8 Free Phone Gps Tracker Apps By Number

Download the Free Phone Gps Tracker Apps By Number on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonPhone GPS tracker apps have become increasingly popular due to their ability to track the location of a mobile device. These apps are useful for various purposes, such as keeping track of your loved ones or monitoring the movement of your employees. One of the key features of these apps is the ability to track a phone’s location through its number. Free phone GPS tracker apps by number have emerged as a cost-effective solution for those who wish to keep an eye on their loved ones or employees without spending a lot of money. This article delves into the workings of these apps and explores their various features and functionalities.

We have compiled a list of 8 Free Phone Gps Tracker Apps By Number for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

8 Free Phone Gps Tracker Apps By Number

1. Cell Phone Tracker + by number by Phone Tracker & Family Link Apps

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Find US is an app that allows users to quickly locate the location of any friend by SMS request, even if they have not installed the application. By sending an SMS from the app, the user can instantly see their friend’s location on a map in their smartphone after confirmation.

With Find US installed for free, users can find the location of any person, receive notifications when their friends share their location, and get directions to their friends. The accuracy of coordinates when searching for devices using phone numbers or emails depends on the availability of built-in GPS/GSM/WiFi modules on the targeted devices. If these modules are not available, the coordinates are detected via cellular networks or IP address, with accuracy ranging from 100 to 1000m.

Solicited access is required for contacts, geo-position, and push notifications. Find US offers weekly access subscriptions to all features for $4.99/week or $8.99/month. With full access, users can locate any number of persons using a cell phone via SMS and access 24/7 support. Weekly access subscriptions come with a free 3-day trial, after which the subscription will auto-renew on a monthly or yearly basis. Subscription changes are available in the Settings of the user’s iTunes account after purchase.

To learn about the Terms of Use, visit https://4ind.us/terms.html.

2. Mobile Number Location – Phone Call Locator by Onex Apps

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The Mobile Number Location – Phone Call Locator free app is designed to assist users in searching for mobile numbers, mobile locators, STD & ISD codes without requiring an internet connection. Additionally, the app offers live mobile number locator, caller ID, and phone call true location capabilities, enabling users to find the caller ID name for incoming calls offline. Furthermore, this app can display live caller name, STD ISD codes, city name, and state for unknown numbers offline. Users can also obtain live phone location on a map, identify and block unwanted spam calls, and get call details such as city name, state, operator, and country.

The Mobile Number Location – Phone Call Locator free app allows users to identify and block incoming calls offline, and provides call details such as the city name, state, operator, and country. Additionally, users can find area codes, country dialing codes, and telemarketer details with address information, as well as block telemarketers, display a list of contacts, call logs, and dialer. Furthermore, this app offers a reverse phone lookup tool to search mobile numbers and display true geographic GPS information. Users can input their number to find true GPS location address details and the reverse phone lookup will display the area of the country and dialing codes.

The Mobile Number Location – Phone Call Locator free app is capable of searching for numbers and providing mobile locator and caller ID for incoming calls. It can identify unknown calls and block spam calls, as well as act as a call blocker and number locator, enabling users to block calls. Moreover, the app provides a reverse phone lookup function to find STD ISD codes, caller ID live location on a map, and area code lookup to get caller name city, state, and operator.

Users can download the Mobile Number Location – Phone Call Locator Free App now to enjoy its features.

3. Phone GPS Tracker – Free by GPSWOX.COM

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GPSWOX offers a phone GPS tracker app for both companies and individuals. This app allows users to find their mobile device instantly and track it in real-time using GPS. The lost phone finder feature is also available and can be used to locate any phone. A user manual is available for reference.

Once installed, the app allows for free use of cell phone tracking. Users can log in on another device such as a computer or smartphone to access real-time tracking and see the current phone location. The app offers various features, including real-time tracking, alerts, and history previews. It also allows for task management and user communication.

The app’s ability to configure multiple alerts and notifications is useful for keeping track of family members, including children. The built-in chat function enables fleet tracking and management facilities, making it perfect for business applications. The app also offers the ability to assign tasks, schedule delivery times, and take signatures.

Additional features of the app include the ability to change tracking intervals and location update frequency. Users can also change location accuracy settings. The GPSWOX cell phone tracker app provides accurate tracking and can help users find their missing devices.

The app allows for viewing location history and producing reports based on activity, which is useful for both family and business users. The application provides the ability to fine-tune the GPS tracker, increasing or decreasing tracking accuracy as necessary. In case of emergency, the app can pinpoint the exact location of the tracked device, allowing for quick assistance.

4. Phone Tracker By Number by Family Locator Inc.

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Phone Tracker by Number is an application that can help users locate their phones and children. The app allows for accurate and fast location tracking of a child’s mobile device through a private network between parents and children. Users can add an unlimited number of family members to their network and begin tracking their location. Phone Tracker by Number has over 50 million users worldwide and is available in 44 languages.

The app is free for all users and offers several features, including GPS notifications when a child is nearby, both cell and GPS tracking to optimize battery usage and location accuracy, the ability to find lost or stolen phones using a registered family member’s phone, and instant notifications when a child moves from one location to another. Users can pinpoint their child’s exact location on a map and track their battery charge level.

