8 Best Football Prediction Apps For Betting (Android & iOS)

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Download the Best Football Prediction Apps For Betting (Android & iOS) on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonFootball prediction apps have become a popular tool for sports bettors, offering a range of features and functionalities to help users make informed decisions on their betting activities. These apps are designed with advanced algorithms that analyze past performance, player statistics, and other relevant data to provide users with accurate predictions on upcoming matches. With a vast array of options available on both Android and iOS platforms, users can choose from the best football prediction apps that suit their specific needs and preferences. In this article, we will explore the top football prediction apps for betting on these two popular mobile operating systems.

We have compiled a list of 8 Best Football Prediction Apps For Betting (Android & iOS) for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

8 Best Football Prediction Apps For Betting (Android & iOS)

1. All Goals – Football Live Scores

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All Goals is a football application that provides live scores for over 400 leagues, including women’s football and the World Cup. Users can create a personalized watchlist and receive push notifications for their favorite teams with goal videos and highlights. The app also features live match actions, standings, team and player statistics, and match info. Video highlights, season fixtures and historical results are available, as well as top scorers, lineups, and team/player profiles. Users can also predict match results and earn points and badges, access pre-match and live match odds, and engage in in-game chat with football enthusiasts worldwide.

The app offers custom league ordering and allows users to follow other users, see their prediction accuracy, and favorites. Additionally, a widget is available for easy access. All Goals claims to be the first live scores football app in the market, with worldwide coverage and a plethora of features for users to discover.

2. Soccer Predictions Football AI

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Football AI is a soccer prediction system developed by expert mathematicians to compete against bookmakers. The system utilizes a unique machine learning algorithm to analyze various factors such as form, past meetings, squad quality, and injuries going back seven years.

The system analyzes a vast amount of data from previously played games, including over 1000 data points. It takes into account factors such as whether the game is played at home or away, injured players, team formation, scored goals, rookies, and current points in the table.

In addition to providing tips in the form of 1, X, 2, the app also offers full bet slip predictions.

3. Stats24: Football Stats, Odds, Betting Predictions

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Stats24 is a comprehensive tool that provides tips and predictions for teams across various leagues worldwide. The platform offers several features that can help users make informed decisions about their bets.

One of the significant advantages of Stats24 is its ability to quickly identify matches with the highest probabilities. Users can search for a perfect match using detailed criteria, including major competitions and leagues covered globally, and select matches from a vast range of markets.

Additionally, users can customize their slip, add matches, and set up notifications to never miss an important match. The platform also provides the latest news and updates on matches, making it easier for users to stay informed.

Stats24’s probabilities and predictions are based purely on statistics, making it one of the most accurate Football and Tennis prediction platforms available in the market. The platform analyses various data points to predict the chances of any outcome, allowing users to be more confident in their bets.

Users can access matches from a wide range of markets, thanks to Stats24’s automatic scanning, comparison, and checking of all matches. Users can add any match to their slip and go directly to the third-party from the app, making it quick and easy to place their bets.

The platform’s easy-to-navigate UI makes finding stats and tips easy. Users can quickly view today’s highest probabilities, search using specific criteria, or find picks for their football accumulator. This feature is particularly useful for users who do not have much time to search.

Overall, Stats24 is a comprehensive platform that provides detailed statistics on matches across various leagues worldwide. It is a useful tool for anyone looking to up their game in the sports betting world.

4. Bullet Bet Predictions

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BULLET is a football platform that utilizes Artificial Intelligence algorithms to support almost 1 MILLION football fans around the globe.

More than 200 football leagues are continuously monitored through complex algorithms that analyze historical results, home/away performance, and team form to provide accurate statistics and predictions for various football events.

The most likely results are grouped in the best statistics sections, and the most interesting games are highlighted every day to maximize revenue.

Artificial Intelligence optimizes winning opportunities by automatically selecting the best games based on the user’s criteria. Users can choose the leagues of interest, the number of matches, and the odds interval for each one.

BULLET offers livescore for major football leagues, and also allows users to read news from renowned football newspapers in all languages and watch highlights, interviews, and videos from official football league and team channels.

The free Telegram channel @bulletbetpredictions provides users with 3 high probability football matches three times a day, with a 90% winning probability.

The development team is always available to assist users. They can be contacted via bulletscommesse@gmail.com.

All these features make BULLET one of the most powerful football apps worldwide.

