7 Free Medical Terminology Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Free Medical Terminology Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonThis article discusses the availability of medical terminology applications for Android and iOS platforms. These apps aim to provide healthcare professionals and students with a mobile resource for quick and easy access to medical terminology information. The article provides an overview of the features commonly found in such apps, including search functionality, audio pronunciation, and interactive quizzes. Additionally, the article examines the benefits and potential drawbacks of using medical terminology apps, and offers considerations for selecting the most suitable app for individual needs.

We have compiled a list of 7 Free Medical Terminology Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Free Medical Terminology Apps For Android & iOS

1. Medical Terminology and Abbreviations

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This app boasts a sizable collection of over 1000 terms and abbreviations, designed to facilitate quick and easy comprehension of complex medical jargon. It features hundreds of helpful prefixes and suffixes to aid in the understanding of more intricate terms.

In the event that a user is unable to locate a specific term within the pre-existing library, the app allows for personalization by enabling the creation of new terminology. This function enables customization of the already extensive collection.

The app is suitable for students and care providers seeking an accessible resource for the acquisition and understanding of medical terminology.

2. Medical Dictionary – Healthcare Terminology

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Medical Dictionary by Farlex is a free app that offers instant access to over 180,000 definitions of medical terminology and more than 12,000 images from reliable sources including McGraw-Hill and Houghton Mifflin. The app is aimed at healthcare professionals such as physicians, nurses, and medical students, as well as anyone who wishes to learn more about healthcare terminology. The app contains entries on various disciplines including anatomy, diseases, drugs, treatments, tests and procedures, pathology, physiology, medical research topics, dentistry, ophthalmology, nursing, and alternative medicine.

Users can search for over 180,000 medical terms from top sources and access over 40,000 entries offline. The app also allows users to view over 12,000 images, including detailed photos, diagrams, and X-rays. Additionally, users can find meanings for thousands of medical abbreviations and acronyms, get information on over 4,000 over-the-counter and prescription drugs in a comprehensive drug guide, and play over 50,000 audio pronunciations for both American and British speakers in online mode.

Medical Dictionary by Farlex offers several features to enhance user experience, including the ability to add unlimited bookmarks, use native voice search to look up a word just by saying it (with supported devices), view search suggestions as you type, use advanced searches like “Starts with,” “Ends with,” and more, and see your recent searches. The app also allows users to share dictionary pages via social networks, email, and text (with supported devices).

The app is user-friendly, comprehensive, and authoritative, making it the perfect free medical app for doctors, nurses, medical education students, and health care consumers. There is no “locked” content, and users can immediately access all content without any subscriptions. TheFreeDictionary.com – Farlex apps have been downloaded tens of millions of times across multiple platforms, with top ratings after hundreds of thousands of reviews.

3. Medscape

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Medscape is an online platform catering to physicians and healthcare professionals worldwide. It offers a personalized experience through its app, which provides the latest medical news, expert commentary, drug and disease information, relevant professional education, and CME/CE activities. The app is available for free, allowing users to access information whenever they need it.

One of Medscape’s latest features is Medscape Decision Point, which offers evidence-based treatment options and expert commentary. It supports multiple specialties such as Allergy, Cardiology, Dermatology, Hematology/Oncology, and Neurology.

The app also provides access to over 400 medical calculators, organized by specialty for easier use. Users can also utilize other resources such as the Drug Interaction Checker, Pill Identifier, step-by-step procedural videos, and more. It offers the latest prescribing and safety information on over 8500 prescription and OTC drugs, herbals, and supplements.

Medscape’s tailored newsfeed allows users to read the latest medical news and expert commentary in their specialty. It also provides updates on FDA approvals, conference news, late-breaking clinical trial data, and more. Users can earn free CME/CE credits and ABIM MOC points through the app and monitor their progress with the built-in Activity Tracker.

Medscape offers the largest network for physicians and medical students with Consult. Users can access the app with their Medscape account, and those without one can sign up for free during the download process. The Medscape team welcomes feedback and encourages users to contact them at medscapemobile@webmd.net.

