7 Free Game Streaming Apps For Android

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Download the Free Game Streaming Apps For Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonThis article aims to provide an overview of free game streaming apps available for Android devices. Game streaming allows users to play games on their mobile devices without the need to download or install the game locally. This technology has gained popularity due to the ease of access and the ability to stream high-quality games without requiring high-end hardware. The following apps are evaluated based on features, performance, and user experience.

We have compiled a list of 7 Free Game Streaming Apps For Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

7 Free Game Streaming Apps For Android

1. Rooter: Game Streaming, Daily Giveaways & Videos

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Esports live streaming has become increasingly popular in the gaming community. Many gamers have considered game streaming at some point in their lives. Live streaming applications are plentiful, with some requiring premium memberships to stream your game. Rooter: Live Gaming & Esports is India’s leading and fastest-growing gaming and esports streaming app, boasting 10 million active users. This app offers benefits such as live streaming, watching live streams, earning money, and winning rewards.

Rooter has a custom RTMP streaming feature that allows streamers to stream games anytime and anywhere. The app is easy to use, requiring only the device’s front camera to fix the face camera to the live stream. Rooter also provides audio rooms for intense games like BGMI, PUBG, FREE FIRE, and Fortnite to enable players to connect with their teammates while live gaming and streaming.

Users can earn money in three ways: by watching videos, referring friends, and live streaming games. Rooter also enables users to create overlays and thumbnails for their videos. Additionally, users can stream games at Full HD resolution (1080p) for a smooth streaming experience.

Rooter offers rewards whenever users stream live gaming videos, watch live streams or esports streams on the platform. Users can redeem their coins for skins of their favourite game characters and real money. All these features are available for free.

2. Steam Link

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The Steam Link app is a software application that enables desktop gaming on Android devices. To get started, users must connect a Bluetooth controller or Steam Controller to their Android device, and then connect to a computer running Steam. This will allow them to play their existing Steam games.

In order to achieve the best performance with Android TV, it is recommended that users connect their computer and Android TV to their router using Ethernet cables. This will ensure a stable and reliable connection that will minimize lag or latency issues.

For tablets and phones, users should connect their computer to a 5GHz WiFi router via Ethernet, and then connect their Android device to the 5GHz band of their WiFi network. Additionally, it is important to keep the Android device within a reasonable range of the router to avoid any connectivity issues that could negatively impact gameplay.

By following these guidelines, users can enjoy optimal performance when using the Steam Link app to play their favorite desktop games on their Android devices.

3. Zamer – Live Game Streaming

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Zamer is a live game streaming service that has been created for gamers. The main objective of this platform is to provide an opportunity for gamers to share their gaming experiences and to watch the experiences of others. The platform has been designed to offer support to gamers who stream their games, and the supporters can watch their content.

The platform has been created to provide a unique gaming experience to the users by offering a live streaming service. The users can stream games from their devices and can share their gaming experience with others. The platform has been designed with a user-friendly interface to ensure an easy access to the features.

The live game streaming service offered by Zamer is aimed at providing a personalized gaming experience to the users. The platform provides an opportunity for the users to interact with the streamer and other gamers, making the gaming experience more social. The platform has been designed to provide a high-quality gaming experience to the users by offering a stable streaming service.

Zamer is a platform that has been created to offer a unique gaming experience to the users. The platform provides an opportunity for gamers to share their gaming experiences and to watch the experiences of others. The platform has been designed to ensure a personalized gaming experience to the users by offering a live game streaming service. The interface of the platform is user-friendly and has been designed to provide easy access to the features. The platform provides an opportunity for the users to interact with the streamer and other gamers, making the gaming experience more social.

4. Omlet Arcade – Screen Recorder, Live Stream Games

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Omlet Arcade is a virtual gaming network that offers a platform for playing games and live streaming gameplay. The platform supports multiplayer modes for mobile games, including Minecraft, and enables users to collaborate with other gamers and streamers to build new worlds and create content together. Omlet Arcade also provides a community for mobile gamers and streamers to connect, make new friends, and share their gaming experiences.

One of the key features of Omlet Arcade is the Minecraft multiplayer mode that allows users to join their friends’ games or host their own games through live multiplayer mode. Users can download new worlds and mods from the community of creators and collaborate with other gamers and streamers to build something amazing. It’s important to note that Minecraft multiplayer mode offered by Omlet Arcade is not an official Minecraft product.

Omlet Arcade’s latest feature is Mobile Esports Tournaments, which allows users to host and join esports tournaments in all popular mobile games, play as solo, duo, squad, or a team, and win trophies and other rewards. The feature includes easy registration, team invite codes, auto team-forming, bracket generation, match chats, and live streaming and participation in tournaments at the same time.

Omlet Plus is a premium feature that offers unlimited, high-resolution mobile multi-streaming to Omlet and other popular social media platforms. Users can also receive a personal RTMP link to live stream to any other platform, access special animated profile frames, exclusive overlays, stream performance reports, colorful live messages, custom watermark, thumbnail, and Shield Mode images.

