5 Free Screen Time Apps For Parents (Android)

Download the Free Screen Time Apps For Parents (Android) on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonIn today’s tech-savvy world, it is becoming increasingly difficult for parents to monitor their children’s screen time. To cater to this need, several free screen time apps for Android have been developed. These apps allow parents to set limits on their children’s device usage, monitor app usage, and track online activities. This technical solution empowers parents to manage their child’s screen time effectively and ensure a healthy balance between digital and offline activities. In this article, we will explore some of the best free screen time apps for parents available on Android.

We have compiled a list of 5 Free Screen Time Apps For Parents (Android) for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

5 Free Screen Time Apps For Parents (Android)

1. Parental Control – Screen Time & Location Tracker

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The Screen Time Parental Control App is a free app designed to help parents control and manage their children’s access to smartphones and tablets, with features like web filtering, location tracking, and social media monitoring. Parents can limit app use, block specific apps, approve app downloads, block certain times of day, and reward good behavior. The app provides a safe browser for children, and parents can monitor their children’s device and social media usage, including YouTube videos watched.

The app offers a free version with features like screen time monitoring, app usage tracking, notification of new app installations, website monitoring, and social media usage monitoring. The premium version offers additional features such as setting daily time limits, pausing devices, blocking app activity, web filtering, GPS location tracking, daily usage summaries, task setting, and app management for multiple devices. The premium version also offers a 7-day free trial and subscription options for monthly, 6-month, or annual use. App management can be shared with other adults in a child’s life.

However, the app may occasionally have performance issues on Huawei devices. If users encounter any problems, they can find help and contact information on the Screen Time Parental Control App website.

2. Screen Time & Parental Control App by ZenScreen

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ZenScreen is a free app designed to help users regulate their screen time and set limits on app usage. The app is useful for both individuals and parents with children, offering parental controls. ZenScreen learns from a user’s app usage, tracks unhealthy usage, suggests breaks, and restricts access to apps during certain times.

Users can manage up to 5 devices for free with the app. ZenScreen allows users to track their app usage, including the amount of time spent on specific apps. The app also shows how many minutes are spent on productive versus entertainment apps. ZenScreen offers a feature called Smart Mornings, which allows users to quickly check their phone for 10 minutes in the morning and then take a 20-minute break automatically.

Calm Nights is another feature of ZenScreen, which allows users to set a healthy bedtime schedule to prevent apps from working at bedtime, leading to improved health and happiness. The app also offers Zen Breaks, which suggest mini-breaks throughout the day to help beat social network addiction. Users can set a digital allowance for entertainment apps with the Daily Time Limit feature. ZenScreen allows users to customize app categories as Entertainment (limit time), Productive, or Ignore.

Quiet Time is a feature that allows users to make apps disappear with the tap of a button. This feature is useful for device-free dinner time or family time. Kids like ZenScreen because it respects their privacy, empowers them to manage their own usage, and is predictable. To get started with parental controls, users can install ZenScreen on their device and create an account, install it on their kid’s devices, and agree upon screen rules with their children.

ZenScreen offers a free service for managing up to 5 devices, including all advanced features. Users can subscribe for $4.99 per month or $3.99 per month (annual plan) for more than 5 devices. ZenScreen respects users’ privacy and offers a privacy policy and terms of service.

3. Screen Time – Restrain yourself & parent control

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The increasing addiction to mobile phones has become a serious problem for both adults and children. People often spend a significant amount of time on apps and games, without realizing it. To address this issue, Screen Time has been developed to help users manage their time better and become more aware of their mobile usage habits.

Screen Time provides a detailed view of daily mobile phone usage, including which apps have been opened, how long they have been used, and hourly usage. This information enables users to better allocate their mobile phone usage time and make adjustments as needed. Additionally, users can view app usage statistics for up to a week to identify daily usage trends.

Users can set a daily duration limit for each app or type of app, and can also set different time limits for each day. Notifications will alert users when their allotted usage time has been exceeded, and a page similar to App Lock will be displayed to remind them to limit their usage.

Screen Time also allows users to whitelist important apps such as text messages and phone calls, which will not be restricted by time limits. Users can be assured that no information, including app usage, will be uploaded as all data is stored locally on the phone.

For further information on Screen Time’s privacy policy, users can refer to the provided link.

4. Digitox : Digital Wellbeing – Screen Time

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Digitox is a smartphone application that aims to help users improve their digital wellbeing by reducing screen time, increasing efficiency and productivity, and promoting more real-life social interactions. The app offers features such as digital usage reports, categorised screen time, and digital limit reminders. The app is easy to use and battery-friendly and also offers parental control features. The app respects user privacy and does not share any private usage data.

Users who feel that they are getting addicted to their smartphones can benefit from using Digitox. The app will help them understand their digital habits and create digital usage limits for selected applications. The app will also remind users when they exceed their application limits. By reducing screen time and staying focused, users can increase their efficiency and productivity levels. By spending quality time with family or themselves, users can reduce wasted time with digital diet.

Nomophobia is a disorder of the modern world that causes discomfort or anxiety when out of contact with a phone, computer, or digital screen. Digitox fights against Nomophobia by helping users manage their digital habits and reduce screen time. The app offers reminders and alarms to limit overuse of digital applications.

The app offers pre-defined categories such as Games, Music, Movies & Video, Photos & Images, Social & Communication, News & Magazines, Maps & Navigation, Productivity, Health & Fitness, and more. Users can edit the titles to match their lifestyle.

The Accessibility API is used to observe app actions and to show overuse reminders instantly. No data is collected for this service. Users who do not give permission to use this service will not be warned when they exceed the limit.

Digitox is globally trusted by over 500,000 users. Users can rate the app on Google Play and offer suggestions or concerns to improve the app. The app encourages users to take action to be aware of their digital life and keep their digital well-being as high as possible.

5. StayFree – Screen Time Tracker & Limit App Usage

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StayFree is a phone addiction controller app that helps users monitor and control their smartphone usage. It allows users to set usage limits for apps and receive alerts when exceeding those limits. Additionally, it provides usage statistics and history. StayFree is designed to help users overcome phone addiction, stay focused, and boost productivity. It is also battery-friendly and ad-free.

StayFree’s features include app usage history, over-use reminder, block mode, focus mode, sleep mode, pause apps, export mode, inspiring quotations, interface customization, lock mode, widget, and pie chart graph.

StayFree uses Android’s Accessibility Services to detect which website the user is on and block the requested websites. All information is maintained according to the app’s Privacy Policy, and the permissions are granted with active consent.

Users are encouraged to rate the app five stars and provide feedback to help improve it. Anyone experiencing issues with the app or with suggestions can contact the developers at hello.stayfree@gmail.com.

StayFree is supported by Sensor Tower.