4. Skyscape Medical Library

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The Skyscape Medical Library app offers a decision-support tool for healthcare professionals with access to over 400 resources from leading publishers, authors, and medical societies. The app was originally released over 20 years ago and has been trusted by over 2.6 million healthcare professionals to access medical resources at the point of care.

The app offers over 400 virtual resources from more than 35 publishers and content providers, including premium resources such as medical dictionaries, drug guides, and clinical handbooks. The app also includes Skyscape Rx, Skyscape Clinical Calculator, Skyscape Clinical Consult, and Skyscape MedBeats, all for free.

The app offers patented powerful tools such as SmartLink, content updates, SmartSearch, audio pronunciations of medical terms, integrated calculators, flowcharts, full-color images, and a signs and symptoms index. These tools help turn information into action at the point of care.

Skyscape customer support is available by email or phone to help users get up and running.

5. Taber’s Medical Dictionary

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Taber’s Medical Dictionary has released its 24th edition, featuring more than 75,000 terms, 1,300 photos, 33,700 audio pronunciations, 130 videos, and 600+ Patient Care Statements. It is widely used by healthcare professionals across the world.

The dictionary offers information on nutrition and alternative therapy, medical abbreviations, symbols and units of measurement, immunization schedules, and more. It goes beyond in-depth definitions to provide critical medical information quickly and easily.

The purchase includes access to the updated Tabers.com website, which offers the full dictionary, illustrations, audio pronunciations, and more. The website also features an Enhanced Search function to help users find topics quickly, and a Favorites option to ‘bookmark’ important entries.

The dictionary’s features include 75,000+ in-depth definitions, 1,300+ high-quality images and 130+ videos, and over 33,700 audio pronunciations. It also includes often-searched appendices with Medical Abbreviations, Laboratory Values, Alternative Medicine, Acronyms, and more.

Donald Venes, MD, MSJ, FACP serves as the Editor of Taber’s Medical Dictionary, which is published by F.A. Davis and powered by Unbound Medicine. The purchase of the dictionary includes one year of web access to Taber’s official website.

6. Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary

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The Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary, now in its 32nd edition, has been relied upon by healthcare professionals for over 110 years. This user-friendly reference allows users to understand and utilize all medical terminology in current usage, providing definitions of over 120,000 entries and 1500 illustrations. The latest edition includes a new Home page, a sleeker interface, and faster search capabilities, among other features.

In addition to its extensive database of medical terms, the Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary also includes advanced search and language tools. Intelligent search integrates several search tools to match or suggest the user’s intended search term, including search autocomplete, keyword lookup, and camera search. Additional learning tools are also available, such as the ability to create custom folders of frequently used words and a “Word of the day” feature.

The trial version of the Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary is fully functional for 30 days, after which users may purchase the full version. The full version provides permanent access to all features, offline mode, and premium support for any app-related issues, as well as an ad-free experience.

7. Oxford Medical Dictionary

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The Journal of the Institute of Health Education highlighted the usefulness of the medical dictionary as “No home should be without one”. This dictionary is a popular and leading reference guide containing more than 12,000 entries that cover all aspects of medical science. A team of medical experts wrote the entries, which are accessible and free of jargon. Moreover, it includes over 140 illustrations and diagrams. The 8th edition has been updated to cover changes in the fast-moving field. Entries on techniques and equipment, drugs, general medical practice, health service organization, and treatment have been reviewed and updated, where necessary.

The recent edition of the dictionary has been expanded in many areas, with special attention paid to pharmacology, obstetrics and gynaecology, paediatrics, ethics, nephrology, and psychiatry. With over a million copies sold in previous editions, the dictionary is an essential reference guide for students, medical and allied professionals, as well as the general reader who needs an invaluable home reference guide.

The dictionary also comes with several advanced search and language tools that have become the staple of quality language apps from MobiSystems, Inc. The Tap to Translate feature allows users to look up words in any other Android app. The app also features four colorful new themes. Additionally, it offers several search tools to match or suggest words, such as search autocomplete, keyword lookup, and camera search. The app also has learning tools, such as the Favorites option, Recent list, and Word of the day option that allows users to learn a new word every day.

The app features a 30-day trial version with complete functionality. For more features, users can upgrade to the premium version, which includes permanently unlocking the complete features list, offline mode, priority support, and no in-app advertisements.