10 Free Shift Work Calendar Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Free Shift Work Calendar Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonShift work is a common practice in many industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, and hospitality. Keeping track of work schedules can be a challenging task, especially for those who work irregular hours. Fortunately, there are several free shift work calendar apps available for Android and iOS that can simplify the task of managing work schedules. These apps offer a range of features, including customizable shift schedules, shift trading options, and reminders for upcoming shifts. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the best free shift work calendar apps for Android and iOS devices.

We have compiled a list of 10 Free Shift Work Calendar Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

10 Free Shift Work Calendar Apps For Android & iOS

1. Shift Days – Work Tracker

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Shift Days is a mobile application designed to help shift workers manage their work schedules. Users can quickly see their shifts and work hours with a clear and easily readable calendar. The app is available for iPhones and iPads, and users can add or remove a shift with a single tap.

Shift Days is specifically tailored for shift workers and offers a full month of shifts on the screen, making it easier than ever to manage work schedules. Key features of the app include color-coded shifts, an intuitive rota interface, multiple memos for quick reminders, a shift widget, and the ability to share schedules with friends and family. The app can also be synced with iCloud for real-time updates across multiple devices.

Additional benefits of Shift Days include seeing up to two shifts per day, unlimited shift additions, the ability to change shift schedules by simply tapping on the calendar, and the option to copy and paste shifts for rapid diary updates. Users can also add their rotation and automatically fill the calendar in a few simple steps, receive push notifications for shift events, and set the start day of their week to any day.

Shift Days is suitable for anyone who wants to simplify their diary management. It is particularly useful for individuals working random hours and days, as well as those working fixed shifts on rotation. The app has been beneficial for various professions, including nurses, doctors, emergency workers, police, firefighters, military, paramedics, security guards, cleaners, bartenders, reporters, students, part-timers, taxi or Uber drivers, waiters and waitresses, truckers, construction workers, and even fictional characters like the Men of the Night’s Watch.

Shift Days is available for free download, but there is a $1.99 monthly subscription fee for access to premium content and features. The subscription fee may vary depending on the country of residence, and payment will be charged to the user’s iTunes Account once confirmed.

2. ShiftLife Organizer

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ShiftLife Organizer is a calendar application tailored for shift workers. The application offers features such as organizing shifts, recording hours, and calculating pay. Users can try ShiftLife for free by signing up on their website.

ShiftLife’s main focus is to provide a clear and easy-to-use display of upcoming shifts. Upon logging into the application, users can view the calendar and all scheduled shifts. In addition, ShiftLife offers a feature to remind users of upcoming shifts through email or push notifications.

In terms of recording hours, ShiftLife allows users to input their start and end time for each shift. The application then calculates the total hours worked, including any overtime hours. Users can view their hours worked in a weekly, monthly, or yearly format.

ShiftLife’s pay calculation feature allows users to input their hourly wage and receive an estimate of their pay for the selected period. The application takes into account any overtime hours worked and displays the estimated pay for each shift.

Overall, ShiftLife offers a comprehensive solution to organizing shifts, tracking hours worked, and calculating pay. The application is user-friendly and provides a clear display of important information.

3. Shift Worker

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Shift Worker is a mobile application that allows shift workers to easily enter and view their work schedules. It addresses the challenges of traditional calendars, which may not be suitable for shift work. With Shift Worker, users can create their own types of shifts by combining icons and letters/numbers, making it easy to identify different shift types at a glance.

Entering shifts is easy and can be done quickly by selecting the type of shift and tapping on each date it occurs. This feature allows users to enter an entire month’s worth of shifts in seconds and an entire year’s worth in just a few minutes. Moreover, Shift Worker enables users to create multiple calendars to view the schedules of friends and family.

The app offers a feature where users can save their shifts to their iPhone/iPod’s background making it easy to refer to their upcoming shift schedules. Personalized colored notes can also be added to any date on the calendar, providing additional information about the shift.

Shift Worker offers a range of features such as the ability to create an unlimited amount of shift types, add rotations, view the calendar in timeline format, and include week of year or week 1/2 alternating pattern on the calendar. Users can also jump to any month by using the “Goto” button.

Shift Worker makes sharing shift schedules with others easy. Users can send their shifts to friends and family so they can also view them at a glance as an image or in their copy of Shift Worker. Additionally, the app allows users to import shifts from other Shift Worker users and view them all within the app. The app is free of in-app purchases and ads.

