9 Free Open World Games For Android

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Download the Free Open World Games For Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonOpen World Games are a popular genre of video games that allow players to explore virtual environments and complete various tasks at their own pace. With the increasing popularity of mobile gaming, users can now enjoy open world games on their Android devices. This market offers access to numerous free open world games, allowing players to enjoy immersive experiences without spending a dime. These games offer a range of features, including expansive maps, interesting storylines, and challenging missions, making them a great source of entertainment for gamers of all ages. In this article, we will explore some of the best free open world games available for Android devices.

We have compiled a list of 9 Free Open World Games For Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

9 Free Open World Games For Android

1. MapleStory M – Open World MMORPG

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MapleStory M is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that allows players to experience the nostalgic world of MapleStory on their mobile devices. The game has classic MapleStory Explorers such as Dark Knight, Bow Master, Night Lord, Bishop, and Corsair. Additionally, new Explorers are available such as Shadower, Hero, and Arch Mage. Players can compete with friends, level up, and become the first to achieve the fourth job. Multiplayer raids are available, where players can recruit the best players for their guild and defeat epic bosses together.

The latest update added Pathfinder, an archer who imbues her attacks with ancient power. She chains her skills to charge her Relic Gauge and unleash even more power. Players can take advantage of the new growth events and adventure with Pathfinder. Additionally, the new commander, Arkarium, can be challenged. Lachelein, the Dreaming City, is now available via the Arcane Power Field, for even more EXP acquisition. The Winter Happyville event is also available for players to celebrate their favorite MapleStory memories.

MapleStory M features an open world anime MMORPG with live game events. Players can create anime-styled characters and enjoy an endless variety of cosmetic decorations. Fantasy role-playing game elements are also included, with open world cities such as Henesys, Perion, Kerning City, Elinia, and more. Battle monsters and explore the fantasy world of MapleStory. Multiplayer RPG Fighting Game elements include battle mode, where players can compete with others from around the world in Level Ranking, Mu Lung Dojo, and more. Multiplayer guilds are also available, where players can team up with friends to raid challenging epic bosses. Battle against MapleStory’s iconic raid boss, Zakum, and join a raid party with up to 10 players for exclusive rewards.

2. Sky: Children of the Light

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Sky: Children of the Light is a social adventure game created by the makers of Journey and Flower. The game’s objective is to bring lost stars back home by exploring the enchanted world of Sky. The game is set in an open-world MMORPG environment, where players can play together, team up to uncover secrets, and create new bonds with other players from around the world.

The game’s narrative follows the Children of Light, who spread hope and light throughout the kingdom, returning the fallen stars to their homes in the constellations. The game is divided into 7 dreamlike realms, each with its own unique story adventure, season, and event. Players can meet new characters, unlock unique stories, and level up their characters by customizing their hair, clothing, color schemes, and other items like Winged Light.

One of Sky’s main features is its positive and relaxing gameplay experience. Players can explore the world to save spirits in each constellation and set them free, and adventure into darker realms to uncover ancient treasures. The game is designed to promote genuine human connections, with players able to team up with friends or make new ones from all over the world. Players can gift candles of light to share appreciation and grow friendships in every realm.

Sky is an ever-expanding open world with new upcoming attractions, seasonal events, and expansions of realms. The game’s environment is beautifully animated, with spirits and their stories leading players through the peaceful world and its 7 realms. The game’s charming expressions and friendly player interactions create a positive and uplifting social adventure, which is set to warm players’ hearts.

Overall, Sky: Children of the Light is an enchanting and peaceful social adventure game designed to promote genuine human connections, positive interactions, and relaxation. The game’s open-world MMORPG environment provides players with an ever-expanding experience, with new realms, seasonal events, and expansions.

3. Grand Mountain Adventure: Snowboard Premiere

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Grand Mountain Adventure is an open-world skiing and snowboarding game that allows players to explore entire mountains. Players can choose to land the biggest cliff drops in the backcountry, freeride down a steep chute, clip the gates in a slalom track, stomp a perfect park run, or simply explore the vast ski resorts. The game features seven huge open-world mountains to explore, 100+ different challenges to master, and 10+ different types of challenges, including Super G, Slopestyle, Freeride, and Big Air.

