5 Best Gpx Tracker Apps For Android & iOS

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Download the Best Gpx Tracker Apps For Android & iOS on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonGlobal Positioning System (GPS) technology has revolutionized how we navigate and explore the world around us. With the advent of smartphones, our devices have become powerful tools for tracking and recording our journeys. GPX (GPS Exchange Format) is a common file format used for storing GPS data. There are several GPX tracker apps available for Android and iOS devices that allow users to track their outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking, and running. In this article, we will explore some of the best GPX tracker apps for Android and iOS devices.

We have compiled a list of 5 Best Gpx Tracker Apps For Android & iOS for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

5 Best Gpx Tracker Apps For Android & iOS

1. GPX Viewer – Tracks, Routes & Waypoints

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GPX Viewer is an offline vector maps app that enables users to view gpx, kml, kmz, and loc files, in addition to offering a range of features. The app is highly rated and serves as a GPS locator, GPS tracks viewer, editor, analyzer, and simple navigation tool for outdoor activities and trips.

With GPX Viewer, users can view tracks, routes, and waypoints from gpx, kml, kmz and loc files. Metadata for these can also be edited, and the app features a file browser that allows multiple files to be opened, with support for favorite files and history. GPX files can be compressed into gpz, and kml files can be compressed into kmz (zip archives).

Detailed trip stats are analyzed and displayed, including information and statistics for tracks and routes, graphs such as elevation profile and speed profile, and graphs of other track data such as cadence, heart rate, power, and air temperature. Information for waypoints can also be analyzed, and their icons can be adjusted. Track and route colors can be changed, and track and route line can be colorized by elevation, speed, cadence, heart rate, or air temperature.

Online maps are available, including Google Maps, Mapbox, HERE, Thunderforest, and others based on OpenStreetMap data. OpenWeatherMap weather layers and overlays are also available. Custom online TMS or WMS maps can be added as well.

The app serves as a simple navigation tool, allowing users to show their current GPS position on a map and follow it continuously by adjusting the map position. The map can also be rotated according to device orientation sensor or movement direction data from GPS. With the follow GPS position and rotate map features, GPX Viewer can be used as a simple navigation tool. Users will receive a notification when their GPS position is near a waypoint that can be adjusted for distance.

GPX Viewer integrates with Trackbook – https://trackbook.

2. Routes – GPX KML Navigation & GPS Tracker (Early Access)

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Routes is a navigation app that enables users to load their own planned or provided routes from portals such as Google, AllTrails, Polar, and Garmin, among others. The app supports file formats GPX and KML. Routes features a clear and modern design without advertising and has selected offline and online maps for users to explore their environment. Users can simulate and preview their environment, plan their tour, and preload online maps. They can also start navigation, where Routes guides them along the loaded route and informs them immediately when the route has left. A recording runs at the same time, and navigation can run in the background, with headphones or with the display always on. The app’s Voice Assistant supports users in handling the app and during navigation. A Recorder function is available to help users find the right way without a preloaded route and to save the completed track for later. Users can also enter a coordinate (latitude/longitude) to navigate to a specific location. The app has many useful features, such as altitude profile, auto GPX interpretation, individual display settings, landscape and portrait mode, picture-in-picture navigation, geocaching, dark mode, and much more.

Routes is suitable for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, skiing, and others. The app ensures that users never lose the right path by guiding them along the track and notifying them visually and by alarm if they lose the track. Users can concentrate fully on their route and enjoy the beautiful things on it. For more information, users can visit http://routes-navigation.de.

Routes is powered by Android, Google Play Services, Google Firebase, GitLab, Deepl Translator, Renderforest, Freepik, WordPress (Theme: SoSimple by http://www.fernandovillamorjr.com), Google Maps, OpenStreetMaps, OpenTopoMap, Hike & Bike Map, CyclOSM, Mapsforge, OpenAndroMaps, and Elevate Theme by Tobias Kühn.

3. OsmAnd — Offline Maps, Travel & Navigation

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OsmAnd is a navigation application that operates offline and is based on OpenStreetMap (OSM). The app enables users to plan routes that take into account preferred roads and vehicle dimensions, and record GPX tracks without an internet connection.

Being an open-source application, OsmAnd does not collect user data and allows users to decide what data the app will access. The app has several useful features, including selecting the types of places to be displayed on the map, searching for places by address, name, coordinates or category and displaying maps in different styles for various activities such as touring, nautical, topographic and others.

Other features of OsmAnd include plotting a route without an internet connection, customizable navigation profiles for different vehicles, changing the constructed route, displaying customizable information widgets about the route and recording routes using GPX tracks. The app also has features for creating points with different functionality, such as favourites, markers and audio/video notes.

Users of OsmAnd can make edits to OSM and update maps with a frequency of up to one hour. Additional features include a compass and radius ruler, Mapillary interface, night theme, Wikipedia, a large community of users worldwide, documentation and support.

Paid features of OsmAnd include Maps+ (in-app or subscription) which provides unlimited map downloads, topo data (contour lines and terrain), offline Wikipedia and Wikivoyage travel guides. OsmAnd Pro (subscription) includes all Maps+ features, OsmAnd Cloud for backup and restore, Pro features, and hourly map updates.

4. Map My Run by Under Armour

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This app caters to both fitness beginners and seasoned runners, offering customizable Training Plans, personalized coaching tips, and access to a community of over 60 million athletes for motivation and support. Additionally, it provides free resources for at-home fitness, including workout routines, training plans, and a Healthy at Home Challenge that donates to youth sports leagues. The app also integrates with various wearable devices and apps, offering advanced running metrics, form coaching, and nutrition tracking options. Users can track and map their workouts, find nearby running routes, and join challenges to compete with others.

For a fee, users can upgrade to a Premium MVP subscription that includes features such as live tracking, personalized training plans, and audio coaching. The monthly subscription costs USD 5.99, while the yearly subscription costs USD 29.99. Subscriptions renew automatically, but users can manage them and turn off auto-renewal in the Google Play Store. The app also cautions that continued use of GPS running in the background may significantly drain device battery life. A full list of terms, conditions, and privacy policy can be found on the Under Armour website.

5. Tracklia – GPX, KML, KMZ – view, edit, create

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TRACKLIA is a software application that facilitates GPX and KML/KMZ mapping. It allows users to plan new trips, edit previous ones, and share their maps with others. TRACKLIA can work with GPX, KML, and KMZ files. Users can import tracks, routes, and waypoints from these file formats, and choose which items to import. The software can provide an elevation graph, distance, and ascent/descent of imported tracks and routes. Users can merge multiple tracks into one, split long tracks into parts, reverse tracks, and share tracks and waypoints directly with other apps.

TRACKLIA also enables users to edit GPX, KML, and KMZ files. Users can add, update, delete, and insert points in tracks and routes, delete multiple points at once, rename and change the description of tracks and routes, delete tracks and waypoints, update waypoints location and description, and change waypoint icons. Users can also create new tracks and add new waypoints. TRACKLIA allows users to export updated or newly created tracks, routes, and waypoints to GPX or KML file formats, and export track or route data to a CSV file. Additionally, users can draw on the map with their finger tip and send the image.

TRACKLIA provides a “My Maps” list function that allows users to group and store their GPX, KML, and KMZ data in the app memory. Users can import several GPX, KML, or KMZ files to one map, edit them, and refer to them on their next trip. They can share their created trip with their friends as GPX or KML files.

TRACKLIA offers a variety of maps for users.