Omlet Arcade allows users to live stream popular mobile games to Omlet and other popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, and all other platforms that have RTMP streaming capabilities, from their Android 5.0 or higher devices.

5. Twitch: Livestream Multiplayer Games & Esports

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Twitch is a live streaming platform that enables users to watch livestream gaming videos, Esports, and any IRL broadcast on their Android device. The app provides access to a wide range of single and multiplayer games, including Minecraft, Fortnite, CS:GO, PUBG, FIFA, League of Legends, Call of Duty, Valorant, Grand Theft Auto, Overwatch, World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, Apex, WildRift, and Garena Free Fire. Users can also stream content from MMO RPG, MOBA, strategy, and FPS games, as well as nail-biting Esports tournaments. In addition, users can watch sports events like basketball, baseball, soccer, football, swimming, wrestling, hockey, and pool through talk shows, league channels, Fantasy, and ESports.

The Twitch app allows users to live chat while watching gamers play different games. Users can connect with their favorite streamers and fellow gamers to talk strategy and gameplan. The app also enables users to broadcast their very own gaming content. Users can livestream games like GTA on Xbox One, build Minecraft monoliths on Nintendo Switch, take down their Fortnite enemies on PS4, dive into WildRift on their mobile device, or show off in Valorant on PC.

Twitch also enables users to join live discussions around their favorite sports, listen to podcasts, check out music concerts, or just chat within the community. Users can watch unique programming, including livestreams of art demos, music festivals, and just chatting with others. The app has simple and intuitive navigation that enables users to discover new multiplayer games and IRL videos with ease. Users can also switch to Dark Mode for late-night viewing and gamer chat sessions.

The app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software, which contributes to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. For feedback and assistance, users can visit the Support Center at https://help.twitch.tv.

6. Nimo TV – Live Game Streaming

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Nimo TV is a global game streaming platform where millions of streamers can play and broadcast their games to other gamers and players. The platform supports all PC and mobile games, including popular titles like PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends, Free Fire, GTA 5, League of Legends, VALORANT, PUBG, Fortnite, Among Us, and Minecraft. With over 1000 live games available, users can watch popular live stream gaming videos for 24 hours. The platform also features top game streamers from around the world, such as Mixi, Bá»™ Bim, Piuzinho, SMURFDOMUCA, Hudson Amorim, MEZARCI, Ersin Yekin, Doch, Vincenzo, OURA, BTR Ryzen, Edwin, and Kenai V BOT.

Nimo TV users can watch the most popular global and local esports tournaments, such as PMGC and MPL, and support their favorite esports teams. The platform also features the hottest MOBA or FPS games of top video game publishers, including Tencent Games, Blizzard, Moonton, Riot Games, and many more. Users can share the best moments of the livestream videos with friends or social networks like Facebook, Youtube, and Twitch. Additionally, users can chat with talented and charming beauties, enjoy their dancing or singing, send gifts, and meet new friends from all over the world.

Nimo TV users can win prizes for interacting with streamers on PickMe and daily Lucky Draw. The platform offers prizes such as iPhone12, PlayStore Card, XBOX, PS4, Gift Cards, Coins, and Diamonds. Users can also broadcast on their mobile phone and gain followers, fans, and rewards. To join the Nimo community, users can visit the website or follow Nimo TV on Facebook and Twitter.

7. Moonlight Game Streaming

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Moonlight is an app that allows users to stream games, programs, or their entire desktop from an NVIDIA GameStream-compatible PC on their local network or the Internet using NVIDIA GeForce Experience. The app allows for mouse, keyboard, and controller input to be sent from the user’s Android device to the PC.

It is important to note that streaming performance may vary based on the client device and network setup. Additionally, HDR requires an HDR10-capable device, GTX 1000-series GPU, and HDR10-enabled game.

Moonlight offers a variety of features, including the ability to stream games purchased from any store, support for home networks and Internet/LTE, up to 4K 120 FPS HDR streaming with 7.1 surround sound, keyboard and mouse support (best with Android 8.0 or later), stylus/S-Pen support, and support for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Android gamepads. The app also features force feedback support, local co-op with up to 4 connected controllers, and mouse control via gamepad by long-pressing Start.

To use Moonlight, users must have an NVIDIA GeForce GTX/RTX or NVIDIA Quadro GPU and NVIDIA GeForce Experience or NVIDIA Quadro Experience installed on their PC. Quick setup instructions include ensuring GeForce Experience is open on the PC and turning on GameStream in the SHIELD settings page, tapping on the PC in Moonlight and typing the PIN on the PC, and starting streaming. However, the app recommends having a mid to high-end wireless router with a good wireless connection to the Android device (5 GHz highly recommended) and a good connection from the PC to the router (Ethernet highly recommended) for a good experience.

For more detailed setup instructions, users can refer to the full setup guide. Moonlight also provides troubleshooting support and a community chat on their Discord server for additional assistance.