9 Best Gardening Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Best Gardening Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonGardening enthusiasts nowadays have access to a plethora of mobile applications, available for Android and iOS. These apps provide various features and tools that help users achieve their gardening goals. With so many options available, it can be challenging to determine which app is best suited for one’s needs. This article presents an overview of the best gardening apps for Android and iOS, highlighting their unique features and functionalities. Whether you are a seasoned gardener or just starting, this guide will assist you in selecting the most suitable app to enhance your gardening experience.

We have compiled a list of 9 Best Gardening Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

9 Best Gardening Apps For Android & iOS

1. Plantix – your crop doctor

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Plantix App is a mobile application for crop production and management that detects pests and diseases on crops within seconds. It covers 30 major crops and detects over 400 plant damages by taking a photo of the sick crop. With download numbers exceeding 10 million, Plantix is the number one agricultural app used for damage detection, pest and disease control, and yield improvement worldwide. The app is available in 18 languages.

The Plantix App provides a complete solution for crop production and management. It offers features such as crop healing, disease alerts, cultivation tips, agri weather forecast, and fertilizer calculator. The app has a farmer community feature that enables farmers to ask crop-related questions and get answers from a community of over 500 agricultural experts.

Plantix is designed to diagnose and treat crop issues promptly. Whether the crop suffers from a pest, disease, or nutrient deficiency, users can take a picture of it with the app and get a diagnosis and suggested treatments within seconds.

The Plantix community is the largest social network of farmers and agricultural experts worldwide. Farmers can benefit from the know-how of agricultural experts or help fellow farmers with their experience. Plantix is committed to providing actionable insights that help farmers boost their yield by following effective agricultural practices and applying preventive measures.

To learn more about Plantix, visit their website at https://www.plantix.net. You can also join the Plantix community on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/plantix or follow them on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/plantixapp.

2. Garden organizer – Manage your vegetable garden

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My Vegetable Garden is a garden management application that claims to cater to gardeners of all levels, be it beginners, amateurs, or experts. The app offers a variety of features that can help users manage their gardens in an efficient manner.

One of the key features of this application is the large panel of vegetables available to the user, along with detailed information about each. In case the user cannot find a particular seed in the app, they can create a custom vegetable using the “vegetable editor” feature.

The application also includes a moon calendar, which can help users plan their gardening activities according to the lunar cycle. The app ensures that the user’s vegetables will follow the moon cycle, resulting in better growth. Additionally, the app provides users with a virtual plot of land where they can plant their seeds as if they were in their own garden.

Being fully functional offline, the app can be used without an internet connection. The app aims to provide a hassle-free experience to the user, enabling them to manage their gardens with ease.

3. Waterbot

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Waterbot is a mobile application designed to assist users in keeping their houseplants hydrated. It serves as a reminder for those who tend to forget to water their plants regularly, whether at home or in the office. By tracking all plants, Waterbot notifies users when attention is needed, potentially saving plant lives.

The Waterbot app features several tools to help users care for their plants. Users can track all plants in their home and receive notifications when a plant requires watering. Notifications can be configured for specific times of day, such as in the morning, at noon, or in the evening. Watering intervals can range from half-day to twenty days. Additionally, users can create flower avatars using their smartphone’s camera and enjoy a unique user experience with a special design.

Using Waterbot is relatively simple. Users can pick a plant in their home, capture its avatar with their camera, and set the watering interval, for example, every six days. Waterbot will notify users when their plant needs water again. After watering the plant, users can mark it as “watered” and add more plants to their collection.

In conclusion, Waterbot is a useful tool for individuals who struggle to keep their houseplants hydrated. The app’s features include tracking all plants, notification reminders, customized watering intervals, creating flower avatars, and a unique user experience. By following a few simple steps, users can easily care for their plants and enjoy the benefits of a healthy and thriving indoor garden.

4. Gardenate

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This app provides comprehensive information for growing your own vegetable garden, with features that allow users to record their planting information and sync it across all their phones. The “Planting Now” calendar lists vegetables and herbs that can be planted each month and adjusts to users’ preferred planting dates. The app also includes a wish list for garden planning and a detailed guide to growing over 90 of the most popular garden vegetables, with local planting information for multiple countries.

Users can add their own plants and notes to the app, as well as track their plantings and predicted harvest dates using the “My Garden” feature. Additionally, the app allows users to record diary notes with photos and Markdown text formatting. It is possible to share plantings and notes with other phones and tablets, regardless of the operating system.

The app uses the ‘Identity’ permission to create an account for sharing purposes and the ‘Photos/Medias/Files’ permission to allow users to attach photos to their notes and planting details. However, it does not access any other files or accounts. The app does not require an internet connection unless users choose to sync their data across multiple devices.

5. SmartPlant: Plants Made Simple

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SmartPlant is a free app that provides users with plant identification and care information. With SmartPlant, users can identify and browse thousands of plants, add plants to their collection, and receive timely reminders to help keep their plants healthy. The app also allows users to identify pests and diseases accurately and quickly. SmartPlant provides access to a wealth of plant information, and users can talk to plant experts when they have a problem.

