8 Free Whiteboard Animation Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Free Whiteboard Animation Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonWhiteboard animation has become an increasingly popular form of visual storytelling, utilized by businesses and individuals alike for a variety of purposes such as marketing, education, and entertainment. With the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, there has been a surge in the development of free whiteboard animation apps for both Android and iOS platforms. These apps offer a convenient and cost-effective means of creating engaging and dynamic whiteboard animations on-the-go. This article will provide an overview of some of the top free whiteboard animation apps available for Android and iOS devices.

We have compiled a list of 8 Free Whiteboard Animation Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

8 Free Whiteboard Animation Apps For Android & iOS

1. Animation Desk – Make Your Animation and Cartoons

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Animation Desk is a software that allows users to create frame-to-frame animation from scratch or on top of videos, images, and Photoshop layers. It offers multiple export formats and is compatible with both iPad and iPhone. Screenshot credits are given to Pei Yu Lin, Kristine Petilla, and LeopARTnik for using Animation Desk.

The software has received various awards including being featured in the Top 100 iPad Entertainment apps in 86 App Stores, being featured by Apple on iTunes Home Page, and being recommended by educational websites such as edshelf and EducationalAppStore.com.

Animation Desk comes equipped with numerous tools such as brushes, erasers, onion skinning, selection tools, layers, and color palettes. It is also compatible with Apple Pencil 1,2, Wacom, and Adonit stylus. Other helpful tools include frame tags, ruler tools, frame viewer and timeliner, zoom-in and zoom-out, and canvas rotation.

Users have the option to export individual frames into images, videos, PSD layers, PDF, and GIF. They can also add music and combine multiple animation sequences into an animatic storyboard. Some features require a Creativity 365 or Animation Desk Pro subscription.

Subscription options include Kdan Cloud 500GB, Animation Desk Pro with 500G Kdan Cloud storage, and Creativity 365 with 1TB Kdan Cloud storage. Prices vary depending on the plan selected and can be billed annually, quarterly, or monthly. Users may manage their subscriptions in their iTunes Account Settings after purchase.

Users can contact the helpdesk at helpdesk@kdanmobile.com or check out http://support.kdanmobile.com for assistance. The terms of service and privacy policy can be found at https://auth.kdanmobile.com/articles/terms_of_service and https://auth.kdanmobile.com/articles/privacy_policy respectively.

2. Educreations Whiteboard

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Educreations is an interactive whiteboard and screencasting tool designed for teachers and students. It allows users to annotate, animate, and narrate nearly any type of content. Teachers can create short instructional videos and share them instantly with students, or ask students to create their own videos to demonstrate their understanding of a concept.

Lessons created using Educreations are stored securely in the user’s online account and can be accessed on any device. Teachers can create classes within the app and lessons sync automatically between teacher and student iPads. Students without iPads can access classes and lessons on the Educreations website.

Lessons created using Educreations can be shared via link, email, Messages, Facebook, Twitter, or by embedding them on a blog or website. Upgrading to Pro allows users to export videos to the Camera Roll, open them in other apps, and use them in other video projects.

Educreations offers numerous features to support and engage students, including providing additional instruction outside of the classroom, allowing students to control the pace of their learning, offering rich audio/video feedback on student work, gaining insights into student comprehension, and freeing up class time for hands-on learning and projects.

The free version of Educreations offers a variety of features, including the ability to record and replay voice, handwriting, and drawings, add typed text in a variety of colors and sizes, animate images and text, and edit recordings in the built-in video editor.

Pro subscriptions are available for those who want additional features, including the ability to export videos to the Camera Roll or open in other apps, import documents and presentations, use the whiteboard pointer tool, save unlimited drafts, and access 5GB of cloud storage. Pro benefits can be shared with an entire class (up to 40 students).

Pro subscriptions are available for $11.99 per month (auto-renewing) or $99.

