9 Free Apps Without Ads (Android & iOS)

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Download the Free Apps Without Ads (Android & iOS) on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonIn the world of mobile applications, advertisements have become a common source of revenue for developers. However, users may find these ads intrusive and disruptive to their user experience. As a result, the demand for free apps without ads has been steadily increasing. This article will explore some of the options available for Android and iOS users who seek ad-free mobile applications.

We have compiled a list of 9 Free Apps Without Ads (Android & iOS) for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

9 Free Apps Without Ads (Android & iOS)

1. sand: box

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This software, called “particle sandbox,” allows users to create and experiment with various materials in an ad-free environment. With over 50 materials to choose from, users can freely explore and interact with different elements to produce unique designs. The software also allows users to observe the outcome of their experiments.

Additionally, the software offers an opportunity for users to contribute by adding their language to the program. Interested parties can do so by visiting a specific website and filling out a form.

However, no further information is provided about the software’s technical specifications, compatibility, or pricing.

2. Ancient Planet Tower Defense

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The game “Ancient Stronghold” is a classic tower defense offline game that involves defending an ancient civilization from aliens. The game comes with 40 unique levels where players can build towers in any free area on the field to repel the enemy’s armies. The game features diverse enemies with their own unique characteristics and the ability to upgrade towers and the base. Upgrades can be reset and distributed at will, and the storyline is based on the recollections of veterans of intergalactic wars.

The game’s developer visited the ancient planet to recreate its image in the game, and character voices sound identical to real ones. The game was developed upon the order of the High Council of the Intelligent Civilizations of the Galaxy. However, one feature failed censorship and was replaced with an advert for the “Galactic energy drink ‘Improviser'” that claims to reduce fatigue but shortens life by a couple of years.

Players who enjoy strategies will appreciate the game. The developer encourages players to rate and leave a review, even if they have criticism. Technical support is available through the in-game feedback form if players need assistance.

3. Build A Truck

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Build A Truck is an app that allows users to customize and build their own monster trucks. When building, users must choose carefully as each decision and building block will have a real impact on their truck’s performance during races. The app offers an opportunity to experiment with various physics concepts such as speed, torque, drag, mass, inertia, friction, acceleration, and gravity. Build A Truck is the third installment in Duck Duck Moose’s Trucks series aimed at children aged 4-8.

Build A Truck offers three main activities: Factory, Garage, and Race. In the Factory, users can select various features such as the body, paint, decal, wheels, engine, and exhaust to customize their monster truck. The app also provides fun options such as dragon wings, sirens, and propeller hats. In the Garage, users can collect cars and earn medals. Finally, in Race mode, users can race their truck through different terrains such as snow, jungles, sewers, and an ever-changing surprise track for unlimited play.

Duck Duck Moose is a company that creates educational mobile apps for families. It was founded in 2008 and has won several awards, including 21 Parents’ Choice Awards, 18 Children’s Technology Review Awards, and 12 Tech with Kids’ Best Pick App Awards. The company has created 21 top-selling titles and received a KAPi award for “Best Children’s App” at the International Consumer Electronics Show. Khan Academy, a nonprofit organization that provides free education, acquired Duck Duck Moose in 2016. All Duck Duck Moose apps are now free, without ads or subscriptions.

Check out the Khan Academy app to learn and practice various topics ranging from elementary school to college and beyond. The company relies on its community of volunteers and donors, and anyone can get involved by visiting www.duckduckmoose.com/about. For any queries or concerns about Build A Truck or any other app, users can visit www.

4. Kids Learning Games 4 Toddlers

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This article discusses a collection of educational games for toddlers aged 3-5. The games aim to develop fine motor skills and cover topics such as shapes, colors, and logic. Created by professional specialists, the app offers 15 learning games for kids, including puzzles, matching, and sorting activities. All games are available in English voice-over and have a simple interface.

The free version of the application only contains a portion of the content shown in the screenshots. To access the full content, one must make an in-app purchase. This unique pack of educational games is an important part of preschool education, as it helps children develop thinking skills through math and logical tasks, while unleashing their imagination.

The features of the app include early education for children aged 2-5, progress in logic, attention, and thinking, training fine motor skills for preschoolers, growth of thinking skills through math, simple interface of kindergarten learning, English voice-over, and parental control. The app was created by Erudito Plus, a company that develops interactive children learning apps for toddlers aged 3 to 6.

Erudito Plus offers other educational games for kids that cover topics such as the alphabet, letters, numbers, and phonics. These games comply with the standards of “Designed For Family.” For further information or questions about the app, one can reach out to the support team via email or visit their website to view the terms of use and privacy policy.

5. lichess

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This app, designed for chess enthusiasts, is open-source and free for all. It has a growing user base of 150,000 individuals daily. Users can play various types of chess, including bullet, blitz, classical, and correspondence, and participate in arena tournaments. Additionally, the app allows users to find, follow, and challenge other players, view game statistics, and practice with chess puzzles. The app offers many variants, both online and offline, including Crazyhouse, Chess 960, King Of The Hill, Three-check, Antichess, Atomic chess, Horde, and Racing Kings.

