8 Best Feet Meter Apps For Android & iOS

Download the Best Feet Meter Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonMeasuring distances accurately can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to measuring the length of a foot. Fortunately, there are several feet meter apps available for both Android and iOS devices that can make this process much simpler. These apps utilize advanced algorithms and sensor technologies to provide accurate and precise measurements of distances. In this report, we will be discussing some of the best feet meter apps available for Android and iOS, and their features and functionalities.

We have compiled a list of 8 Best Feet Meter Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

8 Best Feet Meter Apps For Android & iOS

1. Neatsy – AI sneaker fit finder

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The sneaker recommendation app offers several features to help users find the perfect fit. One such feature is AI sizing technology, which recommends the appropriate size for any chosen sneaker. The app also suggests the best styles based on the user’s foot shape and size, and ranks comfort using a customized fit rating. To get started, users simply answer a few questions, provide measurements, and receive personalized recommendations for their preferred sneaker type. For increased accuracy, the app offers 3D scanning to discover the most comfortable sneakers for the user’s exact foot shape and size. However, the 3D scanning and customized fit ratings are only available for iPhone X and newer models, excluding the SE version.

2. FootFact

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The FootFact App aims to provide assistance to online shoe buyers by measuring their feet with high precision using just one photo. This is necessary because shoe sizes are not standardized and may differ between manufacturers. By selecting a model in participating online stores, the app can then determine the appropriate size for the chosen model. The use of FootFact reduces the likelihood of unsuitable shoe models being purchased, thereby saving on return costs and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Each returned shoe causes approximately 500g of carbon dioxide emissions. The use of FootFact leads to fewer returns and, by extension, results in fewer emissions. Emphasis is placed on promoting an environmentally-friendly approach to online shopping.

3. FitFeet – Scan foot and choose right shoe size

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FitFeet is a mobile application that offers users a foot scanning feature to help them choose the appropriate shoe size. The app utilizes a technology that accurately measures the dimensions of a person’s foot, providing a reliable basis for shoe size recommendations.

After downloading the app, users are prompted to scan their feet using their smartphone camera. The scanning process is relatively quick and straightforward, taking only a few minutes to complete. FitFeet then analyzes the measurements taken and generates a list of recommended shoe sizes based on the user’s foot size and shape.

Aside from its foot scanning feature, FitFeet also provides a wide range of shoe brands and styles to choose from. The app offers a comprehensive database of shoes, complete with product descriptions, specifications, and prices. Users can easily browse and filter through the available options to find the perfect pair of shoes for their needs.

Overall, FitFeet is a useful tool for individuals looking for an efficient and accurate way to determine their shoe size. The app’s foot scanning feature and extensive shoe database make it a convenient and reliable resource for shoe shopping.

4. AR Ruler App

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AR Ruler app is a smartphone application that utilizes augmented reality technology to measure the real world via a phone camera. By targeting the detected plane, users can access a variety of measuring tools, including linear measurement in centimeters, meters, millimeters, inches, feet, and yards, distance measurement, angle measurement, area and perimeter measurement, volume measurement, path measurement, height measurement, and an on-screen ruler app for small objects.

The app is available for iPhone and iPad and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. Users are encouraged to provide feedback on the app’s performance. It should be noted that the app requires the ARCore library produced by Google. Improvements to ARCore can positively impact the accuracy and quality of the AR Ruler app.

In the event that users have any questions or need assistance, customer support is available via developer email.

5. EasyMeasure

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EasyMeasure is an app that enables users to measure the distance to objects using the camera lens of their Android devices. The app acts as a virtual tape measure and ruler, eliminating the need for a physical measuring tool. When conducting a measurement, the user simply aims the camera at an object in their surroundings, and the app displays the distance towards that object on top of the camera image. The app can even calculate the height and width of the object, thanks to its 3D Augmented Reality (AR) camera overlay grid.

EasyMeasure has numerous applications, including measuring the distance to a boat across a lake, determining the height of a building, or measuring a friend’s height. The app’s approach to measurement is based on simple trigonometry using geometric triangles, which is more accurate than sonar or acoustics-based methods. The app also includes an animated tutorial on how to use the tool.

EasyMeasure offers a user-friendly interface with a 3D AR engine for tape measure and ruler, and the ability to measure distance like a tape measure or ruler. Users can even update the app to allow measurements of the height and width of objects. The app supports Metric and Imperial units (meters, inches, foot, yards) and includes the ability to calibrate phone for the most accurate ruler results. Users can also share their results via email, Facebook, or Twitter.