3. PixelFlow – Intro maker and text animator

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PixelFlow is an app designed to create professional intro videos, title animations, clips, and text on video animations quickly and easily. The app offers customizable intro templates that are suitable for YouTube Studio, gaming streams, and social media platforms. There are over 200 well-designed templates that can be easily customized with different backgrounds, fonts, and music. Additionally, the app also features raw intro templates, dynamic backgrounds, HD video backgrounds, image backgrounds, gradient backgrounds, and solid color backgrounds.

PixelFlow can be used by video content creators and animation creators for YouTube and various short video apps like MX Takatak, Josh, Moj, TikTok, and Instagram Reels. It is also useful for professional graphic designers on Kinemaster, Quik, and Pixlr. The app follows flat design text animation principles to animate the text on video effects. With PixelFlow, users can create smooth computer-class text animations, as well as professional social media video posts and caption videos.

PixelFlow is easy to use with a beautiful and clean user interface, and it offers a seamless user experience. The app requires users to follow five simple steps: select a premade intro template or raw intro template, edit the text and customize fonts, color, size, and position, select the background of your choice, add your favorite music, and play to confirm the final intro video and export it. If users want to cut or merge their video animation made for MX Takatak, Moj, Instagram Reels, Josh, or YouTube Studio, they can use other apps like Kinemaster, Quik, Pixlr, etc.

The app constantly updates with new intro templates and features, and users are encouraged to rate the app and give feedback to help improve it.

4. Explain Everything Whiteboard

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Explain Everything Whiteboard is a versatile app that allows users to teach, present, sketchnote, record videos, and collaborate. It is included in Google’s Creativity Apps collection for Chromebooks. This app enables users to express knowledge in new ways, breaking down time and distance barriers by allowing them to sketch, talk, and share across a digital platform.

Users can easily create quality explainer videos and share their whiteboard presentations on-site or remotely. They can also brainstorm complex ideas and provide feedback in an infinite digital space. The app supports media import from Google Drive and Dropbox, and users can export their work back to these platforms. The app also allows users to capture their interactions and voice to create video messages and stories.

Explain Everything Whiteboard allows users to whiteboard together in real-time with voice chat on any device, anywhere. Users can invite guests to join them using a link or project CODE, record everything, and share it later as a video. The app also provides an infinite canvas where users can mix media such as videos, images, documents, and sketches to engage and inspire others. Users can share their projects as images, PDFs, MP4s, or editable Explain projects.

With Explain Everything Whiteboard, users can centrally manage their group or institution’s access to the whiteboard and its functionalities with ease and comfort. The app is ideal for tutors, consultants, trainers, teachers, storytellers, visual learners, business communicators, and professionals who need to explain or present complex concepts and connect with their audiences.

The app’s free plan includes all creative tools and recording features, 500MB of Explain Drive storage, the ability to join and collaborate with others, create up to three projects, export videos up to 60 seconds long, and limited projects to one slide. Users can subscribe to the app and will be charged according to their country.

5. Flipaclip: Cartoon Animation Creator & Art Studio

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FlipaClip is a video animation tool that offers easy frame-by-frame animation. It allows users to create artwork and animations, participate in contests, and share their creations on popular social media platforms. FlipaClip offers simple and intuitive controls that are powerful enough to bring ideas to life. Users can learn photo animation, frame-by-frame animation, draw pictures, create animated gifs, and draw over videos to create rotoscope videos.

FlipaClip comes with everything users need to start animating, including drawing tools such as brushes, lasso, fill, eraser, ruler shapes, and text with multiple font options. Users can paint on custom canvas sizes up to 1920×1920 and draw with pressure-sensitive stylus supported, Samsung S Pen, or SonarPen. Users can create art on up to three layers for free or upgrade to add up to ten layers, although it should be noted that adding more than six layers may cause performance issues.

Animating frame-by-frame is made easy with FlipaClip’s intuitive animation timeline and practical tools. The software offers an onion skin animating tool, an animation frames viewer, and overlay grids to guide animation. Users can easily create, add, and edit audio clips using up to six audio tracks for free. They can also add dialogue to their animation with voice recording, import their own audio files for a low cost, or get creative with curated sound fx audio packages.

