9 Free Emf Detector Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Free Emf Detector Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonThere are a variety of free electromagnetic field (EMF) detector apps currently available for Android and iOS devices. These apps are designed to measure the strength and frequency of EMF radiation in the user’s environment, providing useful information for those concerned about potential health risks associated with high levels of EMF exposure. While many of these apps differ in their accuracy and functionality, they can serve as a convenient tool for quickly assessing the EMF levels in a given location. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of these free EMF detector apps for Android and iOS devices.

We have compiled a list of 9 Free Emf Detector Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

9 Free Emf Detector Apps For Android & iOS

1. Electromagnetic Radiation EMF

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The app in question is designed solely for entertainment purposes and does not possess authentic electromagnetic and electrosmog detecting capabilities. It allows one to track magnetic fields in the vicinity, and an alarm is sounded when potential danger is detected. The app functions by utilizing the iPhone’s inbuilt compass feature to identify ferromagnetic metals, and it can also work as an Electrosmog (EMP) detector. It is capable of recognizing various home appliances that emit radio-frequency EMF, such as plugs, cell phones, routers, baby monitors, doorbells, intercom systems, night alarm clocks, electronic appliances, electrical wire, and antennas. The guidelines for radio-frequency exposure can be found in the instructions section of the application.

The app stores the highest measurement of magnetic fields detected, along with the time the measurement was taken, which can aid in identifying the source of magnetic emissions. It has limited compatibility and cannot function on an iPod Touch due to the lack of compass hardware. The app boasts several features such as tracking high magnetic fields, access to the table guide on radio-frequency guidelines, warning beep alerts, detection of magnetic force fields on all three axis’s, calculation of magnetic force in microteslas ( µ T ), recording of readings with a time and date stamp, storage of up to 100 records, and the ability to send measures via email.

If users experience any issues or have suggestions, they can contact the developer via email at bellostudios@gmail.com, providing details such as the device used and a precise description of the problem encountered.

2. Metal Detector / EMF Meter

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The iPhone can be converted into an EMF Meter, or electromagnetic field tester, by utilizing the internal compass hardware. This allows users to view the raw data of the magnetic fields around them on a digital display. Scientists, teachers, students, engineers, and ghost hunters all use EMF Meters to detect magnetic fields of various types.

The app offers a new feature called “Readings Log,” which allows users to record their findings and send them via in-app email while continuing to use the app. The app can detect the strength of magnetic force fields on all three axis (x, y, z) and calculates magnetic force in microteslas (µT). Users can pause magnetic readings with the clock button to take readings for experiments and find metallic objects hidden behind walls or underground (ferromagnetic).

With the in-app upgrade, settings become available to users, including auto sleep disable/enable, reading calibration, threshold for readings, alarm for readings, and reading interval/timer. With these settings unlocked, users have full control of sensor and data logging. It is important to note that the observed magnitude is the strength or size of the magnetic vector in microteslas (µT).

Users are advised to observe and respect the iPhone user manual and warranty if they intend to use their iPhone as a scientific device. The app’s instructions for settings are included on the information view. The app’s developers are not responsible for any damage caused by users or any other force of nature to their devices.

3. Electromagnetic Detector EMF

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The application “Electromagnetic Detector” allows users to detect electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in their vicinity using their mobile device, which can serve as a sensor. The app also includes a warning beep feature that alerts users when a high magnetic field has been measured, thereby preventing potential health problems. By utilizing the iPhone’s internal compass hardware, the app can function as a scanner or EMF detector to identify high-risk wireless zones and determine whether one’s bed is EMF-free.

EMFs have been linked to several biological effects, including nausea, fatigue, headaches, sleep disturbance, and skin rashes. The source of electromagnetic radiation can arise from broken or loose wires behind walls, electrical sockets or appliances, and wireless devices such as computers and cell phones.

EMF Meters are used by various professionals, including scientists, teachers, students, and engineers, to detect magnetic fields of all types. The “Electromagnetic Detector” app features several capabilities, including the ability to track when a high magnetic field has been measured, store readings with a time and date stamp, and record up to 100 events, which can be sent via email.

The app advises users to adhere to the iPhone user manual and warranty when using it as a scientific device and states that it is not liable for any damage caused to the device or other forces of nature. Users can calibrate the detector by moving the iPhone in the form of an 8, but the app will not work on an iPod Touch since it lacks compass hardware. The app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true Metal Detector functionality, but users can make feature requests to the developer.

Overall, the “Electromagnetic Detector” app offers a convenient and accessible way to detect EMFs and prevent exposure to magnetic radiation, with features that are useful for both personal and professional purposes.

4. Free EMF Detector

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ElectroSmart is an EMF meter app for Android that operates as a radiofrequency electromagnetic-field (EMF) detector, tracking daily statistics on user exposure and issuing exposure alerts. The app aims to help users reduce their EMF exposure and identify sources of exposure that may not be readily apparent. ElectroSmart features a simple index to indicate user exposure levels, and can identify the sources of EMF exposure by name. The app also provides simple tips for reducing exposure, and can be used to monitor exposure throughout the day.

The app is capable of measuring the electric field produced by various communication technologies, including Wi-Fi access points, Bluetooth devices, and various cellular antennas. Unlike many other EMF meter and detector apps, ElectroSmart measures the electric field, rather than just the magnetic field.

While there is not yet a scientific consensus on the potential health risks of radiofrequency EMF, many institutions recommend moderating exposure, particularly for sensitive individuals such as pregnant women and children. ElectroSmart was developed to provide a free, easy-to-use EMF meter/EMF detector that allows users to test their environment and see if adapting it leads to a reduction in symptoms associated with electrosensitivity.

Users are encouraged to contact support at support@electrosmart.app with any questions or concerns. More information can be found at https://electrosmart.app.

