9 Best Fractal Generator Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Best Fractal Generator Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonFractal generation has become a popular activity among enthusiasts and professionals alike due to its ability to create complex and visually stunning images. To cater to this growing demand, numerous mobile applications have been developed to provide users with an easy and accessible platform to generate fractals. This article will explore some of the best fractal generator apps available for Android and iOS devices, highlighting their features and functionalities.

We have compiled a list of 9 Best Fractal Generator Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

9 Best Fractal Generator Apps For Android & iOS

1. Fast Fractal

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Fast Fractal is a software that allows powerful exploration of the Mandelbrot set. Its speed enables seamless navigation using standard pinch and swipe gestures, and it boasts exceptional image quality. The software utilizes double-precision floating-point math, allowing for magnification up to 100,000,000,000 times. It supports multi-core chips for maximum efficiency, and users can easily set the coordinates and number of iterations. Similarly, it is straightforward to switch between the Mandelbrot and Julia sets.

Fast Fractal is developed by the same developer as tChess, a popular chess application, and Learn Chess, an Apple Staff Favorite e-book.

2. Frax

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Frax is an art program that uses fractal geometry to display natural patterns of self-similarity. It has won the Macworld Editors’ Choice Award and has been praised by Smithsonian and CNET for being immersive and spectacular, respectively. The program allows users to explore digital landscapes and design complex color gradients to tint and shade fractal shapes. It also offers two light sources for glossy reflections and novel textures.

With Frax, users can zoom into their creations and fly through intricate shapes and patterns using multi-touch gestures. They can tilt-to-steer through animating digital worlds, challenging themselves to chart a course for a long and beautiful flight, all at a depth range of a trillion-to-one. Additionally, Frax provides almost 100 parameters and controls to upgrade to Pro, allowing users to access even more features.

Frax enables users to share their creations with friends via Facebook, Twitter, and text. They can also invite other users to step into their animating world by sharing a live preset link. Furthermore, the program offers the ability to render high-quality images to a photo library or create ultra-high quality 200 Megapixel renders with an IAP. For the first time, users can now record VIDEO of their Frax animations directly within the app with a Pro IAP.

Frax has been used to create designs on canvas, posters, scarves, T-shirts, and textiles, providing endless creative possibilities. The creators of Frax, Ben Weiss, Kai Krause, and Tom Beddard, hope users will enjoy the program and find inspiration in its possibilities.

3. Mandala Maker: symmetry doodle

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The “Make Mandalas” app offers an easy and enjoyable way to create symmetric kaleidoscope patterns, mosaics, fractals, sacred geometry, and other geometric works of art. These easy symmetry pattern art pieces can also serve as a form of color therapy. The app includes customizable settings, free-form zooming, and a variety of stickers, shapes, and brushes to help users create unique works of art in just a few minutes.

Users can access all features of the app with a one-time unlock, and no ads are present to ensure that everyone can enjoy their creative escape. The app includes interactive drawing, smooth zooming and panning, layer and custom image support, paint bucket fill, and many other features. Stickers such as Henna, paisley, tattoo, sacred geometry, spiral, ornament, and more are included, as well as kaleidoscope-friendly patterns and vector stickers. Additionally, brushes now come with a rainbow mode for extra fun.

The term “Mandala” comes from the Sanskrit word meaning circle and completion. It is a visual aid for concentration, creating a sacred space for introspective meditation and art therapy. By strategically combining circles, triangles, and other geometric forms, Mandala designs can represent the cosmos metaphysically and symbolically. From a human perspective, a Mandala is a microcosm of the universe.

Overall, “Make Mandalas” app provides an enjoyable and therapeutic way for users to create beautiful geometric works of art.

4. Fractal Eye – Fractal Image Creation

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Fractal Eye is a mobile application that utilizes the graphics card of a phone and complex mathematics to generate highly detailed fractal images. Fractals, which are naturally-occurring phenomena found in nature, are known for their aesthetic appeal. The Mandelbrot Set is an example of a well-studied mathematical fractal that was discovered in the 1980s, leading to a greater exploration of fractal creation. Fractal Eye aims to showcase the beauty of fractals and facilitate their exploration.

The mobile application provides access to popular fractals, including the Mandelbrot Set and Burning Ship. It also allows users to zoom in by a factor of one trillion on multiple fractals and create intricate images with high levels of detail. Fractal shape, texture, color, and position can be customized to create unique images. Users can save their images directly to their gallery for sharing or use as wallpapers.

5. Test Fractals

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Fractals are natural phenomena or mathematical sets that display a repeating pattern at every scale. They are also called expanding symmetry or evolving symmetry. If the replication of a fractal is the same at every scale, it is referred to as a self-similar pattern.

Fractals are distinct from other geometric figures because of the way they scale. Doubling the edge lengths of a polygon multiplies its area by four, which is two raised to the power of two. Similarly, if the radius of a sphere is doubled, its volume scales by eight, which is two raised to the power of three. However, if the one-dimensional lengths of a fractal are doubled, the spatial content of the fractal scales by a power that is not necessarily an integer.

This power is known as the fractal dimension of the fractal, and it typically exceeds the fractal’s topological dimension. The app allows users to create and share their own fractals. By altering the values in the configuration screen, users can generate custom fractals.

