9 Free Barber Shop Apps (Android & iOS)

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Download the Free Barber Shop Apps (Android & iOS) on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonThis article explores the various options available for free barber shop apps on both Android and iOS platforms. These apps are designed to assist barbers and salon owners in managing their businesses by providing features such as appointment scheduling, client management, and inventory tracking. The discussion will provide an overview of the key features and functionalities of these apps, as well as their compatibility with different devices and operating systems. This information will be useful for barbers and salon owners who are seeking to improve their business management processes through the use of technology.

We have compiled a list of 9 Free Barber Shop Apps (Android & iOS) for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

9 Free Barber Shop Apps (Android & iOS)

1. Ring My Barber – Haircut Appointment & Booking App

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Ring My Barber is an online appointment booking system designed for barbers, barbershops, and clients. The app provides a streamlined service for barber professionals and their clients, allowing them to book, reschedule, and manage appointments easily. The platform offers a fast and simple solution to booking appointments online.

The app offers several features that can help barbers and barbershops improve their business. Users can manage clients, accept and cancel hair appointments, and even offer special promotions through the app. The calendar view allows users to see their appointments well in advance and book them as they see fit. Ring My Barber shows all business information, such as the services offered and working days, for clients to see. The app also offers an easy payment solution for appointments.

Ring My Barber provides a unique solution for barbers to create their online presence. Users can book off days for clients to see and showcase their work and hairstyles with a portfolio page. The app does the planning and sets reminders for users.

For professional barbers, the app offers a comprehensive range of features such as reminders, deposits, cancellations, and no-show fees. The app provides a calendar view, daily and weekly, and allows for unlimited client management. Users can push special offers to clients and manage services, categories, costs, and durations. The app offers several reminders such as text messages, push notifications, and emails. Users can confirm, decline, and reschedule appointments, and set working days with a start, stop, and pause. The app also offers a free portfolio page to showcase previous work, visit history, notes per visit, and formulas used for clients.

The app is free for clients and offers a one-month free trial for barbers. After the trial, the subscription is auto-renewable at $99 per month until canceled 24 hours before the end of the current period. Users can view the terms of use on the app’s website.

2. Barber Basics

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Barbering is a skilled profession that requires a diverse set of techniques to succeed. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to advance your skills, learning the basic and advanced techniques is essential for a successful career in this field.

To begin with, mastering the basic techniques such as clipper cutting, scissor cutting, and fading is crucial. This involves knowledge of different clipper blades and their usage, understanding the right angle for scissor cutting, and the ability to blend hair seamlessly. These techniques are the building blocks of barbering and form the foundation of every haircut.

Once you have a strong understanding of the basics, it’s time to move on to more advanced techniques. These include razor cutting, texturizing, and styling. Razor cutting is a technique that involves using a straight razor to create precise lines and shapes. Texturizing, on the other hand, involves using thinning shears to remove bulk from hair and create a softer, more natural look. Styling techniques, such as blow drying and using different products, are also important to learn, as they help to create a polished and finished look.

In addition to technical skills, successful barbers also need strong communication and customer service skills. This involves being able to listen to clients’ needs and preferences, as well as offering recommendations and advice. Building good client relationships and ensuring their satisfaction is key to building a successful career in this field.

3. Taper – Beauty & Barber Appointments

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Taper is a Los Angeles-based technology company founded in 2017 that aims to modernize the beauty and grooming experience. The platform connects Barber and Beauty professionals with their clients and potential customers through booking and marketing resources that prioritize user experience and build engagement in local communities. Taper’s specially-crafted platform allows professionals to eliminate extraneous staff, organize their workday, or fill their books with Taper whether in a store front or on-the-go.

Taper gives the professional Barber, Hair Stylists, Nail Technician, Estheticians, and Makeup Artists the capability to organize and manage their business. This includes accepting credit card payments, managing their schedule, online booking 24/7, appointment reminders, accepting house calls, displaying services, pictures, and office hours, accepting customer reviews, accepting deposits, tips, and charge for cancellations, and contact management.

Taper is a resource for customers to discover and book barber and beauty professionals at their fingertips. Services can include Haircuts, Shaves, Treatments, Weaves, Braids, Pedicures, Manicures, Twists, Natural, Nails, Eyebrows, Lashes, Waxing, and Makeup. Customers can browse services, pricing, photos, and reviews, book appointments, discover availability, and write reviews and ratings.

4. Booksy BIZ

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Booksy Biz is a mobile app that provides business management tools for managing day-to-day operations, engaging customers, and growing businesses. The app is available for download on mobile devices and offers core business functions that can be accessed while on-the-go. For a more robust experience, Booksy Biz Pro is available for download on tablets or can be accessed via the web. This version includes additional features such as Shifts, Inventory, Reporting, Packages & Memberships, and a complete point-of-sale experience.

Booksy offers self-service bookings that allow customers to view calendars and book appointments online 24/7. The app helps businesses keep track of their people, appointments, clients, and documentation. Additionally, payment processing is streamlined, allowing businesses to process payments directly through the app while offering flexible payment options. Built-in marketing tools are also included to help businesses market their services and increase customer loyalty.

Booksy also offers features to protect businesses’ bottom lines, including reducing no-shows, filling calendars using Boost, and providing performance snapshots to make informed decisions. The app is responsive to businesses’ needs, offering tailored solutions for teams of any size, Health & Safety features, and the ability to offer services online or on-the-go.

