5 Free Distorted Face Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Free Distorted Face Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonThere has been a recent surge in the popularity of free distorted face apps for Android and iOS platforms. These applications have gained momentum due to their ability to manipulate images and videos in a fun and entertaining way. Their user-friendly interface and simple navigation have made them accessible to a wide range of users. This technical advancement has revolutionized the way individuals interact with media, allowing them to create and share humorous and artistic content with ease. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of these free distorted face apps available on various app stores.

We have compiled a list of 5 Free Distorted Face Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

5 Free Distorted Face Apps For Android & iOS

1. Face Distortion – Screw Up Your Face

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This app offers a feature called “Face distortion” which allows users to bend and distort their photos for humorous purposes. Users can select from eight different effects, including pinch, bump, linear distortion, hole distortion, glitch, and twirl face, to create funny faces. The app aims to be the easiest and most astonishing face look changer for users to prank and laugh.

The app’s key features include the ability to compose funny puckered lips, ugly faces, and twirl faces of friends by bending and distorting their faces. Users can also use the app to make themselves appear funny, buff up their image, or enlarge body parts. The app’s finger touch technology allows for easy deformation, warping, movement, stretching, and distortion of any image.

The app encourages users to indulge in creating several pounds of fat morph faces or giving them a touch of humor. Additionally, the app has a range of funny stickers for users to add to their images. Users can post their distorted images on Facebook, share them via email, or send them via MMS.

2. Face Changer 2

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The Face Changer 2 app has been updated and is available for use. The app boasts over 50 million happy users and has been named the #1 Top Trending App of Global Best 2016 by Google Play. Users can take a picture of themselves or import photos from their camera gallery, Facebook, Instagram, or use stock photos and web search.

Users can swap faces between friends and favorite characters, morph heads, add face parts, funny hats, silly glasses, and hundreds of accessories, stickers, backgrounds, and more. The PhotoBooth feature allows users to become anyone they want and play with fun quizzes, games, funny photos stacks, and more.

The app allows users to share their funniest masterpieces with friends and family. The main features of the app include face swap, morph faces, face parts, stickers, fuse, instant replay, and more. Users can add text or draw on top of the photo, add makeup, add stickers, use the clone tool, and so much more. Users can share the image or the video with their friends.

3. Face Warp – Funny Photo Editor

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The Face Warp – Funny Photo Editor app is designed for creating amusing photos with unique effects. Users can take a photo and manipulate it with various tools to warp, bend, and distort it. The app also allows users to enlarge or shrink body parts and add weight to friends’ photos. A streamlined UI makes it easy to use, and it is responsive even on older devices.

Features include a Warp Tool that moves pixels as the cursor drags them, the ability to use pinch-zoom for detailed editing, and a Face Warp Tool. Users can also employ the Pinch and Bloat tools to make funny caricatures of their friends.

This app provides fitness editing capabilities by allowing users to create funny photos that make subjects appear skinnier or fatter. The Face and Body Editor and Slimming Photo Apps also offer shape editing and body shaping options for photos. Users can also utilize funny face filters and effects, face-changing apps, and a camera face changer.

The app creates humorous facial expressions without requiring users to make a grimace. Photo filters produce funny faces on the screen, and it includes a Face Slimmer Photo Editor. The Face Warp Editor applies funny face warp effects, and the app includes the capability to warp a talking face. Additionally, it has a Face Warp for Girls feature and Face Warp Live.

Users can download the Face Warp – Funny Photo Editor app and provide a review.

4. Face & Body Warp & Agingbooth

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The Morpface application is a photo editing tool that allows users to manipulate images and modify their appearance. With this app, users can transform themselves and their friends into unrecognizable and hilarious characters with just a few clicks. The app provides various features such as inflation, deflation, liquefaction and aging that enable users to become a completely new person.

Users can alter their physique by becoming thinner or thicker, adding smaller and beautiful noise on their face, increasing their breasts or hips, and simulating the effects of passing years on their face and skin. The app is available for download, and users can be their own plastic surgeon within minutes. The app supports the use of photographs from phone galleries, cameras or Facebook albums, and has a user-friendly interface.

Morpface offers various features including face or body deformation on photographs with one finger, aging with time machine, gaining or losing weights in seconds, lengthening or shortening, trying on different types of glasses, hats, beards and mustaches, liquefying photographs like play dough, and applying Photoshop effects on faces and bodies. Additionally, users can compare before and after modifications and share their final photograph on phone galleries, email or Facebook.

The app is available on Facebook at http://facebook.com/dodisoft.

5. Funny Face Effects

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The funny face changer app is designed to create amusing face effects that can range from making faces look fat, bald, or ugly, among others. The app offers an easy-to-use changer that allows users to warp, move, stretch, and distort any image with their fingers to create their own warped face.

Users can also import photos from their photo gallery, camera, or Facebook account. The app is compatible with Facebook, and users can post their creations on the platform or share them via email or MMS.

This funny face changer app can be applied to the faces of friends or anyone else who wants to have fun with their pictures.