculate daily fluid intake to ensure sufficient hydration.

The app comes with various features, including a water requirement calculator, reminders, units in both metric and fluid ounces, statistics in graphs, motivational awards, and tips on water consumption. However, it is important to note that the recommended fluid intake calculation is only a suggestion, and users may need to modify their intake based on their specific needs.

“My Water” supports Apple Watch and is integrated with Apple Health. The app is one of the first to offer Apple Watch support and utilizes Apple Health to obtain user body measurements to calculate their water intake.

For additional features, such as detailed statistics, custom volumes, and different beverage options, users can opt for the My Water Premium subscription. The subscription comes in two plans; 1 month for $4.99 and 12 months at a discounted rate of $1.99. Subscribers can manage their subscription and cancel the auto-renewing feature at any time through the User Settings in iTunes.

Users can access the app’s terms and privacy policy through this link: https://victorsharov.com/mywater/privacypolicy/.

4. Aqualert: Water Intake Tracker &Reminder Google Fit

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Aqualert is a water tracker and reminder app that encourages users to drink water regularly. It sends daily reminders and alerts, and keeps track of daily water intake. The app is compatible with Google Fit for users who use it. Drinking water has numerous benefits including weight control, better skin and hair condition, improved organ function, and increased energy levels.

The app helps users maintain a good water balance by providing notifications, reminders, and a tracker of how much water they should drink. Features of Aqualert include a daily intake calculator, tracker, and reminder based on sex, weight, and activity level. Users can customize reminders and notifications, and set an automatic bedtime mode to avoid being disturbed during sleep. The app also displays graphics and logs for hydration levels and daily consumption, and calculates how many servings users have left.

Additional features of Aqualert include the ability to add or remove a serving from the water tracker, use a customizable serving size and reminder, view the consumption chart history, and receive automatic notes on hydration. The app also integrates with Google Fit.

Drinking water has numerous benefits, such as aiding weight loss, boosting energy levels, reducing stress, building muscle tone, nourishing the skin, aiding digestion, and reducing the risk of kidney stones.

For more information on Aqualert, visit their website at http://aqualertapp.com. Contact the Aqualert team at contactus@aqualertapp.com. A disclaimer is also available at http://aqualertapp.com/#disclaimer.

5. Daily Water Tracker Reminder – Hydration Log

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Water Balance offers a free daily water tracker to help users balance and track their water intake, ensuring they stay hydrated. The app aims to make water tracking a fun and rewarding experience by cheering users on and awarding them every time they add a drink.

The daily water tracker app comes equipped with several features, including a single-tap water logging system, customizable goals and reminders, a beautiful and user-friendly design, a hydration logger, a free water tracker notification reminder, and an intake counter to help users set and track their daily water intake goals.

For those who struggle to remember to drink enough water throughout the day, Water Balance offers a water drink reminder system that sends notifications to users at set intervals. This feature allows users to set reminders and then focus on other tasks without worrying about keeping track of their water consumption.

According to user feedback, thousands of users have improved their water intake with the Water Balance app. Users have praised the app’s simplicity, ease of use, and effectiveness in reminding them to drink more water. Overall, the Water Balance app offers a helpful tool for those looking to improve their hydration habits and stay on top of their daily water intake.

6. WaterMinder – Water Tracker and Drink Reminder App

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WaterMinder is an app that helps users track their daily water intake and reminds them to stay hydrated. It is an award-winning app that has been featured in various publications such as The New Yorker, Women’s Health, Tech Crunch, and many more. Dehydration can lead to serious health problems, and WaterMinder aims to help users avoid this by reminding them to drink water regularly. The app calculates the user’s daily water intake goal based on their body weight, activity, weather, or a custom personal goal.

Staying hydrated is essential for maintaining good health. Our muscles are 75% water, our brain is 90% water, our blood is 83% water, and even our bones are 22% water. WaterMinder helps users keep track of their water intake each day and ensures that they drink enough. The app has a daily water intake calculator that takes into account the user’s weight and other factors such as climate and lifestyle.

WaterMinder has several features that help users keep track of their hydration progress. The app has a clean visual view of the current water fill, hydration level, and a simple, quick, and easy-to-use water reminder interface. Users can log/track their water intake by tapping on one icon and selecting their options. The app also has pre-defined cups for quick tracking and allows users to customize their cups, colors, icons, and sizes. Users can create custom water reminders and view their hydration progress on a graph.