FlipaClip also allows users to animate images they import or draw on top of their videos and create videos that can be saved as MP4 or GIF files. PNG sequences with transparency are supported, and users can post their animated videos to YouTube. The software also provides various contests where users can participate for free and win exciting prizes.

To get inspired, users can follow FlipaClip on Instagram or subscribe to their YouTube channel. To get support or share ideas, they can visit the FlipaClip support page.

6. LiveBoard Interactive Whiteboard App

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LiveBoard is an application that can support various teaching methods, including classroom teaching, online, and video tutoring. The app offers several features that enable users to share their experience with students wherever and whenever they are. These features are designed to remove distance and timing barriers that can hinder the learning process.

One of the key features of LiveBoard is the ability to communicate with students in real-time via live messaging or audio chat. The app also allows for absent students to participate as if they are in the classroom and for classroom teaching to be made easy and interactive through shared whiteboards. Users can also invite external guests with a public link, such as parents or prospective students, to get familiar with their knowledge and working style.

LiveBoard also provides users with control over the drawing, writing, and chatting functionality of participants, enabling them to enable or disable these functions during the entire session. Users can teach different subjects and have separate groups for each of their classes or participants. The app also allows for the creation of groups with predefined members, making it easier to maintain all essential materials related to that group in one place and easily share them later.

The app also offers the ability to import JPEG, PNG images, and PDF files to visualize teaching and make lessons easy for students to understand and memorize. Additionally, users can turn their lessons into video presentations by recording sessions and sharing them with their students for later review and exam preparation. Materials can also be maintained for online tutoring and used later while starting an online tutoring business.

To spread knowledge and share experience, the app allows for all desired sessions to be recorded and shared on Facebook, LinkedIn, Slideshare, and YouTube profiles to gain brand awareness and more potential students in the future. Users who have questions or suggestions can contact the app’s support team at support@liveboard.online. The app also offers a 14-day free trial of any paid plan for users to try out its features.

7. Whiteboard – Draw Paint Doodle

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Whiteboard – Draw Paint Doodle is a mobile app that allows users to create a real-time whiteboard on their device. The app offers three modes: Whiteboard, Kids Board, and Doodle Desk, each designed to optimize the device’s screen for drawing. Users can create simple or complex drawings, and the app includes features such as changing colors, line width, and transparency, as well as tools for drawing shapes. Drawings can be saved or shared with friends, and the app also includes a Photobooth feature for sharing with the community.

The app’s features include basic drawing tools, customizable interface, maximum drawing space, saving drawings as images in the gallery, multiple tools and colors, control over brush stroke size and transparency, text insertion, predefined shapes, clip arts, and callouts. Users can select from multiple paper backgrounds and save images to the gallery for reuse. The app also offers social sharing options, including Facebook, Whatsapp, and email.

In addition to the Whiteboard mode, the app includes Kids Board and Doodle Desk modes, which can be used as fun drawing tools for both kids and adults. The Photobooth feature allows users to share, like, and comment on images shared by the community. The app also includes unlimited undo and redo, the option to select manual or device orientation, and the ability to choose images from the camera or gallery. Overall, Whiteboard – Draw Paint Doodle is a simple and user-friendly app for creating and sharing drawings on the go.

8. Benime – Whiteboard animation creator

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The marketing and presentation video creation tool allows users to develop customized whiteboard animations with built-in assets within a minute. Voice overs and music can be added to the video before exporting it as an MP4 file with a 1080p resolution. The end product can then be easily shared.

The latest updates to the tool include the addition of text to speech functionality, different motion slide animation options for objects, and the ability to customize the background with custom images and colors.

This video creation tool offers a modern user interface and simple design for ease of use. Inbuilt video assets, background music, and voice overs can be added to enhance the video. Users can choose from different hand options and import custom SVG, animation, and images from local storage. Animated GIF images are also supported. The tool offers an instant preview feature and supports offline video rendering up to a resolution of 1080 pixels.

Users can customize text style, size, color, and alignment, as well as apply background color and image to the page. The tool has no limitations on the number of videos that can be created.