6 Free Apps To Catch A Cheater For Android & iOS

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Download the Free Apps To Catch A Cheater For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonIn today’s digital age, infidelity has become a common concern among couples. To address this issue, there are various free applications available for both Android and iOS platforms that claim to help catch a cheater. These applications offer a range of features that can be used to monitor and track activities on the targeted device. This technical writing aims to provide a comprehensive overview of some of the most popular free apps available for catching a cheater on Android and iOS devices.

We have compiled a list of 6 Free Apps To Catch A Cheater For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

6 Free Apps To Catch A Cheater For Android & iOS

1. Spy Phone ® Phone Tracker

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Spy Phone® Phone Tracker is a software that enables parents or employers to monitor the GPS location of their children or employees. The GPS data can be viewed via a control panel, where the information is also displayed on a map for easy comprehension. The software can accommodate GPS information from up to five different phones. Furthermore, the GPS data can be utilized to locate a lost phone. Additional features such as Locate Phone, Send Sound to Phone, Low Battery GPS Send, and Lost Phone Message functions have been incorporated into Phone Tracker. Additionally, the software now includes a panic button and a Free U.S. Area Code search.

Family Phones’ Contacts details can be accessed using the Phone Tracker. First Names, Last Names, Email Addresses, and Telephone Numbers from the Child’s Phone Contact List can be copied onto the control panel. Consequently, parents and employers can monitor their children or employees’ interaction.

The Phone Tracker software records and stores all data from the phone and is accessible to the user 24/7. Users log in to their personal control panel at www.PhoneTracker.com using the username and password they provided when installing the app on their phone. To send the data over the Internet, the Phone Tracker uses the phone’s Internet connection to transmit the information to a central server at www.phonetracker.com.

2. Chat Message Tracker – Remotely

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The Chat Message Tracker app is designed to allow remote access to incoming chat messages from various chat applications on a device. Currently, the app can read messages from WhatsApp, Hangouts, Skype, Hike, and Messenger, and more chat apps will be added soon. However, the app is not a remote monitoring app and cannot be used for spying on anyone. The app displays notifications whenever it runs in the background, does not save anything in SD card or any public storage, and does not share any data outside the app unless the user logs in using their username/password on the website and requests data.

The app provides several features, including reading incoming chat messages from all chat applications on the device, remotely accessing all chat messages from our control panel, filtering messages with multiple options, reading chat messages without opening the chat application, easy navigation of messages from various apps, saving all incoming chat messages at one place for free, and no hidden charges. To use the app, users need to install the app, register using email ID and a PIN, and enable the reading of chat message option on the main screen.

The app will automatically start reading chat messages, and a notification will be displayed whenever the user logs into the website and pulls chat messages from the app. Users can clear all the information stored using the “Reset” option in the settings and see their chat messages by visiting the website and entering their email ID and PIN. The app reads the notification and gets the chat message, so if there are no notifications for a particular chat message, the app will not be able to read it.

The app needs access to notifications of other apps to read chat messages received by other apps. Without this permission, the app will not be able to read any chat message. The chat message read will be saved locally in the app and will be made available to users only when they log into the website and pull the messages.

The app is compliant with Google Developer Policy and GDPR policy.

3. Life360: Find Family & Friends

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Life360 offers comprehensive safety features for life at home, on the web, and on the go, all in one place. Beyond a basic GPS phone tracker, Life360 membership provides modern, advanced tools to protect and connect the people who matter most.

One of the standout features of Life360 membership is SOS, which allows users to send a silent alert with their location to family members, emergency contacts, and responders. In addition, 24/7 emergency dispatch is always on call for the entire family, even if they are unable to call for help themselves. Family Safety Assist provides real-time specialist support any time, anywhere, and in any situation. Identity Theft Protection also safeguards sensitive digital information for each family member, and includes up to $1M in coverage.

Life360 can be explored for free by downloading the app and getting started with advanced location sharing, two days of location history, and two place alerts to see family members come and go from top places like home, school, and work. Automatic Crash Detection protects drivers and passengers, and automated SOS ensures safety on the go. Upgrading to membership provides access to premium features and tools, backed by 24/7 specialist support and emergency dispatch. Families can find the plan that fits their unique needs and try it free for seven days.

