9 Free Live Photo Filters Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Free Live Photo Filters Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonLive photo filters have become increasingly popular among smartphone users. These apps offer a range of filters that can be applied to photos and videos in real-time, allowing users to enhance their images and create unique visual effects. Many free live photo filter apps are available for Android and iOS devices, each with their own set of features and capabilities. This article provides an overview of some of the best free live photo filter apps available for Android and iOS users.

We have compiled a list of 9 Free Live Photo Filters Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

9 Free Live Photo Filters Apps For Android & iOS

1. BeautyPlus

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BeautyPlus is a popular selfie camera and photo editor app that has been used by over 800 million people globally. The app aims to help users take gorgeous photos and touch them up using robust editing tools. The app comes with several features, including an auto-beautification tool, over 30 editing tools, and professional results to ensure users achieve their desired photo outcome.

The app makes taking beautiful natural selfies and videos an easy task. With BeautyPlus, users can instantly take great selfies while also being able to touch up their photos. The app offers several features such as removing acne, pimples, and blemishes, whitening teeth, brightening eyes, slimming the face and body, reshaping the nose, adding makeup, removing unwanted objects, adding filters and special effects, and more to enhance photos.

BeautyPlus also has a powerful photo editor that offers various editing functions, including removing unwanted objects from photos, auto-enhancing photos, adding depth with a blur tool, collage, magic brush, mosaic, disperse, vintage, rotate, crop, and more. Additionally, the app offers several effects, such as adding text, stickers, doodle pen, filters, AR stickers, and makeup to enhance natural beauty.

The app also features a beauty selfie camera that offers real-time retouch, customizable beauty solutions, and natural and stylish makeup effects. The app can detect and edit multiple faces at once, making it perfect for taking fun selfies with friends using AR stickers.

BeautyPlus is available for free and can be downloaded from the app store. Users can also share their photos and feedback with the app through Instagram and Facebook or reach out for support via email.

2. Sweet Face Camera

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Sweet Snap Face Camera is a popular app used by over 100 million people worldwide and was named the Best Face App of the Year on Google Play. The app offers various live camera filters, stickers, and funny effects, including cute animal face filters like the Snapchat dog filter, cat filter, rabbit filter, and 2021 trendy photo filters. Additionally, the app offers funny and cute stickers, such as angel wings, to enhance the user’s picture-taking experience.

Users can take wonderful pictures with Sweet Snap Face Camera and share them with friends and family on popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter. The app offers over 2800 special cute animal face stickers like Vocation stickers, Cute Animal stickers, Tattoo sticker, Beard stickers, and many more. Users can take sweet selfies, shoot videos, and add some fun to their pictures with the cute animal stickers and emojis. The app also offers funny camera effects for kids, making it a great entertainment tool for families.

Sweet Snap Face Camera offers various face filters, including food, scenery, and portrait filters, that can make every selfie photo amazing. The app’s face camera automatically enhances the user’s selfie by smoothing their skin, V-shaping their face, and even applying auto-makeup. Users can choose one camera filter that best fits their style.

The app offers real-time beauty effects that allow users to get flawless skin, sparkly eyes, and other beauty features in just one tap. Users can retouch their photos using the app’s fabulous camera beauty effects, including the beautiful angel effect, princess effect, or other funny beauty effects. Additionally, the app provides various popular makeup selfie effects that make selfies mesmerizing, even without makeup.

Users can easily share their high-quality photos and videos on popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Messenger, YouTube, and Snapchat right from the Sweet Snap Face Camera app.

3. B612

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B612 is a camera and photo/video editing app that offers a variety of free features and tools to enhance users’ moments. The app provides trendy effects, filters, and stickers that are updated on a daily basis.

Some of the main features of B612 include the ability to create customized filters and share them with friends. The app’s filters are easy to complete with just a few touches, and users can also discover creative and diverse filters created by other B612 users.

B612’s camera function is also notable, with the option to apply real-time filters and beauty effects to capture every moment. Users can also enjoy daily updated AR effects and seasonal exclusive trendy filters to enhance their photos.

