10 Best Free Caller ID Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Best Free Caller ID Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonCaller ID apps have become increasingly popular among smartphone users looking to easily identify incoming calls. With a vast array of options available for Android and iOS platforms, it can be difficult to determine which app stands out as the best. This article presents a comprehensive overview of the top free caller ID apps available for both operating systems, highlighting their unique features and benefits. Whether you’re someone who receives frequent calls from unknown numbers or simply looking to enhance your phone’s functionality, this guide can help you make an informed decision on the best caller ID app for your needs.

We have compiled a list of 10 Best Free Caller ID Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

10 Best Free Caller ID Apps For Android & iOS

1. Call Blocker Free – Blacklist and Whitelist

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Call Blocker is a mobile application that is designed to prevent unwanted calls, providing users with a quiet environment. It is considered one of the most effective apps for this purpose, as it allows users to block calls they do not want to answer. The app is lightweight and easy to use.

Some of the advantages of using Call Blocker include its lightweight design and user-friendliness. The app is easy to download and install, making it accessible to a wide range of users. Its simple interface also ensures that users can easily navigate through the app’s features.

Call Blocker offers several features to users, including multiple blocking modes, a blacklist feature, and a whitelist feature. With multiple blocking modes, users can choose the type of blocking that suits their needs. The blacklist feature allows users to add unwanted numbers to a list of blocked callers, while the whitelist feature enables users to add important phone numbers to a list of allowed callers.

The app also has a feature that helps to detect and stop one-ring phone scams, preventing possible phone scams. Additionally, Call Blocker provides users with three options to deal with prevented calls and sends notifications after blocking.

To ensure that the app remains functional, users are advised to add Call Blocker to their device’s battery’s background activity manager. This will prevent the app from being killed by the system and enable it to function optimally.

2. Clever Dialer – caller ID – block calls

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Clever Dialer caller ID is a mobile application that enables users to identify and block unknown callers, protecting them from spam and unwanted calls. The app cannot resolve suppressed phone numbers. The app is designed to protect the user’s privacy and that of their friends, and does not upload contact details to their servers. The app offers various features such as caller ID with a range of functions, automatic identification of unknown phone numbers, and real-time identification of unknown callers, among others. Additionally, the app offers spam identification, warns against cost traps and other annoying spam calls, and provides offline spam identification.

Clever Dialer has a feature that enables users to use telephone numbers of contacts to determine whether a restaurant offers online reservations or whether they can book an appointment online with a doctor or hairdresser. These numbers are not stored outside the mobile phone, and the feature is currently only available in selected countries. In addition, the app displays contacts in the speed dial and contacts list.

Clever Dialer’s spam recognition feature is its most important feature, as it helps identify unknown callers and block them. The app works with various partners to identify telephone numbers as spam and block them, even if the user is offline. With the call blocker feature, users can block any number they want, even their boss or ex-spouse. The app also enables users to review the caller straight after the call and leave comments, which helps warn against annoying spam callers more effectively.

Number recognition allows users to not only identify unknown spam numbers but also block unknown callers by adding the numbers to the Blocked list. This ensures that the app recognizes the caller and instantly blocks the call. Clever Dialer guarantees users that they treat their contact details responsibly and will never upload their data or disclose them in any other way. If users have any questions, problems or ideas, they can visit the app’s website or contact them directly.

3. Hiya: Caller ID & Spam Blocker

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Hiya is a protection app for smartphones that offers call blocking, fraud detection, and phone number lookup features. It is designed to provide reliable protection from fraud numbers and spoof calls, with an integrated caller ID that shows the true caller ID so users always know who’s on the other end of the line.

The app offers a spam call blocker that automatically blocks spam calls, hassle-free. It also provides a phone number lookup feature that gives real-time context on who’s calling, whether it’s a friend, robocaller, or fraud number. Additionally, Hiya offers automatic spam alerts and fraud detection, which warn users about incoming spam phone calls from fraud numbers, and allows users to report spoof calls to the Hiya community. The app also provides virus protection and phone security, as it detects fraud numbers for users, so they know when they’re being called by a scammer. Finally, Hiya enables users to manage contacts by adding names and addresses from Hiya to their phone book contacts.

Hiya’s advanced phone spam protection engine identifies and blocks any robocaller, telemarketers, debt collectors, and fraud calls, such as the neighbor spoofed call scam. The app also allows users to block spam calls and spoof calls automatically, making it easy to stop the “neighbor spoofing” calls from numbers that look similar to theirs. Furthermore, Hiya turns an unknown caller into a name, whether it’s a call from a business, friend, or potential spammer, and its global database of caller names and spam detection gives users real-time context on who’s calling.

