6 Best Golf Game Apps For iPhone & Android

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Download the Best Golf Game Apps For iPhone & Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonGolf enthusiasts seeking to improve their skills or simply enjoy a round of virtual golf can now choose from a plethora of golf game apps available for both iPhone and Android devices. These apps offer a range of features, from realistic golf simulations to complex course designs and multiplayer capabilities. This article provides an overview of some of the best golf game apps currently available for mobile devices, highlighting their key features and considerations for users.

We have compiled a list of 6 Best Golf Game Apps For iPhone & Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

6 Best Golf Game Apps For iPhone & Android

1. GL Golf Lite

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GL Golf Lite is a 3D sports game designed for casual gamers. It features a realistic physics system and simple graphics. A maximum of four players can enjoy golfing all 720 holes for several hours. The game includes all elements of a real golf game, including water hazards, sand traps, trees, bushes, wind, four seasons, different time of day to play, and a driving range.

Notable features include internet and individual high score lists, game saving, great music, iTunes controls, three levels of difficulty, mulligans, the ability to choose your set of clubs, match/stroke play, online tournaments, customizable male and female golfers, and more. GL Golf has constant updates with free new features, and four new courses are added every year, available for in-app purchase.

GL Golf now supports multiplayer mode in Game Center. Players can compete against their friends or a random opponent on any of their favorite courses. Golfers alternate every three holes until a winner is declared after all 18 holes are finished.

Nuclear Nova, the developer of GL Golf, offers various games for Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod, including Nova Golf, Pinball Shuffle, Pinball Massacre, Barnyard Blaster, Rocket Golf, Liquid Defense, Hydrothermal, Escape, Fractal 3D, and ASCII Art.

Overall, GL Golf has received positive reviews from various sources, citing its deep gameplay and great features. Players can swing the club by double-tapping on the screen and change their club range by dragging their finger up or down the screen. The game pauses when players receive a call, ensuring that they won’t lose their progress.

2. Flick Golf!

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Flick Golf is a sports game that offers players a unique golfing experience. The game involves using after-touch controls to add spin and curve to the ball, allowing players to sink a hole-in-one. The game has been praised for its engaging gameplay and has been described as “impossible to put down” by Eurogamer.

Flick Golf offers players three game modes to choose from. They can beat high scores across 15 golf courses set in beautiful locations across the globe. They can also embark on a world tour or play a Quickshot game. Players must watch out for obstacles such as bunkers, trees, water, and wind that will test their skills as they drive for high scores.

Flick Golf has been remastered for new devices and now features a brand new game mode called Eliminator. This mode challenges players to hit consecutive hole-in-ones and share their scores with friends for competition. With innovative one-finger gameplay, Flick Golf has become the next generation of arcade sports games.

The game features cutting-edge Full HD graphics and offers players an array of features, including ball control from tee to hole, innovative aftertouch for in-flight spin and curve, 15 gorgeous golf courses to master, and challenging variable weather conditions. Flick Golf also has a leaderboard and achievement system to track player progress.

Full Fat, the game’s developer, has received praise from Pocket Gamer for its successful execution of the game. The developer has encouraged players to join their community through various social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter, and has provided support for players through their website.

3. Golf GPS & Scorecard by SwingU

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SwingU is a free golf GPS rangefinder and scorecard app with over 5.5 million users worldwide. It is not a trial version but is free for life and provides accurate and reliable information, comparable to other expensive golf GPS devices on the market. The app includes a GPS rangefinder, digital scorecard, free handicap after posting scores for three rounds, on-the-course games, and daily golf instruction tips from top-100 instructors. The app is easy to use, constantly improving, and has reliable customer service. The app also has a community-built course database that can be used on every course in the world.

SwingU also offers a premium upgrade that includes an AI-powered digital caddie and instruction platform. The premium version provides additional technology and functionality on-the-course, including SwingU Versus, a feature that tracks and analyzes every aspect of the user’s game, allowing them to compare their game versus a target handicap, scratch golfer, or tour pro. It also includes enhanced scorecards and stats, additional on-the-course games, a library of 600+ drills and lessons from top-100 teachers, and an ad-free in-app experience. Monthly and yearly subscription upgrades are available.

As a registered user, users will also receive the world’s top golf daily newsletter, which includes promotions from SwingU’s partners. The app’s full terms and end-user license agreement are available on their website. Continued use of GPS running in the background can decrease battery life.

4. Golf Star™

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Golf Star is a multi-player mobile golf game that offers realistic graphics and physics-based gameplay. It allows players to compete against golfers from around the world in real time. The game includes stunningly beautiful graphics, capturing the exhilaration of being on a real golf course.