SmartPlant allows users to organize their plants in one place and find plants suitable for any area of their house. Users can upload new plants to the app with a simple scan. By adding their plants to SmartPlant, users can build their digital plant collection effortlessly. SmartPlant assists its users by sending simple plant reminders to tell them what to do with their plants. Users can save plants to their Wishlist and view exclusive content from leading plant lovers. If users have any problems, they can contact the experts who will help them.

SmartPlant offers a free version that provides care and reminders for up to three plants, access to the entire plant library, and the ability to organize plants in the app. Users can identify one plant a month and ask one question a month to the plant experts. They can scan any plant at SmartPlant’s partners for immediate care advice and discover plants with recommendations and trending plants.

SmartPlant’s premium version costs £0.99 per month and provides unlimited watering and care reminders, more plant and pests identifications every month, and more chats with experts. SmartPlant’s pro version costs £3.99 per month and includes unlimited watering and care reminders, unlimited chats with experts, and unlimited identifications forever.

SmartPlant is available for free download, and users can enjoy the plants they love with ease. SmartPlant’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use can be found at its website.

6. Moon & Garden

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Moon & Garden is a mobile application that utilizes biodynamic principles to optimize organic gardening practices. The app provides guidance on gardening activities based on lunar influence, providing recommendations on what to do and when to do it.

Moon & Garden is designed for both experienced gardeners and amateurs who are passionate about organic gardening. The app offers information about the ideal gardening activities to perform on any given day, based on the lunar calendar.

The lunar gardening calendar is the result of the accumulation of knowledge from years of experience with biodynamic principles. The app recognizes the natural dependence of plants on lunar phases such as full moon and new moon. It is suggested that gardening activities such as sowing, repotting, transplanting, and harvesting, depending on the crop’s nature, can benefit from lunar calendars.

Moon & Garden provides its users with the current phase of the moon and the current zodiac sign. Additionally, users can access weather forecasts to ensure optimal gardening conditions.

The app also features note-taking capabilities, the ability to take pictures of the organic garden, and share them. Furthermore, users can schedule their gardening tasks using the reminder feature, which ensures daily tasks are completed.

Moon & Garden is designed to assist gardeners in managing their organic gardens. It is an all-in-one tool that can be used as a gardening companion to help ensure a successful harvest.

7. PlantSnap

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PlantSnap is an app that allows users to identify over 600,000 types of plants such as flowers, trees, succulents, mushrooms, and cacti. The app also provides gardening tips and advice for tens of thousands of plant species. Users can connect with over 50 million nature lovers in over 200 countries through the PlantSnappers Community. Furthermore, PlantSnap plans to plant 100 million trees in 2021, and plants a tree for each person who downloads the app and becomes a registered user.

The app includes a plant identifier feature that enables users to identify plants by taking a picture using the app. Users can also access key information about plants such as taxonomy and a complete description of the plant, as well as learn how to care for and grow plants. The app has a search function that enables users to find information and curiosities about more than 600,000 species of flowers, leaves, trees, succulents, cacti, and mushrooms.

PlantSnap also includes an explore function that allows users to use SnapMap to find identified plants anywhere on the planet. Users can create their own plant collection by keeping all of their discoveries saved in one place and easily accessing them whenever they want. Additionally, all photos saved in the collection are available on the web.

The app provides gardening tips and educates users on how to take care of plants, flowers, and trees. It encourages users to become a Citizen Scientist and photograph different plants they find along the way and identify them with the plant identifier feature.

Overall, PlantSnap provides a fun and educational way for users to interact with nature, make new friends, and help protect the planet.

8. Urban veggie garden

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The app in question is designed to assist individuals who wish to grow their own vegetables on their terrace, balcony, or any other location within their city residence. It offers functionality to plan and organize important tasks such as transplanting, seed preparation, and harvesting.

Users can also access related videos for inspiration, as well as communicate with other individuals who are growing vegetables in containers.

Overall, the app serves as a useful tool to help users start their own vegetable container garden.

9. Gardroid – Vegetable Garden

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Gardroid is an app designed for those who are new to kitchen gardening and need assistance in cultivating vegetables. The app offers valuable information about the cultivation methods of various vegetables, making it easier for users to harvest their own vegetables.

The app offers a variety of features, such as information on suitable sowing and harvesting periods, the desired temperature to sow, helpful tips for plant care, the right sowing depth, row distance, and spacing between plants, as well as the ability to track the progress of vegetables. Users can also add their own notifications to each plant in their garden and write down notes in the app’s notebook. Gardroid allows users to mark plants as favorites and receive notifications when it is best to start planting them. Additionally, the app allows users to put the probable harvesting day for each plant in their calendar.

Those who wish to support the app and unlock more features, such as an ad-free experience and information on herbs, can check out the premium version of Gardroid. Users can also share their cultivated vegetables and suggestions by joining the app’s Facebook or Google+ groups.

The app requires certain permissions for retrieving data from the cloud, receiving data from the internet, having full network access, and viewing network connections. The app also requires permissions for push notifications, such as running at startup, controlling vibration, and preventing the device from sleeping.

Users who wish to contribute to the translation of Gardroid in their language can join the app’s translate community. Gardroid optimizes memory usage by only downloading images when the user visits the plant.

In summary, Gardroid is a useful app for those who wish to cultivate their own vegetables. It offers valuable information on the cultivation methods of various vegetables, as well as features such as progress tracking, note-taking, and notifications. The app requires certain permissions for cloud and network access, as well as push notifications.