Other features of the app include the ability to display the accuracy of tape measurements and store images with distance, height, and width information in the photo album for later use. An animated tutorial explains the measurement procedure, and a flashlight can be switched on for measurements in the dark. The upgraded version includes “Dynamic Photos” to analyze and adapt measurements after the photo is taken.

It is important to note that while EasyMeasure is a useful tool, measurements taken with the app are not as accurate as those taken with standard measuring tools like a tape measure or ruler.

6. Shoe Size Meter

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The app offers a convenient way for users to measure their foot size using the camera on their device. This application is particularly useful for those who wish to purchase shoes online but are unsure how to measure their foot size correctly. The app provides simple and easy-to-follow instructions to help users obtain accurate measurements for their feet.

The app includes a free version that allows users to measure the length of their feet in both millimeters and inches. Additionally, the paid Pro version provides users with the ability to measure the width and type of their feet. Users can also access international standard shoe size charts for men, women, and children with the Pro version. Furthermore, the Pro version will soon offer brand-specific size charts for the best fit. However, some brands may be available in the free version as well.

In summary, this app provides a useful solution for individuals who need to measure their foot size for shoe purchases. The application offers a free and paid version, with the latter providing additional features such as measuring foot width and type, and access to brand-specific shoe size charts. The app is easy to use and provides accurate measurements following simple instructions.

7. INESCOP YourFeet

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INESCOP YourFeet is a mobile application developed by INESCOP that enables users to quickly and easily determine the length and width of their foot, as well as their foot size in various international systems. The application is designed as a support tool for online footwear sales, but it can also be used in physical stores. When used for online sales, users can retrieve their foot measurements and size from any location, minimizing the number of returns due to ill-fitting footwear. The application displays the size converted to different systems, avoiding confusion when purchasing footwear based on a different sizing system than the one users are accustomed to.

The INESCOP YourFeet application is user-friendly, fast, and intuitive, with adequate measurement accuracy. Foot measurements are taken by photographing the feet from a lateral and upper perspective, and an A-4 paper sheet is used as a reference to convert the dimensions extracted from the pictures into real-world measures. The measurements are stored in the device and can be viewed later. The application calculates the user’s foot size in Continental (European), British (U.K.), American (U.S.), and MondoPoint systems using the technical specification defined in ISO/TS 19407.

The application can be customized for any manufacturer, adapting the user interface with corporate branding elements such as colors, logos, and backgrounds. The brand’s own sizing tables can also be integrated. Manufacturers interested in obtaining a personalized version of INESCOP YourFeet to guide customers when buying footwear through their e-Commerce platforms can contact INESCOP at inescop@inescop.es.

INESCOP YourFeet is available for both smartphones and tablets, and measurements can be shared through major messaging applications and social networks.

8. Nike Training Club

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Nike Training Club is a comprehensive fitness app that offers free guidance from personal trainers, athletes, and wellness experts. It provides a wide selection of workout programs, motivational trainers, and complete wellness tips to help users meet their fitness goals, from beginner to advanced levels.

The app offers various workout programs suitable for staying active at home, from low to high intensity. Users can access workouts such as essential yoga flows for every day, best of abs, arms, and glutes, big workouts for small spaces, and fitness exercises for all levels. The app also provides new workouts every week with the trainers users love, along with in-class music curated for every workout.

In addition to workout programs, the app offers guidance on exercise motivation, home fitness, nutrition, and healthy recipes. Users can explore Nike’s best trainers and experts to find their ideal training program. NTC TV also provides healthy recipes, guided meditations, and mindfulness techniques in quick, easy videos.

The app offers both live and on-demand workout videos for all disciplines, including HIT, yoga, core, and cardio. Users can engage in programs led by Nike trainers, designed to be flexible and fit into their busy lives. NTC Live also provides exclusive livestreams with Nike trainers, experts, and athletes for training and guidance.

Users can find everything they need, all in one place, with the motivational feed feature. They can access the latest workouts and wellness content, as well as the newest items from Nike Training, including tips and guidance.

All daily workouts can be entered into the activity tab to keep an accurate account of users’ fitness journey. The app also works with Apple Health to sync workouts and record heart-rate data, and with Apple Music to access the music library to play music during workouts.

Overall, Nike Training Club is a holistic training guide that offers workouts and wellness tips for athletes of all levels. Programs are available in the US and UK, and plans are available globally.