The app provides game analysis with local computer evaluation and server computer analysis with move annotations and game summaries. Users can access an unlimited opening explorer, an endgame tablebase explorer, and play with an offline computer. The app also includes an Over The Board mode to play offline with a friend and a standalone chess clock with multiple time settings. Furthermore, the app offers a board editor and is available in 80 languages. It is designed for both phones and tablets, supporting landscape mode. The app is completely free and open-source, without any ads.

The app is similar to https://lichess.org and is free software (GPL v3). It is entirely free and without ads, now and forever. The source code of the mobile application is available on https://github.com/veloce/lichobile, and the source code of the website and server is available on https://lichess.org/source.


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NASA’s official app offers users the opportunity to access the latest images, videos, mission information, news, feature stories, tweets, and NASA TV. The app also includes various features such as live NASA TV streaming, up-to-date news and features stories, and information on sighting opportunities for the International Space Station with notifications before they happen.

Users can view over 16,000 images that are updated daily, watch over 14,000 NASA videos, and discover the latest mission information. The app also allows users to watch live streaming video from the High Definition Earth Viewing experiment on the International Space Station. Additionally, users can display satellite tracking 2D maps and 3D earth models with the International Space Station and other Earth orbiting satellites.

The app provides access to the latest tweets from around the agency, and users can rate images and check out the top-rated list. Users can also select their favorite images or missions and get quick access to them. The app includes information and links to all of the NASA visitor centers, and users can explore the featured content section with 3D planet models and information.

The Earth as Art image collection and interactive map are available to view, and users can listen to Third Rock Radio, an alternative rock radio station. Lastly, the app allows users to easily share everything with their friends on social media.

7. Six Wheels and a Gun

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This simulation game offers tank versus tank action to its players. The six-wheeled buggy provided in the game can climb any terrain with ease. The physical simulation accuracy is known to be unmatched in comparison to other simulation games.

This game can be played for free, without any ads. However, multiplayer matches are no longer available as the matchmaking service has been discontinued. Players can unlock the premium version of the game with a single in-app purchase, which enables customization of the six-wheeled panzer.

The game’s developer has recently made some updates by replacing the reticule with an improved aiming system. This new system visualizes the complete ballistics flight path. Players are encouraged to rate the game so that it can be featured and more opponents can be attracted.

The user forum can be used to discuss the game, and the link to the forum is provided. Players may also use a Bluetooth gamepad to play the game, with controls such as aim, steer, brake, accelerate, and fire.

The game has a ranking system that starts with the rank of Private and continues up to the rank of General. The ranks are awarded based on completing tutorial levels, gunnery range exercises, number of consecutive wins, and kills against AI or human opponents.

8. Vertigo Racing

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Vintage Car Racing is a mobile game that offers a unique gameplay experience. The objective of the game is to race vintage cars at high speeds without falling off the road. Along the way, players can collect up to 10 vintage cars and upgrade and paint them according to their preferences. The game features 10 levels set in different terrains, including snow, ice, dust, mountains, and hills. The game has two modes, Distance and Race, each offering 200 cups to be won. Players can listen to rock’n’roll and surf-rock music while playing the game.

The game saves achievements and progress to the player’s Google account, ensuring that they can resume their game from where they left off. The game developers hope that players will enjoy the unique gameplay experience offered by the game.

9. Griblers

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Griblers is a mobile offline RPG game where players must help three heroes survive their perilous journey to revive Hardwood, the capital of their homeland. In this game, players upgrade their heroes through turn-based strategy battles, craft items, potions and weapons, build a city and survive in a fantasy world.

The game’s main characters, the Griblers, are mushroom trolls who are the original inhabitants of dense forests. Griblers have their own culture and history, and players will experience their fascinating plot through the adventures of the heroes who have to survive in a cruel roguelike world, using might and magic.

Griblers features turn-based strategy elements in addition to quests and adventures. Players will need to think over the step-by-step tactics of the battles as each hero has its own characteristics. Winning battles will require careful planning and strategic thinking.

Unlike many other games in the genre, Griblers is a role play game with NO mandatory in-app purchases. The game features tactical roguelike gameplay with strategy elements, where heroes fall many times in tactical battles. Players must study the craft book and create unique items to help their heroes win the forces of evil, without having to pay for boosts with a credit card.

In summary, Griblers is a strategic offline RPG adventure game that requires players to upgrade heroes, craft items, potions, weapons, and build a city to survive in a fantasy world. The game features turn-based strategy elements and a fascinating plot where players must help the mushroom trolls, the Griblers, survive in a cruel roguelike world using their might and magic. The game does not require any mandatory in-app purchases to succeed in battles.