Players can enjoy cross-device multiplayer over Wifi with up to 16 players at once, game controller/joypad support, and online leaderboards to compete in. The game has vivid ski resorts with busy slopes, avalanches, wildlife, and sunsets. Players have absolute freedom to ski wherever they want, and ride any lift they like without loading screens or interruptions. The game also features an advanced trick system with flips, spins, corks, rails, combos, and more.

The Winter 2021 Expansion includes three new mountains: Pinecone Peaks, USA, Ben Ailig, Scotland, and Mount Fairview, Canada. This expansion can be purchased from within the game. The game also features a Zen mode.

Players can gather their friends, connect to the same Wifi and explore the mountains together. They can compete in races or try out the new battle mode where they throw snowballs and plant rails to send their friends off the course.

The adventure starts at the bottom of Hirschalm, a sleepy ski resort in the midst of the alps. Players can strap on their skis or board and head down to the lift while picking up the basics like turning and jumping. They can take the lift up to Almhütte and try their first slalom challenge. Completing challenges earns players Ski Passes which are used to unlock ski lifts which takes them to new parts of the mountain.

4. Dragon Raja

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Dragon Raja has won The Most Anticipated Game Award at Unreal Open Day 2019 as well as The Best Game for 5G at The 16th IMGA. Powered by Unreal Engine 4, this open world mobile game offers a large, immersive world through the use of advanced technology and stunning graphics. The game uses a simulated physical collision system and optical motion capture technology to create a smart in-game environment, providing the ultimate gaming experience. The graphics are so impressive that they can be mistaken for a PC game.

Dragon Raja’s open storyline includes countless scenic landmarks from Tokyo to Siberia, seamlessly integrated within the game. NPCs offer separate quests or dialogue based on players’ choices, giving them the ability to change the game’s world. Players can experience new stories, challenge more powerful world bosses, and embark on a brand new journey.

The game features a comprehensive character customization system, allowing players to define their characters’ personalities based on their responses to unforeseen events. Unique characters can be created and dressed up however players choose, with endless customization options. Players can choose from styles such as casual, retro, street, and futuristic, with additional styles soon to come.

The game’s story revolves around the Dragon Lord, who was once sealed away by a race of humans known as Hybrids but has come back to life. The Hybrids are humans gifted with superpowers, and they are gathering to prepare for an epic showdown.

Dragon Raja is a relatively large file, with 3GB of game files needed to download the core game, and another 1.5GB of art files required after entering the game. To play, Android 5.0 or above is required, with a minimum of 2GB of RAM and 6GB of storage space, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 or higher CPU.

Dragon Raja can be found on various social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Reddit, Instagram, Pinterest, and VK.

5. Morphite

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To resolve a black screen during loading, users are advised to reboot their device to initiate the expansion file. If the black screen appears after landing on a planet, disabling any Ad block apps may fix the issue. The game offers free access to the first two missions and allows players to explore random planets. A full story mode with all weapons and powerups can be unlocked through in-app purchases, and ads can be removed by purchasing any IAP. The game requires a device from 2015 or later.

The story of Morphite is set in a future where humans have colonized the far reaches of space. Players take on the role of Myrah Kale, who embarks on an exploratory mission that leads to a journey uncovering her past and relationship to Morphite. To unlock the mysteries of her past, Myrah must travel to undiscovered planets, confront exotic creatures, and explore uncharted space sectors. The game features randomly generated worlds with various creatures, landscapes, caves, rivers, and space stations infested with alien life.

The game offers a beautiful stylized low-poly look with an amazing soundtrack of over 50 songs by Evan Gipson. The main storyline is fully voiced, and the game offers environmental puzzle-solving, enabling players to scan creatures to sell their bio information to upgrade their ship and weapons. Various upgrades can be found throughout the adventure, and players can battle huge bosses while navigating the stars with an easy-to-use Starmap system. The game also features random encounters aboard the ship, dozens of side missions, real-time space combat, space trading, resource collection and trading, and the ability to find random weapons and vehicles on various planets. The suit can be upgraded to survive harsher conditions, and HID controllers are supported. A full list of supported controllers can be found at http://guavaman.com/projects/rewired/docs/SupportedControllers.html.

Users can join the game’s Discord server at https://discord.