5. True EMF Detector

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The True EMF Detector is an app that detects Electromagnetic-Field (EMF) using the magnetic field sensor of a device. The app displays received data on an LED indicator and an updating graph in real-time. Additionally, the app includes a flashlight button for ease of use in the dark.

True EMF Detector ensures that readings from the device’s hardware are not altered or modified in any way. The app provides accurate, unaltered values for the magnetic field strength detected around the device.

Assuming the existence of paranormal entities emitting electromagnetic field fluctuations in their surroundings, the True EMF Detector may be used to detect their presence. The app also includes an on-screen flashlight button for easy access to the flash or torch to aid in dark environments.

Features of the app include a real-time graph that scales automatically and plots readings, a flashlight button for ease of use in low light, a detailed UI tutorial, a button to toggle beep sound, and a dark theme suitable for night use.

6. EMF detector and Emf meter

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The Emf detector is an app that is designed to detect Electromagnetic Field (EMF) and works as an electromagnetic field detector. This app uses the magnetic property of a magnetic sensor to detect electromagnetic field, and can be used as an EMF finder and EMF field locator. Additionally, users can detect the magnetic field of different devices and objects in their surroundings. The app works on the magnetic sensor of a mobile device, with a maximum range of 15 cm to 25 cm. It is also referred to as an EMF meter.

The Emf meter uses the magnetic sensor compass of a smartphone to display readings for electromagnetic field detection. The app is one of the best EMF detector apps for Android, and can also be used as a radar tracker and EMF recorder. The app enables users to detect electromagnetic field, making it possible to identify any paranormal activity around them.

The Emf finder app for Android is a tool that can be used to find EMF, using the magnetic sensor of a mobile device. The app helps to locate electromagnetic field, and is also known as an EMF locator and EMF meter. The app can be used as an EMF radiation finder, and as an EMF recorder sensor app. However, if the mobile device has no magnetic sensor, the app will not work. Calibration of the app involves adjusting the EMF current circuit.

The Ultimate EMF detector Android app is designed to detect EMF radiation around the user. If a mobile phone has a magnetic EMF sensor, this app can be used as a paranormal activity meter. The app enables users to detect electromagnetic field, which is usually an expensive tool. The app is also known as an EMF meter.

The Emf detector app can also be used as a metal detector to find metal, as it works on the magnetic sensor of a mobile device.

7. EMF Detector

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The EMF Detector is a mobile application designed to detect the strength of electromagnetic fields and magnetic fields near electrical and magnetic devices. The app utilizes a built-in device magnetometer to measure readings in micro Tesla (µT).

The app has several practical uses. It can detect the electric field near electronic devices, identify the magnetic field around a device, and even detect metals. Users often inquire about what constitutes a normal EMF reading for a home, and the answer is typically around 49 µT (micro Teslas) or 490 mG (milli Gauss), where 1 µT is equivalent to 10 mG. The app can also function as an EMF field strength meter, allowing users to measure EMF levels in their home and around devices.

The EMF Detector features a beep sound to alert users when readings are higher, and this sound can be toggled on or off according to user preference.

It is important to note that the app relies on the magnetic sensor in the mobile device, and therefore, devices without sensors will not be able to install the app. However, users can install the app to verify if their device has a magnetic sensor.

8. Smart EMF Detector

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The Smart EMF Detector is a mobile application that utilizes a device’s magnetic sensor to detect magnetic fields, electromagnetic fields, metals, and electronic devices. This app enables users to measure and study magnetism and electromagnetism, as well as the earth’s geomagnetic field. It also allows for changing the measured units from the SI Unit System to the Gaussian, making it useful in various research fields. The free version of the app contains advertisements, but users can purchase the PRO version from the Google Play Store to remove them.

The free version of Smart EMF Detector offers several features including measuring magnetic field density (B) in units of microTesla (uT), Gauss (G), and milliGauss (mG). It also measures magnetic field strength (H) in Ampere per meter (A/m) or Oersted (Oe), and provides a detailed line and bar chart for on-site and fast analysis. Additionally, the app displays min, max, and XYZ axis values, and comes with one alert sound indicating detected EMF levels. The app’s retro theme, as well as two classic color themes (light and dark), can be customized according to user preference. It also includes an FAQ section with useful information for the app and its use.

The PRO version of Smart EMF Detector includes all the features of the free version along with several additional features. It allows users to record their measurements and save them as .txt or .csv files for later analysis on any computer device with a supported application. It also comes with three alert sounds instead of one, and a “keep screen on” option to keep the device awake while using the app. In addition, the PRO version offers 14 amazing color themes instead of two. Like the free version, the app’s FAQ section provides useful information for the app and its use.

It is essential to note that the accuracy of the measurements depends solely on the accuracy of the device’s magnetic sensor.

9. Ultimate EMF Detector Free

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The EMF Detector app offers a simple way to detect electromagnetic fields, metals, devices, and more using the magnetic sensor of your phone. Both the Pro and Free versions offer measurements of magnetic field B in microTesla, Gauss, and milliGauss, as well as auxiliary field H in ampere per meter. The app also includes a recorder feature for saving data to a text file and a “keep screen ON” button.

The Pro version has additional features such as no ads, a recorder feature with a timer, a sound notification for sudden EMF changes, and various background themes. The app allows users to switch between units of measurement and change the measurement range from the settings.

The app is designed for measuring and studying magnetism and electromagnetism, including the Earth’s geomagnetic field. It can also be used as a detector for magnets, metals, devices, and paranormal entities. However, users should be aware that the app may not work if their phone does not have a magnetic sensor, and caution should be taken when using the app near powerful electrical devices.

Overall, the EMF Detector app offers a user-friendly way to measure and study magnetic fields with various features and themes to cater to different user needs.