9 Free Beekeeping Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Free Beekeeping Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonBeekeeping has become an increasingly popular hobby in recent years, with people all over the world discovering the joys of tending to their own hives. With the rise of smartphone technology, there has been a growing demand for beekeeping apps that can offer guidance and assistance to beekeepers of all levels. This article will explore some of the best free beekeeping apps available for Android and iOS devices, highlighting their key features and benefits for aspiring and experienced beekeepers alike.

We have compiled a list of 9 Free Beekeeping Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

9 Free Beekeeping Apps For Android & iOS

1. HiveSmartHQ

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HiveSmartHQ is an application designed for beekeeping enthusiasts. The app does not require a login, subscription or display ads. All the features are available upon installation.

The app allows users to capture information about their beekeeping activities, including inspections (services), sales of honey and hives (if the user chooses to sell them). Users can keep track of the condition of each hive, population, queen, and overall health. The app also tracks the movement of hives between locations, honey box harvesting, honey yield, and revenue earned from selling honey. Also, the app provides point-of-origin tracking for the honey sold, right back to the individual hive if desired.

The app allows users to record the collection and sales of honeycomb, propolis, bee pollen, queens, queen cells, royal jelly, and other services provided like a pollination service. HiveSmartHQ includes useful summary views like the current hive inventory, comparative service history, and production summary. Users can track and compare Varroa test results over time. Additionally, the app has location mapping, equipment inventory, seasonal checklists, and action items.

HiveSmartHQ is customizable to fit the user’s region and specific requirements, and it only captures the level of detail that suits the situation. The app can be used anywhere, even in remote locations without phone coverage or internet access. For those who prefer not to use their device in the field, forms are available to record data on-site and update later when it’s convenient.

The app provides 100 service credits, and one inspection uses one credit, which is approximately a year’s worth of inspections for five hives or roughly five years for one hive. There is no time limit on the use of the credits. The first inspection for each hive is free, and thereafter it’s less than $0.07 (US) per inspection, and all other features are free.

2. InspectNext

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InspectNext is a tool that provides beekeepers with the ability to quickly and easily determine the optimal time to inspect their beehive. The tool allows users to manage all the necessary conditions to make an informed decision on when to perform the inspection. The software is designed to be user-friendly for beginners, yet advanced enough to satisfy the needs of veteran beekeepers.

InspectNext is the only solution that offers insights into whether a time slot is deemed Optimal, Viable or Inadvisable to inspect. This provides users with a clear indication of when it is best to perform an inspection. The tool also enables users to adjust the settings based on the bee hive shelter, temperature range, and other factors that may affect the inspection process.

Beekeepers can use InspectNext to adjust the conditions of their bee hive to ensure optimal performance. For instance, if the bee hive is partially sheltered, users can adjust the settings for more rain or wind. Similarly, if the bee hive is known to fare better in hot or cold temperatures, the temperature range can be adjusted to choose precise conditions. This level of customization ensures that the beehive is in the best possible condition for inspection.

3. Apiarist Beekeeper Assistant

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This input describes the key features of an application for beekeepers. The application is offered for free, without ads or subscriptions, and does not require any purchases. Users can manage an unlimited number of apiaries, beehives, inspections, and harvests, among other features. All data is stored on the user’s device and does not require an internet connection to work. The application allows users to take photos of their apiaries, beehives, and inspections, and provides accounting for revenues and expenses. Users can also plan work reminders and export and import their data. The application includes various dictionaries, flexible settings, a dashboard, and charts to visualize data.

4. HiveBloom

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HiveBloom is a software designed to aid beekeepers in managing their beehives. The platform offers a simple and effortless way of handling beehives ranging from backyard beekeeping to large scale apiaries. HiveBloom provides the capabilities to track beehives, log inspections, and keep bees healthy, and it comes with a free 30-day trial.

HiveBloom allows beekeepers to oversee multiple apiaries, add them to the map, and track an unlimited number of hives. By logging detailed inspections, beekeepers can easily view the status of their hives and ensure that their bees are healthy.

The software offers seamless cloud sync, enabling beekeepers to securely store their data on the cloud and have it automatically synced. HiveBloom has a subscription fee of $17.99 per year, which is equivalent to $1.50 per month.

HiveBloom features notifications that alert the beekeeper when their hives require inspection. The software also has an offline mode that enables the beekeeper to manage their bees online or offline, irrespective of their internet connection’s status.