The phone number lookup feature helps users identify a call from an unsaved contact, find out the true caller name, and determine whether a fraud number or robocaller is calling them. Finally, the app allows users to manage contacts by adding names and addresses from Hiya to their phone book contacts to keep them accurate, complete, and current.

4. Mr. Number – Caller ID & Spam Protection

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Mr. Number is a dialer application designed to help users block unwanted calls, identify and stop spam, scam, and fraud. It offers several features that include putting names to numbers when dialing out, blocking calls from one person, area code, or an entire country, and stopping telemarketers and debt collectors from wasting time. Additionally, it can intercept calls from private or unknown numbers and send them to voicemail. Users can also report spam calls to warn other users, and there is an automatic caller lookup for recent calls in the phone’s history so that users know who to block.

Mr. Number has received several recognitions, including being listed as one of the PCMag 100 Best Android Apps, being labeled as one of the most popular apps by the New York Times, and winning the Appy Award for Best Communications App.

Mr. Number is considered the most powerful call blocker in the market. It enables users to block calls from people, businesses, and hidden numbers. Additionally, users can browse comments from other users when they receive a spam call. The application also automatically blocks potential fraud and suspected spam calls.

5. Call Control: #1 Call Blocker

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Discover Call Control is a call and text blocker app that boasts over 12 million users and has a 4.4-star rating. The app is designed to block unwanted calls and messages, and also features a backup system for contacts. The app has recently been updated to include new and improved features such as blocking “spam likely” calls, and is compatible with STIR/SHAKEN. The app also has a personal blocklist feature, caller ID, and a smart dialer.

The app is capable of blocking a variety of flagged calls, including potential spam, spam likely, scam likely, and potential fraud calls. Call Control believes in giving users the right to defend themselves against unwanted calls and messages. The app offers extreme call and SMS blocking capabilities, automatically blocking calls from thousands of known robocallers and spammers.

Users can also add numbers to their personal blacklist to prevent them from calling or messaging. The app’s caller ID feature ensures that users always know who is calling them. The app also includes features such as local backups, wildcard blocking support, and personal block and allow lists.

Call Control requires certain permissions to function properly, such as becoming the default phone and SMS handler. The company is committed to maintaining high ethical standards and respecting user privacy, and uses permissions only to enable the app to function as specified by the user. A full explanation of the app’s permissions and how they are used can be found on the company’s website.

6. Me – Caller ID Spam Protection

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Me™ is an Android app that offers caller ID and spam protection. It also acts as a social network for contacts, allowing users to reconnect with old friends and colleagues. Me™ provides users with the ability to see who has saved their contact information and how they named them. The app includes a powerful T9 dialer, call log, favorites, and contacts. Users can set Me™ as their default dialer for maximum protection.

Me™ features a smart caller ID with bubble support that can identify billions of numbers. It is the only caller ID needed for identifying callers, with real-time alerts against robocalls, spam, and fraud callers. Me™ also allows users to send WhatsApp messages, emails, texts, and more during a call. Additionally, users can watch their close friends’ distance when they call, enable flash on incoming calls, and have the caller’s name spoken aloud. The app also reads users’ comments on callers.

The app does not require users to save contacts to send WhatsApp messages, eliminating the need for unnecessary contacts. Me™ offers full 360° spam protection and blocking, with tools to identify, block, and filter spam callers. The app updates its spam records 24/7 and provides real-time caller ID for spam calls. Users can report or block spammers, robocalls, fraud, and scam nuisance numbers. They can also block all incoming calls from specific countries.

Me™ allows users to see a list of the names people use when saving their phone number in their contacts. The app also notifies users of any updates made to their contacts. Users can identify phone numbers and access all their non-contacts in one place. Me™ offers advanced phone number search capabilities and categorizes results with smart tags.

Users can explore their friends’ profiles and those of other callers. The app allows users to reveal mutual contacts, write comments, watch recent social network posts, birthdays, add notes, and more.

7. Showcaller – Caller ID & Block

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Showcaller is a free caller ID app that specializes in identifying true caller ID names and regions, unknown incoming calls, and avoiding spam, scams, telemarketing, and robocalls. More than 50 million people trust Showcaller. The app is simple, fast, and safe and works even when offline.

The app is the most accurate and easy-to-use Full Screen Caller ID app that can help you instantly identify incoming calls that are not in your contact list. You can see the true caller ID name of the person who is calling. Additionally, you can get free spam call alerts and block spam phone calls automatically. The app also features a simple and smart auto spam alert. The app is powered by a database of a billion phone numbers and millions of Showcaller users who depend on the app daily.