The game’s simulation is powered by real physics-based gameplay, implementing up to 70 factors to perfectly capture the physics of a real swing, including terrain height, ball impact angle, wind, temperature, and humidity. Golf Star also features various skills and techniques of real-life pro golfers, including up to 15 techniques like draw shots, fade shots, and chip shots.

Golf Star has diverse game modes, including Multi Mode, where players can compete against players from around the world in real time, and Single Mode, where players can complete various missions to improve their golfing skills. The game also features a World Championship where players can participate in weekly matches to win awesome rewards and win all the major tournaments for the ultimate grand slam.

Golf Star also has a Guild System where users from all over the world can create a Guild and participate in Guild Missions together to obtain various items from the Guild Shop. They can also participate in Guild Battle League with their Guild Members together. Additionally, the game has a mission feature called Golf Star Special Season, where players can complete seasonal missions to obtain points and generous items.

The game is available on 3G and LTE, with additional download capacity of 400MB, and requires 1.8GB to download. Golf Star supports various languages and tablet mode. The Device App Access Permission Notice states that no access permissions are required to use the app, but optional permissions are requested to provide additional services, which can be changed in settings.

Golf Star is a free-to-play game, but players can choose to pay real money for extra items. For Com2uS Mobile Game Terms of Service, players can visit http://www.withhive.com/.

5. My Golf 3D

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My Golf 3D by iWare Designs is a casual mini golf game that employs real 3D physics. It features 36 holes distributed across four different environments, each with interactive obstacles and hazards to avoid and navigate. This game caters to both serious and casual golfers and guarantees hours of entertainment. Interested players can download the game now, with the assurance that they won’t be disappointed.

To run My Golf 3D, the following system requirements must be met: Android 4.4 and above, OpenGL ES version 2 or higher, and auto-configuration to all screen resolutions and densities.

The game’s features include high-def 3D textured environments, full 3D physics at 60 FPS, and two game modes: Practice and Quick Play. Players can also engage in multiplayer hot seat with up to 4 players. The game allows full adjustment of address, position, and direction, as well as the configuration of up to 4 player profiles to track game statistics and progression history. Players can progress through the ranks, from Rookie to Legend, with the risk of also going down the ranks.

My Golf 3D offers 4 golf courses to choose from, with interactive obstacles such as spinners, sweepers, bumpers, and moving platforms. Players must also avoid water and sand hazards on the course. There are 6 customizable characters with a variety of clothing, putters, golf balls, and pin flag styles to choose from. Additionally, players can play left or right-handed, track game progress and achievement progress in the new 3D Trophy Room, save their favorite shots, and watch them with complete video playback.

The game also offers top 10 leaderboards for all courses, 5 levels of CPU difficulty, 14 achievements to collect, and the ability to take action photos and share them via your device.

6. WGT Golf Game by Topgolf

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WGT Golf Mobile, a golf game developed by Topgolf Media, is available for free download on several platforms such as NBC Sports, Golf Channel, DIRECTV, and FOX Sports. The game offers a full simulation experience with advanced GPS and 3D technology, featuring stroke play on various famous golf courses such as Pebble Beach, Bandon Dunes, Chambers Bay, and St Andrews from the PGA Tour.

Players can experience over 15 championship golf courses in the game, including the likes of Bethpage Black, Royal St George’s, and Olympic Club, among others. The game offers different formats such as single-player full 18-hole stroke play, quick 9-hole closest-to-the-hole golf games, and multiplayer games with competitive leaderboards and live chat. Players can also enjoy Topgolf mode and participate in free tournaments.

WGT Golf Mobile boasts a realistic golf simulation experience where players can equip their virtual golf bag with various golf equipment such as drivers, woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, putters, and golf balls. They can also choose from different shot types such as punch, pitch, chip, flop, and putt, and play various challenging golf lies such as the tee, fairway, rough, fescue, bunker, and green.

Players can upgrade their virtual golf clubs and golf balls in the WGT Pro Shop, which features equipment from popular golf brands such as Callaway, Cobra, Odyssey, Ping, Scotty Cameron, TaylorMade, Titleist, and more. They can also socialize by inviting friends to play multiplayer games, join country clubs, compete in private tournaments, and gift virtual equipment and boosts from the Pro Shop.

WGT Golf Mobile is available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Google+. Players need a fast internet connection to play the game, and it is free to play with the option to purchase credits to upgrade equipment or compete in challenges to earn credits.