Booksy Biz offers auto-renewable monthly subscriptions based on the number of staff members associated with the account. Businesses can also switch to Booksy Biz Pro on tablets for a more comprehensive experience. With Booksy, businesses can establish their brand by uploading photos, linking to social media accounts, and collecting reviews. Furthermore, the app allows businesses to invite loyal clients to use the Booksy Customer App and share their Booksy profile link with new clients.

To keep customers engaged, Booksy offers Message Blasts and Social Posts. As businesses grow, Booksy adapts to their needs to help them make plans for the future. Overall, Booksy Biz offers a comprehensive set of tools to help businesses manage their day-to-day operations and grow their brand.

5. ShearShare-Rent Salon+Barbershop Space By the Day

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ShearShare is an Android app that offers access to the largest database of on-demand salon and barbershop space rentals. The app connects salon and barbershop owners to beauty and barbering professionals, allowing them to rent available suites and stations by the day, week, or occasion without any contract or commission.

ShearShare hosts are protected by a $1,000,000 liability protection plan for each ShearShare booking. Additionally, ShearShare professionals can buy daily liability insurance directly through the app.

With ShearShare, salon and barbershop owners can earn money from their empty workspace or unused stations. Meanwhile, licensed cosmetologists and barbers can access the most affordable leases in the market and rent safe, sanitized chairs and booths by the day to service their clients in any city.

The ShearShare app offers various features that allow barber and beauty professionals to browse for rental spaces, filter them by location, date, licensed specialty, workspace type, amenities, and price range, rent space by the day, week, or occasion for a flat rate with no hidden fees or contracts, purchase optional liability insurance by the day, become part of a trusted community of industry professionals, connect with hosts through in-app messaging, and get around-the-clock customer service to assist with booking needs.

6. StyleSeat – Book Beauty & Salon Appointments

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StyleSeat is a marketplace for beauty and grooming professionals that enables new clients to find, explore, and book appointments. The booking platform helps professionals grow their revenue by exposing them to new clients and earning more for appointments.

For professionals, StyleSeat offers a number of unique growth features. Most professionals see a doubling of revenue in their first year through the platform. These features include promotion and exposure through StyleSeat’s marketing program, assistance in filling last-minute cancellations, payment for popular time slots, payment for no-shows or late cancellations, touchless credit card payments, up-front deposits, a professional online booking site with info about services and prices, bookings directly through Instagram, photo sharing, calendar and availability management, automatic appointment reminders, email marketing and promotions, client note and booking history tracking, and new client attraction through highlighting their best reviews.

For clients, StyleSeat offers a convenient way for discovering and booking beauty and barber appointments online. The platform offers browsing capabilities, photos and reviews, important pricing information, and appointment booking directly from the professional’s calendar. Features for clients include browsing photos of hairstyles and colors, never missing an appointment with helpful reminders, booking recurring appointments, finding a manicure at the last minute, browsing the directory for a better match, and more.

StyleSeat is essential for independent professionals, as it eliminates the need to waste more than ten hours a week on various administrative and business tasks. The platform offers an online service menu, self-scheduling by clients, 24/7 bookings and rescheduling, touchless payment acceptance, detailed sales reports, and payment for no-shows and late cancellations.

7. theCut: Barber Booking App

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theCut is a mobile platform designed for both barbers and clients, aiming to modernize the barbershop experience. The platform offers various features for barbers, including the ability to invite clients and manage their client list, organize all appointments in one place, set their location and availability to attract new clients and grow their business, and accept mobile payments.

For clients, theCut allows them to easily find and book their preferred barber or discover new ones. They can also pay for their haircut within the app using mobile payments and keep a gallery of their past cuts and styles to show their barber at their next appointment.

The platform promises to offer much more in the future, with new features currently in development.

8. Barber Shop – Hair Cut game

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The Barber Shop game invites players to become the most famous barber. With a variety of clients seeking unique haircuts and colors, players can unleash their creativity to satisfy their customers’ needs. There is even a chance to encounter celebrities within the shop. However, players must exercise caution not to disappoint their clients. As they progress, players can unlock numerous tools such as scissors, trimmers, and saws to enhance their skills and become the best.

The game is designed for easy and addictive gameplay, with a focus on following customer instructions to meet their specific preferences. With countless customers to discover, players can continually unlock new challenges to keep the game engaging. Additionally, the game boasts hundreds of original haircuts and beard designs to ensure that players never run out of ideas. By offering a range of stunning hair colors like blue, green, and brown, players can add a unique touch to their creations and match their customers’ styles.

Finally, the Barber Shop game offers the convenience of playing whenever and wherever players want. Whether at home or on the subway, it offers a fun and enjoyable experience that players can access easily.

9. Barber & Beauties – Salon Booking App

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Barber & Beauties is a salon booking app that enables users to discover and book beauty and salon appointments in their vicinity. The app allows users to filter by location, service type, and date to find exactly what they need. The app features a comprehensive list of professional beauty services, including haircuts, hair color, hair removal, nail treatments, face and skin treatments, massage, and makeup and styling, among others. Users can easily book barber and beauty appointments online, with 24/7 hours in-app booking for stylists near them.

The app’s features include the ability to scan shop QR codes and view salon menus, check offers and discounts on salons, and book appointments with barbers to ensure haircuts are always on schedule. Users receive notifications and recommendations for the best stylists in the area and appointment reminders straight to their phones. They can also see real-time calendars and book right then and there, with instant confirmation. Payment options include cash and more. Users can access past customer reviews and easily book and cancel appointments if plans change.