4 Free PDF Editor Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Free PDF Editor Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonIn today’s digital era, PDFs have become an essential aspect of our daily office work. From contracts to invoices, PDFs are widely used for their ability to retain formatting and design across different platforms. However, editing PDFs has always been a cumbersome task, requiring specialized software and expertise. Fortunately, with the advent of free PDF editor apps for Android and iOS, users can now easily edit and modify PDFs on their smartphones or tablets. This article provides an overview of these apps and their features, highlighting their benefits and limitations.

We have compiled a list of 4 Free PDF Editor Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

4 Free PDF Editor Apps For Android & iOS

1. Write on PDF

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Write on PDF is a PDF annotator that allows users to take notes using their own handwriting with various pen and tool options. The app features a list of all PDF files in a user’s device, the ability to save a PDF file with text and drawing content, share a PDF file, and a PDF viewer.

To use the app, Write on PDF requires certain permissions. Required permissions include access to storage to view PDF files stored on a user’s phone and access to contacts to view PDF files stored on Google Drive. Optional permissions include location access to provide location information when accessing links in PDF files, but location permission is not required for versions or higher.

Write on PDF is compatible with various phones, including the Galaxy Note9, Galaxy S8, Galaxy A9 Pro, and Galaxy J5 Prime, to name a few. The app is also compatible with several tablets, including the Galaxy Tab S2 8.0/7, Galaxy Tab A Plus 8.0/7/10.1, and Galaxy Tab E 8.0/6.

2. PDF Editor by Desygner

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Desygner is a free app that allows users to edit every element of a PDF file. Unlike other PDF editors that only let users make annotations, Desygner allows users to add, delete, and change text, images, icons, logos, colors, fonts, and layer order. Users can also rotate, flip, and crop elements. The free edition comes with 1 credit that allows users to import and edit 1 PDF up to 10 pages and 20 MB. Additional credits can be purchased to import up to 30 pages per PDF.

Desygner offers millions of 100% royalty-free images, 100s of beautiful royalty-free fonts, and 1000s of free vectors, patterns, and text banners. Users can continue editing their file on Desygner’s website without downloading any software. Once finished editing, users can download the file as a new PDF (high-resolution print or small web PDF files) or as a JPG or PNG. They can also share the file via SMS text, email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more or store it on their Desygner account for as long as they like.

Desygner supports over 10,000 different types of PDF and can import and edit almost any PDF file. If a user’s PDF is not supported, they can contact customer service for a refund of their credits. The app also includes features that other apps may charge for, such as making a PDF from any image, splitting a PDF into multiple PDFs, exporting a PDF as a JPG or a PNG, merging multiple PDFs into one PDF, reducing the size of a PDF for web, and converting a PDF to a DOC file for offline editing or a Word DOC file to a PDF.

The free app comes with 1 credit, and each PDF import of up to 10 pages consumes 1 credit.

3. Foxit MobilePDF

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Foxit PDF Editor is a mobile application that allows users to view and annotate PDF files on Android devices. The app offers advanced features such as exporting, editing, and protecting PDFs through subscription. Foxit PDF Editor is 100% compliant with the user’s current PDF ecosystem and is lightweight, fast, secure, collaborative, and supports 12 languages.

The app allows users to view and manage PDF files, reflow PDFs for easy viewing, navigate documents with bookmark management features, search for text, and rename, move, copy or delete PDF files. It also enables users to collaborate and share PDF files by adding annotations and stamps, sharing files and screenshots, saving, synchronizing, and accessing PDF files in popular cloud services.

Additionally, the app allows users to create and convert PDFs from scratch, Microsoft Office, image, text, HTML files, and even scan and convert paper documents to PDFs. Users can edit PDF files by inserting audios, videos, or hyperlinks, adding or editing text and image objects, optimizing and reorganizing PDF pages. The app also allows users to work on PDF forms, fill out and save forms, import and export form data, and submit PDF forms via HTTP, FTP, or Email.

Users can sign and protect PDFs by adding handwritten signatures, signing with an existing digital certificate, protecting files with passwords, and redaction. The advanced features marked with an asterisk are available through in-app purchase, with a 7-day free trial. To activate the advanced features, users need to create a Foxit account and subscribe to Foxit PDF Editor.

The app’s email address is Androidsupport@foxit.com for feedback, and users can follow Foxit on Facebook and Twitter at https://www.facebook.com/foxitsoftware and https://twitter.com/foxitsoftware, respectively.

4. Xodo PDF Reader & Editor

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Xodo is a PDF reader and editor that offers a variety of features such as the ability to read, annotate, sign, and share PDFs. It also allows users to fill in PDF forms and sync their PDF edits with Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive. Xodo is optimized for tablets and phones and is fully compatible with Adobe Acrobat® and other PDF viewers supporting standard PDF annotations.

The PDF Reader feature of Xodo includes bookmarking PDF pages for future reference, Night Mode for comfortable reading in dark environments, and tabs for quick access to multiple PDF documents. Users can also crop pages to fit content precisely on small screens, view PDF text in reflow reading mode, and utilize a PDF table of contents to jump to specific chapters and sections. Additionally, Xodo offers full text search with navigable, detailed list of search results, page rotation, high levels of zoom, support for Samsung Multi Window, and continuous vertical scrolling while viewing in single page, two pages, and cover page modes.

Xodo’s PDF Annotator and Editor feature enables users to draw and type directly on PDFs, highlight, underline and strikeout text, add arrows, circles, lines and more. Users can also see all annotations at a glance with the annotation summary, scroll and turn pages by using two fingers while annotating, and merge and split PDFs. Xodo is optimized for SPen and other select styluses and includes a thumbnail browser for deleting pages, changing page order, and inserting blank pages.

The Sign & Fill PDF Forms feature allows users to fill out, save, and send PDF forms and to sign a document by hand, saving their signature for later reuse. The Convert & Create feature allows users to use their camera to scan a page or open an existing image to create a new PDF (tif, jpeg, gif, png), and to create new blank PDFs and use Xodo to take notes.