Life360 Platinum includes all the features of Life360 Gold, with additional benefits such as Family Safety Assist, 24/7 roadside assistance, $500 in stolen phone coverage, ID Theft Protection with up to $1M in coverage per person, and credit monitoring.

Life360 Gold includes all the features of Life360 Silver, and adds a full 30 days of location history, unlimited place alerts, individual driver reports, and 24/7 roadside assistance. It also includes $250 in stolen phone coverage and SOS to send a silent help alert, plus 24/7 emergency dispatch to the user’s location.

4. mSpy Lite Phone Family Tracker

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The mLite location tracker is a family control app that allows users to connect with their family and children. With the Family locator – gps tracker feature, users can easily check the real-time GPS location of each family member and secure family locating. Additionally, users can receive alerts when their family members leave or arrive at a place. The app allows users to create virtual location safety zones on the map and will show a notification when a family member enters or leaves the zone. Users can also listen to the surroundings around their children using the microphone in the tracked phone and know the history of their family members’ whereabouts during the day. The app also offers an alarm button on family members’ phones for emergency cases and contact list monitoring for parental control. Users can view the list of apps installed on the tracked phone and check games their kids are playing and the applications they use.

The app offers a family package for a parental subscription that allows users to monitor all their family members without additional charge. To install the app, users need to register an account as a parent, download mLite to their kid phone, allow location and contacts sharing, and connect devices by sharing a qr code or family link from the parent device. The app supports both iOS and Android phones and can be used as a lost phone tracker.

The Find My familly – gps location tracker app is intended for family safety and parental control only. Personal data is stored in strict accordance with legislation and GDPR policies. The app can not be installed on the cell phone without the child’s knowledge, and its use is available only with explicit consent. The app asks for permissions to access the camera and photo and to scan QR code on the child’s device for device linking, access to contacts to fill in the phone book, and access to location data.

For any inquiries, users can contact the developers via e-mail support@mliteapp.com. The app’s privacy policy and legal information can be found on the app’s website.


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The app in question offers 55 tips and informational resources that can be used to catch a potentially disloyal partner. One such tip is that a partner who takes their phone with them everywhere, even to the bathroom, can be a red flag. This behavior may indicate that the person is hiding text messages or making secret calls. If a partner is extremely attached to their phone, it could be cause for concern.

Another tip suggests that a partner who appears confused or startled upon being awakened may be unsure of which bedroom or lover’s bed they are in. This behavior can be a potential indicator of infidelity.

Overall, this app aims to provide users with tools to catch cheating partners. While there may be limitations to the effectiveness of these tips and resources, it is hoped that the development of this app can be beneficial to those who are experiencing doubt or suspicion in their relationships.

6. Automatic Call Recorder

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The Automatic Call Recorder app for Android is a highly reliable phone call recorder that allows users to record incoming and outgoing calls of high quality. The app is easy to use, and users can set which calls are recorded to a white list and which to ignore. It also features file management capabilities that enable users to listen to their recorded calls, add notes and share them. The app is synchronized to the cloud, which makes it easy to access and manage recordings from anywhere. Additionally, users can mark certain conversations as important and save them in a separate category.

The call recording app has a range of functions that cater to all recording needs. It automatically records calls in high-quality formats such as mp3, amr, and wav. Users can organize their call records by time or name and listen to the recordings anytime they want. Call recordings can be saved to the SD card, and users can play back recorded conversations. The app also has a feature that marks important recordings, and confirmation dialogs can be set up to ask immediately after the call to save the recorded call.

Users can set up white and blacklists to include or exclude numbers or contacts from call recording. The app supports multiple sources, including the microphone, voice call, or video camera, and can record both incoming and outgoing calls. For privacy protection, users can set a password to lock and protect recorded items from auto-cleaning.

The app has a feature that allows users to share recorded files with others via various channels such as Dropbox, Google, SMS, Skype, and Facebook. Overall, the Automatic Call Recorder app is a comprehensive and user-friendly call recording tool that is suitable for all Android users.