4. Supershift – Shift Calendar

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Supershift is a mobile application designed to help users manage their shift working schedules and other calendar events. With Supershift, scheduling and customization of shifts are easy and quick, and users can add as many shifts per day as they want. The application also supports the Apple Watch, providing quick access to schedules.

Supershift comes with several features that make it a useful tool for shift workers. Users can create reports for earnings, hours per shift, overtime, and shift counting. It also has a dark mode that makes viewing schedules at night more comfortable. Furthermore, the application supports the definition of rotations and allows users to apply them for up to two years in advance.

The Apple Watch integration lets users view current and upcoming shifts on the watch app and watch complications. The watch app also includes countdown timers for the time to start and the time remaining. Additionally, the application has a widget feature that can show day, two weeks, four weeks, or agenda view.

Supershift Pro is a paid version of the application that comes with additional features. Users can export shifts to the iOS calendar (e.g., Google or iCloud calendar) and share their schedules with friends and family. They can also create and share a customized PDF version of their monthly calendar with details such as title, times, breaks, duration, notes, location, and total hours worked. Moreover, the cloud sync feature ensures that all iOS devices stay in sync, and users can restore their data using it.

Finally, Supershift also supports external calendar events such as birthdays, appointments, and other events from calendars like Google or iCloud. The events can be shown alongside the user’s shifts.

5. MyShiftWork

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MyShiftWork is a mobile application designed to assist shift workers with scheduling their shifts. Unlike traditional calendar apps that are not optimized for shift work, MyShiftWork allows users to create custom work shifts with icons and colors that can be added to their calendar with just one tap. Users can add unlimited shifts per day or set up a shift rotation and apply it to their shift work calendar quickly and easily.

Users can view their work shifts in a simple and clean month view calendar or in a list format. Personal calendars can also be overlaid on top to keep track of personal events outside of work. The app allows users to share their schedule with friends, family, and co-workers with just one tap, even if they do not have the app. The upcoming shift work widget allows users to see their work shift schedule without opening the app, right from the lock screen or from inside any other app.

The app also offers additional features such as personalized notes for shifts, hourly rate estimation for monthly earnings, reminders for shifts, and icons for vacation and sick days. The Pro version of the app allows users to add unlimited shifts per day.

MyShiftWork is perfect for various shift workers such as nurses, doctors, retail employees, military personnel, and more. By using MyShiftWork, users can quickly and easily keep track of their shift schedule and stay organized. If users have any concerns or suggestions, they can email support@myshiftworkapp.com.

Overall, MyShiftWork is a simple and easy-to-use shift work calendar app that helps shift workers manage their schedules effectively. Users can download the app today to begin improving their work-life balance.

6. My Shift Planner – Personal Shift Work Calendar

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My Shift Planner is an app designed for shift workers to help manage their work-life balance. It is a powerful and user-friendly Shift Work Calendar app that can be easily set up and downloaded to gain control of one’s social calendar. The app has a significant user base of over 220,000 shift workers worldwide, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking for a shift planning tool.

The Key Features of My Shift Planner include its ease of setup, built-in schedules for common shift patterns, syncing with device calendars, full shift customization features, and the ability to record notes, worked hours, and overtime against each day. Other features include checking the accuracy of the payslip, sharing calendars with colleagues, and built-in backup tools for data security.

The app offers much more than the Key Features mentioned above, including a color-coded calendar, built-in patterns for various shift schedules, support for custom shift schedules and complex rosters, a home screen widget, setting up repeating patterns, calculating worked hours and vacation time, setting reminders and customizing alerts, and displaying national public holidays.

My Shift Planner is designed for use by all shift workers, including those in various industries such as police, firefighters, nurses, doctors, subway workers, miners, oil field workers, bus and coach drivers, pilots, airline crew, airport workers, call center workers, retail workers, emergency workers, military, paramedics, security guards, cleaners, bartenders, and wait staff.

Those who upgrade to the app’s Pro Pack can enjoy additional features, such as syncing the work rota with the device calendar, tracking vacation time, viewing a Work Time Report, setting up repeating pay schedules, live sharing calendars with other users, and much more.