Overall, B612 provides a comprehensive set of tools and features to make every photo and video more special.

4. Camera Effects and Filters

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Camera Effects & Photo Filters is a photo editor app that offers various photo filters, photo effects, and camera filters. The app claims to have included the most popular photo effects and camera filters based on detailed research. Users can download the app to access camera filters and image effects for editing their photos.

The app provides an easy way for users to edit their photos, add camera filters, and use live photo effects. The photo editor app promises to turn users’ selfies and photos into like-machines with its unique photo filters and effects. Users can enjoy being awesome and having fun with this app.

Camera Effects & Photo Filters offers several features such as live camera filters and photo effects, multiple photo filter options, timer, flash mode, back and selfie camera effects, gallery options, and sharing options for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. The app also provides the best hashtags for maximum likes.

The app claims to have the magic of cool photo effects and well-selected camera filters that can make selfies and photos look amazing. With this photo editor app, users can easily enhance their photos and never have to worry about how they look on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Camera Effects & Photo Filters is © of AppsForIG 2019, and all rights are reserved. The photographs used for the icon and screenshots of the application are under Creative Commons Licence. The app is not affiliated, sponsored, or endorsed by Instagram LLC. Users can contact the developers at appsforig@gmx.com for any questions or concerns regarding the license.

5. Instagram

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Instagram from Facebook is a social media platform that allows users to connect with friends, share updates, and explore new content from all over the world. The platform’s main feature is its ability to bring users closer to the people and things they love.

Users can add photos and videos to their Instagram stories, which disappear after 24 hours, and enhance them with fun creative tools. They can also message their friends directly, start conversations about content on their feed and stories, and post photos and videos to their profile feed.

Instagram also offers features to help users learn more about their interests. Users can check out IGTV for longer videos from their favorite creators, discover new accounts in Explore, and even shop products from brands and small businesses that align with their personal style.

Overall, Instagram provides a platform for users to express themselves, connect with friends, and explore content that is relevant to their interests.

6. Snapchat

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Snapchat is a social media platform that aims to provide a fast and enjoyable way for people to share moments with their friends and family. The app offers several features that allow users to express themselves creatively and stay in touch with their loved ones.

One of the main functionalities of Snapchat is the Camera, which opens immediately upon launching the app. Users can take photos or record videos by tapping or holding the screen. The app also offers a variety of Lenses, Filters, and Bitmoji to enhance the user’s content.

Another feature of Snapchat is its chat system, which enables users to communicate with each other in real-time or share their day with Group Stories. Additionally, Snapchat allows up to 16 people to participate in Video Chats, complete with Lenses and Filters. Friendmojis, exclusive Bitmoji made specifically for two people, are also available to enhance communication.

Snapchat’s Stories feature allows users to see the day’s events unfold for their friends and the broader Snapchat community. The app shows Stories based on users’ interests and offers breaking news and exclusive Original Shows.

Spotlight is a feature that showcases the best of Snapchat, enabling users to submit their Snaps or watch others’ content. Users can pick their favorites and share them with friends.

The Map feature allows users to share their location with friends or go off the grid with Ghost Mode. Users can see their friends’ locations and explore live Stories from the community nearby or around the world.

Memories is a tool that enables users to save unlimited photos and videos of their favorite moments. They can edit and send old memories to friends or save them to their Camera Roll. Users can also create Stories from their favorite Memories to share with friends and family.

Friendship Profile is a feature that provides a unique profile for each friendship, showcasing the moments they’ve saved together. Users can discover new things they have in common with Charms, such as how long they’ve been friends, their astrological compatibility, and more.

7. YouCam Fun

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The YouCam Fun app offers a variety of festive holiday filters for users to enjoy. These include the ability to turn oneself into Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, Santa Claus or a Christmas elf, as well as celebratory New Year’s filters. Additionally, users can access animated stickers and try out augmented reality filters that transform them into princesses or provide a Happy Birthday cake experience.

