5 Best Fake Magazine Cover Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Best Fake Magazine Cover Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonThis article discusses the top fake magazine cover apps available for Android and iOS platforms. These apps allow users to create custom magazine covers featuring their own photos and text. With a variety of templates, fonts, and graphics, users can easily design a professional-looking cover to share on social media or print out as a fun keepsake. This review will provide an overview of the features and capabilities of the best fake magazine cover apps currently available.

We have compiled a list of 5 Best Fake Magazine Cover Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

5 Best Fake Magazine Cover Apps For Android & iOS

1. Magazine Covers for Pictures

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Magazine Covers for Pictures is a photo editing application that allows users to create magazine cover effects on their photos. With its inbuilt photo filters, users can transform their normal phone gallery into a celebrity’s phone gallery.

The application features a unique photo editing tool with cool effects, allowing users to apply magazine cover stickers to their photos and feel as though their picture has been published on the cover of a magazine. The use of this photo editor can make anyone feel like a famous person in their city.

Magazine Covers for Pictures offers magazine frames that can be used as profile pictures on social media accounts. Users can surprise their friends with a sudden change in their online persona, portraying themselves as a famous model. This feature can be used to make surprising changes to any photo, adding attitude and style to any subject.

The application is designed to make users look glamorous posing for the Magazine Cover Maker, as if they were real tabloid celebrities from a fashion magazine. With Magazine Photo Frames, users can shine like divas in their photo collages. Magazine Background Maker helps users beautify their selfie photos, offering a photo collage maker for free.

Magazine Covers for Pictures boasts several features, including magazine cover effects, photo editing filters, magazine templates, stylish fonts, emojis, and photo filters. Users can select a photo from their device gallery or selfie camera, move, zoom in, zoom out, and drag their photo. They can also save their photo in HD resolution to their SD card and share their art with family, friends, and lovers on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Magazine Covers for Pictures is a useful tool for anyone who wants to be famous. The application’s features allow users to transform their photos into magazine covers, giving them a unique and stylish edge on social media.

2. Cover Me

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“Cover Me – Magazine Effects” is a user-friendly application that allows users to upload or take a picture and place it on a magazine frame of their choice. The app offers a wide range of magazine categories, including fashion, beauty, celebrity, sports, cars, motorcycles, gaming, fitness, technology, skateboarding, and interior. Users can easily create their fake magazine cover by resizing, rotating, and moving the uploaded image. Additionally, the full version of the app offers the ability to add text and filters.

The app offers 45 different magazines to choose from, and new magazines are regularly added. Its simple user interface ensures a smooth and effortless creation process. The full version of the app offers the very cool “3d-saving” option, allowing users to save their finished cover in a 3D format. Users can share their finished cover on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or via email.

The app is perfect for users who want to create their own unique covers and share them with their friends. However, it is important to note that in the upgraded version, it is not possible to edit the magazine titles or any of the existing text. Users can only add text of their own. Overall, “Cover Me – Magazine Effects” is an easy-to-use app that offers a fun and creative way to generate magazine covers.

3. Magazine Cover Maker

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Magazine Cover Maker is an application that allows users to create magazine-like photo frames to enhance their pictures. The app offers a range of photo effects that can be added to create fake magazine designs for entertainment purposes. With the help of Magazine Cover Maker, users can impress their loved ones with parody magazine and cover photo creations. The app includes photo art filters, typography photo, instamag maker, pip magazine, text on photo, lovely stickers, and quote options to add a touch of creativity to the images.

Magazine Cover Maker offers a variety of magazine styles, cool famous, and cover photo options that users can explore and experiment with. The app is designed to be user-friendly and caters to both personal and social use. With the option to select from 20 different photo frames and modern styles, users can modify their pictures to suit their preferences.

To use Magazine Cover Maker, users can select a photo from either their gallery or camera and apply the desired magazine frame. The app also provides a poster maker and quote maker to add text and quotes to photos. Furthermore, users can take advantage of the pip camera magic feature to add picture in picture effects to their images.

Overall, Magazine Cover Maker is a user-friendly app with a range of features that can be used to create magazine-like photo frames. The app offers a variety of magazine styles, effects, and editing options to enhance pictures and add creativity. It is a great app for personal use or to impress friends and family.

4. Magazine Photo Frames

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The “Magazine Photo Frames – Magazine Cover Photo Editor” app offers a wide range of magazine frames and stickers across different categories such as celebrity cover, class of cover, cover of magazine, book cover, designer cover, excellent cover, fashion cover, lovely cover, ordinary cover, romantic cover, and more. Users can choose from various magazine frames and stickers to create their own magazine cover.

Features of the app include selecting a category of magazine frames, choosing a photo from the camera or gallery, applying the selected magazine frame, using a magazine sticker pack to customize the magazine frame, using a filter option to change the color shade, and adding text to the magazine frame. The app helps users create their own unique magazine photo frame which they can share on social media with family and friends to improve their reputation.

The “Magazine Photo Frames – Magazine Cover Photo Editor” app offers over 15+ magazine categories and 1000+ magazine frames to create new magazine photo frames. The app is easy to use and works quickly, enabling users to celebrate love and romance with their loved ones through their magazine photos.

5. Photo Magazine Cover

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The “Photo Magazine Cover” app offers users the opportunity to place their photos on magazine covers. This free app includes a variety of magazine cover frames, such as those for fashion, beauty, sports, students, and more. It can be downloaded and used repeatedly. The app allows users to easily turn their photos into magazine covers and add trendy, colorful effects. It also includes features such as HD magazine covers, 10+ unique effects, and easy-to-use photo editing controls. The app can be used offline and is available for free. Users are encouraged to rate the app and provide feedback.