8 Free Voicemail Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Free Voicemail Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonVoicemail apps for Android and iOS devices have grown in popularity due to the convenience they offer to users. These apps provide an easy-to-use interface that allows users to manage and listen to their voicemail messages directly from their smartphone. With a plethora of options available, users can choose from free or paid voicemail apps, depending on their preferences and needs. In this article, we will review some of the best free voicemail apps for Android and iOS, highlighting their unique features and benefits.

We have compiled a list of 8 Free Voicemail Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

8 Free Voicemail Apps For Android & iOS

1. Hi Voicemail

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TouchVoicemail is a tool used to manage voicemails by salespeople. It aims to stop unwanted, junk messages from cluttering the inbox and magically turn voicemails into text. The app offers multiple voicemail greetings and allows users to change greetings on the fly, forward voicemails to email, delegate to a team, and use offline support. It also provides unlimited cloud storage. The app has received positive feedback, with one user stating that it helps save time, improve productivity, and enhance the service experience for clients and customers.

The app also has a spam-blocking feature that allows access to all blocked voicemails directly from the app. Users can contribute back to the community by adding callers to their own whitelist/blocklists. The app is intelligent and personalized, offering custom voicemail greetings, quick reply to voicemails, and automatic status change based on location. Voicemails are kept forever and backed up safely and securely on the cloud. The free app features unlimited visual voicemails and allows users to personalize a voicemail or use a preset greeting.

The PRO app features enable users to view, play, and share unlimited messages, activate greetings automatically using locations, forward voicemails to email, and enjoy an ad-free experience. Call forwarding unanswered, busy or out of range calls will use the bundled minutes or be charged at the landline calling rate depending on the Mobile Carrier plan. The app requires disabling WiFi calling to use the service.

When subscribing to the PRO plan, payment will be charged to the iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. The subscription will automatically renew, and cancellation of the current subscription is not allowed during the active subscription period. Users can manage their subscription in the Account Settings after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when a subscription to PRO is purchased. For more information on privacy and terms of use, users can go to the links provided.

2. T-Mobile Visual Voicemail

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T-Mobile has released the latest version of their Visual Voicemail, which includes UI enhancements for both Voice-To-Text and the Scam Shield™ bundle. Additionally, the release features continued stability and performance improvements. The Scam Shield™ bundle allows users to identify, block, and report potential scam calls. Interested parties can visit t-mobile.com/scam-shield for additional information.

Visual Voicemail enables users to listen to messages in any order, respond in one click, update their contacts, and manage their inbox without needing to dial into their voicemail. There is no need to change the T-Mobile voicemail number or reconfigure the voicemail forwarding, as Visual Voicemail activates for free at first launch. Users can also upgrade to Voicemail to Text for a small monthly fee, which transcribes all voicemails into text either in the application inbox, as an SMS message, or to an email address.

T-Mobile Visual Voicemail may use infrequent, free SMS messages to communicate with the Voicemail server. Moreover, a new feature included in the release is an Unread Messages widget. For most Android devices, users can add the widget by long pressing on any free space on their home screen, selecting ‘Add Widgets’, and choosing the Visual Voicemail widget from the alphabetical list.

3. AT&T Voicemail Viewer

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The AT&T Voicemail Viewer app is designed for use with AT&T landline voicemail, not mobile phone voicemail. Prior to downloading the app, users should ensure that they have their AT&T home or office voicemail PIN.

The app streamlines the process of checking voicemail or unified messaging voicemail messages on Android devices. It lists messages in the same way as an email inbox, allowing users to choose the order in which they listen to them. The app may also include a voicemail-to-text feature (VMTT) that provides automated transcription of voicemail messages.

VMTT is included with Voicemail Viewer for AT&T Phone residential landline phone service, as well as traditional phone service with Voicemail or Unified Messaging. For business landline phone service, VMTT is included in Voicemail Viewer for AT&T Phone, but is not available with Voicemail Viewer for traditional phone service with Voicemail or Unified Messaging.

It is important to note that Voicemail Viewer may not be compatible with all Android devices or operating system versions. For more information and assistance, AT&T residential customers can visit the AT&T Voicemail Viewer website at att.com/vmviewer, while business customers can visit um.att.com/vmviewer.

If users encounter any issues while using the app, they can contact AT&T at 800.288.2020 (Voicemail) or 888.300.6500 (Unified Messaging), and should be prepared to provide their landline phone number, the device being used to access the app, and a description of the problem.

4. Google Voice

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Google Voice is a service that provides users with a phone number to make calls, send text messages and access voicemail. It can be used on smartphones and computers and is capable of syncing across multiple devices. However, it is important to note that Google Voice is only available for personal Google Accounts in the US and Google Workspace accounts in certain markets. Additionally, text messaging may not be supported in all markets.

Google Voice offers users the ability to manage their spam calls and texts by automatically filtering them and blocking numbers they do not wish to hear from. Personalized settings allow for further control over calls, texts and voicemail.

All calls, text messages and voicemails are stored and backed up for easy searching in the future. Users can send and receive individual and group SMS messages from all their devices.

Advanced voicemail transcriptions are available through Google Voice, which can be read within the app or sent to the user’s email. International calling is also available at competitive rates, without the need to pay extra for international minutes.

It is important to keep in mind that Google Voice is currently only available in the US for personal accounts, and in select countries for Google Workspace users. Additionally, calls made through Google Voice for Android may incur costs if using an access number, such as when traveling internationally.

