6 Free Android Apps For Notification Tones And Ringtones

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Download the Free Android Apps For Notification Tones And Ringtones on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonAndroid devices allow users to customize their notification tones and ringtones with ease. There are several free apps available on the Google Play Store that offer a wide variety of tones to choose from. These apps allow users to browse and download tones for calls, messages, emails, and other notifications. This article provides an overview of some of the best free Android apps for notification tones and ringtones, highlighting their features and benefits.

We have compiled a list of 6 Free Android Apps For Notification Tones And Ringtones for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

6 Free Android Apps For Notification Tones And Ringtones

1. MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker

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The Cut mp3, ringtone application is designed to allow users to cut a favorite part of an audio song or music file, then use the cut result as a ringtone, alarm, notification tone, or music song. The app is easy to manage, and users can easily share their cut results with friends. The application supports WAV, FLAC, and AAC formats, making it a great choice for creating one’s ringtones. The editor also supports MP3, WAV, AAC, AMR, FLAC, and most other music formats. The app is also known as a music editor, alarm tone maker, ringtone cutter, or notification tone creator.

Cut mp3 and ringtone maker offer several features, including selecting music from one’s mobile device, choosing the part to be cut from the music song, or recording live audio and trimming the best parts using the editor. Users can save their cuts as ringtones, alarms, notifications, or new songs to listen to later. They can also share them with friends. The app can find all music and audio files stored in a user’s phone memory and SD cards.

Editing music and audio with the Cut mp3 and ringtone maker app can be done through two options: trimming (removing left and right parts) or removing the middle part. Users can select parts by setting the start and end points of the audio clip or by using an optional touch interface. The application also allows users to record live audio and music for editing.

Other features of the app include the option to name the new cut clip while saving it, delete the created tone (with a confirmation alert), and set the new clip as the default ringtone or assign it to contacts using the editor. Users can also manage contact ringtones.

In conclusion, the Cut mp3 and ringtone maker app is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to create their ringtones.

2. ZEDGE™ Wallpapers & Ringtones

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ZEDGE™ is a personalization app that offers millions of free backgrounds, live wallpapers, stickers, ringtones, alarm sounds, and notification sounds for Android phones. With an extensive catalog, users can easily personalize their phones with a HD wallpaper, live wallpaper, alarm sound, or ringtone. ZEDGE™ is highly popular, with over 350 million people having already installed the app.

The app offers an endless selection of free backgrounds supporting the most common screen sizes. Users can choose from full HD wallpaper and 4K wallpaper to use as backgrounds. There is also an option to apply lock screen wallpapers, home screen wallpapers, or both at the same time. The app allows customization of backgrounds with cool filters and stickers. Additionally, users can opt for a new background that rotates at selected intervals.

ZEDGE™ features cool video effects as backgrounds on home screens with its live wallpapers. The app’s live wallpapers don’t drain battery and only play once when turning on the home screen. It also has an extensive catalog of quality live wallpapers for all tastes.

Users can choose from an endless selection of free ringtones including music, effects, and funny tones. The app has the largest selection of free ringtones in the world. Users can set individual contact ringtones, alarm sounds, and default ringtone. The app also has a massive selection of notification sounds, alert tones, and funny tones.

Users can add a sound or wallpaper to favorites without downloading. They can access their ringtones and backgrounds across all devices with one simple login. Furthermore, users can receive notifications on limited edition holiday wallpapers and ringtones for occasions and holidays like Valentines Day, Fathers day, Mothers Day, New Years, Halloween, and Christmas plus cool customizations for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and more.

3. Scary Ringtones

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Scary Ringtones is an application that offers over 100 different, frightful ringtones. To access the features, users must press the menu button. The application is specifically designed for Halloween enthusiasts who seek to add some extra spooky flair to their mobile devices.

The application’s user interface is user-friendly and straightforward, allowing users to easily navigate through the available options. Users can choose to set a given ringtone as their phone’s ringtone, notification tone, or alarm tone. Additionally, users can assign specific ringtones to individual contacts. Any selected ringtones can also be added to the user’s favorites list for easy access at a later time.

Overall, Scary Ringtones provides a diverse selection of eerie ringtones and a simple, easy-to-use interface. The application can help users to create a perfectly spooky atmosphere on Halloween or any other occasion.

4. Free Ringtones for Android

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Free Ringtones for Android™ is an application that helps users personalize their phones with new music ringtones and HD wallpapers. The app has been relied on by over 50 million people, thanks to its collection of best ringtones, sounds, and wallpapers. It offers over 800 free ringtones and 750 wallpapers to choose from, making it easy to find something that suits your taste.

Personalizing your phone is easy with Free Ringtones for Android™. Users can download the app, choose the best ringtone for their phone, and set it as their incoming-call sound, SMS ringtone, or alarm sound. The app also allows users to set their favorite sounds on their phone home screen through a widget button. The app offers a variety of categories including; Most Popular, Nature, Classical Music, Vintage, Business, Electronic Music, Rock, Hip Hop, Funny, Notifications, Alarms, National Anthems, Animal sounds, Halloween, Christmas, Japanese, and Islamic Ringtones.

In addition to ringtones, Free Ringtones for Android™ offers a wide selection of wallpapers that users can choose from to customize their phone backgrounds. The app can be used to set your favorite wallpaper as your phone background. Users can find phone backgrounds for various tastes and interests in the free wallpaper section of the app.

The app is regularly updated with new ringtones and categories, based on user feedback and needs. It includes only wallpapers, ringtones, and music downloads that are under public domain license and/or Creative Commons’ license. The app is developed and maintained by Peaksel Ringtones Apps and is not affiliated with nor related to Google LLC.

Users are encouraged to report any bugs they encounter via email to the app developer at support@peaksel.email. Overall, Free Ringtones for Android™ is a popular and versatile app for personalizing your Android phone with music ringtones and HD wallpapers.

5. Funny Sayings Ringtones

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The Funny Sayings Ringtones app for Android offers a variety of free and funny ringtones to personalize your device. With over 100 high-quality comedy ringtones to choose from, users can set different tones for different contacts or use them as alarm or SMS sounds. Features include the ability to set a timer, a widget button for quick access, and the option to use the ringtones as wallpaper.

All sounds used in the app are licensed under Creative Commons or are in the public domain. The app is not endorsed by or affiliated with Google LLC, and users can contact support for any license-related questions or concerns.

6. Old Telephone Ringtones

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Old Telephone Ringtones is a mobile application that provides a collection of classic and retro ringtones for Android devices. The app features nostalgic sounds of old office and home phones that can help users remember good old times. It allows users to download free classic ringtones and alarm sounds to personalize their phones with the latest retro ringtones and old classic ringtones of their choice.

With the Old Telephone Ringtones app, users can set the downloaded sounds as ringtones for their Android devices, contact ringtone, alarm sound, or SMS sound. Additionally, they can set a timer to play the sound and set a widget button of their favorite sounds on the phone’s home screen. The app has a nice retro design and loud ringtones of old phones from the past that can bring back nostalgic memories.

All sounds used in the Old Telephone Ringtones app are under the Creative Commons Licence and/or Public Domain. Users can find more information about the sounds used in the app by visiting the About App section within the app itself. For any questions or concerns regarding the license, users can contact the app’s support team at support@peaksel.email.

The app’s design and code are copyright Peaksel Ringtones Apps – 2021. It is important to note that the app is not endorsed by or affiliated with Google LLC, and Android™ is a trademark of Google LLC.