5. Winner Expert

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This article discusses the features and benefits of a betting app that offers daily football betting tips and basketball predictions. The app claims to have thousands of users who trust their expert betting prediction team to provide a selection of high win rate football tips each day. The app is suitable for different types of users, including pro bettors, users looking to improve their betting, and new bettors learning how to bet on football and basketball.

The app provides well-analyzed football betting tips each day, which are suitable for every user and commonly used in accumulator slips by their users. The app also covers all major football leagues and basketball tournaments, including Champions League, Europa League, World Cup, and European Football Championship. The app’s betting tips have exceptional odds and success rates in these special tournaments.

The app also offers surprise high odds betting tips that provide users with better odds and increase their chances of winning. Users can check the app’s old predictions and their results at any time in the old section of the mobile betting app. The app also sends instant push notification alerts to notify users of new betting predictions and share the correct match results.

The app also offers premium betting tips that are analyzed and selected very carefully for every bettor, including new bettors learning how to bet on football. Users can contact the app’s support team at winnerchoices@gmail.com for any questions or feedback.

6. Tackl – football match prediction app with friends

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Tackl is a football match prediction game that allows users to challenge friends to compete in predicting match outcomes. The app is free to use and offers the option to predict matches for one day or an entire season. The game is simple: select a league, make predictions for all games, and challenge friends to win drinks or keep track of debts.

Users can participate in public Tackl games or create their own private group to start a prediction league at work. Tackl offers a variety of competitions, including Premier League, Champions League, Bundesliga, LaLiga, Ligue1, and Serie A.

Inviting friends to play is easy through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS or email. Points are awarded for correct predictions, with 4 points for a correct prediction, 3 points for predicting the right winner and goal difference, 2 points for picking the right winner, and 0 points for an incorrect prediction.

7. FSM – football betting genius and prediction tips

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Tipstar is a mobile application designed for football bettors and statistics enthusiasts. The application provides football match predictions through the use of predictive algorithms and a team of football experts. Users can access the predictions made by the experts and learn about the odds based on statistics. Additionally, users can receive real-time notifications for the predictions made by the experts they choose to follow. The application also allows users to select their favorite team for quick access to relevant information and the latest news. Users can communicate with other users and experts through an in-app chat feature.

The predictions made by Tipstar are based on complex math models, including Poisson Distribution, ELO ranking, and goal difference match ratings. The application processes predictions on a statistical basis and provides unique odds based on the comparison with bookmakers’ odds. For live matches, the application provides livescores, fixtures, and lineups.

Tipstar also provides users with results, leaderboards, and detailed statistics that enable them to analyze the form, home/away, and halftime tables for every team since the 1993-1994 season. The application covers more than 22 of the most important European Championships, including UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, Italian Serie A and Serie B, Spanish La Liga BBVA and Liga 2, English League, Championship, League 1, League 2, French Ligue 1 and Ligue 2, German Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2, Dutch Eredivisie, Portuguese Primeira Liga, Turkish Süper Lig, Belgian Pro League, Greek Souper Ligka, and Scottish Premiership and Championship.

8. Matchguess

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Matchguess is a social prediction application designed to replace spreadsheet files used in predicting football match outcomes. The app covers various national, continental, and international competitions including those held during the European Cup, World Cup, and Summer Olympics, among others.

One of the main features of Matchguess is the ability to predict match scores from the application launch without having to sign up. Users predict the scores before the start of each match and accumulate points by being as accurate as possible in their predictions.

Matchguess also allows users to compete against each other by creating or joining challenges. Users can create an account, start a challenge, and invite friends, family, colleagues, or even supporters of rival teams by giving them a simple access code.

The app makes it easy for users to enjoy the contest by providing a quick way to identify the accuracy of their predictions and compare themselves to others through various rankings and statistics. Matchguess is designed to ensure that users never forget to participate in matches. The predictions of other players are automatically recovered, and points are calculated whenever a final result is known.

Matchguess follows preset rules in calculating points. An exact score earns 5 points, a close score earns 4 points, correctly predicting the winner or draw earns 3 points, while inaccurate predictions earn nothing.

For more details on the rules of the game, users can visit the webpage provided by Matchguess at http://www.matchguess.com/rules. Matchguess is an excellent platform for predicting football outcomes while enjoying the company of friends and family. It is important to note that the challenges are private contests and have no affiliation with Google.