WaterMinder has several other features that help users stay hydrated, including a widget for quicker water tracking, an option to track other drink types, and a Wear OS app. The app supports US Oz, UK Oz, and ML water units. Users can earn achievements/awards by staying hydrated, and the app also offers a free guide to drinking water. WaterMinder is an excellent tool for users who want to maintain good health by staying hydrated.

7. Hydro Coach

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Hydro Coach is an award-winning Drink Water Reminder and Water Tracker app that has been recommended by Vogue and Healthline. This app has garnered more than 2 million users worldwide who use it every day. Hydro Coach is a free Water Tracker that reminds its users to drink water and syncs their water intake with Fitbit, Samsung Health, and Google Fit.

Drinking water has several benefits, including weight loss, clear skin, staying in shape, improved hair condition, prevention of kidney stones, stronger nails, relief from headaches, boosted energy levels, increased productivity and well-being, building muscle tone, reducing stress and tiredness, and detoxing the body.

Hydro Coach’s setup includes defining a custom target or calculating a personalized one by entering age, weight, lifestyle, and weather. As a PRO user, one can even automatically adopt it with automatic weather forecasts. The free Water Tracker app takes into account pregnancy or breastfeeding. Hydro Coach supports imperial (fl. oz.) and metric (ml) units and provides a personal drink goal calculator.

Hydro Coach’s Water Reminder feature helps users create a healthy habit by getting notified regularly to drink water. The app makes it easy to stay motivated and reach one’s goal with smart and interval water reminders that are focused on motivation.

The Water Tracker feature of Hydro Coach starts with free-to-use predefined volumes or lets users choose from many different vessel types. Every drink is customizable, with the option to name it, color it and size it as per one’s preference. Hydro Coach is the only Water Reminder that is designed to work with Fitbit activity trackers and Fitbit smart scales.

Hydro Coach’s Analysis feature provides detailed insights with a helpful dashboard. The dashboard displays information such as most used drinks, a day of week ranking, and other useful data that helps users drink water and find success in their water drinking challenge. The app also provides weekly/monthly/yearly statistics for analysis.

8. Plant Nanny – Your Adorable Water Reminder

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Plant Nanny is a water tracker and drink water reminder app that helps users keep up with their daily hydration needs. The app has been featured as one of Google Play’s Top Apps. Plant Nanny provides users with a customized drinking water game to help them solve their body’s water drinking problem. It allows users to collect cute plants while tracking their daily water intake.

The app comes with a monthly hydration challenge and a subscription plan. Users can subscribe to Plant Nanny’s premium version to access exclusive plants, personality reminders, and custom daily goals. Drinking water is essential for life, and Plant Nanny helps users stay hydrated to prevent dehydration, skin problems, and other health issues.

Plant Nanny comes packed with a water counter to practice self-care. It has automated drink water reminders and alarms, an option to customize the volume of the water cup, and rewards for the water counter with missions to stay motivated. The app has simple charts and interfaces with water tracker hydration tracking that progressively track daily water intake and encourages users to hydrate themselves.

The app has a variety of adorable and lively plants that users can collect and interact with. Each glass or bottle of water users drink also waters the plants, allowing both to thrive together. Plant Nanny has a user-friendly interface that helps users build good habits easily.

Users can contact the app’s “Garden Assistant” (customer service) via the envelope icon in the top right corner of the app or visit Plant Nanny > Menu > Settings > FAQ to quickly search for a solution. The app’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service can be found at http://fourdesire.com/terms. Users can also find Plant Nanny on Facebook and Instagram.

9. Water Drink Reminder – Hydro

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The Hydro application is a water drink reminder that aims to motivate users to regularly consume the correct amount of water. It is designed to restore healthy habits and help users care for proper hydration. After installation, the application’s calculator calculates the water demand of the user’s body and sets it as their daily goal. The reminders can be adjusted to the user’s needs to ensure regular hydration. The application also allows users to monitor and compare their progress through charts and statistics.

Hydro is considered the most advanced application of this type on the market, thanks to its functionalities and full personalization feature. The app provides a water demand calculator, reminders, charts and statistics, adjustable sizes of containers, and multilanguage support. In addition, the application’s automatic backup copies are stored in the cloud, data can be transferred between devices, and analyses and charts can be accessed from a web browser.

Regular consumption of fluids can increase efficiency and vitality, as well as affect overall health and condition. However, the demand for fluids varies depending on individual dispositions. Therefore, the calculations provided by the Hydro application calculator should be treated solely as auxiliary guidelines.