6. Off The Road – OTR Open World Driving

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Dogbyte Games has released a new open-world off-road driving simulator called “Off The Road”. Players can navigate through an open world environment, driving on hills, exploring islands by boat, and flying helicopters to mountain tops or simply walking for a peaceful hike. Players can earn money and XP by completing challenges, which can be used to upgrade their vehicles or unlock new ones.

The game offers a winch feature to climb mountains, accurate rope physics for cable ropes, and realistic water physics. Vehicles have a realistic damage model, with their chassis being deformed by falls and crashes. Tyre pressure is simulated, and tires deform based on load. The game offers various challenges such as Checkpoint Hunt, Pathfinder, and Transport challenges.

Players can use trailers to transport materials, or winches to move objects around the world. They can also construct houses, bridges, roads, and vehicles by transporting the required materials to the site. The game features 43 off-road vehicles, drivable boats, helicopters, and LAN multiplayer.

Off The Road offers dynamic mud surfaces that deform as well as a day and night cycle. Players can climb hills, transport goods, and beat challenges. Collectables such as card packs are also available.

Players can choose to become an OTR VIP CLUB member to access the auto-renewing monthly subscription plan. The subscription will be automatically charged every month, unless auto-renew is turned off. Players can manage the subscription or turn off auto-renewal in Account Settings after purchase. For more information about the game’s privacy policy and terms and conditions, visit Dogbyte Games’ website.

7. Pirates Flag: Caribbean Action RPG

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The mobile game, “The Jolly Roger,” is an adventure RPG that has gained popularity among over 300,000 players. The game allows players to take on the role of a pirate and navigate the seas on a heavily armed battleship. The player will engage in battles with other pirates and legendary sea monsters, such as the Kraken and the Leviathan. To win, the player must accumulate a vast arsenal of weapons, including cannons, mortars, and flame throwers. Completing difficult and interesting multilevel quests will earn the player the most devastating sea artifacts.

The game features an open world that offers endless opportunities for adventure and exploration. The player can travel to different islands and regions, completing over a hundred quests along the way. Additionally, the game allows players to play with friends, either fighting each other or becoming companions. The player can also buy, upgrade, and decorate ships.

The game encourages piracy, including stealing from galleons, sinking warships, and destroying forts. The player will face sea monsters, including the Kraken, which has brought other sea creatures along with it. The game also features mystic crystals that can deflect enemy cannonballs, bring meteors down on enemies, or summon a giant octopus.

Furthermore, the player can assemble a crew of cutthroats and upgrade them from green hands to salted sea wolves. The game encourages players to follow the developers on Twitter, watch them on YouTube, and like them on Facebook.

8. MadOut2 BigCityOnline

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This mobile game boasts an open world and online mode with up to 200 players on the map. The territory spans a massive 10 km², and the game features a full open world with realistic car physics and distractions. Players can choose from over 60 different types of differed cars, and engage in a variety of missions. As an added bonus, the game also includes “crazy Russian cars”. Overall, players are encouraged to download and enjoy the game with their friends.

9. Dawn of Isles

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Dawn of Isles is a multiplayer roleplaying game developed by NetEase Games, featuring a new world that promises a unique gaming experience. With the ability to craft tools by hand, players can engage in combat using powerful elemental combos and compete against rivals and foes.

The game offers several key features. One of which is the ability to build an uncharted island using an axe and pickaxe to gather resources and construct workshops, pits, and piers. Players can also plant and harvest crops or “borrow” from their neighbors. Additionally, players can create various items such as infused flasks that unleash the primal power of nature, quality fishing rods to catch cunning fish, and delicious feasts to satisfy their taste buds.

Players can also tame exotic pets and roam the diverse lands with them. The Hunter’s Guild teaches players the way of the pet dance in the Flower Circle, where they can care for and nourish their animal companions and unleash their potential with Pet Skills.

Lastly, players can challenge devious foes using an array of weapons and skills for a variety of combat styles. By observing how the environment interacts with the elements and taking full advantage of it, players can gain an edge in battle. By discerning the weakness of fierce monsters, players can deal a fatal blow and claim huge rewards.

For more information, players can visit the Dawn of Isles website, Facebook page, or join the Discord community.