HiveBloom generates QR codes that beekeepers can print and attach to their hives for quick access and identification. Additionally, beekeepers can tag their hives and use NFC to instantly access their hive.

HiveBloom is continuously working on new features to enhance the user experience. The software icons are made by Flat Icons, Smashicons, Freepik, and Nhor Phai from www.flaticon.com.

5. BeeScanning

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Beekeepers were informed that some users had been encountering login problems with the BeeScanning app. However, the problem was resolved as of December 1st. Users were encouraged to try the app and leave a review or rating.

BeeScanning is an app designed to quickly and accurately analyze the health of bee colonies. It uses AI technology to analyze bee images taken with a camera, allowing users to identify varroa mites and sick brood. The app aims to provide beekeepers with a fast and simple solution to monitor their hives for potential threats.

The app offers several features, including the ability to photograph bees on the comb and receive instant results for swift action and treatment. BeeScanning is free for up to two hives, with the option to subscribe for unlimited use.

6. Apiary Book

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Apiary Book is a mobile application that enables beekeepers to record information about their bees. With its user-friendly interface, beekeepers can create multiple apiaries, add work to be done, and track various activities such as colony movements, harvests, and veterinary check-ups. The app allows users to record information about the number, health, and maintenance of each bee family as well as hive details, queen information, inspections, feeding, and more. Users can also view their timeline, share their dashboard on social media, find routes to apiaries, and check current weather and forecast. Apiary Book supports multiple languages and offers features such as inventory, media gallery, hive weight recordings, and QR code or NFC tag for hive identification.

Apiary Book is a part of MindTheBees project, which aims to raise awareness about the importance of bees and promote interest in beekeeping among the youth. The project also focuses on educating the young generation about honey production and processing procedures. The app offers resources and support through its website, social media pages, and blog. Users can suggest new features or provide feedback to the developer through email.

7. Bee Hive Monitoring

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Hive scale and Hive-heart are two devices that offer beekeepers useful information for managing their hives. Both devices are universal for all types of bee hives and easy to use.

The Hive scale provides information on nectar flow per hour, day, week, and month, which is presented in both information and graph formats. The device also offers alerts for swarming, robbing, and theft, as well as information on whether supers are full and if winter feeding is required. Additionally, the device allows for the comparison of colony strength and productivity, and provides information on the number of bees.

The Hive-heart device offers information on the inside temperature, humidity, and sound of the hive, which is presented in both numbers and graph formats. The device also provides alerts for lost bee queens, swarming prediction three weeks, two weeks, and one week before, and robbing. Additionally, the device offers information on the strength of the colony in winter.

8. BoxyBEE

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BoxyBEE is a technology application designed to assist beekeepers in managing their apiaries in an innovative way. It caters to all categories of beekeepers and is designed to address three working procedures, namely, at hive level, at the hive body level, and at frame level. The application offers a graphical representation of the apiary and hives, which provides beekeepers with a quick overview of the current situation, enabling them to make informed decisions, thus saving time and money.

The BoxyBEE application is continuously being developed, and the team encourages users to contribute to the delivery process by providing suggestions, ideas, and reporting potential problems. This approach ensures that the application remains relevant and effective in meeting the needs of beekeepers.

In conclusion, the BoxyBEE application is designed to assist beekeepers in managing their apiaries effectively. It offers a graphical representation of the apiary and hives, making it easier for beekeepers to make informed decisions. The application is continuously being developed, and the team welcomes user contributions, ensuring that it remains relevant and effective in meeting the needs of beekeepers.

9. Intelligent Hives – Managing Your Apiary

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The BeeHUB application aims to assist beekeepers in managing their apiary with ease. The app allows users to store information regarding their bee colonies, inspections, diseases, and medications. The app eliminates the need to manually remember or write down this information on disappearing sheets. Therefore, beekeepers can easily access all the relevant information through the app at any time.

For an enhanced experience, BeeHUB offers an additional device that unlocks further app functionalities. By using this device, beekeepers can monitor hive conditions around the clock, regardless of their location. This feature enables users to detect anomalies early and take appropriate measures to address them.

The BeeHUB application is available to all users free of charge. The platform believes in supporting not only the bees but also beekeepers. By using BeeHUB, beekeeping can be brought into the 21st century, making it more efficient and convenient.