Privacy is a top concern, and the app requires few permissions to protect user privacy. The only permissions needed are for location tracking, and the app does not access photos or accounts. To use Phone Tracker by Number, users must install the app and register using their phone number. They can then send an invitation to their child and accept the location sharing request.

Phone Tracker by Number also offers premium features for those interested in seeing complete location history, faster location updates, and an ad-free experience. However, it is important to note that this app is not a spying or secret surveillance solution and cannot be installed remotely or secretly. Users must install the app themselves and accept the location sharing request. Tracking can be stopped at any time with a single tap.

The developers of Phone Tracker by Number welcome customer feedback and encourage users to contact them with any issues or suggestions via email at support@onelocator.com.

5. Phone Tracker Free – Phone Locator by Number by Awesome Game Studio

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A phone tracker and locator app has been developed with the aim of helping older people, allowing family members to track one another after receiving consent, installing the application, allowing localization, and sharing a unique code. Once a family member has shared their code, it can be added within the app to track them. This application is especially useful for older people who may occasionally get lost in the city. The app includes a battery functionality so that users can monitor the battery level of the tracked device.

Tracking phone numbers to locate and protect family members, especially the elderly, is an important task. Using GPS, users can geolocate and protect their loved ones by allowing them to track their mobile devices. Unlike other apps, this application is completely free, and tracking and locating family members does not require a paid version. Advertisements have been included within the app to support its development.

To test the app, users can click on “Be localized” to receive a code. This code can then be added to the “Add new family member” section along with a name. If everything has gone well, the user’s location will appear within a few seconds or minutes. Overall, this app aims to provide a free and user-friendly way to track and locate family members.

6. Mobile Number Tracker &Mobile Number Locator by apps quality creator

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The Number Locator app is a mobile number tracker that can be used to find the location of any mobile number. The app uses the phone’s country code to determine the country of the phone’s location. Users can also track unknown numbers by entering the number details and country code into the app. The app only provides the country of the number location and not the exact location within that country. Additionally, the app includes STD codes for almost every world city, location sharing, and emergency phone number finder.

Area codes for all world cities are also included in the Mobile Number Tracker & Mobile Number Locator app. These can be used when entering addresses or sending posts to friends and family.

A unique feature of the app is the flashing light when the phone rings. This feature can be useful in darker areas where the phone is on silent and the user needs to be notified of an incoming call.

The main features of the app include tracking number country wise, locating unknown numbers from other countries, getting mobile number location via GPS map, finding phone number location for android phones, and sharing one’s own location with friends.

The app’s disclaimer states that it does not track any person’s personal location. For more information, users can refer to the privacy policy site provided.

7. Mobile Number Locator – Phone Caller Location

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The Mobile Number Locator app offers several features to users. Firstly, users can find their phone or device via GPS maps or an SMS. Secondly, the app can identify caller ID and block spam, fraudsters, and other unwanted callers. Thirdly, the app provides a strong call notification with call flash, ensuring that important calls are not missed.

The app has been downloaded by millions of users on Google Store. Upon downloading the Mobile Number Locator app, users can add any mobile number to search for its location, which is displayed on a map within seconds. Additionally, the app offers an auto and smart spam blocker, allowing users to identify true and fake callers and block spam, fraudsters, telemarketers, and other unwanted or unknown calls with caller ID and number locator features.

Further, the app includes HLR lookup and enables users to make international calls for free. Users can find area codes for all cities offline, such as Mexico+52, Colombia+57, and Indonesia+62. The app can not only locate any mobile number but also provide number details and address.

The Mobile Number Locator app is a free, live mobile number locator that helps users protect themselves from spam calls, fraudsters, and other unwanted fake caller ID calls. The app can find the location of a mobile number and display the phone number location on maps.

8. Mobile Number Location – Phone Number Locator App by Handy Tools Studio

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The Mobile Number Locator – Phone Number Location App aids in locating call location and finding phone number location with detailed caller ID information. This app is free to install.

Communication technology has led to a rise in spam calls and fraud calls, making call location and caller ID information more complicated than ever. The Mobile Number Locator – Phone Number Location app is designed to help users keep their phone safe and sound by identifying unknown calls and blocking spam calls.

Key features of the app include finding mobile number location, showing caller ID information, and organizing and blocking spam calls. Additionally, the app allows users to find call number location, edit blacklists, set their own number book, and receive flashlight alerts via phone camera.

The truecaller caller ID app is used to identify unknown calls and reveal caller ID information. The app also acts as a truecaller app, allowing users to know who is calling them with a detailed number location.

Users can also utilize the app’s auto spam call blocker to block spam, fraud, or unwanted calls and ensure the safety of their phone number. Additionally, the app features a flash light alert function that blinks when a call comes in, allowing users to stay alert and focused.

Overall, the Caller ID and Mobile Number Locator app is a useful tool for locating call locations and GPS locations, finding phone locations, and blocking calls on Android phones. Users can check caller ID information from the number book and will have a double safe check of life360.