Showcaller is an excellent choice due to its several features. Caller ID can automatically identify incoming calls that are not in your contacts. Once a result is found, you can add it directly to your phone book, contacts, and number book. The app shows you the true caller ID name and region. You can find out who called you and block unwanted calls. Additionally, the app features a call blocker and spam detection tool that blocks phone numbers from known spammers or unwanted callers. Automatic spam alerts warn you about incoming spam phone calls from fraud numbers and help you say goodbye to telemarketers, robocallers, scammers, fraud, sales, and more. You can also report spoof calls to the Showcaller community.

Showcaller features a call recorder/call recording tool that can automatically record any incoming and outgoing calls with clear HD quality recording on both sides. You can enable automatic recording mode and use the true call recorder manage your recording files, listen to the recording, add notes, and share it. The app also features a smart phone dialer that offers fast T9 search in your recent calls and contacts.

8. Truecaller: Caller ID & Spam

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Truecaller is a caller identification app that offers protection from unwanted phone numbers, including fraudsters, telemarketers and spam calls and SMS. The app provides a variety of features to block and detect spam calls and SMS efficiently. The spam list is updated in real-time by millions of people across the world. Users can also take advantage of advanced blocking options for blocking countries, similar phone number sequences, and more. The app automatically identifies and blocks unknown, spam, or telemarketing SMS.

Truecaller offers organized tabs for SMS that are automatically sorted into Personal, Important, Other and Spam categories. The app’s caller identification feature is one of its most popular functionalities, and it automatically identifies incoming calls that are not in the user’s contacts. The Caller ID feature tells the user if an unknown caller is a business or spam. Additionally, the app offers the option to use Voice calling to talk to friends on Truecaller for free.

Truecaller assures users that it does not upload their phonebook to make it public or searchable. The app is trusted by 270 million users globally and is committed to making communication safer. Users can provide feedback to the app’s support team by writing to support@truecaller.com or by visiting http://truecaller.com/support.

9. Whoscall – Caller ID & Block

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Whoscall is a phone app that provides Caller ID and Block functions. It is known for its identification of incoming calls and SMS, and the blocking of malicious spam calls and SMS. The app is powered by a database with over 1 billion numbers. Whoscall is an official partner with Taiwan National Police Administration. It provides a fully functional phone feature, including calls, SMS, and Anti-Spam, all in one app to manage calls and messages.

Whoscall offers a Trustworthy phone app that identifies unknown calls, enables users to pick up important calls by knowing who is calling, blocks spam calls to avoid disturbance during quality time, has a built-in dialer, and provides an all-in-one Whoscall Call Interface to identify incoming and outgoing calls. The app also provides Safe and secure SMS features, including a conversation page to chat with anyone on the Whoscall conversation page, identification of unknown messages, and blocking of all annoying messages.

The app has a Community-based data updated by millions of users worldwide. Its Rich Caller Data includes over 1 billion numbers of data from the global community. Users can identify callers without internet access by downloading the offline database. Whoscall Premium offers an Offline Database Extension, which allows users to get premium offline database and have total control of their callers. It also has an auto-update feature for the offline database and is ad-free.

According to Google Policy, users need to set Whoscall as their default caller ID and spam app and default phone app to activate the Block and Whoscall Call Interface function. All authorized permission will only be used internally for Whoscall to provide better service. Up to Android 6.0 versions, users need to request permission on SMS, Phone, Contacts, and Draw over other apps. Whoscall welcomes inquiries and suggestions from users and can be reached at service@gogolook.com.

10. CIA – Caller ID & Call Blocker

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CIA – Caller ID is an application designed to help users identify unknown numbers on incoming calls, block unwanted calls, and receive warnings about spam/scam calls based on numbers reported by millions of users worldwide. With CIA, users can identify anonymous callers, whether they are business or personal numbers. The application provides a database that identifies contact data for more than 1.5 billion numbers worldwide, allowing users to block phone numbers and add them to their own personal blacklist.

CIA’s features include real-time caller ID that allows users to always know who is calling. Users can slide the caller ID up or down the screen, tap to minimize, or swipe to dismiss during calls. Smart call actions allow users to mute or block calls, reject calls with predefined text messages, or set a call-back reminder. The call blocker feature blocks calls from telemarketers and other scam/spam callers. Additionally, the spam warning feature provides warnings for more than 1 million spam numbers worldwide.

The application also allows users to search numbers and identify the name, address, or business information of who is behind a strange telephone number. If a user calls a company and the phone number is busy, CIA will suggest similar alternatives. Backup contacts prevent the loss of a contact’s phone number, while contact shortcuts provide multiple ways to handle contacts on after-call screens. Furthermore, CIA integrates with multiple data sources such as Yelp!, Facebook, Tripadvisor, Google Places, White Pages, and Yellow Pages worldwide to provide faster and more precise results.