The company provides first-class support through its Facebook page and support email for users who need assistance in using or installing the app. They urge users to seek help before submitting bad reviews and are dedicated to assisting users in making the most of My Shift Planner.

7. MYDUTY – Nurse Calendar

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MYDUTY is a nurse compulsory calendar application that allows for the management of vacation, group, and personal calendars all at once. The application is designed to simplify the scheduling process for nurses and provide them with a prettier interface than other similar applications.

The features of MYDUTY include the ability to manage duty schedules, easily share registered duty, and check duty schedules with an exclusive widget. Additionally, users can manage the number of vacation days they have and create groups to invite friends or teammates. The group feature allows users to check the schedules of group members at once and enjoy a fun conversation on the exclusive closed notice board.

Users can access MYDUTY through email registration/login and manage their personal calendar schedule within the application. The goal of MYDUTY is to take responsibility for nurses’ daily lives and simplify their scheduling process.

8. Shift Work Calendar

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This application aims to assist individuals working in shift-based occupations such as retail and healthcare. By utilizing an Android device, workers can easily confirm their work schedules through the app’s calendar feature.

The calendar allows for simple registration of shifts and even includes the option to add notes for specific dates using emoji icons. Additionally, users can save their calendar as an image and share their shift schedules with others through email. The app also displays working hours, workdays, and holidays for a given month.

The premium version of the app offers Google Calendar sync, allowing for seamless integration with personal calendars. The Shift Table feature enables users to input and view the shift schedules of others. The app is free, but users are encouraged to leave a review if they find it helpful.

9. Shift Work Schedule

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Shift Work Schedule is a free app that provides a shift calendar and widget for users to display their work shift patterns. The app offers a variety of pre-loaded work shift patterns, such as firefighter, Walmart, and nurse, as well as the option to create a custom shift pattern. Once a shift pattern is selected, the app automatically highlights the corresponding days of the work week based on the selected day. However, it is important to note that individual days cannot be edited once a shift pattern has been selected.

In addition to displaying work shift patterns, the app also offers a search feature and the ability to customize the appearance of the calendar widget. The app includes a sleek, translucent calendar widget that can be used as a simple calendar widget on the main or lock screen, even for those who do not work shifts.

Shift Work Schedule includes various settings, such as an alarm clock for shifts, resizable widgets, the ability to adjust custom shift patterns, and the option to save up to 8 custom patterns. The app also offers 25 preset shift patterns, the ability to show week numbers, and the option to change the first day of the week. Furthermore, users can choose a background picture from their own gallery.

It is important to note that the app does not sync with Google calendars, and it is not a wage calculator. The app simply displays work shift patterns in a visually pleasing way. If users want to support the development of the app and use it without ads, they may consider purchasing Shift Work Schedule +.

Users with questions or suggestions, such as how to create a custom pattern or correcting translations, may contact the developer via email.

10. Work Shift Calendar by LRHSoft

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The Shifter app is designed for shift workers and individuals who need to organize their day-to-day activities to avoid missing appointments. The app provides an extensive control system for tracking working hours and income via its statistics feature.

The app’s SHIFTS feature allows users to create fully configurable shifts, track schedules, enter income, overtime, early exit, set up earnings, and control working time easily. Users can also create alarms, customize the sound, and include actions at the beginning and end of each shift. Additionally, users can import shifts from one calendar to another, add customizable icons associated with a date, and paint up to two shifts per day.

The NOTES feature allows users to create notes on each day, add reminders with alarms, customize the sound of alarms, and include images and handmade drawings in notes.

The WIDGETS feature allows users to create a widget for their desktop, choose between weekly and monthly widget, and choose the size of the widget.

Other top functions include the Monthly and Annual View, which allows users to see all months of the year by sliding the screen, export calendar to Google calendar, add national holidays directly from Google Calendar, control working time and earnings by selecting a range of dates in the Statistics section, and compare different calendars. Users can also share their calendar via WhatsApp, email, Telegram, create backups easily, set up to ten different calendars, import other calendars, and use the icon search to find them quickly.

The app is easy to use, with two modes of modification and a Shifts menu to view all shifts of the calendar, create new ones, edit, reorder, or import them. The app also features a PRO version that unlocks great advantages, a tutorial with the basic functions of the app, and a help section with FAQs. Users can get fast and personalized customer service and join the Shifter community across social networks.