One of the key features of YouCam Fun is its ability to provide real-time filters, animated stickers, motion stickers and picture effects for users to create fun selfie videos and photos. The app also offers live stickers and effects, photo effects, selfie and video effects, and fun pic effects, frames, and more.

Users can easily share their creations with friends through the app and apply live filters and stickers to their faces for added creativity. The app can be downloaded for free, with video recording available for Android 5.0 devices with 1GB RAM and above.

Perfect Corp., the company behind YouCam Fun, encourages feedback from users and provides contact information for questions, suggestions, and ideas. The app can be found on the Perfect Corp. website or on Facebook.

8. YouCam Makeup

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YouCam Makeup is a virtual makeover and selfie retouch editing app that allows users to take and edit photos. With the app, users can try beauty camera makeup filters from top brand beauty products, and dye their hair without visiting a salon using the hair color changer. The retouch tools enable a full face makeover for eyes, nose, and lips plumping, as well as teeth whitening, airbrush skin, smooth skin, and face tune selfies in seconds.

The app is designed to be the best makeup editor for cosplay makeup, costume makeup, eyeliner, eyelashes, contour, blush, eyebrows, and more. YouCam Makeup Core Features include Perfect Selfie Filters, Live Makeup Cam, Retouch & Airbrush Face Tune, Hair Makeover & Hair Color Changer, Real-Time AR Makeovers, Selfie Editor & Beauty Cam, and AI Detect Skincare Cam.

The app also includes features like Airbrush Flawless Skin & Retouch Face Editor, Selfie Editor & Selfie Filters, Face Editor, Face Shaper, Contour & Highlight, Foundation & Blush, Blemish Removal & Concealer, and Color Hair & Hair Makeover with Ombré Hair color. Top beauty brands to try before buying are also available, and users can try luxury makeup products before shopping.

Eye makeup & eyebrow selfie filters are present with Eyebrow Remover & Eyebrow Editor, Red-Eye Remover & Eye Brightener, Eye Color Editor, Eye Shadow Editor, Eye Lashes Editor, Eyeliner Editor, Eye Bag & Dark Circle Remover, and Eye Tuner. The app also offers Skin Health Analysis, including Skincare Analysis & Skin Diary, Personalized Skin Regimen & Recommendation, Skincare Test, and Consultation with Dermatologist.

Lips features include Lipstick & Lip gloss, Lip Reshape, Teeth Whitener, Smile Editor, and Lip art selfie filters for make-up games.

9. FaceArt Selfie Camera

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FaceArt is a camera editor that offers a variety of photo editing tools, including a photo editor and pic collage maker. Users can take selfies with face cam using animal effects such as dog and cat filters. The app allows users to edit their images, retouch their selfies with natural makeup, and explore photo filters. Users can add grime art stickers and text to personalize their selfies. FaceArt also offers PIP camera effects, animal stickers, and live animal effects. The app is user-friendly and offers a PicsArt experience.

FaceArt offers a Face Live Selfie Camera that allows users to snap selfies or videos with funny selfie camera filters. Users can try photo filters and effects on their faces instantly, including animal filters for pictures, selfie camera filters, and animal stickers.

Users can use hilarious face cam effects like unicorn filters, dog filters, and cat filters. FaceArt offers cool sunglasses, freckles effect, angel effect, and floral crowns for users to wear in their selfies. Users can try on cheeky rabbit and deer face filters.

FaceArt offers cute stickers such as dog ears, dog tongues, emojis, and floral crowns. The app has over 1000 stickers, including grime art stickers.

The app also offers PIP camera effects that allow users to integrate their own pics into free photo templates. Users can see their pictures in a raindrop, glass bottle, or an aquarium. Users can also replace the foreground or background of their pics, apply filters separately, and add stickers and emojis.

FaceArt is a free photo editor that allows users to choose a specific area of their pictures and change its color instantly. The app offers filters for every occasion, such as summer and Father’s Day.

FaceArt has a Pic Collage Maker that allows users to remix their images, choose up to 15 pictures, and arrange them in templates such as a heart or a grid.