5. HulloMail Voicemail

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Hullomail Voicemail offers a 2-week free trial of its voicemail service with the option to cancel anytime. The app allows users to manage their voicemail more efficiently with features such as custom greetings, voicemail sharing, voicemail to text, and email.

The app transcribes voicemails, enabling users to read and search them without listening. Hullomail Voicemail also provides unlimited storage for important voicemails and allows for the forwarding of unread messages to another email or SMS.

Users can prioritize voicemails by reading their text and reply quickly via SMS. The app is available in two subscription options: Hullomail LITE and Hullomail PRO. The latter includes additional features such as transcription of all voicemails and unlimited cloud storage.

Subscriptions are charged through the user’s Google Play account and automatically renew unless canceled at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Hullomail is not compatible with most Pay as You Go Plans (Prepaid) as they do not support call forwarding.

Supported carriers and networks include Three, Orange, Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile, Everything Everywhere, Talk Mobile, GiffGaff, Vodafone One Net, AT&T, Verizon, Cingular, Cellcom, and Centennial Wireless. Pay As You Go plans are only supported on Three, GiffGaff, and Tesco Mobile.

Hullomail is a replacement voicemail service that requires users to sign up and create an account. Users should contact their carrier if experiencing problems with call forwarding. Scribe voicemail transcription may not always be 100% accurate and may introduce a slight delay in delivery. Hullomail’s privacy policy and terms of use are available on their website.

6. Visual Voicemail & Missed Call Alerts – InstaVoice

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InstaVoice is a free app that offers unlimited visual voicemail and missed call alerts. It acts as a virtual assistant or answering machine which is available 24x7x365 to take calls and messages. InstaVoice manages voicemails and missed call alerts in an attractive chat-like interface. It also has some unique features that set it apart from other voicemail apps in the market.

One of the most interesting features offered by InstaVoice is the ability to know who called when the phone was switched off or unreachable. It allows users to convert voicemails to text and read them on-the-go. Users can retain voicemail messages even when they switch carriers, and delete sent voicemail messages. Moreover, InstaVoice lets users link up to 10 numbers in a single account.

InstaVoice supports voicemail and missed call alerts for multiple carriers across the globe, including popular carriers in the US such as AT&T Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon. After uninstalling the app, the InstaVoice voicemail service should be deactivated, as described in the provided link.

InstaVoice app usage is free, but call forwarding to the voicemail service might incur charges as per the operator’s tariff plan. Standard data charges might apply if not connected via WiFi. Voicemail transcription is available at a cost of 2 credits.

Users are encouraged to provide feedback and suggestions to support@instavoice.com. Important links for terms of use, privacy policy, FAQs, supported countries, and deactivating the InstaVoice Visual Voicemail are also provided. With over 150 billion calls managed, InstaVoice aims to help users manage their calls with voicemails and missed call alerts in an easy and efficient way.

7. Voxist: Visual voicemail you can read

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Voxist is a voicemail app that replaces the voicemail system provided by your carrier. It allows you to customize greetings for callers and read transcribed voicemail messages. Voxist can be accessed via phone or email, ensuring that you never miss a message.

The app is free and user-friendly, allowing for efficient management of business and personal voicemail. With Voxist, you can read your voicemail instead of listening to it, making it ideal for use during meetings or while traveling.

Voxist offers several features, including visual voicemail, voicemail to text, personalized greetings, voicemail to email, unlimited storage capacity, and new voicemail alerts and notifications. The app is also ad-free for both paid and free subscribers.

Users have praised Voxist’s effectiveness for managing high volumes of calls and customizing greetings for different callers. Voxist offers three plans, ranging from the free version to Voxist Pro, which provides unlimited visual voicemail for up to five numbers, 100 transcriptions per month, and personalized greetings in multiple languages.

Voxist is compatible with most operators and is available in France, the United States (except Sprint), and on Bell in Canada. To use Voxist, you must forward missed calls to the app with carrier-specific forwarding codes.

Before deleting the app, users must deactivate forwarding to ensure that their voicemail is not re-routed back to their carrier. Voxist’s terms of service and privacy policy can be found on their website.

8. YouMail Voicemail Call Blocker

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YouMail is a mobile app designed to help users better manage their phone calls by providing spam and robocall protection. The app is also equipped with a smart voicemail feature, which is designed to keep users safe from robocall spammers who use a number only once to call. YouMail’s spam call blocker helps to protect users from unwanted calls and scams, and the app’s illegal call attacks feature helps to power law enforcement efforts against callers engaged in illegal activity.

To ensure that users are provided with complete protection from unwanted calls, YouMail has added a silence unknown numbers call blocker feature. This feature provides 100% ringer protection and ensures that users are protected from robocall spammers who use a number only once to call. The app’s AI-based fingerprinting technology is trusted by millions to answer their phone calls, and has won numerous awards for its voicemail and spam protection features.

YouMail’s call blocker and voicemail features are ad-supported and available at no charge. The call blocker function can play ‘Number Disconnected’ tones to get users taken off dialing lists that are used by robocallers and spam callers. Unlike other robo call blocker apps that try to “trick” spam calls, YouMail’s voicemail-based fingerprinting technology enables the call blocker to detect and block a spam call or robocall faster than other apps. The app’s call blocker updates hourly to block a robo call number as it becomes active.

YouMail’s call blocker is not just a robocall blocker, it also allows users to block any phone number with their own personal blacklist. The app’s call blocker feature ensures that users have a clean voicemail inbox, which is protected not only their ringer but their voicemail inbox too.

YouMail’s award-winning call answering features are also ad-supported and available at no charge.