For any questions, criticisms, or suggestions regarding the app, users can contact the developers at todoappsarg@gmail.com.

6. Kaleider

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The Kaleider Android app allows users to experience many of the visual effects featured in the full Kaleider PC program on their Android devices. The app generates a wide variety of Kaleidoscopes, Mirrors, 3D Mirrors, and Funnels, and can use any JPEG or PNG image as the source for effects.

One of the primary features of the app is the ability to instantly generate a random effect, or select a specific effect from the 113 included varieties. Users can choose from 12 Kaleidoscopes, 41 Rectangular Mirrors, 33 Diamond Mirrors, 44 Triangle Mirrors, 11 3D Mirrors, and 16 Funnels. The previously rendered effect can also be re-rendered with the same parameters at its original position, and users can re-render the last effect with random variations.

Rendered effects can be saved as JPEG or PNG images, and users can touch and drag the screen to interactively shift rendered effect tiles. Pinching with two fingers allows for zooming in and out. Additionally, the app applies continuous automated motion to effect tiles with the Wander feature.

Kaleider also features 3D Rooms, which exhibits patterns in 3D perspectives, covering the walls, ceilings, and floors of various rooms. Users can navigate the rooms using keyboard commands, or automated Roaming motion can be activated. Furthermore, the app maps effect tiles onto a variety of curved surfaces with the Non-Flat Surfaces feature, resulting in non-linear distortions of the patterns.

The Colors feature progressively shifts the colors of effect pixels according to selectable methods. Automatic Effects continuously generate random effects, periodically changing the source image. Wandering motions, 3D rooms, non-flat surfaces, and colors might also be randomly activated depending upon configured options. The Music Player feature allows Kaleider effects to be accompanied by music chosen from the audio files stored on the device.

7. CraZe

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CraZe is a drawing application that allows users to create complex and colorful drawings. Users can adjust various parameters to bring their creativity to life. Sharing creations with others is made easy using the #CraZeApp hashtag. The app is accessible to users of all ages and can be used in a variety of settings, including waiting in line or relaxing at home.

To create drawings, users start with their fingers and can adjust various settings such as effects, symmetry, rotations, color palettes, and brushes. The most impressive results often stem from playful experimentation with the available settings.

CraZe immerses users in a world of symmetry, rotations, and geometric shapes that can be altered with multiple effects, brushes, and parameters. The app has been used for relaxation, spiritual experiences, brainstorming, or simply for entertainment. The app is compatible with both touch and stylus inputs. The app has been compared to mandalas or sacred geometry, as it embodies the ordered yet chaotic nature of the universe.

8. MandelBrowser

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MandelBrowser is a fractal image generator app that offers a simple and intuitive interface. It enables users to navigate fractals with gestures such as pinch-to-zoom, pan, and rotate. The app comes with 74 built-in fractal types, including the Mandelbrot Set, Burning Ship, Phoenix, Collatz, Newton, Nova, Lyapunov, Mandelbox, and many more. The app also has a Julia mode, allowing users to create Julia set images for a fractal formula. Additionally, users can perform deep zoom for up to 26 fractal types, with a zoom capability of up to 1e+300.

MandelBrowser provides users with many options to customize their images. Users can choose from 63 built-in paint modes, including Stripe Average and Orbit Trap methods, to color the exterior and interior of the fractal. The app also has 61 built-in color palettes, and users can customize their own with the palette editor. Moreover, the app offers 31 image filters, including 3D effects using Phong light reflection model.

In addition to the extensive list of features, MandelBrowser allows users to parametrize fractals, paint modes, and filters with interactive value change. Users can save and share their favorite spots and custom content, including user-defined fractal types, paint modes, and palettes. The app also has a built-in gallery with 560 examples.

MandelBrowser has a Premium mode that provides users with unlimited access to all content and features, without any ads. However, the app is battery consuming, and it comes with an epilepsy warning as it may produce flashing images.

The app initially starts with a simple mode that has some features hidden, but users can switch to the advanced mode in the Settings. For more information, the app includes a tutorial embedded in the app and is also available on MandelBrowser’s website at http://mandelbrowser.y0.pl/tutorial/home.html.

9. Fraksl

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Fraksl is a mobile application which enables users to create mesmerizing fractal art. A variety of filters and mirrors can be selected to produce unique effects. Users can navigate through the fractal space using touch gestures and can even use their phone’s camera to interact with their creations. The app also allows users to share their artwork with friends, record in-app videos, and capture moving patterns. Users can save their creations for later use and export high-resolution, uncompressed images for use in their own artwork. However, it should be noted that the app may produce flashing images and comes with an epilepsy warning.

Fraksl is a mobile app that offers features to create fractal art. Users can choose from a selection of filters and mirrors to produce unique effects. Navigation through the fractal space can be done through touch gestures. Additionally, users can interact with their creations using their phone’s camera. Sharing of created artwork with friends is possible, as well as recording in-app videos and capturing moving patterns. Fraksl also allows users to save their creations for later use and export high-resolution, uncompressed images to use in their own artwork.

It is important to note that Fraksl comes with an epilepsy warning, as it may produce flashing images. If users enjoy using the app and want to support its creators, they can consider purchasing the pro version through an in-app purchase. Doing so unlocks extra features.